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Yaan = Yawn
raj0404922 October 2014
Storyline: A happy-go-lucky unemployed youth after being insulted by his girlfriend's father takes up a job in a foreign nation and lands in deep trouble.

What should have been a pointless entertainer has turned to be just pointless. Entertainment, if any, was only in the director's mind. Filled with numerous cliché this is just another movie made for the sake of making a movie and nothing more.

Flaws begin in the first half (love-at-first-sight, US return who messes with the hero) where the protagonist's immaturity haunts us. What should have been a riveting fun filled episode (like in Endrendrum Punnagai) is nothing more than passing cloud which just won't pass and keep pestering us. Only when we shift into the second half do we realise that it is not the hero's immaturity but the director's (in particular script writer) immaturity that shines on screen.

Two-thirds into the movie, most of us were busy doing things other than watching. I was praying (for the credits to roll down soon), my counterparts were snoring and other were creating memes.

Some of the flaws which I find worth mentioning: Lack of a gripping screenplay, logic has been thrown into the sea, powerful actors not being properly utilised (Nasser and Thambi Ramaiaah) and other flaws that I don't even want to recollect.

PS:My friends who woke after sleeping never felt like they missed a scene despite missing minutes together.

In short Yaan=Yawn.

A must avoid.
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Worst of 2014
sraavan-narayanan17 March 2015
I had lots of hopes for this movie. Even though I am not a fan of jeeva, I wanted to watch for Harris's background music and songs. Only the Cinematography was good. The story was very awful, boring screenplay, complete confusion in the screenplay. I can't believe such a stupid movie has even come and people have acted in it!! The movie can be watched only on Z tamil when they air it. Ravi K. Chandran happens to be best in cinematography but worst in direction . The first half was testing our patience and second half was making us loose oxygen in theaters. My rating for this irritating movie will be 3... Mostly for Harris only...
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Yaan is action thriller movie , But Fail to impress
dhaya-cool3 October 2014
Yaan is action thriller movie.

Directed by debutant as well as a famous cinematographer Ravi K Chandran, deals story that hero caught for the crime of having carried drugs, even without his aware and punishment of being beheaded and how he manages to return home with all this overcomes.

Jiiva comes as chocolate boy. Acting wise did best. - Jiiva should choose nice movie - He is great talent hero - This movie it is missed.

Thulasi Nair comes through out movie - Did her best and looks beautiful

Jayaprakash and Nasser nice actors - Not used them properly.

Thambi Ramaiah and Karunakaran comes a small part of the movie - OK performance

Cinematography - Manush Nandan - Camera and visuals was Superb (Introduction to hero and heroine was Superb thrilling shootout. )

Harris Music - Not bad.

First half only songs / love - No story till that. Sema bore

Second half - Action / how he manages to return home place

Movie similar to Roja / Dhaam Dhoom / Mariyaan.

Verdict : Don't see the movie even they broadcast in TV.
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Worst Movie Of The Year
aji4u4ever5 October 2014
I went out to watch this movie with high expectations because of so many factors. 1. Celebrated Cinematographer Mr. Ravi K. Chandiran's debut movie 2. Jeeva & Thulasi Nair in the lead. 3. Harris Jeyaraj musical (though i dint like the songs) 4. Cinematography

But the movie falls flat with nothing to offer. The major drawback in this movie that everybody in the movie are talking in Tamil, Everybody knows Tamil even in Mumbai & the other country named Basilisthan.

The film have a wafer-thin plot but the screenplay is ridiculous. The first half is boring and second half is okay. Songs wont give any relax and the background score is pathetic. The saving grace of the movie is Cinematography & some good action scenes. Thanks to the choreo. Rest is all falls flat.

Mr. Ravi K Chandiran, you could have wait for some good outings.

Waste of Time. Even if you're a die hard jeeva fan, then give at a try at your own risk.

My rating just 3 on 10
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