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  • Cory: By the time of the events of Girl Meets World, Cory has had two children with Topanga, a son named Auggie plus a daughter named Riley. Cory is, at this point in his life, a seventh-grade history teacher.

    Eric: Eric appears in episode 5 of Season 2 in the episode titled "Girl Meets Squirrels". Cory calls upon Eric to resolve a major conflict between his niece (niche) and her friends.

    Shawn: By the events of Girl Meets World, Shawn has made a name for himself as a world-traveling photographer. However, franchise creator Michael Jacobs has stated that he will not have had the same positive outcome as Cory and Topanga have. Cory's lifelong best friend since childhood, Topanga's close childhood friend, and uncle figure to Riley and Auggie. Since the end of Boy Meets World, Shawn has traveled around as a writer and a photographer. He also forms a friendship with Maya. Cory and Shawn have a very close relationship with each other that, as shown in Boy Meets World, is at times even stronger than the relationship between Cory and Topanga.

    Topanga: Shortly after the Boy Meets World finale, Topanga becomes pregnant and later gives birth to her first child, a daughter named Riley. She later has a second child, a son named August "Auggie" Matthews. Cory and Topanga remain married at the time of the events of Girl Meets World, at which point Riley is 12 years old. Topanga is one of the top lawyers in New York while owning a bakery left to her by a close family friend.

    Minkus: a former classmate of Cory, Topanga, and Shawn's, appearing as a main cast member in the first season of Boy Meets World. Although he was often bullied by Cory and Shawn, they often looked to him for advice on girls, and Stuart was good friends with Topanga. Stuart is also Farkle's father.

    Joshua Matthews: Cory's younger brother and Riley's uncle. He appeared in the final episodes of Boy Meets World as a newborn, and is now a teenager.

    Feeny: Cory's omnipresent mentor, now in his 80s. Feeny makes a cameo appearance in the pilot episode, his only appearance in the first season. He has made two appearances in season two already.

    Harvey "Harley" Keiner: Cory's old high school bully from Boy Meets World. In Boy Meets World, Harley was much older than the rest of the high schoolers, due to him being held back. He now works as the janitor at Riley's school, a job which was given to him by Cory.

    Alan Matthews: Cory's father, Topanga's father-in-law and grandfather to their children. Alan has a very close relationship with his son, and owns a wilderness store, which he originally ran with his oldest son, Eric Matthews in Boy Meets World.

    Amy Matthews: Cory's mother, Topanga's mother-in-law and grandmother to their children. Amy has a close relationship with her children, especially Morgan Matthews, who is her only daughter. She often would disagree with Cory and Topanga as a couple, when they made important decisions, even though she is fond of both Cory and Topanga.

    Angela: Shawn's ex-girl friend has been referenced in a few episodes in the first two seasons. She returns in season two to meet with Shawn to get help with a very important decision in her life as well as Shawn's life.

    Chet Hunter: Shawn's late father who appears to him during his some of the most important times in his life and returns again at a life altering times in Shawn's life.

    TJ ("Tommy") Murphy: The orphan boy who Eric met during his time as Santa at a local mall. Eric became a father figure to Tommy until a family from California adopted Tommy and Eric had to let Tommy go. He comes back to give Eric the support he needs in his campaign for Senate.

    Mr. Johnathan Turner: The former high school English teacher for Eric, Shawn, Cory, and Topanga, and temporary guardian for Shawn Hunter while Shawn's dad was away. He moves to New York to become the Superintendent of Schools and is the one who hired Cory as the history teacher at Riley and Miley's school.

    Jack Hunter: Shawn's older half brother. He is also the best friend of Eric Matthews and once dated Rachel (part of the "older" three amigos in the college seasons of Boy Meets World). Jack returns to go head to head with now Senator Eric Matthews to convince him to choose his more corrupt company more for a pipeline project.

    Jennifer Bassatt: A minor character in the original series (only appearing in 2 episodes), Jennifer was a classmate of Corey, Topanga and Shawn, although it's unclear if she was a member of the same class or slightly ahead or behind the trio. She was a one time girl friend of Shawn Hunter. In the spin-off series, she is revealed to be the wife of Stuart Minkus and the mother of Farkle. Edit (Coming Soon)


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