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Season 2

1 Apr. 2017
Kemono no Kyojin
Coupled with the military's cover-up of a previous incident, the shocking discovery inside the wall causes a stir. Elsewhere, while the new Scout recruits are held for observation, a surprising threat appears.
8 Apr. 2017
After the titans appear inside Wall Rose, Eren, Mikasa and Levi head to help the recruits from the 104th Cadet Corps who are scattered across the land to warn the people. Sasha returns to her hometown to safeguard it and comes face to face with her past.
15 Apr. 2017
Nansei e
After evacuating nearby villages, the Scouts begin to search for the hole in Wall Rose. After searching for hours in the night, they seek shelter at a castle ruins. Meanwhile, Eren and the others arrive at Ehrmich District. As they prepare to enter Wall Rose territory, Pastor Nick informs the group of someone who may be able to provide them with the answers they seek.
22 Apr. 2017
When the Scouts are overwhelmed by the Titan assault on the castle, the unarmed recruits' hope for survival may lie in a promise and secret.
29 Apr. 2017
Utgard Castle comes crumbling down as Ymir desperately battles the Titans. Now, Christa must fulfill the promise they made long ago during winter training.
6 May 2017
Following the battle, the Scouts regroup atop the wall only to find more questions than answers. Before they leave for Trost to get medical attention, Reiner must fulfill what he came to do.
13 May 2017
Da Tou Kyou
With a new enemy revealed, Eren and the Scouts fight back using all the techniques at their disposal. However, the Armored and Colossal Titan have other plans in mind.
20 May 2017
Ou Mono
Without a way to pursue the Titans, the Scouts have no choice but to recuperate as they wait for reinforcements. But do they still have faith in Eren?
27 May 2017
The Scouts rally and charge in pursuit, but Reiner is not quite himself while the group is trapped in the giant forest until nightfall.
3 Jun. 2017
The Scouts arrive inside the forest while Reiner, Bertholdt and their captives start to move away. Ymir's past is revealed.
10 Jun. 2017
While the recruits attempt to reason with Bertholdt, Commander Erwin charges forth in a desperate strategy to topple the Armored Titan.
17 Jun. 2017
Eren encounters the very Titan that devoured his mother. Unable to move his body, Hannes steps in to protect him. Not knowing what to brandish their swords against, the Scouts battle on.

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