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  • A surprised Leonard finally comes to the realization that Sheldon's assistant, Alex, is attracted to him. As he believes it negatively affects him since Alex is not focusing her attentions on his needs, Sheldon, in a poorly veiled attempt to hide the identity of those involved, asks for advice on how to resolve the situation in his favor, that advice from among others Penny. Although Leonard has not done anything wrong - yet - but enjoys the fact of the adoration from Alex, Penny and Sheldon have to decide how to handle the situation for their individual needs. Sheldon's decision could get himself into professional trouble, he who responds in typical Sheldon fashion.

  • It finally dawns on Leonard that Sheldon's assistant Alex "likes" him and he feels like a stud. Sheldon upon learning of this, concerned that Alex will be distracted from her duties talks to the girls telling them that a friend of his is being hit by the assistant of someone else he knows. Of course the girls deduce he is talking about Leonard and Alex, which puts Leonard in the doghouse with Penny. Sheldon tries to talk to Alex her attraction to Leonard and ends up saying things she finds offensive. So she goes to human resources to complain. Sheldon is called in and is told that he said things that are inappropriate but he doesn't see it that way. And ends telling about Howard, Raj and Leonard which leads to them being called in.

  • When Penny finds out Alex has a crush on Leonard, Sheldon gets himself and the rest of the guys in trouble with Human Resources whilst trying to solve the problem.


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  • Things are back to semi-normal at the university. Relative to the guys, anyway. Alex (Margo Harshman) still has a crush on Leonard (Johnny Galecki) and actually decided to do something about it. She comes to the apartment, inviting him to a lecture and dinner, and you couldn't get the smile off of Leonard's face with a sledgehammer. (BTW, that lifesize Jenga game looks so cool.)

    While Raj (Kunal Nayyar) laments the fact that there are no cereal mascots that are female, Sheldon (Jim Parsons) finds out his assistant was hitting on Leonard. Never mind the fact Leonard liked it; she was supposed to devote all of her time to him and not get these "female urges". (this comes up later, trust me) Not knowing what to do, Sheldon gathers Penny (Kaley Cuoco), Amy (Mayim Bialik), and Bernadette (Melissa Rauch) for tea and counseling. He even made up t-shirts for them: Sheldon Cooper's Council of Ladies. He refuses to use actual names, but he points out a certain woman's boyfriend (Ricardo Shilly Shally.) is being hit on by a person (Tandalaya Dinginhamvilat) who works for a brilliant physicist (Dr Einstein Von Brainstorm). How does he get her to stop doing that and concentrating on his (Dr Einstein Von Brainstorm's) needs? Apparently, talking to Alex wasn't enough for Sheldon and he rescinds the t-shirts.

    Alex finds an appointment in her calendar to get a "talking to" by Sheldon. She sits down and listens to Sheldon talk about how she made inappropriate sexual advances towards Leonard. (which obviously she didn't) But Sheldon said it wasn't her fault; she was just giving into her urges to reproduce like all women have. In fact, Sheldon compared it to an egg salad sandwich on a hot Texas day (according to his father). It's full of eggs and not all that desirable after a while. And if she ever became a slave to her urges again, she should take Sheldon's book showing pictures of sexually-transmitted diseases.

    As you might suspect, Alex did NOT like anything Sheldon had to say and filed a complaint with the university. Of course, Leonard ended up as a semi-innocent victim in this, since Penny was upset he liked the fact Alex hit on him. Sheldon received a call from Human Resources to have a meeting with Mrs. Davis (Regina King), to discuss Alex's complaint. Naturally, Sheldon doesn't know what he's being accused of, but for the record, Mrs. Davis told him he couldn't say 'egg salad' or reproduction to Alex anymore. But Sheldon protested he said Alex wasn't to blame. She was a slave, just like Mrs. Davis was. Obviously not a good idea, and Mrs. Davis lets him have both barrels. But Sheldon, continuing to be oblivious wonders how he can be in trouble when Leonard blabs about being sexually desirable to anyone who will listen, Howard (Simon Helberg) spent university funds to build a robot with six breasts, and a drunk Raj once referred to Mrs. Davis herself as "brown sugar." (SHELDON: Oh, and for the record, that's not meant to be racist. It's not, because he's also brown.)

    Now all of the guys are waiting outside of Mrs. Davis' office. Raj and Leonard are confused, but Howard is an old pro at this. (HOWARD: Hi, Jeanine. How are Tom and the kids?) Leonard didn't quite know why he was there, and Raj took the advice of a bartender in how to talk to Mrs. Davis while trying to make it look like he was drinking coffee. (No, it didn't work.) And Raj accusing Leonard of letting Alex "sniff around his goods" wasn't making their case to Mrs. Davis, either. If that wasn't bad enough, Sheldon comes to lodge a complaint about someone using bad sexual language in front of him.

    MRS. DAVIS: Who would that be?

    SHELDON: You, you dirty birdy! I've been thinking about all the things you said to me yesterday, and I've come to the conclusion that they've made me very uncomfortable. So, be a dear and grab me one of those complaint forms.

    Mrs. Davis, you might suspect, has had enough and orders all four of them into the office. And just when you thought Sheldon was done...

    SHELDON: You taught me that I shouldn't asking if you're on your menstrual cycle. Judging by how you're acting, I don't need to.

    To Sheldon's credit, he did acknowledge to Alex he may have said things he wasn't supposed to and apologized for it. He even had to take an online course concerning the matter.

    SHELDON: My time is far too valuable to be spent doing something like this, so I'm going to have to ask you to complete this for me. I'd get on that and do a good job, they're pretty mad.

    Leonard apologized to Penny for liking Alex hitting on him too much and was surprised Penny was so insecure about it. (LEONARD: Without that then I have nothing to bring into this relationship.) But Penny had a solution for trying to listen to Leonard and then looking up everything he said in a dictionary. She bought a pair of nerdy-like glasses and put them on.

    PENNY: (low and throaty) Molecules.

    Yeah, that worked. Leonard took her to his bedroom and requested she keep the glasses on. And her boots.

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