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27 Feb. 2013
Star Island
In the Stranded series premiere, Philadelphia natives Sara, her ex-boyfriend Sean, and their friend Xand catch a boat to the historic Oceanic Hotel on the remote and fog-shrouded Star Island off the coast of New Hampshire. Sara is the group's paranormal enthusiast, while Sean is yet to be convinced, and Xand is a cynic who's looking for adventure. The group steps onto the island and quickly discover reports of disembodied voices, faces peeking in windows, and of furniture that seems to have a life of its own. Their first dinner in the hotel is disturbed by a slamming ...
6 Mar. 2013
Seaview Terrace
Katie, Zak, and James, three musician friends from Brooklyn, NY, drive up the coast to Newport, Rhode Island where they take up residence for five days in Seaview Terrace. The cavernous Gilded Age mansion was left behind by Edson Bradley, a late 19th-century whiskey mogul. While his ghost is believed to still be in residence, the opulent estate is reportedly lorded over by Bradley's late wife, Julia. Today, guests report drastic temperature changes, strange noises, and terrifying apparitions. Zak is a believer in the paranormal, James is a skeptic, and Katie is on the...
13 Mar. 2013
West Virginia State Penitentiary
Tyler, a former police officer, his sister Amber, and her husband Chris, drive from Southern Ohio to Moundsville, WV, where they lock themselves up in the notorious West Virginia State Penitentiary. In its heyday, the now-closed prison was the scene of incalculable abuse, violence, and murders. Today, it is in a state of advanced decay and is allegedly haunted by the tortured and vengeful spirits of former prisoners. Chris is a true believer who wants to prove to his skeptical brother-in-law and questioning wife that the paranormal does exist. The group enters the ...
27 Feb. 2013
Burn Brae Manor
Jeff, his girlfriend Shannon, and friend Tommy drive from their hometown of Philadelphia, PA into the backwoods of New York to investigate paranormal reports at a historic mansion. Unlike his companions, Jeff is a resolute skeptic who thinks there's no such thing as ghosts. Their destination is Burn Brae Manor, a stately house and wedding gift from the President of the Singer Sewing Machine Company to his daughter, Margaret Ellis. Unfortunately, her stay was short-lived. After losing her infant son, she hanged herself from a tree in the yard. To this day, her ghost is...
3 Apr. 2013
Three Valley Chateau
Yarc, his girlfriend Princess, and their friend Stephen leave the comforts of Brooklyn NY to check into the sprawling Three Valley Chateau in the snowy mountains of British Columbia. Yarc is a devout believer in the paranormal, Princess is an adamant skeptic, and Stephen thinks there's "something" to be discovered, but doesn't have proof. All three are in for an adventure as the sprawling 200-room chateau is allegedly rife with paranormal activity. A creature that crawls along the bottom of the pool, and a shrieking woman that hovers over beds are just two of the ...
27 Mar. 2013
Yorktown Memorial Hospital
Katye, her aunt Heather, and her late sister's boyfriend Dillon leave Ft. Worth to be admitted to the abandoned Yorktown Memorial Hospital in Southern Texas. The hospital is reportedly said to house a nun that haunts the chapel, apparitions that touch intruders, and a demon-like entity lurking in the basement. Katye and Heather believe they will encounter the paranormal, while Dillon is skeptical. The team settles into the grimy hospital and pulls three rusty wire cots together to sleep on. Untraceable sounds come from every direction and lead the team out of the ...


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