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Mediocre story with great visual effects
Venom_8113 December 2016
Tim Burton refused to direct this movie..and there is a reason..simply the script is terrible. There is no real and solid story behind this movie if not a marketing operation. The direction works well, nothing special but nothing you can complain about, also the rhythm and the storytelling works good, the problem is the script. The movie is visually stunning , probably visual effects are the only reason to watch this movie. Jhonny Deep is probably on his worst interpretation, he isn't able to transmit anything not even the madness of his character. Mia Wasikovska is the only one who truly believe in the project and tries to produce a decent interpretation. Sacha Baron Coen is funny on his character but maybe he could add more personality in his interpretation. As I already said you can watch this movie just for the amazing visual effects..but without a decent story isn't so entertaining
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Pretty much as sequels usually go...
paul_haakonsen17 September 2016
I enjoyed the 2010 "Alice in Wonderland" that had that unique Tim Burton touch to it. But I wasn't in any rush to get to see the 2016 sequel "Alice: Through the Looking Glass". Why? Well, because just what more could there be to tell about this story?

With that being said, then don't get me wrong. "Alice: Through the Looking Glass" is not a bad movie, it just seems like a movie that hardly was necessary to have been made. It is a good movie in itself, and works quite well as a stand-alone, if you will.

The effects in "Alice: Through the Looking Glass" were great, as they also were in the previous movie. And it was nice to see the beloved characters from the first movie return, and also to see the amazing job that the special effects team pulled off at bringing the world to life. Lots of details, vivid colors and memorable characters.

The actors and actresses in the movie were doing good jobs with their given roles, and it was a great treat to have the original cast return to play their characters once again. The Time character was interesting, but it left a less than savory taste in my mouth that they had cast Sacha Baron Cohen for this role. He is not an actor that I am too fond of, so in my opinion another cast would have been preferable. I do enjoy the Mad Hatter character and Johnny Depp does a great job in portraying him. And it was nice to get to see more of that quirky character and get to know more of his background.

The special effects and wardrobe teams really are the ones shining in this movie, because there are just so many wonderful things to look at throughout the movie. And the level of creativity is just astounding. No matter where you look there is something breathtaking.

"Alice: Through the Looking Glass" is certainly an entertaining movie, but it is hardly one that you will sit down and watch again any time soon.
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I feel burned.
ozfan0827 May 2016
I usually don't go in depth much about my thoughts on movies, and that's because in most cases, I feel like everything there is to say about a movie has already been said because so many people, not just critics, are able to voice their opinions now with the advent of social media. I also understand that it's very hard to make a movie, especially a good one, so I generally try not to give much attention to bad movies or waste my time and energy bashing them.

With "Alice Through the Looking Glass," though, I feel like I have to put my opinion out there. I'm in the minority with this one in that I loved "Wonderland" and was incredibly excited to see "Looking Glass." Having finally seen the movie, I'm really disappointed. I feel burned.

Tim Burton directed "Alice in Wonderland" but chose not to direct this one - in his place is James Bobin, director of the two most recent "Muppets" films (the first of which I thought was great, the second much less so but still fine). I think it would be unfair to put all of the blame on him, but he's certainly responsible for some of what went wrong here... as is screenwriter Linda Woolverton, who I almost can't believe is the same person who wrote "Alice and Wonderland," "Maleficent," and the original "Beauty and the Beast." While her previous work is whimsical but subtle and sophisticated, "Alice Through the Looking Glass" is an uninspired mess, and I can't help but suspect that she really didn't care about this at all.

You know, it seems like almost no one involved in making this movie cared. Mia Wasikowska is probably the only member of the cast who deserves any praise, and I thought she did an even better job playing Alice here than she did in the first movie. Everyone else though, ESPECIALLY Johnny Depp and Anne Hathaway, should be embarrassed. Johnny's Mad Hatter was one of the best things about the first one, but here, he's just really weird and annoying. Like, super annoying...

I don't even think the composer, the usually amazing Danny Elfman, put forth much of an effort here. The score for "Alice in Wonderland" is one of my favorite scores for a movie ever, but it's like for this one, he thought he could just recycle the stuff he wrote for the first one and that no one would notice? Well, I did, Danny. I noticed.

The visual effects and production design are pretty great, as they should be, but you never get that sense of wonder or escapism that you should get with a movie like this because so much of the movie is just people standing around bantering or delivering boring exposition. The movie is loud and sometimes frantic but rarely fun or engaging. It's a major disappointment and a major step back from "Alice in Wonderland" and Disney's other recent live-action fairytale adaptations. It's just not good.
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Going back to literature
zalouteacher16 September 2016
I liked the fact that the script of the movie is full of puns and rhymes taken from the original work. This makes the movie as interesting as the original Through the Looking Glass since Lewiss Carroll was famous with riddles and hidden messages in his works and he was known to include mathematical wonders in the writing such as the case of Alice in Wonderland. Maybe the plot was not greasy enough but overall it was a nice movie. The character that I liked most is Hatter( Johnny Depp) who has again striken me with his ability to wear different hats of roles and to impersonate himself in the character he's given. Also, the character of Alice was a fit with her angelic smile that reflects an innocent adult.
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A Good Example of Hollywood's Failures
jayandre30 May 2016
Before I shatter this film, I would like to say that I do respect the filmmakers of Hollywood (somewhat). They are creative geniuses that have transcended the art of filmmaking time and time again. They have continuously pushed the boundaries, especially when it comes to bringing astounding visual effects to the big screen.

However, the art of storytelling has become lost on them. This is primarily because conglomerates have bought out the studios. A movie is merely a commodity to the shareholders. The question they pose themselves before financing a movie is this: Do we already have a built in audience for this story? If there isn't already a built in audience, good luck getting the film financed.

With that being said, it is clear that storytelling is the last priority of Hollywood. Through the Looking Glass is a prime example of this. No matter how many groundbreaking visual effects they throw on the screen, the plot stinks. There was no suspense. Very little irony. No interesting characters. No memorable scenes. No compelling conflict and dynamics between the characters. The entire premise of the film was based on Alice saving the Mad Hatter from his illness. Yet, I could really care less. The story reflects nothing about the human condition. It raises no intriguing questions. Not to mention that the plot itself is aimless and disjointed. It meanders along, zipping in different directions without a clear focus and purpose. One wonders how a script like this even gets greenlit.

Maybe this is what audiences have come to accept. Maybe it's our culture that is the problem. However, I won't lay down without making my voice heard. When the credits rolled, I personally booed the film. My girlfriend tried to get me to shut up.

Story is a metaphor for life. Compelling characters represent something about each of us. We relate to them on different levels. We witness the actions they take, and say "Ah, I would've done the same." or "Wow. I would've never done that, but I can understand why they did it." The problem with fantasy films like this is that they are so far disconnected from reality that they literally represent nothing.

So I shall pose a challenge to those reading this review who have seen or intend to see this film: watch Alice, then watch a movie like Birdman, The Social Network, Nightcrawler, Fury, or a TV series like Breaking Bad, then compare the two. I guarantee that you'll find yourself much more emotionally fulfilled upon watching one of the films I mentioned. Not all superhero/fantasy films are trash. But Through the Looking Glass was an egregious example of all special effects, but a junk plot.
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I loved every second of it !
safaa_jolha220 September 2016
Warning: Spoilers
Literally every second of this movie is worth watching ! it's even better than the first one. I love the visual effects, maybe that's why I loved this movie so much, I mean the nature in Underland, the time castle, much effort was put on this movie and it was worth it . I wasn't expecting that much of it, since I didn't expect a good story. But the story of Time is incredible ! And those little seconds of his are so cute, I liked the idea of the white queen not being totally good by lying in her childhood and being part of the reason that made her sisters' head big. I wish there were more parts for the Cheshire cat, I love his grin :D. But, finding The Hatter's family could've taken more light, the hatter just finds them and that's it. We should've got the opportunity to watch more of them after they come back. Still, this movie's became one of my favorite fantasy movies .
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Don't Believe Any Of The Negative Reviews. This Is GOOD Movie!
albereinstein23 September 2016
Don't believe any of The negative reviews. This Is a GOOD Movie! I was amazed to see so many negative reviews about a really good movie. My comment is about not believing comments on IMDb. There has been times when I've read positive reviews about a movie, and the move sucked major ass. Now I read negative reviews about a movie that was really good from beginning to end, and it simply amazes me. That's why I've decided to pay no attention to reviews too much and just watch the film and make my own decision on whether its good or not. There are just too many critics and you just can't rely on what you read. Don't get me wrong, some of the reviews are spot on and I find myself in total agreement with some reviews, but this movie was really awesome. I like when a movie keeps my interest the way Alice through the looking glass did. So for anyone looking for a nice escape from reality, don't go by the negative reviews, give this one look. I promise you will not be disappointed.
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A Marvelous Family Movie For Both Kids & Adults.
avirariva25 May 2016
Warning: Spoilers
Alice Kingsleigh has spent the past three years following in her father's footsteps and sailing the high seas. Upon her return to London from China, she comes across a difficult decision that may determine what she's going to do during the rest of her life. After re-encountering Absolem, she finds a magical looking glass and returns to the nonsensical realm of Wonderland.

Alice discovers that things are going very wrong with the Hatter, who is now acting madder than usual, haunted by past events that he refuses to reveal. In order to prevent a heartbreaking end to her friend, she turns to Time himself. Despite his warnings about Alice not being able to win a race against time, and not being able to change the past, she borrows the Chronosphere, a time device that everyone (including the now banished Red Queen) wants, and winds up returning to the past.

As Alice witnesses the hits and misses of friends (and enemies) during their lives, discovering how it prompted them to their current states in the present, she may learn how to solve not only the problem with the Hatter, but her own back in London – but only if she can win the race against the ticking Chronosphere.
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Why is this called Alice through the Looking Glass?
fordsfavoritegirl27 May 2016
First off if you are looking to be magically transported to the pages of this beloved children's story, please prepare yourself to be sadly disappointed. The only thing this film has to do with anything from the book is the characters. The story is as ridiculous as the absolutely exhausting Red Queen baby talking and The Mad Hatters stupid lispy over acting. Both are equally annoying through the entire film. You actually just want to shake Johnny Depp and beg him to stop. I understand film makers taking some creative license in adapting a book to film but this is just pathetic. I can't understand how this movie was even allowed to be released with the title of Alice Through the Looking Glass. It made wish there was a looking Glass that I could jump through to escape having to finish the film, but as I was with family I had to endure it til the end.
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Time to just stop
danielharden2 June 2016
Warning: Spoilers
Alice Through the Looking Glass is the sequel to Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland that nobody asked for, but yet here it is. We return to the ugly world full of annoying caricatures for a second and hopefully final time (for the sake of my sanity).

The ensemble cast fail miserably. Mia Wasikowska's enthusiasm is so false and patronising its as if shes talking to an infant child the whole way through the film. Sacha Baron Cohen and Johnny Depp both suffer from stupid voice syndrome as they both speak with a lisp and an accent that only they know what they were going for there. Helena Bonham Carter reprises her roll as the big headed (pun intended) Queen of Hearts, sulking her irritating little way through this 2 hour cluster f*ck. Its hard to care about these characters when you are simply struggling to tolerate them in the first place.

The script is garbage. It's littered with unfunny jokes, puns that are so bad they aren't even funny and convenient exposition like "Oh no only the return of the cronosphere can save us now." Long story short its lazy and hard to believe someone was paid to write this piece of sh*t. I do wonder if the dialogue in the script includes the stupid lisps and accents because if so that just makes things worse.

The narrative is heavily flawed from the start of this 2 hour slow motion car wreck. We spend the first 5 minutes hearing Alice go on about nothing being impossible only for her to go against everything she believes in another 5 minutes later. The whole series of events that take place in this film could have been avoided if Alice had just stood up for what she believed in and wasn't so fast to give up on her beliefs. But the illogical narrative points don't stop there, no sir. When the Queen of hearts takes her sister Mirana to a pretty petty moment in their childhood, what is her plan? To bust in the door, point and shout "LIAR" like a bitchy school girl and in doing so almost ending the world and all of time. Also its kinda pathetic that the explanation of why the Queen of Hearts is such an ass hole is because one day her sister ate the last tart and blamed her for it. Seriously? It's not even an excuse, some people are just born ass holes and the Queen of Hearts is one of them.

BUT WAIT THERE'S MORE, the ending of the film is literally bull*t saves the day as they straight up lost. Everything was consumed by some brown rust like substance and Alice did not return the cronosphere in enough time to restore time back to normality... Roll credits? Nope, have no fear the magical synapse of time will suddenly make a connection to the cronosphere and time is saved hooray for bs. Also if Alice literally let go of the cronosphere before turning to rust then the balance of time would have been restored, so yeah the ending is beyond stupid.

I could go on about the many other aspects of this film that are terrible like the not so great sfx that the film chooses to focus on a lot or how the sfx create an ugly world to look at and yet for some reason the film persists with lingering on it, but I think I've made my point abundantly clear. This is not a good movie plain and simple, about the only thing that's good about this is hearing Alan Rickman's voice and seeing Andrew Scott both of which last for like 2 minutes. Stop trying to make Tim Burton Alice films happen they aren't going to happen, and I hope now that this film has flopped in typical Johnny Depp fashion, most likely due to his wife beating allegations, that this is the last we shall see of Annoying Alice and the ugly Underlandians.
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Three Words: Waste of TIME
jtbunch3 June 2016
This film is a classic example of a studio's desire to make money. The first one did so well, over a billion dollars world wide, that they felt they had to make a sequel. Well, guess what studio! It will take a miracle for this film to make as much as the first one.

Overall the film was terrible. The story was terrible. The acting was terrible. In fact, to me it seemed as if they dumbed down the characters. The characters, including Alice, were not very likable. The best scene in the movie is the opening scene. In this scene Alice is portrayed as smart, daring, brave, and a strong leader. Then she gets to wonderland and she suddenly makes a lot of decisions without really thinking them through and they aren't good.

The special effects. I don't know that I would call the special effects terrible, but they were definitely over done.

Cinematography, not impressed. The occasional close facial shot is nice, but this film has way too many.

In the end, it was a WASTE OF TIME! Not only a waste of my time, but a waste of the studio's time. It took them six years to make this film. They clearly did not use their time wisely. I recommend the studio executives re-watch this film, assuming they have already seen it. Perhaps it will teach them how valuable time is.
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Another Hollywood disaster
mikey187-818-89962030 May 2016
The first movie wasn't great by any stretch of the imagination but this movie was a disaster and I'm shocked how it even received the go ahead to be released.

The story is weak, drawn out and boring , at no point was I excited or even interested throughout the movie , I just wanted it to end.

Another poor performance by depp, who seems to just cash in whenever he can in poor movies with the same performances. He's so annoying in this movie , and this stupid way he talks and the way he moves his mouth is just annoying. He is annoying and so is his character.

Depp isn't the only one though, the acting by every character is poor , Bonham Carter with the same annoying voice and movement she does in pretty much every film she's in, Hathaway just looks lost through the whole movie , no expression what so ever , a blow up doll could have played her character.

It's really really bad , don't waste your time watching this stuff .
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A headache to sit through
KineticSeoul5 November 2016
Warning: Spoilers
The first movie was serviceable but this sequel is just trash. Despite the first Alice movie being mediocre at best, it made a lot of money so here we have a sequel that shouldn't have been made. It ruins even the slightest intrigue the first one had. And gets rid of any magical flare when it comes to the characters. I know when it comes to the message it tries to convey about the importance of time. To choose your own path and make the most of it. But a movie's core message is not enough the carry the movie. Despite the high budget it still comes off as a movie with cheesy CGI and lame scenarios. This sequel tries to delve more into the Wonderland characters and their past but destroys the presence and the charisma they once had. Mad Hatter played by Johnny Depp once again came off super annoying. It just seemed like the whole cast was just there for the paycheck. At least in the first one the characters somewhat had a presence and at least seemed like they were trying. The narrative is just all over the place and came off like a huge mess. Over it being a magical fun time...Kids will be super bored with this one. And the adults will get a headache.

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~ ~ Makes the first one look like Citizen Kane ~ ~
TheOneThatYouWanted26 May 2016
Spoiler-Free Review. Easily the worse movie I've seen this year. The 2010 version of Alice in Wonderland wasn't a great movie but at least is was entertaining and even watchable at times. This on the other hand is complete garbage. The plot plays like a last minute fan-fiction story you'll find on Reddit. The acting is unimpressive and screams of "I'm just making this film because of the paycheck." I went into this movie knowing it wasn't going to be as good as the 2010 film but after almost 15 minutes into the film, I started yawning. At least five people started scrolling on their smartphones about halfway into the film and no one cared, in fact we all understood why. I was tempted to pull out my phone and play around but I hate people who do that during a movie and I didn't want to be one of them. Without giving anything away, the biggest problem with the movie isn't the fact that it is boring. Oh God, it is boring af. But no, that isn't the biggest problem. The biggest problem is that it is just stupid. It is like they made this movie for kids who like watching The Minions movies just because the minions act and do dumb things. This movie must have been a last minute rush job. Anyway. On the bright side, this movie is very forgettable.
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A confused mess with Mommie Dearest
cekadah5 June 2016
The Mad Hatter looked like Faye Dunaway in Mommie Dearest dressed up as Joan Crawford dressed up as Johnny Depp dressed up as the Mad Hatter!? Alice is the Captain of a sailing Frigate!? And could you understand what Sacha Baron Cohen was saying half the time? Even Alice had some indecipherable lines! The Chronosphere, who came up with this wacky idea? I could go on and on about the goofy mess in this movie but it's not worth it.

This movie, this flick, this thing, left me cold and majorly disappointed! I mean really disappointed! Who came up with this plot? To anyone reading this review here's the plot - all the tea party characters are sad because the Mad Hatter has given up on life because 'his family' is missing and presumed dead. (When did the Hatter become Sicilian?) And he has become a recluse. It's up to 'Captain of the frigate' Alice to find them using the Chronosphere she has stolen from mumble mouth Time so she can go back in time to keep Iracebeth's head from swelling because Mirana lied about stealing a cookie and blaming it on Iracebeth and the truth will bring the Mad Hatters family back to him. Now get this - the Hatters family have been living captive in an ant farm!!

The descendants of Lewis Carroll really should take legal action for just putting his name in the credits! This is an awful movie and way too long at almost two hours. The only thing that kept my interest is the lavish photography, costumes, and marvelous graphic effects ....... but those 3 thing do not make a movie.
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Read the book
jonathanandersonstewart8 February 2017
The Book "Through the Looking Glass," like it's predecessor, "Alice's Adventures In Wonderland," is a charming and witty piece of nineteenth century political satire which is based on a chess game (unlike it's predecessor, which is based upon a card game). But like it's predecessor, it works both as satire (for adults) and fantastic adventure (for children).

Both books were written for the Alice Liddle, a young girl at the time and friend of author Lewis Carroll, a childless clergyman and mathematician.

The original Disney animated film combined the books much more accurately and never went so far over the top as to lose the essential spirit of the originals. Even the political satire was still present, though dulled by time and overwhelmed by the magic of animation.

However, this film and it's predecessor concentrate almost exclusively on eye-popping visuals and fantastic everything, losing sight of the political satire altogether. Plus, the absurd shipboard wrapper to the basic story is totally unnecessary and misleading. Apparently, two screenplays were mashed together in an awkward and contrived effort to reinvent the story for today's audiences.

Why? Obviously, to showcase the (admittedly) extraordinary computer graphics and special effects skills Hollywood currently has at its disposal. And give the actors another chance to dress funny, wear weird makeup, and act crazy. The original story is fantastic, agreed, but it is a lot more than that. Both of these new interpretations stop at the fantastic and miss all the rest. Turn the sound off and ignore the naval wrapper, try to forget the original books, and this film can be enjoyed as a visual feast. It might help to get high first. Otherwise, you may wonder if anyone was actually in charge. Maybe everyone was in charge!

You more serious viewers, try watching Disney's animated "Alice In Wonderland" from 1951 and Jim Henson's "Labyrinth."

In the world of traditional art, one basic rule of thumb is "Less Is More." Here, we get, as with so many of today's special effects driven films, "More Is Less."
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A welcomed step back into the looking glass
ccorral4194 June 2016
Director James Bobin (Muppets 2011 & 2014), along with writer Linda Wolverton (Alice... 2010) once again bring color, amazing CGI effects and easy storytelling (although a bit complicated at times) to Lewis Carroll's book. Skirting Depp's current personal affairs, he once again captures the Mad Hatter, this time with more believable reserved flair enabling him to slip easily into his shy yet disturbed character. Successfully sharing the primarily (and believable) green screen set is the wonderfully adverturist Mia Wasikowska "Alice," Helena Bonham Carter as big head Red Queen "Iracebeth," Anne Hathaway as the less then attractive floating princesses "Marana," quirky Sacha Baron Cohen as "Time," Matt Lucas as the lovable Tweedledee / Tweddledum, and the wonderful voices (to name a few) of Timothy Spall, Ed Spellers and the late Alan Rickman. "Alice Through the Looking Glass" isn't rocket science, it's just a good family film filled with colorfully special effects, a familiar storyline and good acting - regardless of what many a film critic are saying. If anything didn't quite fit into the fantasy environment of the film, it was the closing credits song by vocal artists Pink. Where the film places one firmly in a fantasy environment, Pink's song is too current, thus pulling one away from the established dream-state. Regardless, when Awards time rolls around, "Alice..." should fill its glass with recognition.
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In the minority because as many critics fail to see there is a good plot to through the looking glass!
nicolethomas2823 July 2016
First of all I was hesitant to watch through the looking glass partly because of bad reviews but mostly because my favorite director Tim Burton didn't direct this movie. I finally watched through the looking glass and I was pleasantly surprised! Beautiful graphics and visuals and a touching plot about the importance of not taking those you love for granted...and not taking time for granted. This movie shows how we all learn from our pasts and that we cannot and should not want to change the past. It seems a majority of the critics could not put two and two together to understand or appreciate the message this film conveyed. Shame on you critics ... curiouser and curiouser. ..why half of you can't comprehend. Maybe lacking neurons and brain cells ? Wonderful job done by the actors and actresses as well as the director trying to add some spice to a worldly well written classic by respected author Lewis Carroll
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Better than the first, but that's not saying much.
sie_francis824 July 2016
There is a common theory that Lewis Caroll was high on LSD when he made up the story of Alice in Wonderland. A concept that wouldn't be completely misplaced given its lunacy and a particular insinuation of certain consumables affecting Alice and her state of being. The truth of how it became is far more innocent but it doesn't stop people making their own assumptions, much like the reasoning as to why it attracted Tim Burton and Johnny Depp. The 2010 movie was a cocktail of over-cooked CGI and relied heavily on its main ingredient, another haughty creation from Depp who, thanks to his Jack Sparrow fame, wore the mantle of one of the most prominent character actors of our generation. At the time the visuals were considered a revelation, but where they succeeded the script severely lacked and a much loved story was exhaustively drawn out. Muppets Most Wanted director James Bobin takes the helm (or the blame - depending on how you want to look at it) with all of the original cast returning to their roles including; Helena Bonham Carter, Alan Rickman, Stephen Fry and Mia Wasikowska as Alice.

We find Alice at the beginning of the movie as the Captain of a ship which is threatened to be taken away from her unless she gives up her family home, a deal her Mother struck in a bid to avoid financial ruin. Feeling betrayed, Alice makes a run for it and finds a magic portal through a huge glass mirror. It doesn't take long before we're propelled back into Wonderland through a vortex of swirling colours and flashing images. An epileptic nightmare. Alice instantly finds familiarity in the form of Absolem et al before they inform her that the Mad Hatter is dying and the only thing that will save him is if Alice believes that his family are still alive. She then sets upon a mission to go back in time to warn them of the danger that may cause their death - This is the kind of story that seems to be clutching at the proverbial straw but at that definitive moment within the first 15 minutes of the movie, you know exactly what to expect.

What made Alice in Wonderland so appealing was the premise of such memorable characters. Wasikowska seems to slip back into her role with ease, however, she had some practice playing a similar role in Guillermo del Toro's Crimson Peak (2015). It's not to say that she is a one trick pony, but it is difficult to distinguish variety in her performances.

The introduction of (a very reserved) Sacha Baron Cohen as Time and a new antagonist has a promising start and receives the majority of the laughs. Unfortunately his character soon becomes second rate to Helena Bonham Carter's bellowing Red Queen and her painful over- acting begins to grate. Even Johnny Depp's Mad Hatter becomes a pathetic re-imagining as he limps through the movie offering very little performance. Namely, his forced lisp which makes his voice sounds like a creepy, old man that forgot to put his teeth in. The real shame is the misuse of the rest of the original cast who are forced to provide mere cameos in comparison to the lead actors. This is the final performance from Alan Rickman before his untimely death and the only regret is that he is barely given enough screen time to make an impact on the movie at all.

James Bobin does very well to mimic the style of the first movie. The audience are dazzled with so much visually, it appears like a desperate attempt to make up for the distinct lack of story. Alice Through the Looking Glass is a lot more structured (believe it or not) than the first instalment but, once again, it suffers from irritating pacing issues and poor performances from their key actors. On a positive note, thanks to the hypnotic special effects this is an entertaining children's movie and, regardless of the crude insinuations, that is most likely what Lewis Carroll intended it to be when he told it to 10 year old Alice Liddell as they rowed down the Thames. Whether that was the intention of Tim Burton is another thing altogether. But for the adults, this one will send you a little MAD.
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Great graphics and awesome costumes, but a bad portrayal of human nature
DiscoProJoe19 November 2016
Just saw this movie last night. I thoroughly enjoyed the scenery and special effects, and the costumes were spectacular. The plot also had some interesting twists, albeit with some silly ones mixed in with them.

A minor quirk in this film was that I had to turn on the subtitles to understand some of the characters. The Mad Hatter and King of Time, for example, had really thick accents that made their spoken language hard to comprehend.

But the major drawback to this movie was its naive portrayal of human nature that borders on the offensive.

While it is certainly true that "you can't change the past but can learn from it," which is demonstrated vividly throughout the film, the movie unfortunately propagates the misguided notion that you can somehow ***change other people.*** If one tries to do that in the real world, they almost always will be sorely disappointed.

Unrealistic *physics* in movies (and stories) can be thrilling, and a lot of fun. But unrealistic *human nature* in stories, on the other hand, can give people false impressions about life and relationships -- not to mention that it makes it extremely difficult to relate to the characters in the story. Those characters might as well be robots or space aliens.

In this film, the Red Queen is an abusive jerk -- supposedly all because her sister told a small lie to her when they were kids. The movie then tries to show the viewer that if it weren't for this one single childhood incident, then the Red Queen supposedly would've turned out fine. However, it is clear that she *already was* a jerk prior to that incident. And if it hadn't happened, then obviously, *something else* during her childhood would've "set her off" sooner or later, instead.

So, as an adult, the White Queen thinks she can simply *apologize* to her abusive sister for that one incident, and then, the White Queen can finally *trust* her sister again?

That is pure, wishful thinking that has absolutely no basis in reality. With those kinds of people, it's best to *keep one's distance* -- not to suck up to them like a masochistic doormat.

Anyway, the next interesting relationship in this film is the one between Alice and her mom. Her mom isn't abusive like the Red Queen, but simply has a different outlook on life than Alice's. Instead of hoping that her mom would "change," Alice instead could choose to just share in the things they both have in common, and leave the other matters alone. In other words, Alice could still have a good relationship with her mom, but a ***less close one*** than they might have wished for. Alice could still pursue her dreams while paying an occasional visit to her mom.

Lastly, I'd like to examine the Mad Hatter's comment that "you only get one" family in life.

This is just plain false.

What about all the people who grew up in an abusive family -- who fled when they were teenagers, and later developed a close family relationship with a close friend's family, or with that of a future spouse? One of the main reasons I loved Avatar, and Tim Burton's 2010 version of Alice in Wonderland, is because of the inspirational theme of "flying away and finding one's place" in the world where you can be happy.

This theme was sorely missing from the 2016 version of Alice Through the Looking Glass.

All in all, this was a fun movie, but with a confusing and lackluster message.
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"The film it's not tasty but instead bland or insipid"
SeanVincent31 May 2016
After the disappointing we X-Men Apocalypse comes a horrible film called Alice:Just Give Us Your Money,We Are Running Out of Ideas Movie,that came out the same day and boy it was another boring movie.

The film it's not tasty but instead bland or insipid,that's what I felt watching the film.The whole film was a wasted potential with good visual effects but suffered from a plot that is not worthy of it.Characters are underdeveloped and bland, It has nothing special to give to the audience but give us another unnecessary sequel.It lacks so many things that it film wanted to be like excitement,enjoyment and a fun to it but gives us a dull boring one with wasted potentials and an annoying and uninteresting characters.The film is just soulless and lackluster.
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You Must Have An Imagination To Watch This.
QueerVamp2026 July 2016
I love Alice in Wonderland - In fact I love most fairy tale/fantasy movies. With the first Tim Burton Alice movie I wasn't disappointed, but the story took me by surprise. The same goes for this movie. But the surprise for me was that I really enjoyed this movie. I wasn't sure what to expect, so I went in not expecting much - and though the story line was a little bland - It was nice to see what became of Alice - Also in this movie, you learn things about people you didn't know. Such as the White and Red Queen's childhood. Take a step through the looking glass and follow Alice through an adventure to save The Mad Hatter's family - In a race to turn back time, Alice goes on another adventure and learns some things that cannot change the past, but can change the present.
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Loved IT!
MaggiDot10 July 2016
The CGI is amazing and the story brilliant. You get a bit more information about different characters and their background but there is also a message behind the story. It's the message that makes this movie special. Something you can relate to, especially if you have been through some rough times and time hasn't always been on your side. The music in the first movie was great and so was the music in this movie, really makes a movie more enjoyable if it has good music.

I really really liked it, beautifully made and great story. It is an odd movie but what else would you expect? Just the right amount of action, story and humour for me :)

Rest in peace Alan Rickman, Absolem.
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Alice through the looking bore...
Rooster-Reviews30 May 2016
Alice Through the Looking Glass is the second attempt by Disney Studios to deliver a live action take on the classic tale. Unfortunately, no improvement or effort has been made over the last 6 years to make a compelling story or plot with compelling characters. This time we see Alice return to Wonderland or "Underland" to save the Hatter by going back in time to significant events in Wonderland's past. The biggest positive I can give about this film are the scenes in the real world. These beginning scenes gave Alice some needed depth. I thought the costumes were excellently done and the CGI scenery for the most part was pretty to look at. I also mildly enjoyed the character of Time, played by Sasha Baron Cohen, who by far was the most interesting character and had the best lines in the entire movie. Now for the negatives. There is not a single scene in this entire movie that I felt had any depth or substance. It was just Alice jumping from one scene to the next. The acting was flat and the CGI characters looked liked a cartoon. This made the film very disjointed, uninteresting, and felt like the screenwriter was improvising every scene and just finally gave up. I recommend you waste two hours watching this mess of a film and instead read the original Lewis Carroll book. You can thank me later. D+/four out of ten stars. -Rooster Reviews
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Thoroughly Enjoyable
Matthewtcirello23 June 2016
Warning: Spoilers
If you were a fan of the first one, I believe you will find some enjoyment in this movie. It had the same feel of the first one, but went in a different direction than the first. "Wonderland" was more or less a reboot to introduce the characters and setting to a fresh audience, while "Looking Glass" explored more of the history of the characters and did a bit of expanding on some of the characters (e.g., The Mad Hatter, The Red Queen, and The White Queen). Alice travels back through Time (yes, time is a proper noun because Time is a person) to save The Mad Hatter's family, and in the process, she discovers more and more about the history of the characters listed before. I believe it was a very interesting way to follow the Alice in Wonderland that came out a few years ago.
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