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Brilliant Follow up
First episode, aka beginning of the end, was surprisingly full of twists and new characters, who refreshed the spirit of whole show. It started a complex story of Dexter-Debra relationship, investigation of new murders and Dex's contention with mysterious psychologist. But second episode actually runs in totally unpredictable direction and shows Dexter - a cold blood serial killer - in another perspective.

We all know how "dark passenger" was born - Dex witnessed murder of mother and at the age of three he was "christened" in her blood. But we never knew how Dexter Morgan was formed, was it all Harry?

Every Silver Lining is great achievement in dramatic writing, for making brilliant plot twist, adding some very interesting and pensive dialogues, which enhance the problem of moral dilemma in this show. I've been always saying that Dexter bring a issue that never been brought before the screen. It really tries to show whether serial killers can be good people or not. But it does not bring an episode that will give a definite YES or NO answer.

This episode gives closer look to Dr. Vogel and her relationship with Dexter. First episode introduced her as a person who knows Morgan's secret and Harry's code well. But she turns out to be on his side. Is this good? We don't know yet. Evelyn is being helpful psychologist since Dex is losing control on emotions and everything happening around him but every person, who knows that much information about his desire of killing is potential threat - that's what daddy taught him.

Michael C. Hall is great in this episode. It's never been easy to play serial killer, however this episode was special dramatic achievement, including passionate, beautifully written and emotional dialogues. Jennifer Carpenter is just brilliant. This season can be the best for her, making her next award season pretty interesting.

Deb-Dex relationship goes as it's supposed to be - sister tries to push brother away from her, blaming him for everything she's been up to. But Dexter is not capable of letting her go, because he also feels guilty. For this reason he gets psychological assistance from Dr. Vogel, who turns out to be happy for what's happening to Morgan. She tries to keep him closer to herself, as if own child.
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The Creator and the Creature
Claudio Carvalho1 August 2014
Dexter watches videos of Harry consulting Dr. Vogel about him. The ten year-old Dexter had just visited a crime scene with Harry and his stepfather visited Dr. Vogel seeking help for his stepson. Dr. Vogel discloses to Dexter that she prepared Harry's Code with his stepfather to satisfy Dexter's urge for blood. Dr. Vogel has received the missing part of the brain of a man and she believes that the killer is one of her former patients. She asks Dexter to find and kill the serial-killer as a sort of favor for her. Deb goes to a store expecting to recover the jewels stolen by Briggs, but El Sapo unexpectedly arrives and beats up on Debra. The police find another victim with brain and skull sliced open and Dexter finds a clue. Then El Sapo is murdered and Dexter discovers who has killed the hit-man.

"Every Silver Lining..." is not among the best episodes of Dexter. There are good dialogs and great performances but the plot is weak. Dexter is not following Harris's Code any longer and Debra is completely lost and wasted. My vote is seven.

Title (Brazil): "Cada Fresta de Esperança..." ("Each Slender of Hope")
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Fantastic follow up to the premiere
voldie257 July 2013
Warning: Spoilers
Dexter improved upon the premiere with an excellent episode that showcases Michael C Hall's directing abilities as well as his acting ones.Dexter finds out his connection to Evelyn Vogel via some old DVD's of Harry seeking her help.These DVD's completely changes the way we viewed Harry and adds an extra layer to Dexter's origin story

Charlotte Rampling is brilliant in her role and has great chemistry with Michael C Hall.All of her conversations with Dexter are great and a treat to watch as she seeks Dexter's help and asks him to hunt down The Brain Surgeon,who Dr Vogel believes is one of her own patients.Dexter hunts down Lyle Sussman,whose prints were found at another crime scene only to find that Sussman was a victim of the Brain Surgeon,not the murderer himself.

Dexter is angry with himself for being wrong,but Dr Vogel calms him down.Their final scene in this episode,where Dr Vogel convinces Dexter that he's perfect just the way he is was a turning point for the series and it's main character.

Meanwhile,Jennifer Carpenter continues to do a brilliant job as the new,bad-ass Debra Morgan.When El Sapo beats the sh!t out of her in a brutal scene,Deb kills El Sapo,which shows how much she's changed since she shot Laguerta.

Quinn's story continues to be boring as ever,but i'm glad Batista found out about Jamie and Quinn in the second episode.Since this is the last season,I sincerely hope the writers would get rid of these annoying subplots and completely focus on Dex/Deb/Vogel.

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Good Work Michael C. Hall
mrxelement7 July 2013
After I heard Michael C. Hall(DEXTER!) making a Dexter episode made me scream like a little girl. I had no idea he was capable of creating such a well paced episode that was even better than the premiere. The way the camera angles were and the lighting of it was so great! Everything about this episode was very dark in a reddish hellish way.

Seeing Dexter and Dr.Evelyn Vogel together gives me chills and its very exciting to see the way they have this awesome chemistry. I just want to see more scenes with them to how Dr.Vogel shares Dexter about his dark deathly origins.

Deb is still kicking-ass with her great acting Nice scenes from our funny bald-headed Masuka Our nice duo with Batista and Quinn.

Overall, this episode was fantastic! Hope to see more work from Michael C. Hall.
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Great Character Development Episode, Great Deb & Dex Scenes, Brilliant Direction but Underlying Subplots tape up Screen-space
dexbreakthrones12 July 2013
Warning: Spoilers
Season 8 is turning out to be one of the most intriguing and captivating seasons in Dexter history. Whilst, in most circumstances, people may say that Dexter has "run it's course", I believe that the series has been going in a fantastic direction, even after eight seasons. And this episode was definitely not a compromise of the Season Premiere.

Written by Manny Coto, and Directed by Michael C. Hall, the episode was well-paced and had around three twists, some expected, some unexpected. But that's the thing about this episode, the writer seemed to have a few tricks up his sleeves. Moreover, even though the twists were well executed it was nice to see some smart and intriguing dialogue between Dr. Vogel and Dexter, because this is what previous seasons sorely lacked "smart dialogue".

From a storytelling point of view, it was well-executed. Michael C. Hall was able to bring back some of the nostalgic cinematography from the first season, into the eighth season, which tells the audience that he knows the show, and is a fantastic up and coming director. If there were any cons in this episode, it would be the wasted time on subplots. Not that I don't enjoy subplots, but they just seem to be the same every season: awkward love interests that don't work out, and other things that just take up too much screen time.

Overall I though this was a fantastic character development episode, that was nicely Written and Directed, which had a few twists and turns that would keep the viewer on the edge of their seat.

Overall Score: 8/10 = B+ Best Actor: Charlotte Rampling & Jennifer Carpenter TIE
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You are perfect the way you are!
anand-vks8 July 2013
Warning: Spoilers
Michael Hall directs this episode. And I believe he has played this character so much so that Dexter has oozed into his directing. The frames themselves look sinister and the interactions between Dr.Vogel and Dexter themselves, creepy. Good work I would say. The plot itself takes interesting albeit predictable twists. Deb starting to lose control, making murder a way of life "This is not the first time I shot a person and it might not be the last": is one. Does this mean Deb starts to fall under Dexter's "code"? Let's not forget that Dexter now has a new "surrogate" mother under Dr.Vogel. Will she push Dexter into thinking Deb as a threat? All interesting plots to be pursued. And the scenes between Dex and Dr.Vogel are absolutely well done since it seems so creepy, especially the closing "You are perfect the way you are" delivery. A good follow up episode to the premiere which could have been better if not for the time wasted on the Batista-Quinn subplot which just seems like fillers trying to make up the minutes. Otherwise, a crackling finale is being set up!
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