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Ajith fans will like
varghesejunior11 January 2014
Warning: Spoilers
A masala thriller flick especially meant for Ajith Kumar fans.

Story is about Ashok Kumar played by Ajith, a bomb expert who for reasons unclear explodes public places, works against the law and ropes in a techie to assist him with is criminal activities under threat to the latter's girlfriend's life. The second half of the film though takes a surprising turn of events.

Film is just masalas - Dialogue, action, music...don't look for logic as there is deficiency of that in many places. Many things are unexplained-what happens to Ajith's sidekick 'Mango'?How does the protagonist survive after being thrown of a cliff by the villains? How does the protagonist manage to go all the way to Dubai with a guy and girl, kill people, loot a bank and return to India overnight? How do some terrorists kidnap a minster's daughter in Dubai and bring her overnight? How does the protagonist get away in the end after openly revealing who he is?

None of these are answered, but that does not make it a bad film. It is quite thrilling, with hardcore dialogues, emotions well expressed by actors, cool stunts and action sequences, and music that is alright.
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Simple stylish class and mass movie for Ajith fans
SivakumarBalachandran5 November 2013
Watched Aarambam aka Thala 53 (referred title still post production). Aarambam comes a Diwali treat for Ajith fans. It is a usual revenge story that's been going in Tamil cinema for decades. But the fact is it is stylishly presented by the director Vishnuvardhan with his own favorite team of actors. The story is loosely woven around revenge, corruption, terrorism, betrayal, sentiments, Politics and holes in Police department. If we link up all we get is the story which is no way new to us but definitely the director has tried to keep the fast pace throughout the movie though it has got drag moments in the second half. The first half was racy and engaging definitely. Coming to the performances obliviously with no doubt that this is a "Thala"mass movie, so Ajith kumar as Ashok kumar becomes the show stealer has done it very well. No doubt he looked enthusiastic and stylish with his salt and pepper but it was not maintained even throughout the movie sometimes he was looking fat and sometimes muscular. Nayanthara second movie after her come back has given us a power packed performance as Ajith's accomplice with her usual billa type glam sham rendition. Aarya as a jolly out of college hacker has shown us his humor shade throughout the movie which indeed keeps us entertaining. Tapsee looks cute was helpful in keeping the humor line engaged with Aarya as baby- baby lover. Apart from this we have so many support actors Atul gulkarni, Kishore, Rana Dugabatti everyone has done justice to their roles. Technically the story didn't have any creativeness and cannot be compared to Billa or Mankatha. The fact is Ajith playing anti hero role throughout all these franchise movies. Music was so average the songs were place badly didn't help the movie. Cinematography was done well. Verdict: Overall it comes as a stylish but usual revenge tale with lots of charisma and definitely keeps you engaged apart from its drags and logic holes on the second half. No doubt it was above Billa 2 but below Mankatha and Billa 1. Worth watch once and for core Ajith fans they get more than what they expected.

-Reviewed by Sivakumar Balachandran (
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Vishnuvardhan's Arrambam is a stylish action entertainer for Ajith fans
kumarankulam6 March 2021
After their successful collaboration in Billa, Vishnuvardhan reunites again with Ajith in Arrambam. Unlike their first film, they are working on an original script which is again a stylish action entertainer. Vishnuvardhan uses the same elements that worked in Billa on a much grand scale. Arrambam looks fresh visually and it's a tailor-made mass film for Ajith. Just like their previous film, he is the one who lifts the film. He is stylish, manly, and definitely strong. He is captivating the audience with his subtle acting. Vishnuvardhan has properly fit in Ajith in this action flick by using his trademark styles on board. The slow-motion walk, the way he wears his cooling glasses, and his less-spoken nature are well added in the film. Besides Ajith, we have Arya, Nayanthara, and Taapsee playing the supporting roles. They don't have much scope in this film which is a major downfall in the film. Arrambam derives from the very old vigilante/revenge/action film and even the flashback looks a bit like reinvented Shankar film. Vishnuvardhan who usually has a unique style to drive his films falls in this one while taking the usual revenge path. The engagement falls down after the flashback because the scenes become really predictable. Despite the flaws, Vishnuvardhan had definitely made a watchable entertainer for Ajith's hardcore fans. The lack of relatability would distance them from the film but still, Vishnuvardhan has his way to convince them with the quality of the presentation. Speaking about Yuvan Shankar Raja, he has delivered a considerably listenable album and a pulsating background score. Arrambam's theme music might not be loud as Billa and Mankatha but it's still energetic. Overall, Vishnuvardhan's Arrambam is a stylish action entertainer for Ajith fans.
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Entertainer, nothing more nothing less.
raj0404921 November 2013
When a series of blasts rocks Mumbai, the police go on a witch hunt to capture the accused but little do they who is against them or what his plans are. AK (Ajith) lays a web trapping Maya (nayanthara), Arjun (Arya) and Anita (Taapsee) in the due process. But what he has planned for them forms the rest of the story.

Ajith kumar as AK shines through out with his slow motion walking, careful planning and of course goes guns blazing when weeds pop out. Arya has played a faithful sidekick to Ajith's plan and occasionally tickles the funny bone. Nayanthara's oomph factor has been meticulously blended with the movie's overall glam. Taapsee seems totally out of place and lacks character depth. The rest of cast except for Kishore fail to catch the eye.

The screenplay starts well except for Arya's "winged" flashback which is a total drag to an otherwise brilliant first half. Second half spells calamity to both AK and the screenplay. Before the credits roll AK kills more than Uma thurman in "Kill Bill". But there are some references to real life places like "Nariman house" though the team claims that this is a work of fiction. Well, we believe you.

Cinematography blends well with the pace and the cameraman has done a good job surviving between the many bullets. Songs are a let down (Ajith fans in my screening felt otherwise, but it's understandable) and play havoc to the screenplay's pace. Action choreography should have made more, for a lack of a better word, realistic.

The second half of the second half lets you down and you will want the movie to end as soon as possible. For reasons, read the preceding paragraph.

PS: Steady start, shaky finish.
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Perfect for fun!!
Sruthi_Me21 December 2013
Ajith.. One of the many actors I have never really connected too. Does this movie change that fact? No!! Probably not!! But is the movie good? Hell yes.

Terrorism, politics, romance, subtle comedy and an amazing story line to top it off, Aarambam is a must watch.

Starring Ajith, Arya and Nayanthara the film keeps the audience trapped cause let's face it, the three actors did an astounding job.

Arya - The whimsical paranoid yet good hearted super genius.

Nayanthara - The 'm sexy and I know it.. So not afraid to show it' badass girl who takes the foreground and is into the action sequences (probably even more than Arya) fighting with guns and weaponry. Being a woman, it was exhilarating to see a heroine get down and dirty in a Kollywood movie instead of just standing in the side lines and looking pretty.

Ajith - Even though he sometimes looks slightly unfit, he makes up for it double time through his kickass super scary villain-for-a-cause role. Ajith impresses and delivers with superb lines and some brilliant acting skills.

Bottomline - Go watch this movie that is sure to blow the box office apart. Kick back, have some fun, eat some popcorn, enjoy a night at the theatre and just Keep It Simple!!
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Stylish Action Thriller in Ajith style with Vishnuvardhan trademark
urztrulysooraj15 December 2014
#AArambham _ My Review

Risky Shots, Impulsive Action and Salt n' Pepper looks, Thala is back in a power packed role.

Aarambham was undoubtedly the most awaited Tamil movie of the year. The hype factor was nothing but Thala. The additional star cast of Aarya, Nayanz and VishnuVardhan in the director's slot increased the hype of the film. Happy to see a Thala film on large screen

The film opens in Mumbai, where Thala is seen implanting bombs in three important centres of the city. The bomb blasts create a great havoc in the city, meanwhile, Arjun(Aarya), an expertise in computer hacking meets his college mate Maya (Nayanthara) in an airport, on his way to Mumbai. On racing Mumbai, Maya is kidnapped by Ashok(Ajith) and Arjun is blackmailed by him to hack certain systems. The reason behind Ashok hacking the networks, forms the crux of the film

The story of the film is just mediocre. The first half, which started slowly with the love of Arjun etc, caught its pace in no time and managed to keep the viewer in excitement. The villainous behavior of Thala added an extra flavor of thrill in the first half. That fatty avatar of Arya too was interesting. The pre interval and interval action sequences were of top notch. Those bomb blasting scenes in the start offered a realistic feel.The interval block makes the viewer stick to the seat. But the second half didn't had the pace of the first half. The same, repeated revenge drama, same old wine, but the interesting thing is that, Vishnuvardhan offered the old wine in a much refreshing and stylish manner, through the hands of an energetic Ajith. The bullet proof jacket spam etc seemed to be novel. The 2nd half too caught its pace towards the climax and ended up with an action packed episode of gun firing and a small message.

VishnuVardhan "made it simple" by concentrating more on style and action, offering less to the content. A better reason in the second half would have made Aarambham great.

The film also throws light on the affected system and corrupt leaders of our country. But the fact is that, the same thing is seen in almost all films of these days. Through the character, Ramya Radhakrishnan, VV, takes a dig at the media and press, which slavishly serves certain corrupt leaders.

Vishnu Vardhan's stylish and racy direction, makes Aarambham interesting.A better script could have done better. There are some mistakes, unanswered questions and flaws left behind,but considering the genre of the film, they can be avoided to certain extent

#Thala Ajith's energetic screen presence, both as a handsome cop and rustic villain were excellent. Salt n' pepper style with mind blowing action sequences, Thala rocked.....he stands special. Simple presentation of a powerful role, only Thala can do it. Unexplainables are hard to explain, they are to be experienced, that is what Thala in Aarambham. ASHOK was a powerful character, but there wasn't any kind of exaggeration or over praising, which makes Aarambham different from usual top hero flicks.

Aarya added fun quotient to the film. That fatty avatar was really a surprise. In the midst of racy sequences, some genuine wits by Arya makes us laugh.

Nayanthara is really an eye candy. Was hot as usual, had nothing important to do.

The rest of the cast including, Atul Kulkarni and Mahesh Malkejkar were fit to their roles. Kishore and RaNa were perfect in their brief roles....especially Kishore. Tapsee had nothing to do, except to utter the word, "baby", a hundred times.

#Yuvan Shanker Raja, offered average songs, but the BGM scored high, with the mood of the film.

Cinematography by Om Prakash is another highlight of the film. Best in the recent times.

Other remarkable things are, high octane action sequences and qualitative VFX. Technically Brilliant. Editing was crisp. Some scenes could've been trimmed off.

On the whole, AArambham is a racy action thriller, studded with all necessary elements,except for some flaws in the second half.

If I compare this with the action flicks of the recent times, I will say that, Aarambham is Brilliant. Better than the movies of other top guns released this year.

My rating: 3.75/5 Tok....Tok....Tok Thankyou for reading ma review.... Yours truly Sooraj
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Trend setter Movie of the year
ramanniyan20085 November 2013
After Kamalhasan's "Vishwaroopam", "Arrambam" is the movie with good technical standards with international style and making.

The plot is very simple. Especially the flashback scenes are very old. we had seen more like that in the movies of olden days.But the idea of presenting it in an interesting manner with latest technical aspects makes the movie more powerful.

Ajithkumar really the one man show of the movie. Definitely his fans would enjoy this movie.Because he did this movie on his own style as like Jamesbond flick. After "Billa" this movie shows him more stylish especially as a raw officer he steals the heart of everyone who is watching the movie by his stylish look and mannerism. We cannot imagine any other actors in the industry for doing this role.

I think Vishnuvardan written this script only for Ajith. Thats why the movie came out in as usual Ajith style after "Billa".

Arya on the other hand did his part very well.Fat Arya scenes at the beginning was more impressive. Right choice of an actor for the role of software engineer.

Nayanthara not having more scenes to do with lead actors but justifies her role with good acting. Tapsee was very cute and bubbly throughout the movie. Did very impressive acting as a drama girl.

other cast like Rana,Kishore,Mahesh and Atul Kulkarni given the best acting for their roles.

Vishnuvardan first time collaboration with writers Subha works very well. Even though the more was an inspiration of "Swordfish" it was written in an interesting manner by keeping Ajith and Tamil audience in the mind as well. Dialogs are more powerful. Ajith dialogs are very powerful especially at the time of Raw officer and at the climax sequences.

Technically the movie is very excellent. Om Prakash cinematography and Sreekar Prasad's editing work makes the movie to an international style and standards. Especially Saudi scenes are very powerful.

Music by Yuvan gives more support."Adadada Aarambame" is the treat for all Ajith fans."En fuse" is very lovable and catchy."Melala Vedikidhu" is the colorful song did really good. "stylish Tamizhachi" is the stylish item number at the end.

Yuvan's BG score was more powerful than songs. His theme for Ajith sequences are very powerful. After "Billa" and "Mankatha" this movie is the best movie for Yuvan and Ajith collaboration.

One more success for Vishnu-Ajith-Yuvan collaboration.

After Blockbuster "Vishvaroopam" and "Singam II" this movie "Arrambam" should become an another Blockbuster of the year and no doubt about it.

Overall "Arrambam" is the real entertainer for this Diwali. Especially this Diwali is Thala Diwali for all Ajith fans.

Must watch Movie of the year.
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No English subtitles
lespointes27 July 2021
Another movie on Eros - No English subtitles. Always on Eros. Netflix and Prime, no problem. Disappointed again.
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Arrambam - Old Wine in a New Bottle
pk_nayar31 October 2013
Warning: Spoilers
Yet again, Ajith delivers an action film that satisfies all his fans, however will general & neutral moviegoers enjoy it? I am probably a bit biased but I would say that film thrilled in parts but lagged at many points.

Ajith Kumar is once again at his best, playing a role tailor made for him with shades of grey. The first shot of him saw the whole cinema reverberate in loud whistles and claps (and this was in TGV KLCC @ 11:30am mind you). He excels in all areas that you expect him to. Action sequences are top notch & his dialogue delivery is flawless and impactful. His salt-and-pepper look, 5 O'Clock shadow beard, shades and wardrobe suited him to a tee.

Nayantara meanwhile is revelation, playing an action heroine role with ease. Is there any other South actress who is so apt with hand-to-hand combat or a gunfight and yet look so ravishing while at it? I doubt it. Her dressing style in the film is very different to what we see of heroines in Tamil films. Big props to costume designer Anu Vardhan for Ajith's, Arya's & especially Nayan's look in the film.

Arya is his usual comic self and carried his role well. However, his love scenes with Taapsee were not very interesting and probably hampered the film a bit. The rest of the starcast did their parts well, especially Kishore, Atul Kulkarni & Rana Daggupati. Special mention to Mahesh Manjrekar, as the Marathi director/actor does extremely well as a villain, plus he also dubbed in his own voice which is a rarity nowadays (among non Tamil actors)

Technically, the cinematography by Om Prakash & Sreekar Prasad's editing were the plus points. All the stunt sequences were also well choreographed and shot. Vishnuvardhan's direction was par for the course, however writing duo SuBa will have to stop "rebottling old wine in a new bottle". There is nothing new in the lead pair's motives to their actions in the film. Screenplay was racy enough but I sure wish that there were no songs at all (well maybe apart from the opening song ) as it would have had a smoother feel to it.

The biggest minus point though is surprisingly Yuvan's BGM. He lets down the film at many points with a very mediocre score. The VFX is also very cartoony for what is for all intents & purposes a high budget film. There are also several plot holes in the film whereby deus ex machina is used as a plot device for several scenes.

On the whole, Arrambam is a very watchable action flick, with the climax being racy & action packed. It meets the expectations of the Thala fan in me, but an unbiased opinion would be that it could have been much better.

So, one thing I have learned after watching his last two movies is that I really need tone down my expectations. It does seem that Thala Ajith is stuck in an average run of films. With Veeram not really stoking my fires, I really do hope he gets a really good film soon.

Final rating: 7/10 - Old wine in a new bottle
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Noting special
austin-premkumar28 November 2013
I am a die hard fan of Ajith Since 15 years old.

Every movie I saw only for Ajith. Being a die hard fan I can not admire fakely all the crap movies. If you feel this movie is good, am sure after few years you will feel what a utterly movie this is. This all I can write about this movie.

My request for all Ajith fans. Don't encourage this kind of movies. Then thala will restrict himself movies like this. some point to say about this movie is: No nuances scenes, no goosebumps scenes,

no gripping screenplay.

Vishnuwardhan made the movie very simple without any mental effort. My verdict: Don't's keep acting this kind of movie Ajith sir.
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Make A Box Office Record Simple!
ratheesh-sahayaraj11 November 2013
Thala Ajith Kumar Proves once again that his screen presence his enough to make a movie Blockbuster irrespective of the character. Ajith rules the show all the way as usual and this time with a macho look. Both as a vigilante seeking justice and a sincere bomb squad head Ajith scores well.He has redefined the term screen presence and is sure going to emerge as No.1 hero in the South after Rajini.

Arya comes as a next door guy and provides the lighter moments in the film be it the romance and comedy portions with taapsee or the hacking scenes that are crucial in the plot or his scenes with Thala where he first struggles to free himself from Ajith.

Nayanthara after a good comeback with Raja Rani shows off she can pull performance oriented roles too and not just being an eye candy....There is not even a single romance scene between the lead pair Ajith and Nayanthara.

Taapsee does a comic role as a reporter and never bores u for a single second.Rana Daggubati leaves an everlasting impression in the flashback scenes as Ajith's friend. Kishore and Atul Kulkarni in other pivotal roles also do full justice and live their characters.Mahesh Manjrekar as main villain is both mean and funny depending on the scene and adds up in making the scenes interesting.Suman Ranganathan as a news reporter shows off her cunningness in some parts and Akshara gowda provides the oomph factor in the Dubai scenes.Five Star krishna even though having limited screen space does his part well.

Vishnuvardhan after giving two duds Sarvam and Panjaa comes with a big bang with a social theme that could be well related to all.And with Subha's dialogs he makes a well packed story and a racy screenplay.

Yuvan's Songs are rocking and they are certainly his best in recent times.On the flip side his Background Music is irritating in many places and could have been better.

Om prakash's cinematography gives a Hollywood feel and Sreekar Prasad's editing make some scenes more racy than expected.

Anuvardhan's costumes are more stylish compared to previous films.

The Gun shots in the movie could have been reduced and Climax is somewhat lengthy.

On the whole a perfect action entertainer from Ajith and Vishnuvardhan to enjoy the weekend with your family!!!
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rurmohamed15 March 2019
Warning: Spoilers
Mass....thala thala thala..... Fantastic movie .....awesome
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Average Movie
kmpdiwa16 November 2013
Average movie but its going to be a visual treat only for die-hard Ajith fans.

Yuvan music is not up to his skills.

Good to see a tag line in the movie title Aarambam as "Its just the beginning" but Aarrambam is not a new beginning.

Its just an as usual average movie with many flaws in the story.

First half of the movie is good in speed with the screenplay.

The second half of the is slow with no logic in the story.

Nayanthara and Tapsee looks good.

Arya has to answer why he has chose this role and might be interested to share the screen with Ajith.

Vishnuwarthan is as usual good in his technical aspects but failed to impress in his direction.

Director could have made this Aarambam simple.
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Arrambam = No Exit From BLOCKBUSTER "Crowd Puller"
sarancoolbreeze4 November 2013

ARRAMBAM a blockbuster script with mass crowd puller Thala,attractive Arya.I think Vishnuvardhan made this movie in full cool with confident and made this movie a big Blockbuster . Garenty that a big action sorry stylish Action of Ajith,Fun of Arya,rude action of Nayanthara,Attractive Tapsee and om Prakash cinematography capturing perfectly every thing.


The story star starts with Thala bombing various building in Mumbai city who comes out like a terrorist then it is carried out by Arya who is a comedy of Arya as a Fat boy worked out. Ultimate makes Arya to do his jobs in a gun point. unsatisfied Arya traps Ajith to Mumbai police are the first half with good flow.Then stars the second half which decides the ARRAMBAM as a blockbuster


There are plenty of Scene which makes us to go for the movie for second time.The opening of Thala was normal,the notable thing is Thala dance in first song where a man with these many operation,accident had made it with full energy(great).Thala boat ride "can any hero in Tolly,Bolly even Holly"repeat it today even young Sixpacked hero's says i cant risk my life for a bike ride with rope all over their body you may say Thala is a race so he may do it then u must be accepting the fact that "he is a fearless mass hero".In one scene When the Ducati bike was shown the whole crowd went up but it was a normal ride like other hero's even though the whole crowd went up till the end only because it is Thala.

Director loved Thala Soo Soo mush he brought every thing out of him but with 4 to 5 risk scene which was "Marana Mass" I thought how could Thala do it "Thala has every thing money good wife and family" but takes a risk shot does every thing for fans but do not want to have a fan followers.What is this Thala? Every day fans will be increasing for u Thala But we doesn't want you to risk too mush.

Cinema Psychos

Not only because of Thala the story made with every other character is also engaging. Tapsee was top in acting.There was more Editing mistakes and even the rerecording in some scenes were too bad.For those who want to learn from movie you can learn how to engage the crowds and the beautiful CG work in song and in action scene.Other than that this is a normal Blockbuster movie which comes out every year for nearly a Decade which has no formula why it is Hit.You would be the only persons in theater thinking that am i sitting in a Blockbuster movie.This movie is only for Public

ARRAMBAM is a movie which cannot be stopped from its Blockbuster.But it is not the new beginning For THALA,Vishnuvardhan or TAMIL CINEMA.
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)ne of the biggest movie events of the year
cmanojkumarc31 October 2013
Warning: Spoilers
'Mela' takes the cake as the best song sequence and it's a riot of colors and revelry as the actors dance merrily for Holy. 'Hare Rama' isn't to be seen in the movie. Arya and Taapsee feature in 'En Fuse Pochu' and few nice effects embellish the song.

Yuvan's work on the BGM doesn't demand your attention as much as it did in Mankatha and Billa. But still, he has added enough muscle to the tension and action in the movie with his score. Om Prakash's work on the camera befits the movie's stature as a slick and glossy commercial action entertainer. The stunt choreographers take the credit for the numerous action set pieces and it is all the way. The climax sequence and the boat chase are racy.

Being a commercial movie, you have to suspend disbelief and not look for too much logic and reasoning. There are a few sudden jumps in the movie's flow and its better not to question them too much, and just enjoy the bond type commercial offering from Ajith.

Kudos to the Arrambam team for managing to live up to the Himalayan hype with an action flick which packs enough punch. Verdict: Let's make this simple ... Movie has not in it to be enjoyed this Diwali !
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A disjointed, average movie
karthikeyang-ganesan6 November 2013
Another movie riding solely on its lead actor with no thought given whatsoever to story - only this time, Vishnuvardan's attempt at another Billa does not keep you interested. The movie aspires to be a lot, but never takes you there. It was like watching individual stylish clips of Ajith put together.

Editing and screenplay is a letdown. Yuvan's music is very average. Arya's performance also below par. Nayanthara has done her job perfectly - and that is to look ravishing. I was very disappointed since these are the kind of movies that insults your intelligence. Ajith did what he always does of late - looks stylish and has a good presence of screen. But is the movie worth the money on the whole? Not at all if you are not an Ajith fan.
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Shocked ­čś▒
sreesmashers13 January 2021
I'm really shocked whole hearing this a true story based on the politics happened in bullet proof jacket in mumbai ... Best Direction And Screen Play ...Ajith's Screen Presence Was Irreplaceacle .....
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Making it simple... Wasted!
dee49812 November 2013
Warning: Spoilers
The movie comes with the repeated dialogue of "make it simple" and guess what? That's exactly what the movie is not... nothing is made simple. Everything is exaggerated. I find this movie a total waste of time and money on my part as a movie goer and total waste of great talents such as Ajith, Arya and Nayan. Sad but the true fact is most movies with big talent such as Ajith are solely built around their star power rather than a good story-line. The focus is on making them look more stylish instead of bringing out their potential. I have seen this kind of movies many a times and if you are looking for a truthful verdict, this isn't the movie you would want to spend your money on. The first half of the movie wasn't as intriguing as what the director tried to portray and the 2nd half was so predictable. The so called lovable conversations between Arya and Tapsee does not really seem to be lovable. Nayan was totally wasted in this movie and as much as I acknowledge her talent in acting I would even consider to say this movie as the worst of her career so far. Ajith, what can I say? I just hope that he would make better choices in the future rather than sticking to the same macho-man-wearing-glasses- carrying-gun-in-slow-motion stories.
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Aarambam- Watchable!!
kumarbhar1 November 2013
Aarambam- A Classy Entertainer with a Racy Script. With a star studded cast and top technicians the expectations were sky high. Firstly, Ajith' terrific screen presence and powerful dialogue delivery, A huge plus.Vishnuvardhan and his writers have worked out a decent screenplay which keeps the audiences hooked,mostly. On the flip-side, Yuvan's BGM a major disappointment. Once the story gets into Revenge Mode, it becomes very PREDICTABLE (this one reason why thumbs down from me) and the viewers get a Tad edgy..The Sequence which happens in Dubai are the Best part of the movie.Personally, this flick would not disappoint an average movie go-er, but if you are a FAN of a Star (Ajith),you might feel a bit disappointed. Nevertheless watch it with family and friends( A Clean movie). Aarambam- King of Opening is Back. But will he sustain?? Only Time will tell.
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cwsdenis17 November 2013
I enjoyed this movie with my wife whose an awesome die hard fan of Ajith, which dragged my interest to watch this movie and i would say it has been a pleasure watching it. Ajith's charismatic look and his stylish screen presence has been simply gripping.

For the much hype created by media it really lives up to the expectations and is a satisfying thrill ride. Arya is a charm, as the happy-go-lucky guy and hilarious effort in college with Nayan is a rocker. Om Prakash has canned every frame with passion.

Music didn't go satisfying for a bump, could have been better.

Simple, elegant and class -- Ajith show all the way I am ready for the next one.
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All style and no substance
bewareofvikas1 November 2013
Warning: Spoilers
Right from the moment the film takes off, it becomes clear that this film is a ride for the star that is Ajith. With his trademark sunglasses- adorned walk that is shown enough times that a wannabe model can take coaching classes from it, this film makes its mission to showcase Ajith. And it does succeed but only in that department while failing miserably in the rest of the departments.

AK (Ajith) and Maya (Nayantara) extort Arjun (Arya) to be the computer hacker that every terrorist organization naturally needs. Why he do this and how he does this forms the story.

The film opens predictably with a hero intro song and the opening act is intriguing enough. Arya's back story is refreshing but the story is dampened by the over the board and frankly irritating antics of Taapsee who plays his love interest. The film goes on nicely till the interval with a few surprises but nothing extraordinary. Ajith's back story on corruption should have been focused more but all the evidence is found all too conveniently. All this builds up to a flat climax that overstays its welcome.

Of the cast, Ajith still oozes charm and style.He delivers his punch- dialogues well. His costume designer definitely deserves praise. Post interval, he gets to show his acting chops which he does well. Arya gets to deliver some very good cheeky one liners and he is content playing second fiddle. Actresses are often short changed in such films and this is no different. Nayantara is just asked to look good (which she does incredibly well) whereas Taapsee is there just so that Arya does not feel left alone. Rana makes an not-so-interesting cameo and the bad guys (Mahesh Manjrekar and Atul Kulkarni) do not make much of an impression. Akshara Gowd and Suman Ranganthan themselves probably don't know why they were part of the film.

Production values are very high. style has been Vishnuvardhan's hallmark and he makes sure that this film is shot and edited nicely. The Holi song deserves special praise for its camera-work. Background music and songs are a big letdown with rerecording making lyrics songs difficult to make out.

I rate this move 3.0/10. Watch it if you are a die hard fan of Thala but otherwise give it a miss.
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Nice movie - 'Can can' watch!!
vigneshthepro31 October 2013
Warning: Spoilers
Aarambam´╗┐ is a cool movie. Salt and Pepper look worked out for Thala again. Not sure why negative comments floating around in some social networking sites. Yuvan's Billa kinda music is missing, still BGM is OK. Arya and Tapsee played comedian role here without including a specialist. Arya insulting Thala at certain places could have been avoided, Thala fans are getting angry.:) Story moved at good pace revolving around the storyline. All necessary ingredients were put well. Even-though old story, it has been delivered well by the director and Hero. Great enjoyment for Diwali. Happy Thala Diwali..!!

Just make it simple - tic toc

Overall rating :- 3.75/5
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When Style Overlaps Logic
abhijith19962 November 2013
If you are a die hard, and when I say that I mean a HARDCORE fan of Thala Ajith, then this is a movie for you.

Basically this movie will seem stupid for most people. People flying when shot by pistols, using silenced weapons during an open firing sequence are just a few of many.

All through the movie you see Ajith with spectacular mannerism, but there are a few scenes where he just misses the mark. But still the camera and editing parts are stupendous. You really can feel the glamour of each scene. At times it is the only thing that makes us watch the movie, not that its horrible, if you know what I mean.

The action sequences are mean and slightly exaggerated but still is awesome to watch.

All in all I would recommend a skip for most people. But then again for Thala lovers it would be a treat...
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Ashok Kumar (Ajith) is a mastermind behind a series of bomb blasts
iamKaylaPotter8 February 2015
Ashok Kumar (Ajith) is a mastermind behind a series of bomb blasts in Mumbai. He doesn't stop his activities at that and further threatens Arjun (Arya), a hacker, that he'll kill the latter's friend Maya (Nayanthara), if he doesn't agree to his demands.

If that wasn't enough, Ashok brings in Anita (Taapsee) and tells Arjun that her life is in his hands now. While the police department gets ready to begin the investigation, they are shocked to know that a leading TV channel's network has been hacked.

Rest of the story is about why Ashok wants to bring down and expose a list of people, whom he seems to have a grudge against.
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An Ajit fan will enjoy the movie
blenderous7 November 2013
Warning: Spoilers
First half of the movie is the introduction of the characters played by Ajit, Nayan Tara, Arya and Tapsi. The second half reveals the story which is like that of a Shankar movie and there are instances where Ajit speaks like "captain Vijayakant".

In the first half of the movie, there is a love story between Arya and Tapsi. It feels completely fake. The stunts by Ajit are very realistic. The action sequences are exiting.

Overall, it's a decent one time watch, especially if you are an Ajit fan. Although the music was alright, the first song was completely pointless except for the fact that it makes the Ajit fans in the theater go nuts.
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