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Possibly the worst natural disaster movie ever made...
Paul Magne Haakonsen28 August 2014
"Disaster Wars: Earthquake vs. Tsunami" was a disaster movie in every sense of the word, literally.

The storyline was fairly generic for a movie of this genre. Mankind sets off a massive natural disaster that proves deadly and it is a race against time to find a way to stop this event before it lays destruction and waste to the world as we know it.

Right... Nothing new there in the storyline department. Aside from it being very boring and uninteresting.

The effects in the movie were abysmal, and I wonder how a special effects team in 2013 could look at the effects that they made for this movie and seriously go "yeah, this looks good. The audience will really buy into this." It was without a doubt the worst CGI effects I have ever witnessed in a movie, and believe you me I have seen many a bad movies in my time.

As for the acting, well just watch the first 5-10 minutes, with the submersible scene, and the level of acting for the rest of the movie is pretty much determined. It seemed that no one on the cast list were buying into the storyline, and it showed blatantly on the screen, because the performances were not even half-hearted.

There are many really bad movies about natural disasters, but "Disaster Wars: Earthquake vs. Tsunami" really is the icing on the cake of bad disaster movies.

Not even 20 minutes into the movie, I was starting to drift to do other stuff and it was a losing battle to keep the attention span to the movie, because it was just so bad.

I suffered through the 85 minutes of this movie so you don't have to. Heed my warning, and stay well away from "Disaster Wars: Earthquake vs. Tsunami".

A generous 1 out of 10 stars...
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This is the first time I've ever said this. I could make a better movie.
rushknight12 September 2014
I have a sickness. I find appalling movies gratifying. I've become so fond of them that I'm literally filled with glee when I see one. The worse it is, the more joy I appear to gain from it.

Thus, I am a living, breathing meter of terrible. And I can tell you that my meter is off the charts on this one. I'm practically reeling in elation, and trust me, this is bad for you sane people.

(The following text will be a series of hyperboles designed to push forth the general impression that the movie was bad. If you feel the need to stop reading now, I forgive you. Go in peace.)

This is the first time I've ever looked at a film and said to myself, "You know what.. I think I could do better. By myself even." The special effects are downright horrifying. Horrifyingly bad that is. I have seen a friend of mine work with freeware software for a class project, and even he did better than what I just saw. These special effects are on the same level as "Birdemic" and "MegaPiranha." They are that bad (I recommend both movies, by the way.. Though you may hate me for it).

How about the acting? Believe me, watching a dog bark at itself in a mirror will give you more empathy than anything you'll get from the acting in this one. How any director could look at this and say, "Yes, this works. It's really creating the mood," is a mystery to me. I don't think any other actors could possibly make an impending catastrophe appear to be less worthy of heartfelt emotion. The dialogue was so incredibly dry, and deeply inept.

The best acting in the whole movie had to be the bums. They were great.

What about the plot? Plot holes don't just exist, they hit you in the face with a shovel. The level of stupid is so high that it might actually seep out of your screen and get on you. I'm not going to bother giving examples, that would be cheating. But trust me, common sense doesn't exist in this one.

I realize that budgetary concerns are commonly used as an excuse, but realistically there is no excuse. Amazing movies have been created on very tight budgets. If your special effects are bad, tighten your acting. If the acting is poor, smooth out the plot. There are ways to concentrate on the winning points of your feature. Even with everything else being terrible, your movie can still be entertaining and fun! This director failed to pick a winning point, but instead attempted to do everything at once, and the film had almost no noteworthy moments. Sadly, there was simply just no entertainment.

The acting producer should be able to tell right away that something is wrong, and make appropriate course corrections for the production. For instance, the special effects: "Let's see, earthquakes, falling debris, tsunamis, satellites, lasers, nuclear explosions, submarines, bullet wounds and military technology ambiance. And I have a budget of.. Ah hell no. Something's got to go." This would have been a better answer than, "Awwright! We have a computer! Let's do it!"

Lastly, I confess that it brings me joy to inflict this sort of insipid cinema on people. Please watch it. For me? xxoxxo, bye bye now.
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What budget?
otter-stl23 November 2014
Now in my top 20 worse movies ever made. The only person I recognized was the lady who played the Vice-President. She played the President in "24". Hard to believe. Was she that hard up for work?

If you do start to watch this terrible movie, you'll probably find yourself skipping ahead until you actually see something happening. Special effects looked like it was done by a few 12 years old. Avoid headaches by skipping this disaster.

A bit puzzled how this got even 3 stars. People could give all the spoilers they could and this still would not upset many people. Is the man in the bathrobe the hero? You won't care one bit.
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Saving The World In Your Bathrobe...
J. H.13 September 2014
I remember saying over and over again..."Are you kidding me"? I had to check the spoiler box, because to describe some of the ridiculous scenes that passed for a movie these days was absolutely necessary in hopes to save the rest of mankind from wasting one second of their precious time to think they might want to watch this.

You've got a supposed geological expert dragged out of his house in the early morning and forced to "help" the Vice President save the world, yet he has to do it all while wearing his bathrobe. Lol They wouldn't even let him change into clothes. Hilarious.

Then, two idiots on a sailboat are filming a live segment for a news channel. Really? HOW did they do that? They had a regular cam sitting on a tripod. You know, the ones you'd use for home movies and yet they were going "live" on the air. Really? How was this gal knowing when they were going live? She had no headset on. The entire time they were supposedly on the air, the camera bobbed up and down because the boat was riding the waves. I swear, this had to be one of the dumbest things I've ever seen on film.

LOVE the two kids holding down the fort in Hawaii where their job is watching for earthquakes and warning the public to evacuate. Seriously? I thought highly trained meteorologists did that kind of work. Not two goofy kids. They looked like teens.

Every single person involved with this film (and I use the term loosely) could not act. Not one bit. Even Priscilla Barnes was horrendous. She also looks really bad. There were so many pauses before the next person would say their dumb lines. Only a very bad director allows this to happen.

I've seen really bad movies, but this should never have made it to even television. My high school cinema class handed in better movies.
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This movie is a hoot!
lmt_is_me17 October 2015
and I don't mean in a good way. Nothing has really happened 40 minutes into the movie. The CGI is so laughable.

If the movie was supposed to be about Los Angeles, then perhaps they should not show CBC Radio Vancouver on the building. They did have California license plates though.

If the buildings are supposed to be failing apart, the parts that fall off should be missing from the building.

How that one woman got out of the car when there were power lines on her car? How did that happen?

The visuals of the tsunami were used over and over again.

There is talk of wide spread damage but yet driving looks awesome.

The acting was horrible. I watched it to see how bad it could get. Definitely on the bottom 100 of any movie every made.
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Appalling is being too kind
TheLittleSongbird3 September 2014
Stormageddon: Earthquake vs. Tsunami is one of those rarities where it was a real struggle to stick with it well before the halfway mark, but because it is a personal rule never to judge a film without seeing the whole thing, stuck with it I did but with a lot of regret afterwards. Stormageddon: Earthquake vs. Tsunami is down there with the worst disaster movies ever made and a very strong contender for THE worst and certainly the most amateurish, managing to do the impossible and make the movies from The Asylum look good. Not in a long while has there been a cheaper-looking movie, true there are a lot of badly made movies seen recently but even they were not this cheap. The camera work will be the nightmare of epilepsy sufferers(coming from an epileptic here), even for the deliberate use of shaky-cam it felt far too excessive and unnecessary often. The photography is as dreary as muddy water and you'd be hard pressed to find any worse-looking special effects, looking 30 years at least out of date, under-proportioned and like they were made at last minute with scarce left-over materials to say they're amateurish is being generous. The sound is a lot of the time so muffled and distant that it is not always easy to make out the dialogue. From what you can hear of them though it is certainly not anything to write home about, the entire script sounding like total, incoherent and improvised-sounding gibberish, leaves a lot under-explained and does nothing to develop or humanise the characters. The concept was a very old and predictable one, but Stormageddon: Earthquake vs. Tsunami does nothing new or fun with it. Instead it's pedestrian nonsense from start to finish to the extent it is even devoid of unintentional/novelty humour and there are no thrills or suspense whatsoever. The characters can barely pass for characters, having absolutely nothing to them let alone a personality, the direction is just incompetent and there are dire performances from the entire cast who look bored out of their skulls and like they were held at gun-point. The overwrought, exaggerated crying, facial expressions that were either creepy or shockingly comical and the static posing betray a complete lack of acting talent. All in all, an appalling movie, not just one of the worst of the disaster movie genre but quite possibly one of the worst of any genre and film in general. 0/10 (a rating I do not give out often). Bethany Cox
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Oooh the pain!!!!
tvdirector117 October 2015
I know that to be fair one should give a movie a chance to develop before passing judgment on it. Well I gave this rubbish 10 minutes and I still feel that's 10 minutes of my life wasted. I'll keep this succinct. Every part of this movie is bad - but what would be a useful thing to do is, give the money that they saved by not having decent special effects, scriptwriter, director etc and give it to the people that spoke and pay for acting lessons. So because I have to write at least 10 lines about this truly "Disaster"ous movie, I'll continue writing on. I went to a cinema in 1985 and the headline movie was the "the worst movie ever made" it was called -Plan Nine From Outer Space,- where the alien was some bloke in a monkey suit that stood outside a cave next to a bubble making machine. After watching Earthquake vs Tsunami, it made Plan Nine From Outer Space look like a Royal Shakespeare company play with the worlds best actors. A big fat 0 out of 10.
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A good example of how NOT to make a movie
rsnowdowne18 October 2015
This has to be one of the worst movies I have ever seen. It does something which I thought was impossible, which was to make the Asylum movies look good.

The story is bad. The plot holes are so big you could probably lose a planet in them. Maybe even a solar system.

The actors all look and sound bored. As far as I can see, none of them seem to be even making any effort to act. Much of the stuff they do doesn't seem to make sense, even in the context of the movie.

The sound is bad - most of it sounds like it was recorded in a bathroom.

The special effects are really... special. Flying debris is represented by random black dots superimposed over the image, not connected to anything. And those are some of the better special effects. The final scene is so badly done it has to be seen to be believed.

Several of the scenes are just totally unrelated stock footage that was spliced in, and in many cases are so jarringly out of place that I had to rewind just to make sure I had actually seen what I though I had seen.

I understand that this was done with a low budget, but man, even with a low budget, they could at least have made an effort. The impression I get from this movie is that nobody cared enough to even try. Watch at your own peril.
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wish it has 0
veno-venzo30 August 2014
I really wish i can give 0 out of 10 for this bullshit movie.

1- story is damn bad and it has been done many times 2- no sense for anything to do to stop the disaster, 3- bad acting from most of the cast 4- low and cheap features and technique used, it is really not 2013 movie, missing technology to deals with problems, cheap stuff, big problem and only few member wanna solve it. one soldier, 2 scientist, vice president and that's all.

5- it is really funny how the director make the effect or earthquake. camera start shaking and still the actor is normal then he remember to shake, that is really funny to do this in 2013. The damage from earthquake is really obvious it is not normal some stones not related to the real views.
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the worse of the worse
appollokillers14 October 2015
this is not a movie,this is a piece of crap not worth looking,is the worse of the worse ever made,if u want to see something,this is not it,try to look for something else,the only good thing at this movie is the picture for the movie,the rest is so awful made and the actors are so fake,nothing at all is good in this piece of crap,i mean it,is the worse movie ever made,probably was made with 5 bucks the most,so no,is not even worth mention it anywhere,better to burn it and forget that ever existed or that was ever made,DON'T U TRY TO LOOK AT THIS MOVIE UNLESS U R VERY DRUNK,don't lose your time with this,don't even bother to click on the image unless u want to see the picture bigger
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Like an "Adult" movie, without the adult bits.
Robert DeZero5 March 2015
Honestly, I try to give films a chance and an open mind. I'm really not picky and have a great collection of cheesy TV disaster movies.

But when I go to watch a disaster movie, it's because I assume the disaster happens in the film, not the the film itself is the disaster. It really is that bad! I gave this 1 star because A: some of the actors did make quite a good effort in places, and B: I can't give it zero stars, so I had to find something to justify one star.

The 2nd star is for how real some of the stuff looked. Specifically, the boobs. Oh, and a fair few pretty ladies that they belonged to. Probably the only thing that I could entice people with to watch this to the end.

If you don't like pretty girls, (some with glasses, great!), or boobs, you have absolutely no reason to watch this. In fact, if you bought this, or just watched it by accident, or were forced to watch it, I would see if there is a clause in your life insurance that allows you to claim for the hour and a half of your life that you will never get back.
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Hands down the worst movie I have ever seen
cruikshankmatthew18 August 2016
CGI 0/10; Plot 0/10; Music Score 1/10; Plausibility 0/10; Acting 0/10; Overall Believablity 0/10;

Honestly the only thing that this movie has going for it is one or two attractive actresses. I normally watch even bad movies to the end to give them a fair go. But watching this to the end was a struggle. Many of the characters act in a completely illogical way. For a disaster movie, there is a remarkable lack of people running and screaming. Isn't that the point of these movies? Shouldn't I be 'on the edge of my seat' the whole time? This movie lacks the terror that is the main point of disaster movies. And don't even get me started on the CGI(The worst I have ever seen.) I don't think they could have made a worse movie if they were trying. There are many plot holes and many of the questions it raises it makes no attempt to answer or explain whatsoever. The ending is fairly abrupt and barely ties off the movie at all. I would not recommend watching this movie
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What the f**k is this???
Regina Mullenders18 October 2015
I made it up to 15 minutes to watch this and at first, I could only laugh, but after that, I started to get irritated and I couldn't watch it any further. I have seen more bad movies, but this one is really really really the worst one yet. All I can say: Don't bother! It's not worth you're time! I could make this kind of movie, with my mobile and my kids could play the actors. Yes!!! It is really that bad!!! I have to write 10 lines of text, so I can give my review, but I don't know how to fill these 10 lines. I can only repeat how bad this movie just is and don't spend any money on this. You can better rent ore buy an other movie, ore do something else with your hard earned money.
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right well ........
seanevanmackey15 December 2016
Disaster wars:tsunami vs earthquake is one of those movies that you see that you never talk about or see it in a DVD bin or second hand shop,this into is fairly short due to the movie i have just watched.

The first initial reaction to this films existence is what a weird title for a movie,then you realize that the concept doesn't really make much sense because in order for a tsunami to happen an earthquake must occur either in the ocean or near the coast that it sends aftershocks out to cause the tsunami,so logically the concept of the movie"tsunami vs earthquake"would'nt really pan out in a movie as this movie tries to emphasize(disappointingly this match between natural disasters never actually happens til the end in an extremely dragged out and terrible looking scene),as for the movie itself,the movie was something i was not expecting and bored and baffled me to a point where i had to take a break and think over what i was actually getting myself into.

the aspects of this film i would like to point out for being something kind of ridiculous is the terrible cgi and set designs(this also includes filming locations such as outside shots),the first experience i had with the terrible looking cgi was in the first couple of minutes into the film and immediately regretted watching this film,the whole third act of the film is a horrible computer generated mess that is actually really hard to watch. another topic that is prominent that i have a major issue with is the "characters",the "characters"are all pretty much the exact same personality wise(cardboard),as the movie progressed i was kind of hoping that they would try and add personality variety between them but that was of a high expectation,one of the biggest problems i have with the characters is the main character,the reason i forgot his name is because the director and screenwriter must have forgotten to add him in and actually give him motivation like a main character has to have,most he does in the movie is go somewhere for 20 minutes and give the viewer exposition about the tsunami.

In my honest opinion i don't actually recommend this film because there is nothing compelling about this film but if you want to waste an hour and 25 minutes of your time then go right ahead.

1 out of 10
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"The Room" is now closer to "Gone with the Wind"
THEWRITEGUY-114 April 2018
I couldn't believe the reviews so I went to YouTube and watched this film -- or as much as I could stomach. Wow, what a waste of $500! The acting..... I don't have another word for it... was amateur hour, the story was LUDICROUS, the Special Effects were HILARIOUSLY BAD DIME STORE QUALITY, and the dialogue atrocious.

Captain to daughter: "Karen, are the controls working?" (No, Captain, the whole movie is not working.)

Nerdy guy to Captain: "Dr. Taylor, this is madness!" (Yes, it is!!)

Girl at Tsunami Center, Honolulu: "May God have mercy on us all!" (Honey, may God have mercy on the Producers, Director, Writers, Cast and Crew.)

I've seen "The Room" AND "The Disaster Artist," but now I have new respect for what used to be called the "worst film ever made."
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a terrible movie
Graham Harvey17 September 2018
Nothing more to say than other reviewers except does imdb allow us to rate partial points in quality of film? if so I give it 0.00000001
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So dumb it's almost awesome
prometheus41824 October 2015
The Killer Tsunami looks like it is emitting blasts from an asthma inhaler, or maybe just a couple really pretentious farts. The acting is horrible but not campy, and overall, it doesn't seem so much like a well- meaning but terrible movie, but more like a really understated satire. It's kind of like "The Day after Tomorrow" if it forgot to care and just took a handful of sedatives.

Just because it's so unique, intentional or not, I'm giving it a 10 of 10- don't get me wrong, it sucks- but in a sort of modern Plan 9 from Outer Space in a world with HD cell phone cameras kind of way.

I'm actually enjoying it quite a bit. There's a glut of overproduced stuff now, so the contrast is pretty fun.
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