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I'm 33 an love this probably more than my kids
samjstewart9 February 2020
Came across this cartoon a while go an I'm actually really invested in it lol. It's not like the usual rubbish cartoon my kids watch I can happily sit with them an binge watch it with them
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Heartwarming Superhero Tale with Excellent Writing: Renews My Faith in Animation!
nbmartino1 February 2016
There is a lot to love about Miraculous Ladybug. As a rabid lover of animation since the 90's boom of TV animation, I can tell you right now that it is perhaps one of the most phenomenal cartoons I have seen in an extremely long time. Combing a plethora of genres, from action, to comedy, to fantasy, and romance, "Miraculous" is an example of a series that is not afraid to take risks and defy common conventions of the genre in order to maximize quality, something that has been absent from modern television for a decade. At first glance it may appear like a typical magical girl/lame superhero program, but do NOT let the kiddy ladybug image fool you. It has such a high enjoyment value that you will forget that you are watching someone fighting monsters every week, but rather, live through the experiences of a not-so- typical high school girl whose life has been changed forever.

The premise itself is fairly cliché for the genre: a klutzy, happy-go-lucky girl named Marinette finds a magical pair of earrings and begins a quest alongside a cute creature that gives her the power to transform into "Ladybug," a superhero with the powers to seal "Akumas," demons that pray upon wounded hearts. Hawk Moth is the villain behind this phenomenon and it is her ultimate mission to stop him. However, the series gets largely complicated with the introduction of the deuteragonist (and Marinette's crush), Adrien. He also has a similar experience and can transform into Cat Noir, Ladybug's polar opposite and her partner on this mission to destroy Hawk Moth. But there is a catch: the both of them are forbidden in revealing their true identities while working together. Adrien is madly in love with Ladybug (not knowing that she is Marinette), whose heart only beats for Adrien in real life (also not knowing he is Cat Noir). And to Adrien, Marinette is just a girl in his class.

This love-quartet serves as the basis for the central theme of the series as their feelings for each other (and their alter egos) change and develop immensely. Additionally, the series focuses on Marinette and Adrien's struggles with their families and friendships. We learn about Adrien's troubled past and why it justifies his current actions. And while Marinette has a loving family and is sweet, kind, and pure by nature, she is also is shown to have her flaws, being cocky, selfish, and judgmental. There is a natural progression of events without using contrived plot elements such as deaths, love triangles, cheesy friendship drama, etc. We see that these kids have real flaws and are extremely relatable. The supporting cast consisting of Marinette's classmates are interestingly developed mostly through inferences and vague symbolism. This is a nice change of pace.

It should be noted at how impressive the animation is as well: a product of four major animation studios coming together, Miraculous boasts an 12 million dollar budget and it clearly shows here. The animation is gorgeous and the action scenes are very smooth. The music is nothing short of stunning, and the Paris-inspired soundtracks will easily get stuck in your head! I usually prefer hand drawn animation but the CGI here blew me out of the park. Also, those who are fan of Japanese animation will notice the references and similarities pulled from the magical girl genre: we have the magical transformations, the cute sidekicks, Japanese "akumas," etc. It's clear the creator was inspired by older anime classics such as Sailor Moon, Cardcaptor sakura, and Phantom Thief Jeanne, which some will appreciate.

That being said, Miraculous is definitely not without flaws. The story is episodic in nature and the fight scenes are extremely predictable. There is also not a lot of background information on how Marinette and Adrien got their superpowers. Hawk Moth is like a cut-and-paste villain with no clear reasoning. His one of those bad guys that just wants to 'take over the world' just because. But if I believe there is still enough to look past this. Seasons 2 and 3 are currently in development and they may or may not shed more light on these mysteries.

All and all Miraculous Ladybug is a heartwarming tale that children and adults will enjoy alike. While not quite flawless, it's a consistently high-quality, entertaining and sometimes thought-provoking show that proves there is a correlation in storytelling between creativity and quality. There is something for everyone here, and there are valuable lessons for our children about the human condition mixed in with the fantasy/action aspect of the show. I can only pray that Nickelodeon gives this program the respect it deserves given it's track record with "Avatar" and "Winx Club" over the past few years. For those of you who love this show, please, please support it!
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What Animation needed!
carmenreyesdavila23 January 2016
I absolutely love this show. Not only it does have an amazing humor, but the animation is sublime. We can quickly relate to the characters and experience some greatly written adventures! I can assure you'll quickly become addicted to this show.

Both Ladybug and Chat Noir embody the concept of super heroes, without being flaw free unlike some other shows that make no sense. They're nice kids under those masks, and that's just another bonus. Their chemistry will capture your heart!

I'd perhaps work more on the main villain, give him more shots /different animation screen time?

Otherwise, it's just what animation needed! I'm honestly tired of bad animated shows that show characters with no substance. Ladybug and Chat Noir are a new, exciting addition to television! I'm looking forward to what they'll do next!
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100 hearts!!!
alexanderh-1809229 April 2016
OK so.... I hate seeing hate for this show. I can understand hating certain characters but... This show is amazing. It's full of comedy and it can contain mystery like "who's next?" and "will they ever find out?" I really wish people would give this a chance instead of reading one bad review about it. Seriously just give it a chance! If you like it, you like it. If you don't you don't. No need to make a big deal about it.

All honesty people who do that bother me greatly because they don't give it a chance just for one bad review. That's one person's thoughts and feelings for it. Everyone thinks differently.

I love the love cycles in this show. It's so awesome how funny it is when they show their love. There are some emotional parts but what's a good show without the emotional parts? OK I admit there are a couple plot holes like "Why doesn't everyone wonder why certain people vanish and a hero replaces them?" That's just me with every superhero thing though. Other than that it's perfect! It's not the garbage they're showing on TV now. (ex. of what I mean is Pickle and Peanut) It actually has a plot. They aren't grasping at straws for the next episode! They also have a real world feel in the show. I mean yes some of it's fantasy but take out the superhero's and you just have students trying to get through school trying not to be bullied by the bully/bullies. They also face things like the real world. Suspension, royalty, police, and how unfair the real world can be at times.
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best show of the year
sathreal9 April 2016
i originally started watching this just for the voice cast most of which i know from anime i watch but it quickly become something i wanted to watch for the actual story. Its cute and fun.. and its something i cant really find anything to complain about..

that is rare for me.

Again the voice cast is great the story is great. also i love the animation if you love superheros,anime,or something funny with a monster of the week this is the show for you and your friends or siblings. I love how fast paced it is. everyone give this gem of a show a chance you wont regret it
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Sometimes my jaw falls open while watching. But maybe that's just me.
jjiawen4 June 2016
I am a calm, perfectly cool as a cucumber character on the verge of being a fully fledged adult. This show has somehow turned me into a fully fledged fan girl that blushes on occasion.

I've always been a fan of Batman. Maybe Cat Noir in a black super-suit just calls to me, or more likely it's the awesome fight scenes. Not to mention hilariously purrfect puns thrown in here and there.

This show will also definitely pull on the heartstrings of anyone who has experienced a maddening crush on that special someone. The beautiful landscapes of Paris just amplify the feels :)

One of the few shows I've seen where there's a great mix of drama, fighting and romance. The top notch animation definitely just pulls you in! Give the show a go, it's amazing :)
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There better be more
roar-ob12 January 2017
I stumbled upon Miraculous while I was baby-sitting one day, with the kid that I was watching telling me "watch this show it is the best". So to not disappoint her, I did. Needless to say, I wasn't disappointed in myself, in fact - I loved it.

Ladybug has a fascinating story about a teenage girl named Marinette who got chosen to be a superhero named Ladybug along with an accomplice Cat-Noir. Each episode explores a simple issue in a real life situation experienced by a person, then dramatizes it with a villain who uses the issue to try and defeat the heroes through the person experiencing it. It's that simple formula which makes the show exciting especially since you know roughly what will happen each episode. Through the 20 minute episodes, a couple of minutes is dedicated to explore Marinette's personal life as a shy teenage schoolgirl which builds a great likability to her character. However, the show isn't perfect. It gets really repetitive after a while since every episode has the same formula. Although this was fixed in the final two episodes where a villain was stretched out to two episodes to defeat, giving more time to empathize with Marinette the main character, but the rest of season one didn't really do that. The other problem is how the episodes barely give enough time to do character building with the supporting characters and instead focuses on how to defeat the villain, instead of the consequences of not defeating them (excluding the final 2 episodes of season 1). In saying that, it's not that the show is bad, but with enough work it can easily reach the heights of other great animations such as Avatar the Last Airbender.

All in all, Miraculous is a great show - one of the best I've seen in this last decade. Season one may have felt a bit repetitive, but there were moments which were definitely worth remembering and the final two episodes of season one definitely set some standards for season two.
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Laura Kemp, watcher of Miraculous
dkemp-3312225 July 2018
I would be very glad to say that this is My number one favorite TV show of all time and the best TV show in the world.
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Great french cartoon
jimihandrix17 April 2016
Okay so as you probably've guessed after reading the premise,LadyBug is a homage to the superhero and magical girl genre,and it shows in its transformation scenes,to the villain who turns innocent people into his henchmen by using his mind control powers,to the whole "oh,I'm not interested in you,Cat Noir,I got a crush on Adrien,a guy who looks just like you but can't be you" cliché.However even if it might use some clichés,most of the times they come off as a homage rather than a repetition of something which has been done over and over again.It really doesn't matter if something has been done before,what it really matters is what you make out of it.My only real problem with this show is that it feels a little bit too much like Sailor Moon,yes I know it's supposed to be a homage but sometimes the tune feels a bit generic especially when it comes about the villain.He's not bad but someone like him could very well belong to any magical girl anime who had a villain with mind control powers. Anyway outside of this the show doesn't have any other real problems and the CG is awesome by TV's standards.Okay,maybe some character look better than others but Marinette,who's our protagonist has the best design and the best transformation scenes.Originally the show was gonna have a 2D anime style but I think the art style changed for the best.By not making it look like a traditional anime they made it easier for the viewer to recognize its comic book superhero themes and the action also feels more intense because of the CG.Also for a french cartoon the English dub seems to be pretty good so far,yeah some characters sound better than others and it's once again Marinette who got the best voice and for an European cartoon you don't usually expect something like this from English dubbers.Still,I recommend you to first watch it in french if you ever decide to fallow this series.
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Best show ever!! Enjoyable for all ages!!
djazzy-3633927 October 2018
Even though I'm 15, I still seem to enjoy this show since it's so interesting to me.
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The best animated show ever!!
mrsgillespie5 March 2021
Came across this show in 2015 and binged watched it like crazy. I at watched this at least 5 times and love all of the endings. I really hope season 4&5 have a Adrian and Marinette love story!!
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rainadaunen26 February 2018
This show is so amazing! The animation is gorgeous, the characters are funny and likeable, the fight scenes are look awesome, my only complaint is the story. it's kinda bland and has already been used a thousand times but other than that, If your looking for something to watch that's funny, romantic, and filled with Acton, or just wanna watch something with your kids, siblings, cousins,or ect this is a must watch I definitely definitely recommend it
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Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug&Cat Noir
oliwiaziolkowska10 May 2018
The title of the film is Miraculous: Ladybug & Cat Noir. It is a cartoon. It is about adventures Ladybug & Cat Noir (Marinette and Adrien). It is not based on a book. The film is set in Paris in France. The film is set in modern times. In the film doesn't play any stars. Marinette and Adrien plays the mein roles. My favorite character is Adrien because kehe is very cute.
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photonuutt16 May 2019
When I first came across this show Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug & Cat Noir, at first, when the show would come on, I would change the channel to something else thinking (just another dumb cartoon) or just turn off the TV. One night it was very late and I was soo tired I felt like part of the couch, and Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug & Cat Noir was the next show and just didn't care what was on, I was comfortable and did not want to move so I ended watching the show, within a few minutes of watching I sat up (from my buried slump on the couch) and was like WOW I think this show is absolutely amazing!!!! Now I was mad at myself for skipping all of those weeks of episodes of Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug & Cat Noir!!!! This is a great show for people of any age and it is not plotless like so many of the other shows of the same Genre, and it also has a good message for kids!

I Really Hope They Continue To Make More Seasons Of This Fantastic Show Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug & Cat Noir!! I Also Hope That All Seasons Come Out On DVD Soon!!!! Thanks For The Great Show, Never Miss A Day, Even If They Are Re-Runs!!
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Super Show
cyrlam11 January 2017
I hugely appreciate this french TV show. It is funny, contains lots of adventures and mysteries. Moreover, there are love stories that make this show even more attractive. Some ideas are very good and the bad guys are nothing but great characters most of the time.

The theme song is so catchy. Special effects, drawings, colors, stories, there is nothing i am able to hate in Miraculous!

One thing that i really like is the relationship between Adrien and Marinette.

Also, the fact that action takes place in Paris reminds me of my home, which is quite moving sometimes.

Enjoy it as much as i do.
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great series
dothetorpedo24 July 2016
The episodes are a bit repetitive, but still very creative and unpredictable. We know the Lady will win in the end, but it's always a surprise how. The two leads are very well balanced and likable, and the series manages to create enough interest. Marinette herself is a very great role model, but still feels well rounded enough to be sincere, and the audience finds it easy to root for her and Adrien, the secondary lead; and there is enough tension between the two to keep it compelling.

But I really hope the series develops on the premise and on the conflict for the plot, rather than use it to keep propelling a status quo. Even with the series' great premise, anything gets repetitive if done for too long.

Hopefully this great series can become a REALLY great series, and with its large fanbase it'd certainly be so gratifying. Here's to season two!
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Didn't thought a 22 year old guy would be crazy about a kids show.
calvinharrisq26 May 2021
First of all it's definitely not a kids show. The storyline and characters are very much suitable for teenage audiences. When i first watched 2 and 3 of episodes i was thinking okay the animation is great and eye catching. The characters are lovable and the women empowerment in the show is evident and amazing. But after watching the whole season i can't have enough of this. It's so good every bits and pieces together. The episodes are repetitive but you stay for the character development moments here and there. The dubbing versions in multiple languages doesn't take away the magic that's present in the show. It's overwhelming sometimes and i think it's one of the best shows that exists in this present time.
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One of the best shows ever
rozcornelius26 May 2021
This is one of the best shows on today's TV. The power rangers series from early 2000s meets Ben 10 from 2006 kind of feeling of being a kid again. The drama and storylines are also fascinating to watch. The animations are also out of this world beautiful. It's a 10/10 from me.
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Beautiful animation
buddyheraut14 July 2018
Wonderful series which I watch with my daughter. But it is cute so you have to like "cute" otherwise you could be dissapointed. But we think the happy colours and the film itself is really, really beautiful made and there is certainly a happiness all over the film so again: if you don't like happiness don't watch. It makes us happy!
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Love this show!
robinsonkameryn1 August 2019
Really good show. I hope it gets adleast two more season!
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Good Show, Some Things to Fix Next Season
hamiltonthesec2 March 2017
To Sum Up Miraculous Ladybug:

Pros: Fun and relatable main characters Great animation An amazing representation of the potential of 3D animation Romance is enjoyable to watch and is something to look forward to Story written in three months, great show

Cons: Lack of a threatening antagonist Cat Noir seems unneeded against the villains faced The origins of the two superheroes are put as the season finale Ladybug's main superpower is the definition of plot convenience Needs more variety of superpowers to be used by the heroes Needs more interaction with some of the secondary characters introduced

(Take note that many of these cons are confirmed to be solved within the next season.)
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Awesome show!
laurenmreed31 March 2018
My kids are 8, 6 and 4 and they love this show. It has something for both boys and girls too, which is great for us. The 2 main kids are good role models as normal kids then turn into super hero's and save people. We are only able to watch it on Netflix. We were waiting for season 2 to come on, now the kids are binge watching it. I have gotten the 2 older kids a couple of the books to read, so they are big fans. I hope they continue to make more episodes of this show. We all love watching it together.
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schenkel-austin14 August 2019
One of the best CGI cartoons I've ever watched, and I am in love with this show! Sometimes I watch is with my girlfriend and her sister. I have a lot of merch!
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My daughter has a superhero she idolizes now!
spirit-raver77711 February 2019
We picked the show at random for my little girl to watch while my wife and I cleaned up the house, now she wants to cut her hair "like Ladybug", and runs around the house yelling Cat Noir's special ability. This show is amazing, teaches values, and has a really great story, and I can't wait for there to be more. We've all already watched all three seasons on Netflix about four times.
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Love this show!!!
cutiegurl88 August 2019
I absolutely LOVE this show!! Keep it going! Definitely can't wait to see more episodes.
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