Fire and Ice

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Rescued from Elder Assassins, a half-human child blessed with magic powers travels far away from a country, reaching the shore of wondrous Java, and laying down his own life. He himself doesn't know whether he survives or dies?


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Status: filming
Status Updated: 24 Jul 2017

Directed by

Tristan Strange

Written by

Tristan Strange ... (screenplay)
Robert Pawloski ... (story editor)
M. Suyanto ... (story)

Produced by

M. Suyanto ... executive producer

Art Direction by

Bagus Hutomo

Other crew

Roy Tok ... technical director

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Special Effects


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Plot Summary

Elder assassins scour the world in search of a man and his half-human child blessed with extraordinary supernatural powers. Ten years later, wise Kayla and his seventeen-year-old son, Aji, herd goats in a very high place of the Himalayas, and hide whenever Kayla trains Aji in swordsmanship. When wild beasts attack, Aji summons fire from his hands. Kayla cautions Aji to keep his powers hidden, but Aji is curious to know more about them. With powers like Aji's, Elder assassins attack Aji and Kayla at nightfall. Kayla is downed by a fireball, but Aji defeats the assassins with powers he never imagined. Kayla's dying breath implores Aji to seek out a good Elder living on Java, an ally who can help him develop his supernatural powers. With no time to mourn, Aji sets off alone the weight of humanity's last hope resting heavily on his young shoulders. Rescued from Elder Assassins, Aji travels far away from a country, running through crowded, traditional markets; crossing treacherous, rough waves of seas; and reaching the shore of wondrous Java, where he has to fight the living forces around him. There Aji meets Laxme, an escaped human slave woman. Aji thrusts himself into the midst of a burgeoning slave rebellion. Aji, along with Laxme, joins slave leaders, Jeth and Tull, in an assault on a guarded peninsula village where the Raksa has enslaved more humans to grow their immortality flower. Ananta, the good Elder mentor, trains Aji to awaken the full potential of his powers. Now Aji leads the human slave rebellion, and there is finally hope. The Elders hear the revolt and order King to quell the slave rebellion and to capture Aji. Aji and his human rebels win a mighty battle with flaming arrows, coconut catapults and sheer will. Seeing that Laxme is captured, Aji and Tull try to infiltrate the slave prison to rescue her, but the plan backfires with Tull, and Aji is imprisoned. Aji meets a woman in his neighboring cell, an Elder woman who teaches him more of his special powers. The Elder woman proves to be ... Aji's long lost mother, Sundari. Aji, with Sundari at his side, fully awakens his Elder supernatural powers, and is able to summon the elements of Earth, Wind, Fire, and Water in ways no one has seen for a thousand years. Aji's army attacks the evil King's castle, bringing the elements, energy bolts, and horrific creatures, to bear on the enemies of freedom. In the climatic confrontation, Aji must not only fight the living forces around him but also defy his own death to be victorious. Written by Anonymous

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Also Known As
  • Fire and Ice (Indonesia)

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Trivia The film is not a remake of the 1983 animated film of the same name. See more »

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