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True to its title & destined for landfill.
TheSquiss2 May 2014
Warning: Spoilers
Purportedly based on truth, Plastic has the feel of an urban myth with a great many liberties taken with the legend. But why let the truth get in the way of a good film? Ah…

Plastic sees co-writer and director Julian Gilbey reteam with his star of A Lonely Place to Die, Ed Speelers, as Sam, the leader of a quartet of petty criminals. Paying university fees and making life a little easier with credit card fraud, they rip off the wrong guy. Not only is Marcel (Thomas Kreschmann) the wrong guy, he's also a far bigger criminal than Sam et al, he's not averse to extreme violence and he wants an apology in the form of £2m within two weeks. With their lives at stake Sam's gang plans an audacious diamond heist.

Plastic is a good idea badly executed and true to its title. Everybody tries too hard. Gilbey clearly has his eye on the teenage boy market and ensures that the first twenty minutes contains all the ingredients to excite them: nudity, drugs, fast cars, obscenities, violence. Ho hum. There is no let up, no consideration for subtlety and the score is the audio equivalent of a large, flashing, neon sign that declares "Feel something… NOW!"

Kreschmann (Open Grave, Valkyrie) aside, the performances largely range from weak and obvious to Made in Chelsea reject. Emma Rigby is particularly fascinating for her inability to harness the impression of believability. As for Will Poulter (Son of Rambow, We're the Millers), it's not a bad performance as Fordy, just an unfortunate choice of film.

Plastic is a clumsily directed, stilted and dull attempt to combine the Englishness of Lock Stock and Two Smoking Barrels with the glitz of Now You See Me but fails to come close to either. The final shoot out is presumably an homage to numerous, better crime films but is so protracted, obvious and badly edited that it is little more than a half-assed rip-off.

Some kinds of plastic cannot be recycled. Some are doomed to become landfill.

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Quite dumb movie that can entertain
idontdodrugs11 September 2014
I went into this movie without much preknowledge about it. A bunch of college students cover their student loans by doing scams with credit cards. One day they trick the wrong person and a crime boss urges them to pay their debt of 2 million dollars in 2 weeks. That is the basic setup from where the film draws its suspense and interest. I have to say it kind of fails to deliver, though.

The beginning does a good job of filling in the characters and is enjoyable. The characters seem to follow the typical role prototypes. Camera direction is competent, there are very beautiful shots, and the few action scenes are not bad. On a side note, Emma Rigby looks gorgeous in here, although she has a very barbie-like vibe going on. The thought crossed my mind that the movie title actually fit her best...

The actual heist they are planning is a lackluster. In the end, you realize that it is actually dumb, and there are some major plot holes involved. There are moment where you scratch your head wondering how dumb the characters act.

There are tons of alternatives with better script, story and acting. Nevertheless, if you are in the mood for a lightly fun little heist movie, you may watch it. You won't miss something, though.
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Mildly enjoyable caper thriller
neil-4761 May 2014
Warning: Spoilers
Four young London men, seeing their future limited by poor job prospects, develop a cottage industry of cloning credit cards. When two of them extend their activity to stealing a briefcase from the accountant of a rather unsavoury gangster, the four of them find that they have inadvertently incurred a rather large debt which carries with it the promise of severe physical retribution. Their only hope is to recruit a young woman who works for a credit card company and go for the cards of big spenders. In Miami.

The character dynamics in this tale (allegedly based on a true story) contain no surprises - we have the hero-type, his decent back-up guy, the dozy one, and the unreliable and somewhat duplicitous one. But the plot roams all over the place, and you are never quite sure how it is going to end up. The young cast does quite well.

I quite enjoyed it, although I think some aspects of the story don't bear very close examination, and I can imagine that there are those who will be annoyed by it. There is a lot of swearing and a bit of nudity and drug taking. Oh, and of course there is a fair amount of violence and crime.
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Into the Recycling Bin
CelluloidDog12 January 2015
Reel Score: 4.3-4.6/10

Not really a bad film but the reviews here are 5.9/10 which must be a joke. So giving a 4/10 lowers it. But on a given day, I could even give it a 5/10 which is still below average (5-6) for me. Given it's a film from UK, that's not good news since there are plenty of solid films coming from the British Isles lately.

It's hard to find something really likable about this film other than Frankie played by Emma Rigby. Alfie Allen who plays Yatesey is a bright spot. The extra nuts in the private jet was actually a bit funny, but there wasn't much to laugh about for the entire film except laughing at it. The film claims to be base on a real story but it's about 95% fictionalized except for the car crash taken from Graff Diamonds Robbery which was UK's largest in 2009.

Other from that, there are no justified claims of reality. Acting is average, script is weak. We are supposed to believe a group of young men who can barely grow facial hair are responsible for raking in cash from a sophisticated fraud ring before trying to pull off a major heist. It's rather simplistic, aiming at a young audience. Speed, sex, violence are all part of the unoriginal formula. It's like a teenage horror film meets Ocean's Eleven.

There are dozens of better capers and this film doesn't fall among them. Still, it's passable if you have nothing better to do as it's not horrible, but it does fall short.
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The film title says it all ....
peterp-450-29871611 January 2015
"How it started shouldn't matter. How things end, that's what's important."

"Plastic". You could call it a sort of "Ocean's Eleven" with some whippersnappers. Apparently it's based on true facts again. Yet it all seems pretty unlikely that a few pubescent boys can set up such a sophisticated system to commit fraud, involving extortion, hacking and setting up an ingenious plan with among other things a private jet and some cheap hired hostesses. There could be some truth in it but most likely the complete story is filled with exaggerated rumors and unverifiable facts so that the whole becomes a grotesque myth. Throw together a bunch of flashy-looking teenagers who resemble the cast of the "Beverly Hills 90210" series (except that the 90210 gang didn't commit credit fraud since their mommies and daddies had sufficient cash), a portion of forced humor, some terrible renditions with embarrassing dialogs, some minimal action and a childish "Mission Impossible" scenario, and you have a perfect summary of "Plastic".

The four "Robin Hood" -like youngsters, who enjoy being crooks besides their student life, are Sam (Ed Speleers), Fordy (Will Poulter), Yatesey (Alfie Allen) and Rafa (Dabastian De Souza). Sam is the founder of the group and the one with the biggest brains. Fordy is the co-founder of the enterprise and is a genius when it comes to computers and hacking someones mailbox.

Yatesey is the most unsympathetic member who actually causes trouble constantly. You'll probably start hating him from the outset which is mostly required in these kind of films. And Rafa is the schmuck of the gang who constantly goes about looking dazed and apparently has no idea what's going on. His task is limited in the beginning to copying credit cards at some gas station (later his role is of considerably greater importance). However, it goes wrong when they con a mendacious and dangerous Polish gangster and they are compelled to come up with a considerable sum of money in a short term. After this, the story becomes incredibly unlikely.

With none of the characters I had an affinity. The start was far from bad and it even appeared to become fascinating. The only thing I wondered in the beginning was whether these rascals had any relatives, what motivated them to lead this life of crime and how the hell could they keep clear of the authorities after seeing the pile of stolen credit cards. As the film progressed their interactions with each other and the way they communicated, became terribly innervating. The accumulation of clichés, coincidences and the used archetypes was a bit too much. The stunningly Frankie (Emma Rigby), who works at a credit card company of course, is required material to bring the beauty ideal to a higher level. It's evident she appears, during their stay in Miami, in a super sexy swimsuit that leaves nothing to the imagination. The moment she strolls along the beach together with the four rascals, I got spontaneous flashbacks of "Baywatch". The fierce gangsters are a cliché image of the Eastern European gangster : the well known dialect, total indifference when it comes to liquidations and an example of total stupidity during the real confrontation.

When the big scam began, it became downright ridiculous. The outcome was extremely predictable. And the denouement with the most laughable shootout ever seen, was too ridiculous for words. At that time, I was categorically sure you should take that "based on a true story" expression with a huge grain of salt. Was there anything positive about this movie ? Yes there was ! The interpretation by Graham McTavish as the arrogant jeweler and smarty-pants (and again it's unlikely someone would take such a decision) was entertaining. And I appreciate Will Poulter ("We're the Millers" and "The Maze Runner") more and more as an actor. But in the end I thought it was just an artificial product: a plastic film, as it were ....

More reviews here :
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Worth a watch at least once
thrillerrayne15 October 2014
This was a quite enjoyable movie that i really didn't expect myself being entertained by. The plot seemed simple and the idea of 4 college student having such a scam that really no one has caught on sounds far-fetched. But i was willing to bite since the acting was great and the atmosphere was very stunning. Whenever i pull back from the movie thinking it's dumb they pull me back in with realistic dialogue and inventive action. I might watch it again to have better review but seeing this for the first time it's a fun time and i totally recommend this to anybody that just wants to watch an entertaining flick. But recommend the film even more to those who are gonna watch it with friends. You'll love it even more. Bust out the candy and microwave those popcorn packets. You're totally in for an amazing night.

7/10(i would give it an 8 only if the movie was just 10 minutes less, if i could i'd give it an extra 0.5)
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ksf-25 December 2015
Sometimes hard to understand what the heck they are saying, especially near the beginning. Not sure if its the Brit accent or that thy are speaking SO FAST. The story is pretty typical. Some local small time thugs are running schemes to make extra cash, but this time they rob the wrong guy; he's a big time crime boss, and demands a HUGE sum to go away. Actors Ed Speleers, Will Poulter, Alfie Allen, and Sebastian DeSousa have to come up with a way to raise money fast. They enlist the help of "Frankie" (Emma Rigby) and they are off to Miami to find some big fish to fleece. This film is all about using hot credit cards they have lifted, and it seems to me that the credit card companies would have shut off the cards quicker than they do in our story. But... I guess one has to buy into the plot. or not. It's not bad. Not a lot of chemistry between the actors. Lots of topless females and cussing. All kinds of bloody, violent shootings. Some humor, but not much. The story overall is pretty good. Directed by Julian Gilbey. Not a bad way to spend an hour and a half.
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Prismark103 November 2019
Plastic is a heist movie with such obnoxious characters. You actually root for the heavies to give these young men their comeuppance.

Four British university students. Sam (Ed Speleers) Fordy (Will Poulter) Yatesey (Alfie Allen) and Rafa (Sebastian De Souza) scam dirty rich old men by camcording them having sex and taking their credit card details which they go on a spending spree with.

However one victim was an accountant working for a gangster called Marcel (Thomas Kretschmann) who does not take kindly being hit by them. In order to live the boys must pay interest to Marcel in weekly installments of £250,000 with their credit card scams.

Alternatively Marcel would wipe the debt clean if they pay him £2 million in two weeks.

Given how violent Marcel's men are. The boys go to Miami and screw up as they go to a strip bar where their first sting on a mark unravels as they get caught using a stolen credit card. They then think of another plan by stealing some jewellery by pretending to be acting for a rich sultan to a jeweller.

This is a dumb film with unlikeable characters who you have no sympathy with. Especially as some of them then try to double cross each other. Rather stupid given that all of them are in real peril with Marcel. The directors also display a misogynistic streak in this film. The women are just adornments, mainly strippers or prostitutes or airheads who are mainly there to bare their breasts.
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Waste of time
ananthragi4 February 2019
Dont ever watch this crap. Its like some teenager play.
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Hollyoaks does movies
maximovlE12 November 2020
Warning: Spoilers
Non Brits may not get the reference in the heading, Hollyoaks is a tacky teen soap in the UK (where Emma Rigby from this movie started out.) This movie appeared very much like one of the many late night Hollyoaks extras they make every now and then. I really wanted to like it, and to be fair it was entertaining enough. A decent cast featuring, amongst others, Will Poulter (known by me at least from the Narnia movies) and Alfie Allen (Game of Thrones (and Lily's brother.)) Also, not too shabby a storyline with a bit of everything thrown in.

Most of the flaws in the movie could be overlooked for the sake of easy entertainment, but for me however, it fell flat, very flat, towards the end. For a start, all the 'gangsters' suddenly lost any credibility they had by acting like complete novices, putting themselves in a ridiculous situation with no backup or security. Next was the portrayal of British police, complete bumbling fools. The 'interview' with the jewellery shop 'manager,' the way they pathetically handled the situation at the gunfight, and even at the end scene. Honestly, if real British police were half as bad as this I'd go rob a jewellery store tomorrow! Oh and I have to say, all those bullets, it took all that time for the bad guys to go down... then they all get back up? Wow, who let that idea pass?

It felt to me like they had blown the budget on a few decent actors and some flights to Miami and ended up needing to wrap it up quick before money ran out. Shame really, it could have been so much better!
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As plastic as the acting.
tomosp196510 June 2019
This film is about as good as watching paint dry! The acting is so wooden, that I expected woodworm to set in at any moment. The script is amateur, contrived and disregards the facts of banking system security. It skips from scene to scene, without detailing the processes involved in whatever situation they characters are concerned in. I would say that it's best to avoid this film, as other films in this genre are much better. 2/10
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nogodnomasters14 September 2018
Warning: Spoilers
The film opens with "Based on a true story." Faced with high unemployment a group of young entrepreneurs engage in black mail and credit card fraud. When they strong arm the accountant for some organized crime figure, they are forced into a payout of 2 million pounds. They scam Frankie (Emma Rigby) into helping them, having to relocate their operation to Miami, where they go for a big scam.

The movie was in part a teen party film, and another part it was a crime drama. The blending didn't work that well. The set up was rather quick and the character building was weak. Just a hard film to get into.

Parental Guidance: F-bomb, sex, stripper nudity.
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Oceans 13 - the age group it may appeal to
timlittle8 June 2019
This is truly as disposable and classless as its title suggests. Totally unconvincing teenagers try and scrape up enough money to pay off a hoodlum (another teenage comic stereotype) by spending a fortune flying off to America somewhere. I wasn't interested enough to pay attention to where they were but I'm guessing Miami. Tiresome, ill-thought out drivel with irritating, fresh-out-of-drama-school actors just seemingly happy with some location filming on a sunny beach. Plot holes you could drive a double decker bus through. Spoiler alert - someone really gets knocked out by being hit with a fish. All this combines to make a film that is excruciatingly bad. Do something else - life's too short.
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So-so crime thriller
Woodyanders25 January 2018
Warning: Spoilers
A group of white collar college student criminals led by the charismatic Sam (smoothly played by Ed Speleers) live high on the hog by stealing credit cards and identities from rich folks. The group find themselves in a serious bind after they inadvertently cross sadistic crime boss Marcel (a nicely ruthless portrayal by Thomas Kretschmann), who forces them to come up with a payment of two million dollars in two weeks time or else.

While director/co-writer Julian Gilbey keeps the reasonably enjoyable story moving along at a brisk pace, brings a cool slick style to the proceedings, and stages an exciting climatic shootout with flair and skill, he nonetheless crucially fails to generate much in the way of tension and lets the plot become more increasingly preposterous as it unfolds. Moreover, the spoiled and arrogant thief protagonists are decidedly less than likeable and appealing due to the lack of any essential deep characterization. On the plus side, foxy blonde Emma Rigby looks absolutely smashing in a bikini, Alfie Allen smarms it up well as shifty rotten apple Yatesey, and Graham McTavish amuses as a horny diamond broker. Both Chad Hobson's pulsating score and Peter Wignall's glossy widescreen cinematography are up to speed. An okay diversion.
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British's are coming up!!!
MajorBaleegh18 September 2014
Today I watched the movie "Plastic" made by the British Cinema in collaboration with the American's; was a fine movie with a group of four men steal the credit card and enjoy their lives. One day they stole the card of a mafia man and fell into the trouble and once they try to recover they went more deep into the pit and ultimately made a master plan and finally two of them were caught by the police and two went away. The entire movie was based on a true story about diamond theft and was very well filmed and really the British took the lead. The cast, the story, the way it unfolded and the direction all were very good. I never like British movies except the Bond movies, but this one really make the mark. The tricks they group played on the Prince of Brunei, was excellent and very funny. The cast really played their part and it was a good time to enjoy. I recommend this movie to everyone as it's a good entertainment. I will give this movie 8 out of 10.
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Amateur Italian Job I would Say
sheralam31 August 2014
I would say, Its an amateur job done all the way it is.

Talking from the ending, which just had end in the middle of somewhere. Tried to ends like with a climax a FastFive6 , by giving someone a handsome amount.

Only the action I will say is better in any other aspect in that movie. Some unnecessary adult scene was added , perhaps to add a attraction in the movie poster or promo.

Not much of a thriller nor adventure , just some teenagers got onto a trap.

I don't understand why would they go to strip club while pursuing a Million dollar Heist, amateurs !!!. And what an Idiot Steve Dawson is .. meh !!!

Well if you have nothing to do but need to pass some time you may watch this movie.
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What? Again?
sure_man26 October 2014
Just so-so (yawn). What began with a reasonably interesting premise turns into a cliché of a cliché of a cliché. What passes for style is simply a mirage for no imagination and cut-and-paste scripting. The Russian sociopath mobster boogie-man? Can't we do better than that already? Shifting from Europe to Miami may be photogenic but was completely unnecessary. The shootout near the end reminded me of several other interchangeable shootouts, at one point I had to ask myself what movie I was watching because I'd seen nearly the same staging somewhere else. The only surprise to me, the uninformed, was Emma Rigby, who is a knockout with her hair down. I hope she matures into an interesting entertainer.
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Watch it for the cast
Leofwine_draca29 January 2022
Some scammy kids get lured into pulling off a heist by some older bad guys. A pretty low budget production with a hilariously low rent depiction of university that looks like it was filmed in a high school. Some solid performances from Speleers, Allen and Poulter who make this more enjoyable than it has any right to be.
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Decent but not great
devenrpg13 April 2020
This is a decent "will they get away with it" crime movie that hits its mark's in the story but its main failure is that the main 4 Male characters don't come off as good people in a bad situation. They are a bunch of liars that hurt anyone they can to achieve there goals and I just can't get behind them and want them to succeed.
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Absolute tripe.
djreech29 October 2018
This is the worst movie I have seen in ages. The acting is unconvincing, the accents are terrible, the plot is totally unbelievable & unconvincing & it is just painful to watch. It tries to be edgy but just comes accross as corny; really, really corny. Do yourself a favour & don't waste any time on this one.
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Plastic popcorn
vinzarka30 January 2015
The idea looks interesting. It is a popcorn movie and u can watch it with friends everywhere u go. U can download it on your phone or pad and watch it having fun and trying to dream if u would be these rich- poor guys. This scenario is not so bad but things went too fast and public needs sometimes to understand things and not always fast and fast and fast. The characters were build not properly well and sometimes it was confusion in their acting. I don't meant about the inside character of the actor but how he or she played. However, it was funny movie and u can watch it again but for me is enough once. Congratulations, guys!
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Very entertaining crime caper.
billyslad26 March 2018
I found this film a lot of fun and very enjoyable. I've again read reviews and there are some people who pan this fim. I also read that even Will Poulter who starred in the film regretted doing it though I don't know why, I've seen many far worse films than this one. If you like action/crime films, this shouldn't disappoint ... if it does then you're hard to please. It's even based on a true story apparently.
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Mistake with stars shud be zero
akatic-2186927 January 2022
2 hours of life wasted how much money did they waste on this dram thinking they were all geezers laughable. Check the names of these "actors" and avoid like the plague.
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