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Sex & Nudity

  • At a "satanic baptism" both a man and woman are shown completely naked for a while
  • Crude sexual humor throughout. Not very graphic.
  • A stripper is hired for a private party. She wears only a bikini, but is never shown naked or doing anything sexual.
  • A character hires a street artist to design a logo for them. The logo, presented on a garage door, is of the Statue of Liberty being anally penetrated. The drawings depict anal penetration with clear view of the male genitalia. This image is shown several times throughout the episode featured center frame throughout scenes.
  • A character believes that his friend's girlfriend wants to have sex with him. This is discussed several times throughout the episode. Also, in one scene, characters attend a Satanic baptism at which a man and woman are seen fully nude in a nonsexual content.
  • The main cast all have an extensive conversation and discussion about one of the group "jerking off" thousands of other people, they all mimic how it would be done and discuss the most efficient way to do so, complete with illustrations of penises on white boards.
  • A man talks about placing his testicles on a table during a business negotiation, but the scene cuts away before anything is shown. No visuals.
  • Names of fictitious porn sites are shown on table signs at a pornography convention. Female sex toys are shown on a stage. No nudity.
  • A character tells another to "choke on his balls" using non-sexual images of choking and rubber balls.
  • Horses are shown having sex.
  • A man installs a program onto a smart fridge that tells another man to "Suck it", with a picture of a mime miming oral sex.
  • There is a sex scene. No nudity is shown, and the scene cuts before any clothing is removed or any intercourse.

Violence & Gore

  • Fights are shown but infrequent. All fights are non-graphic, and not bloody, as well as made to be comedic.
  • A man is tackled and beat up on stage, publicly at a competition, because he slept with the attacker's wife.


  • Fu*k is said a lot
  • Such language is nearly constant.
  • A near incessant use of the word "fuck," as well as other profanities such as "shit," "damn," "hell," and "ass."
  • Strong sexual references are frequent.
  • Utterances of the expletives "motherfucker," "cocksucker," "cunt," as well as "fuck" and its variants throughout the episodes.

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • Beer is drinken frequently and marijuana is used and discussed with detail.
  • A main character is often seen smoking marijuana.
  • A character smokes, and it is a big deal in the show.
  • Characters go to bars.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • 'Silicon Valley' is a comedic series with incredibly infrequent intense scenes.


The Parents Guide items below may give away important plot points.

Violence & Gore

  • In one episode, a man is shown falling from a cliff when removing a live streaming camera. The man is holding the camera while falling. No gore is shown and the scene is mild.
  • In an episode, an injured man who had fallen from a cliff is featured awaiting rescue. No gore is shown, but severe pain and fear is depicted.

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