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  • Oliver's heavy-handed approach to getting information from his mother backfires and she manages to shoot him in the shoulder. He turns to Felicity Smoak for help getting back to his hideaway. She and Digg do their best to nurse him back to health. Flashbacks to Oliver's time on the island reveals an early attempt to escape. Oliver's loyalties however prevent him from taking advantage of the situation. The reason for Yao Fei's betrayal is revealed.

  • Waving Diggs' obvious warning that Moira may be among the fiends, Oliver let his guard down long enough for her to grab a gun and wound the Arrow gravely. IT whiz girl Felicity Smoak helps him reach the club and repair the faulty defibrillator so Diggs can save Oliver. Extensive flashbacks cover how betrayed mercenary Slade Wilson took combat-green Oliver under his wings, crash-training him to help take on Quentin Lance and traitor Edward Fyers's ruthless crack troops and still spare Yao Fei, yet miss the only supply flight in three months they counted on to escape.


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  • Picking up where the previous episode left off, Arrow has just crashed into Moira's office. He asks about Walter's disappearance. She eventually pulls out a gun and gets off several shots. At least one seems to hit Arrow, who leaves behind a blood stain.

    In the building parking garage, Felicity starts her car and finds Queen waiting for her. He asks her to take him to his hideout. Digs begins to work on Queen with her help.

    We flashback to Wilson on the island training Queen in hand to hand combat. Queen is struggling. Later Wilson shows him a map of the island. The airstrip is heavily guarded, but the biggest issue is a guard tower with bulletproof glass. It will Queen's job to take out the sniper. The next day Queen ends up stepping on a mine. Just as they're discussing whether Wilson can disarm it, several soldiers head towards them. Wilson leaves him and Queen pretends to be one of the soldiers. Wilson returns and takes out the soldiers, placing one of them on top of the mine so Queen can escape.

    Elsewhere on the island Fyers asks Fei to help him train some new arrivals.

    That night Queen tells Wilson about Laurel and his infidelity. Wilson says the man who tortured him used be his partner. His name was Billy and he was the godfather to Wilson's son. Regardless, Billy turned his back on him in favor of Fyers.

    Queen and Wilson arrive at the airstrip.

    Back in present day Digs stitches up Queen. He seems to think Queen will be okay. She tells him she suspected all along that Queen was Arrow.

    Back to the flashback: As Wilson takes out guards Queen makes his way to the tower. The guard gets the jump on Queen and has him at gunpoint.

    In present day Queen begins to take a turn for the worse. Digs has to shock him back to life.

    Wilson shows up at the last minute to save Queen before the guard can make a phone call. Queen's job is to stay in the tower and not let anybody inside. After Wilson leaves Queen picks up the phone and places a call to Laurel. He hears her voice a few times but cannot say anything. Just then, Wilson appears and smashes the phone in case it is being monitored. Queen is able to help them with a phone verification code. Wilson tells Queen he'll be ordering an air strike. Queen says he's tired of thinking only of himself and refuses to let Fei die. Wilson gives him three hours to return or he'll leave without him.

    Digs tells Felicity about having to protect a warlord when he was in the military. In an ensuing firefight he ended up killing a teenager.

    Back on the island Queen finds Fei in a tent and tells him they have a way off the island. Fei won't leave, saying the reason is a "who." Fyers walks in and Fei knocks Queen out.

    We see Wilson tell the plane it is clear to land.

    Fyers tries to figure out why Queen would return. Queen asks whether he'll be fighting Fei again and is told he is to be executed. Billy starts beating Queen, who tells the hooded man he knows who he used to be. At this point arrives and gets into a fight with Billy. Wilson kills his former friend, but moments later is shot by Fyers. Queen helps the two escape just as the plane leaves.

    Back at Wilson's hideout they talk about the next step. Wilson thinks Queen has progressed and they might have a chance of surviving.

    Fyers speaks with his boss over a phone and assures him the complications won't be a problem. Fei walks up and is told he has five minutes. We see that his daughter has been captured. She is the reason he's been loyal to Fyers.

    In present day Queen wakes up. Using some new computers she's brought in Felicity manages to hack the police crime lab and order Queen's blood sample destroyed. She isn't going to join them, per say, but wants to help find Walter. She leaves for the bathroom and Digs says he's worried about being able to protect Felicity. On top of all that, Digs says that he's still not sure what Moira is hiding or how much she's involved with the book with the names. Queen (still in denial that his own mother is involved in the dissapearance of Walter as well as the book with names and the sabotage of his father's yacht) makes it clear that his mother is off limits, at least until they learn more.

    Queen returns home and is informed by Detective Lance and his family that his mother was attacked by the vigilante. After Lance leaves, Queen embraces Moria and assures her that the vigilante will never come after her again.

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