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A Jumble of Great Stories.
CCharlesIC5 February 2013
Yes, there are lots of actors/directors reminiscing with great stories. And excerpts of several classic movies. Also quite a few acknowledgments about how casting was accomplished, or occasionally mis-cast. But I'd have to rate this fairly low because there's no thread of narrative. It's like expecting to appreciate both the stories and writing style of Asimov, Hemingway, or Angelou by reading Cliff Notes. This production reminds me more of a studio insiders 21st century home movie - shot with an HD smart phone & edited with home computer. I'm still waiting for a proper 14 hour documentary, by Ken Burns.

...that said, it's got some great footage (both modern and archival) of several of the behind-the-scenes in-house departments which continue to create the sets of Warner Brothers productions. A mythic studio.
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Very Good Documentary
Michael_Elliott2 February 2013
Warner Bros. 90th Anniversary: Tales from the Lot (2013)

*** 1/2 (out of 4)

Very good documentary taking a look at Warner Bros. and their first ninety-years in the business. The likes of Clint Eastwood, Morgan Freeman, William Friedkin, Christopher Nolan, Ben Affleck, Steve Carell, Michael Keaton and Martin Sheen talk about what the studio lot means to them as well as some other stories. Some of the best stuff deals with an actual tour of the lot where we get to see various locations including the set department, the construction zone, the costume department and even the last set remaining from CASABLANCA. It should go without saying but I don't see how any film buff is going to be disappointed in this thing because there's simply so many wonderful things to see. We also get some terrific stories including one from Sheen who talks about his love for James Dean and a touching story that I won't ruin for people. We also get Friedkin talking about trying to get someone to take the role of the mother in THE EXORCIST and why the top man felt the film could have been even bigger had Jane Fonda taken the part. If there's anything wrong with this documentary it's that the thing doesn't run long enough as there's just so much history to be told and we're not given too much time. Still, there are so many terrific things on display here that it's easy to recommend this.
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