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Don't bother - this review had more budget and suspense
ron-744-5219397 September 2018
Where do I start... ? Bad acting, stupid plot-twists... it just sucked from start to end. Low budget is no excuse! This is clearly an attempt to lure actors to a studio so producers could molest them, and then release this piece of crap to hide the fact.. Do not waste your money on this.
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Astonishingly awful.
krs-827 August 2018
Warning: Spoilers
Nothing about this farce is worthy of even one star. It was a toxic mix of technical stupidity, ridiculous improbability, uninspired writing and the worst 'acting' I have ever seen. I almost had a coronary infarction when this one moron seemed to climb out on the wing (at 200+ mph) to chop off an engine...with a small hatchet. This abortion was apparently, judging from the credits, made somewhere in the Balkans, even though the HB tail number of the plane belongs to Switzerland. If that other reviewer who claimed to be an airline pilot really is one, I hope to hell nobody I care for ever rides with him.
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I hope this was supposed to be a comedy
emrldgarden-2592022 July 2018
You do not develop an infection from a gunshot wound within 5 minutes of being shot. You do not immediately pass out when you don't have access to insulin when you are a diabetic. WHO WROTE THIS SCRIPT??? You could at least google a medical condition before you insert it into your plot. This movie is hilariously terrible.
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A Stinker
bshaef3 August 2018
Anyone who gave this more than 3 stars has to be associated with making the movie. The physics are wrong, the actiing is amateurish and the story is moronic. Whoever buys movies for SHO must be related to whoever greenlighted this. Come on SHO you can do better than this with one hand tied behind your back.
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Science Fantasy film so no accuracy at all plus LAME acting
allisonglass12345625 July 2018
Warning: Spoilers
NO fact checking was done by any writers so anyone with any tech knowledge of planes and scientific knowledge of nuclear explosions will be aggravated they wasted ANY time watching this film!

See jaapeelman's review too. Any person with an ounce of intelligence knows 1 engine has to work harder after the 2nd is lost b/c the lack of thrust from the failed engine!


They can't land b/c the air is so hot outside near Chicago.

Later they open the airplane door at LOW altitude and see "snow" which they realize is ash.

They fly maybe 300 feet above burning land and bison in Monument Valley Utah about 400 miles south of SLC.

A father calls and says get away from the contamination by staying sky-bound to save yourselves!

They cut an engine off with a small hand axe/ hatchet to reduce weight to make it further to Hawaii!

First off they ARE contaminated by flying in the nuclear airspace even before the door was opened at such low altitude & below explains why- From a 2009 issue of The Economist: "Typically an airline will strike a balance by using a 50:50 mixture of FRESH and recirculated air," says the magazine. "Although pilots can reduce the amount of fresh air to save fuel. Some are thought to cut it back to only 20 percent." The air circulates until eventually it is drawn into the lower fuselage, where about half of it is vented overboard-sucked out by the pressurization outflow valve. The remaining portion is remixed with a fresh supply from the engines and run through filters, and the cycle begins again.

They opened the door so all the air and ash comes into the plane which again contaminates them since they saw ground nuclear explosions and flew over major cities that were hit and below explains- Fallout is the RADIOACTIVE particles that fall to earth as a result of a nuclear explosion. It consists of weapon debris, fission products, and, in the case of a ground burst, radiated soil. Much of this material falls directly back down close to ground zero within several minutes after the explosion, but some travels high into the atmosphere. This material will be dispersed over the earth during the following hours, days (and) months. A nuclear explosion occurring at or near the earth's surface can result in severe contamination by the radioactive fallout.

The plane slams into the water head first but everyone gets out even though they threw out ALL the passenger seats which had all the seat belts. They would of been slammed around and the force of impact would of killed everyone except possibly the pilot and person in co-pilot seat.

If you like movies with zero ounce of possibility or truth & really bad acting then watch it.
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The height of stupidity!
admin-540728 September 2018
Seriously stupid movie, poor acting and completely goofy scenario's. OMG painful...
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Poooooor acting
mircea_ro20048 September 2018
The acting is so bad, that i have no words. Such a waste of time. This movie should not exist!
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What in the Skies did I just watch?
highpitchedpirates22 August 2018
Warning: Spoilers
I've watched a lot of awful films over the years but this is quite honestly one of the worst I've suffered through. The acting is atrocious, the dialogue is childish and cheesy and the technical aspects are ridiculous. It's quite a bummer really because this could have had potential.

I also couldn't get past the random changes in accent from the two girls in particular, in some scenes they had an American accent, others it was English.

I laughed at most of the scenes which I assumed were supposed to be taken seriously, like the scene where they are discussing the death of Matt, apparently he was brave for climbing out of the door to chop the engine off with an axe, even as I type that, I find myself laughing.

The ending is just as insane and now I hate myself for continuing to watch past the first 10 minutes.

Avoid at all costs. There are far superior movies to waste your time on.
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Script failure
johndavella-9064517 August 2018
The photography is not bad, the acting could be better, but the script is a disaster. I'm sorry, I am a pilot and this script is so stupid, we had to just forward to the end and move on. The person who wrote it is not a pilot. At first, we thought it might be college level but decided not. oh well, turn the sound off and enjoy the scenery.
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What the heck?
wilky-4407812 September 2018
After about five minutes, I thought this movie was a comedy, like say Airplane. The acting was horrible, the story was absurd and the script was terrible. I've seen bad, third rate movies before, but this one was terrible. It was such a disaster, I saw it all the way through just to see if they all crash and die. I kick myself for that much.
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Even turning my brain off couldn't save this one.
talkme201111 August 2018
Warning: Spoilers
Is there ANYONE in the entertainment industry who DIDN'T sleep through every high school science class he or she ever took? I've seen movies that violate the laws of physics like Harvey Weinstein violates aspiring actresses. "Crack in the World" comes to mind, as does "The Core", the latter being probably the worst offender ever put on film. This movie doesn't quite sink to the depths of the Earth like "The Core" (which is why I didn't give it a 1 rating), but budget-dollar-for-budget-dollar it's definitely in the same league. I couldn't spot a single instance of scientific accuracy, physical, medical, aeronautical or otherwise, in the entire movie.

I wanted to like this movie. I really did. I figured I'd just turn my brain off and enjoy. The acting was bad but tolerable--at first. I was hoping for a good reason why an airplane would be unable to land while flying all the way across the country. Well, as soon as I saw a WATER FOUNTAIN inside an aircraft-and operating during take-off!--I knew that this movie was going to be a disaster, rather than being a disaster movie. Air temperature soaring on approach to Chicago, with no preceding shockwave or any other phenomenon associated with some kind of explosive event, and over a huge area for an extended time? Venting cabin air in-flight (and venting to get rid of some alleged hallucinogen that affects everyone with EXACTLY the same hallucination!)? A diabetic somehow dying within minutes of losing his pill supply (not even insulin)? Chopping off an operational engine with a hand axe?!?!? On and on and on it went, all the way to the final scene. Which I thought was going to mimic "Lost". At least they didn't go that route. (The actual explanation of what happened made a certain amount of sense IMHO.) And others have discussed the unlikely, not to mention unlikeable, characters.

You could almost-ALMOST-view this as a comedy, especially if you are a fan of "Animal House". The older brother's rah-rah-let's-do-it! speech was so reminiscent of Bluto's pep talk to the Delts that I expected him to refer to the Germans bombing Pearl Harbor. This movie may have been better off if he had. It may also have been better off if it had been dropped into Pearl Harbor itself before fooling a single viewer into consuming 80 minutes of his or her life watching it.

The only reason I can think of to watch this movie is to test yourself on how much scientific foolishness you can identify in a single viewing. Otherwise, you're better off watching "Plan 9 from Outer Space" or "Attack of the Killer Tomatoes".
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Unbelievable aviation-nonsense and a wasted 80 minutes
jaapeelman12 January 2018
Warning: Spoilers
I watched this movie mainly because a guy named "Tuckerworld" wrote a IMDB-review stating that he was a professional pilot for 15 years and that the loved the aircraft-stuff because it was all so accurate. Well, this Tuckerworld was probably an airline-pilot in his dreams because there is nothing accurate in this movie. I have been a professional flight-engineer for 20 years and a pilot for 23 years now and belive me: evrything in this movie is nonsense. For instance: the cabin seems as big as that of a 747, nobody sits in the cockpit when on autopilot, the endurance of the aircraft is unbelievable, changing the air in the cabin is an ongoing process, when the air pressure is gone there is no oxygen but none of the people on board show any sign of hypoxia, the engine is mounted to the airframe with bolts so using an ax to detach it is impossible, flying on one engine takes more fuel than flying on two engines, when the other engine flames-out the aircraft seems to have no gliding-capability which however miracously returns when close to the water, they all survive the crash-landing although in the cockpit nobody wears a seat-belt and nobody was able to open an exit after the ditching and so on. Dear Tuckerworld: you are not a pilot but an asshole and you know absolutely nothing about aviation and I suspect you are somehow connected to the production-team of this movie. The story and rest of the movie, which is not aviation-related, is identical nonsense and I simply refer for comment on that to the other reviews lower than a six. Stay away from this movie and the only positive thing was that it lasted only some 80 minutes but still a completely wasted 80 minutes!
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There was not rate "0" to choose.The most idiotic movie EVER
nikosax7 September 2018
I watched a bad movies but this one is the TOP BAD movie ever... Bas actors, Bad acting, Bad scene, Poor story. I can not belive that any one can make such a BAD movie. I think that the director must first watch a couple of movies and then try to make a movie. I was feeling a shamed while a was watching this movie. I wonder how the movie premier went.
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Absolutely Moronic
vcutty15 August 2018
Anyone entertained by this film is a vacuous moron. The only bigger imbeciles are those who invested their money in its production and distribution. The irony is the plot is a disaster against humanity. The disaster is real, people, only it's not a nuclear holocaust, it is this epic plane crash of a film (pun intended). I look forward to seeing the actors in their future endeavors, though; they all show such promise for careers in fast food commercials!!
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Grab a barf bag
heliocentricnonsense31 August 2018
Wow, this was a real stinker. I would rather watch mold grow behind a refrigerator than be tortured with another movie as crappy as this one. How it got any decent reviews is beyond my imagination. Where is the minus button? I give it a -10. Peeyeww.
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Ridiculous plot and horrible acting
lm-430836 September 2018
Warning: Spoilers
Skybound could possibly be the most ridiculous plot ever foisted upon a viewer. Forget suspension of disbelief. Watching this movie without constant eye rolling requires suspension of all logic and reason.

spolier alerts (or time wasting avoiders):

Here's a quick list of the top nonsense you're expected to swallow:

  • stowaway hiding below deck in a small business jet
  • bullet shot to the stomach with the bullet just under the skin
  • infection resolved immediately after removing the bullet
  • cauterizing the bullet wound make everything better and fine
  • diabetic coma happens immediately after insulin is flushed down the toilet
  • two people standing and talking, behind the pilots, in the cockpit of a small business jet
  • A small business jet having the fuel to fly across the United States and then on to Hawaii

Oh . . . wait . . . here's the biggest crap you'll have to overlook:

  • hanging outside the aircraft flying at 160 knots cutting the "extra" engine off the plane
  • the plane crashing into the water short of Hawaii with everyone washing up on shore and surviving!!!
  • flying near a nuclear explosion and high temps without damage

And . . . if you manage to believe any or all of the dozens of ridiculous plot lines, you'll have to make it past some of the worst acting ever forced upon a viewer.

Don't waste your time. Pass this one up. Use your imagination. Anyone can dream up something more interesting and realistic than this drivel. This "high school project" of a movie isn't worth it.
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Very bad
Dave_douell8 April 2018
I expected this movie to be bad before watching and it really lived up to my expectations and then some. The acting was horrible from the beginning. It looked and sounded fake. The science was totally unbelievable. I rarely say anything bad about a movie because I can usually find some redeeming quality, but not this one. Don't waste your time!!
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Not even worth trying to fall asleep to.
jfelder1316 April 2018
This is quite possibly the worst movie ever made. The acting is so overdone that even soap stars will say that it is bad. The medical info is as if a 3 year old was playing with her dolls and making up illnesses and interventions. The flight physics seem like they are from Pre-DaVinci times. There is not much else I can say without spoiling it for anyone that really needs some time to waste. There were obviously no technical advisors for any aspect of this "film." If it weren't for the low grade special effects, I would have to say this was made by someone in high school with the money he made over the summer mowing lawns. Once again, IT IS BAD!!!!!
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The Jet Looks Great
sashayever5 September 2018
Everything else sucks. This is a childish movie with some good/some bad actors, story is without a premise. No rating on IMDB can be trusted these days so here is the warning.
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With the right budget... who knows?
jitendra-mahim17 August 2018
The plot was great and could have been great but for the poor fx and poorer acting esp. the guy playing Odin. A big production house would have done proper justice... but still some originality in plot hence the three stars...
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Great Odin's raven, this was terrible.
kathyhai28 December 2018
This is like a group of kids made this for a middle school project. It would be great to watch with friends and make fun of.
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"2012" meets "Speed"
mail-557-36213618 August 2017
You can't slow down and land because the ground is...gone!! The feeling of this film reminded me a lot of 1994's „Speed" starring Keanu Reeves and Sandra Bullock, and also „Open Water" from 2003. On the other hand, the disaster element added a flavor of films like „Independence Day" or „2012". Great (Hans-Zimmer-like) soundtrack, too.
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Weak plot & sub par story
gamefreak54816 November 2017
Warning: Spoilers
Here comes stereotypes: selfish show-boii black dude thinking only about himself when stuff goes south, a blond with the brain capacity of a peanut, dramatic 'still in love with someone else' prude girl, white rich boii pretending to be kind and understanding because he trying get into them pants, quiet pretend to be cool and mysterious brother of rich boii. Within the first 10 minutes of the movie you figure out pretty fast who's playing which role.

The set up is pretty short and weak. The viewer gets thrown into the main plot of the movie pretty much from the start. Minimal exposition; almost no backstory. The setting is interesting but gets overshadowed by the horrible dialogue and acting. I had to watch an episode of 'keeping up with the Kardashians' to make my IQ drop into the single digits in order to keep watching this movie to the end.

The movie suffers from all the old clichés: love triangle, cell phones suddenly not working - cellphones suddenly working but low battery (seriously, does anyone actually charge their batteries before going on a trip?), then there are the ridiculous deus Ex-Machina plot twists in order to create tension and/or advance the plot that makes your eyes roll like a slot machine because of the sheer laziness of the script writing.

The end of the movie was so bad I was fiercely wishing to get my 1.5 hour of wasted time back. You crashed into the sea a few miles of Hawaii but none of your clothes and hair are wet and you all magically floated out of the airplane wreck onto the beach, at the same exact place only few meters apart from each other? Like seriously, no one was injured during the crash, no one drowned? Like what..Poseidon from justice league left the set during his break to come save your asses and drag you to shore?
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Bad movie
michaelfun695 September 2017
Warning: Spoilers
This is a terrible movie. Acting is terrible. It's like a school project. People walking freely on plane with the door open????? Bullet wound recovered so fast???? This show is a joke. Is this made for television? I seen lots of trashy movies and this is the worst of all. The 2 white actors have done better shows. The ladies acting are worthless to even mention.
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Jet interior looks amazing!!!!!
t_imdb-783-9662518 August 2017
Nice twist to view the end of the world from up in the skies in a super expensive private jet. Watching this film felt like attending a glamorous event and an apocalyptic disaster at the same time. This „dinner party of terror" scenario reminded me of films like Tarantino's „Hateful Eight" or Hitchcock's „Rope". However, the film combines it's classic thriller elements („whodunit") with some very decently shot action. Plus quite a bit of humour and romance.
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