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Dense, thrilling, emotionally engaging, well acted, beautifully shot ... Hooked!
livefreeordieyo6 April 2014
I've been craving something of quality along these lines set in this period ever since that magnificent HBO John Adams miniseries of five or six years ago. I feel like failing on my knees and thanking the TV gods that AMC made the shift into television, because BOY do they do it right.

What's so refreshing about this series is the glimpse it gives us into the daily lives of regular citizens on Long Island attempting to negotiate their lives during this turbulent period in our history. Stories of this era often focus exclusively on the political figures and the generals involved.

These are people who have grown up together and in many cases been driven apart due to the respective sides they've chosen in the conflict, Tory vs Patriot. There are no real villains in this equation, since it's possible to make a good faith argument both for the rightness of maintaining allegiance to the Crown and the rightness of seeking independence due to unjust treatment.

It's fascinating to watch these political allegiances play out within the context of relationships, impacting friendships, romantic couplings, even family relations.

The spy angle is intriguing, well integrated into the story, and hooks you from the start. The acting, directing, cinematography, as so often with AMC, all top notch. Hooked, thrilled, emotionally invested, can't wait to see more!
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Espionage in Colonial America
atlasmb9 April 2014
After watching the 1.5 hour pilot for the new AMC show "Turn", I can say that I was very pleased with the introduction to this drama and I have high hopes that its level of quality will continue.

At first, I had difficulty following some dialogue. But I appreciated the fact that the writers did not give us some lengthy explanation of a first episode (that usually spells dullness), but instead threw us into the story. A little patience paid off; soon, the story was comprehensible and compelling.

Additionally, I noted that much of the action is filmed in low light or in darkness of night. But how else would the covert actions of espionage be portrayed? And it's not like the colonials had neon lights. Staying true to the story and its historic environs helps the viewer project himself into the times during which it is set.

Perhaps you have come to realize that the glossy, "patriotic" version of the American Revolution you were taught in school had little to do with historic accuracy. "Turn" incorporates the ambiguities in loyalty/treason/patriotism that were present during the revolution, especially in the times "Turn" is set. Those who took sides did not always choose the "right" side according to personal principles. In the twenty-first century, many who speak about loyalty to a government that has given them opportunity, laws, protection, etc. would probably have found themselves on the Tory side in the 1770s. Law and order sometimes come with oppression and people have different tolerances for oppression. This is clearly demonstrated in the pilot.

One reviewer said that the pilot was historically inaccurate. I do not think so. So far, it seems about as close to accurate as the passing years allow.

A good drama will allow for differences in personality and honor among its characters. Hopefully, British soldiers, for example, will display different temperaments and varying degrees of honor. In the pilot, it seemed that will hold to be true.

I am rating this show highly and hoping that future episodes live up to its promise.

UPDATE after watching 4 episodes: I am really enjoying this show. Throughout there are references to developments in the war that I know of, as we are treated to activities behind the scenes. As the story develops, we find that the characters are not one-dimensional.

UPDATE 5/31/16: I should have updated long ago. This is one of the best dramas on television and surely deserves a grade of "10".
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Thematically Unique and Well Done
m_houran22 June 2014
I love TV but I am so completely bored with the offerings of my hundreds of channels. Virtually no thematic variety.

So first and foremost, TURN is an interesting theme and time period for a series. Although it is fictionalized for the soap-y through storyline, I am so totally intrigued by the real historical accuracies that after every episode I am reading the on-line content, researching bits, and have even borrowed the copy of Washington Spies that I gave my Dad for Father's Day a few years ago to read. At last, a TV show that Dad and I can't wait to enjoy together!

I thought the first episode was just good enough for me to tune in the second week. By week 4 though, TURN had challenged Mr Selfridge for the "which do I watch and which do I dvr." By episode 8, I was craving TURN in between episodes.

Criticisms: The accents: I think the accents - which DO enrich the characters and would have been present in that era - makes the dialogue hard to understand at times, and I watch with closed captioning on at least once in order to catch all of it. The accents don't confuse the action but particularly when they use a period colloquialism, I find myself worried I missed something subtle.

Who is who: It took me five full episodes to sort out the British and in the first three episodes confused John Andre and Ben Tallmadge. None of them had enough screen time in the first four episodes for me to know who was who for whom.

CGI Backgrounds: OMG, this is the worst criticism I have. The CGI ocean ACTION scenes are so freaking bad and it cheapens an otherwise high production value. They remind me of the final ocean scenes in Truman.

The Pros: So well acted, and I don't say that lightly. In the first three episodes, I thought they leaned heavily on Kevin McNally to assure the audience this was serious performance drama. None of the characters except Anna and Abe get a great amount of screen time in any one episode, so every look and every word and every action has to project a great deal of information to the viewer. I think this show is as well acted as any of my regular viewing which is mostly Downton Abbey, Big Bang Theory and HBO.

The incorporation of the historical, the literary, and the vehicle. Very well done.

The likability of the characters: Each of these characters are not entirely likable and yet all are riveting.

Captain Simcoe's chilling, amazing, insane gestalt shriek! Abraham Woodhall's transformation. John Andre's perfection. Anna's broken heart over and over, and awesome latent feminism. I could go on.

Cultural and period accuracy. I love the artifacts and domestic aspects on screen.

I appreciate the costuming skill.

Advice to AMC: I do not like requiring that you require coordination with my TV provider in order to watch online. That empowers the TV provider and DISEMPOWERS your channel. And it makes me made as a subscriber to cable and internet services and takes away my goodwill with the channel.

Storysync is really, really cool but a total distraction to the first run. Unfortunately, I can not use the storysync mode the way you suggest because this show is too dense in action and dialogue to be distracted by reading associated content and such.

I love the extra content! Ambivalent on the letters thing though. I read them all, I like them all, but I wish there were actual letters from the real-life network.
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Huzzah! Huzzah! Huzzah!
bmennen7 April 2014
The producers of this movie showed inner fortitude in bringing this series to life knowing the dismal history of RevWar movies in either general excellence, box office success or both.

For example, does anyone remember Al Pacino in the 1985 movie "Revolution?" He played an American frontiersman of Scottish ancestry-- "Yo...the British are comin'." Or "the Patriot" from more recent times, a Mel Gibson vehicle that was really "Lethal Musket: This Time It's Personal."

"The Crossing" was the best RevWar movie (a series, more accurately) up until now, AFAIC. And, for completeness sake, HBO's "John Adams" was a another excellent series, but this was not about the RevWar, specifically. But "Turn" is brilliantly conceived, written, cast and outfitted; as an amateur RevWar/George Washington guy, I have long anticipated this AMC series and expected a lot. I was not disappointed.

The first 90 minute episode concentrates on how the Culper Spy Ring was put together among a bunch of small town chums from Setauket, Long Island (NY). The producers stay as close as possible to the real story, and the mix of accents adds to the realism. The writers/director do not shy away from violence as is not a surprise for cable--so little kids may not be right for this.

But, in an age when the American Revolution is hardly taught in schools, this is a welcome addition to the meager film history of that period, and great documentation of the sufferings that our Patriot ancestors went through for our freedoms.
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This got real good in a hurry
callen839 June 2014
Warning: Spoilers
It's AMC folks. They tend to start slow. But good Lord episodes 8, 9 & 10 picked up the pace in BRILLIANT fashion. The characters have developed perfectly, the impossible relationships they all kept during such confusion is wonderful & historically accurate (history major here). I love Woodhall & Anna Strong's relationship. Their chemistry is spot on. Sure, the formation of the ACTUAL spy ring has taken longer than I'd have liked. But they're clearly getting there, and answering the questions I've had in time. Well done, AMC. This could have swung badly, and instead picked up to be one of my new favorites, on par in terms of weekly anticipation, with Thrones. Cheers. God Bless America & God Save The Queen :)
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drewfang13 March 2015
AMC does it again! Hooked from the 1st episode. Can't wait for April 13, 2015!

So I decided to take some time and let you guys know my thoughts on this one. I absolutely love period pieces, and this one doesn't fall short of the great ones. It's hard to fathom how much information that never becomes public knowledge during a war. Being a veteran, you get to see a lot of things that the public will never know about. So its refreshing to see, in theory, what could have possibly been going on behind the scenes. In my opinion, this plot line is perfect for a lengthy series. I know that several things are fabricated to entice audiences, but they seem to have done their homework on this one. If my history teachers didn't just cover the broad strokes on the Revolutionary War, I would have been more engaged in class. Shows like this expand your thought process, and get you thinking outside of the box. Well Done!
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Turn season two?
My-Two-Cent9 June 2014
I found this series to be outstanding.. It's well written & well acted but for some reason it hasn't "caught on" is it because people are more interested in UNreality T.V. or would they rather watch something that doesn't take up to much space in their brain or (in my opinion) did AMC not do enough to promote this gem of T.V. shows? Well, in the end the reason doesn't really matter because as of right now season 2 isn't gonna happen & that's a crying shame.. The characters in this show are so likable even the villain Capt. Simcoe is one you love to hate but he would be missed if he were to be killed off.. In closing My-Two-Cent are merely My-Two-Cent & with those two cent you'r not gonna be able to pay the bills so AMC will most likely cancel a great show & we will be left wondering if Simcoe ever gets whats coming to him or if Abe Woodhall ends up with his first love Anna Strong & these are questions I want answers to so I hope & pray that AMC makes the right decision & renews this wonderful show..!
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A point of view from over the pond.
antsquires7415 April 2014
I wasn't expecting too much from this despite the excellent trailers because, generally speaking, the Brits don't come across too good in ANY respect when it comes to the American portrayal of the War of Independence (Patriot for example)or in any other TV show for that matter.

As other posters have said, some productions would have you believe that the British were a force of occupation fighting against every American on the continent rather than the Maturing of a country no longer needing its parent to push it around.

Im delighted to say that, so far, this production bucks the trend and is actually seemingly fair handed to all belligerents and doesn't compel the viewer to focus on the 'Evil Brits' or 'Saintly Patriots' from a moralistic or even worse, a jingoistic, standpoint.

I feel as though I will actually enjoy this without the worry of having every British character being used as a disreputable, thieving, tyrannical Murderer that Hollywood and some US TV shows seem to delight in portraying....

Looking forward to more of the same...
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Wow!!! I think AMC hit it again!!!!
friedenberg-ingrid6 April 2014
Excellent first episode!!!! Great acting, direction, cinematography, production and plot!!! I'm a fan of shows set in that period of our history, but it can get very dark and tiresome sometimes. "Turn" has that quality that will make you wanting more, at least this is what I am taking from the first one hour and a half of the season premiere. I have a feeling that will drive and attract people to visit "Williamsburg" in Virginia, to be part of the story of that time. I have to say that I am very impressed by Jamie Bell's performance as "Abe Woodhull" as well Heather Lind as "Anna Strong". I think they will be a big hit, as I have a feeling that they might get "closer" again. Also Jamie Bell was "Billy Eliott" in the movie. How cool is that? Can't wait for next week's episode!!!!
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A Fantastic New Show
adamhart8715 April 2014
It usually takes me couple of episodes to decide if the story will be good or not. I've watched the pilot and the 2nd episode and all I can say is that it's going to be a huge show. It leaves you wanting to watch the next episode. i don't want to ruin the episodes but honestly it will hold you in constant suspense throughout. The filming and acting is great along with the well written script. After reading some reviews that its not historically correct you can argue that most films or shows on true stories are not exactly depicted as what really happened. Nevertherless its entertaining and something different to watch. Brilliant ! Well done AMC for releasing another great show after walking dead.
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Turn: The True Story of George Washington's Spies AKA America's First Ever Secret Service is APPROVED as quality entertainment
gwyyynth3 October 2018
There are forty episodes, spanning over four seasons, so there is quite a lot to be entertained by, and spans over the true American history that covers the years of 1776 through 1781. There was so much detail and accuracy, it could actually be shown in a college US history class for three credit hours to fullfill the US History lesson requirement.

Some of the parts were SLIGHTLY "Hollywoodized," like the charaterization of British Captain John Graves Simco. I am not sure he was truly that evil, upon further research, but he did live to be a ripe old age, despite so many attacks against his life, by the American rebels, so the main part of his character was true.

I would say though upon research that 90% of the forty hours of this saga were totally true, and worth it's weight in gold as worthy of the true history buff's time.

I recommend TURN: George Washington's Spy Rng to everyone who likes quality entertainment based on true stories.
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A Toss-Up
B2429 July 2015
Here we have a beautifully filmed drama actually made in Virginia rather than Hungary about the War for Independence. Using Williamsburg as a stand-in for Philadelphia is a winner, even though Philadelphia at the time probably looked more like a small version of London. But I quibble. The main fault of this series is that it is precisely what a number of the negative reviewers have stated: actual history is distorted, serving only as a crutch for a mediocre soap opera. Professional actors tend to be melodramatic when their characters lie outside a contemporary setting. Thus for example George Washington's personal agony is presented not as a great man's victory over doubt and frequent indecision, but rather as a method actor's exercise in resistance and transference made possible by interaction with a slave whose fictional character seems to come straight out of the 21st century.

I concur as well with those who have pointed out flaws in the use of language and strangely unclear accents, many of which sound less like Yankee speech of the time and often, anachronistically, Irish. At one point a character uses the questionable "reoccurence." The British major pronounces "schedule" in the modern American way. And so on.

In short, I like the cinematography and sets but hate abuse of history and weaknesses in writing and a generally uneven cast.
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Substitutes Sadistic Violence for Contemporary Car Crashes - History for Those Who Find Real History Boring
mikeh-5404424 November 2019
First, the good bits. Scenery wonderful and evocative. Characters appropriately dirty and unshaven. Uniforms and arms right for the period. Furniture and furnishings all present and correct.

The bad bits......

Captain Simcoe really a later hero in Canada, who engaged in total war during the Revolution; but was not Jack the Ripper.

The plot has more loose ends than a cheap suit. Endless doubts, delays, and obfuscation to sttrettcchh the plot. The less said about the gratuitous violence, the better. Violence, a cheap substitute for good, interesting, characters and writing.

Given the dramatic events and heroic characters of this period in America; could have been much better!
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Best of TV..Great Intrigue & Great characters!!
holly-581127 June 2015
I absolutely love TURN! This is simply a PHENOMENAL SHOW with a great cast. It's every bit as much intrigue as Sherlock and Holmes & King Henry the 8th meeting up with all the modern day politics of Scandal and the patriotism of West Wing....It's even better as it's based on our OWN history! Amazing story of events that happened in our own backyards! Every time I watch I want to learn more. Go online and you will be impressed to learn how much of this history actually happened. The writers have done a great job. They really bring history alive with all the virtue and vices of these people from angst, passion and arrogance to the sacrifice, drive and courage of these people. Lieutenant Simcoe is a despicable savage but I can't wait to see what he will do next and how the spy network & local people work to take him & others down! Watch it and pass it on! It will make you proud to be an American! I want to see more! SPREAD THE WORD TO HELP IT GROW.
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Ready For More
Stephen_BU9 April 2014
Warning: Spoilers
I saw the commercial for this show during the season finale of 'The Walking Dead' and it had me hooked. The show had a lot to set up in the beginning and some might have said it started slow, but it couldn't have finished stronger. The last scene of the episode reminded me of the last scene of 'The Godfather' in the way that the main characters made a pledge for loyalty, but were really organizing a secretive attack. I'm amazed at how many future plot points were developed in one episode (the father, the wife, the ex-fiancée, the murder mystery, the internal American spy, etc). This show looks like it has so much to offer and I will tune in for the rest of the season.
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Interesting - Potential to be Very Good
PartialMovieViewer18 April 2014
Warning: Spoilers
I watch TV for what I think is good entertainment, and I feel, Turn,' is falling into that category. I am not looking for an accurate retelling of history I have been around long enough to know that Holly-weird avoids most honest assessments of history like the plague. If a square peg doesn't fit their idea of a round hole, they shave the edges until it fits. I also understand that there are people who wish to elevate Governor John Simcoe to sainthood - great, he probably was a super guy. One must remember that war tends to bring the worst out of people. Simcoe, proved his tactical brilliance numerous times. In one instance, as a major, he led a surprise attack at the, 'Battle of Crooked Billet,' resulting in a brilliant victory. I don't know how accurate witness' accounts of the horrific treatment of prisoners of war actually were by the Loyalists, and I have questions concerning the accuracy of stories about Loyalists burning living captives to death. Incidetns worthy of questions...but should not be poo-poo and completely dismissed. Atrocitites happened. With that being said, Samuel Roukin portrays Simcoe as one down-right dirty rotten scoundrel of a bad guy (every good show needs a good antagonist) and boy, does he do an outstanding 'bad guy,' impersonation. I also think Jamie Bell and Heather Lind are superb. When those two sneaky little connivers get together you just know all hell is getting ready to be unleashed. Once those two wacky Colonial Devils get a-foot you just don't know what the heck is around the bend. Intrigue...I love it. I am still getting to know the rest of the gang – I mean – cast, but I like them. They all seem to be very good at their jobs. Again, I am not looking to have history explained to me, I have books for that (I don't really believe too much of anything I read either - corroboration is required there as well). I hope this show is successful, but I don't see this lasting more than a year or two. There is just so much one can fit into such a small location and over such a small and touchy time-frame. For those who have read anything about the Revolutionary War, you may or may not agree (and who really cares anyways – I dreamed this theory up myself, so you come up with your own)…the outcome depended so heavily on things falling into just the right place at just the right time. The end-result of the War could have (and maybe should have? hmmmm) gone the other way. I do hope the show succeeds and doesn't try to warp history too much. Once the plot wanders too far out onto some outstretched limb, and it has no chance of finding its way back – I fire the show from my TV. Until then...I will continue to watch - excellent job.
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Absolutely head over heals with this series!!!
teenagepatriot10 April 2014
This episode was absolutely amazing! I loved every minute of it! I have been waiting for weeks for 'Turn' to air. The actors were perfect! Turn is incredibly inspiring, exciting, and it completely reals you into that period of time. Not only does it tell the story of our great nations beginning, it gives the viewers a sense of the good old American spirit! Which almost everyone could use a little these days. I'm glad AMC picked this story...personally one of my favorite stories. Hoping for many seasons to come!! Can't wait for the next show! I'm wondering what's going to happen with the whole fire thing? Make sure to spread the word about AMC's hit new TV show!! Shout out to Jamie Bell (Abe Woodhull) your hot!;)
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You have to know history, but other then that it's amazing
lanezachary216 April 2014
Yes, the acting could be better, but how TURN takes a different viewpoint on American history is extremely charming. It's about American spies and based on one of the many books about Washington's Six, but other than little historical inaccuracies it's a great show. Still, in order to enjoy this show you have to know a good amount about Revolutionary War history before you can absorb the full effect, yes the soap opera aspect is there and not exactly important, but some people need some love story to keep watching. Overall, TURN is well made and it's a great show for history buffs or just people who enjoy learning about untold history.
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It took 3 days to binge this series
evelynebaz28 June 2020
I grew up on Long Island in the 50s. I never knew the history of the island until now. I've read reviews that this story wasn't 100% accurate, but I don't care. The story was wonderful, landscapes were breathtaking. I could wait to see how it ended, however when the final scene was finished I felt sad. Not because of the way it ended, but I will miss watching these hero's everyday. Guess I'll just have to watch it again!
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Outstanding Series!!!
hatsuharu554 December 2019
I'm glad to see that this series got nominated a few times. It definitely deserves praise!

This is one of my top favorite television series that I frequently rewatch and recommend to anyone who has not yet seen it! The cinematography, music, location, sound, editing, acting, etc..., was truly exceptional. Generally American history doesn't really hold my interest. So for a series based on American history to have me utterly addicted should stand as testament to how good this one is!
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Very timely
darling-katie15 August 2019
Amazing how this brings history to life & how appropriate in today's world!
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Want to like it but can't
dmaboyer29 April 2015
Warning: Spoilers
I probably don't know as much about the Revolution as I should so I am not aware of all the inaccuracies so they don't bother me that much. After all, we know it is fiction so why try to berate it for not being truthful.

Everyone says they can't understand the people talking. That is my problem also but the opposite. English, American or British, was much different than today. I would rather they spoke in thicker dialects and had subtitles. I find that I can't get in to the show because the language sounds too much like 21st century. There are just too many modern idioms which just take me out of the story.

Secondly I am not that thrilled about the acting. Much of it seems forced.

Finally, although some of the scenery is nice, much of the scenery is so obviously green screen that it is hard to watch. That part in the third episode where they were rowing across to New York was so obviously CGI that it put me off the whole thing.
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An interesting tale of a lesser known part of early American history
swilliky13 August 2017
Warning: Spoilers
The television show based on the saga of Abraham Woodhull (Jamie Bell) and the spy ring he built to help the American colonies defy the British Empire in the Revolutionary War came to an end. The final season moved the timeline towards the end of the war and saw the death of major characters and the final relaying of information that proved crucial to the British defeat. I had given up on this show back in the second season finding the acting a little corny and the dialogue strange, but when I decided to catch up on it, I found myself enjoying the dramas of the characters alongside the pressures of war. Anna Strong (Heather Lind) finds herself in the refugee camp after refusing marriage to Major Hewlett (Burn Gorman). She conspires with Ben Talmadge (Seth Numrich) and Caleb Brewster (Daniel Henshall) to root out the spies in the camp who seek to betray General George Washington (Ian Kahn).

Woodhull has been so close to being exposed on numerous occasions especially as he was hunted by John Simcoe (Samuel Roukin). The plot at the beginning of the season sees Woodhull parting from his wife Mary (Meegan Warner) who has taken resistance into her own hands before including shooting Simcoe, and pretending to be captured with his father Judge Richard Woodhull (Kevin McNally) by the rebels in order to free Caleb. This plot goes terribly wrong when the Judge is shot during the prisoner exchange and Abraham is nearly shot too if he wasn't saved by Akinbode (Aldis Hodge). The murder of his father gives Woodhull the chance to disguise his motivations for joining the British army.

Check out more of this review and others at swilliky.com
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Very excellent and gripping show!
Slade_W6 July 2014
Warning: Spoilers
When i first heard about the show i wasn't all that psyched but i still decided to check it out because i really find the American revolution interesting. Let me tell you when i saw the first couple of episodes i had a little trouble following the dialogue and at one point almost decided to drop it, i am so glad i didn't. i am mainly basing this review on the last episode,even though the entire series as a whole was excellent. The series finale not only kept me glued to my seat but on the edge of it. The entire series was good but the finale was a bloodbath, they went a little overboard with killing a whole bunch of people but that only tightened the grip on the show even more. my favorite character in the entire show has to be Captain simcoe,the main antagonist. Samuel Roukin not only played his role, he dominated it. I loved the part where he finally cracked. In his mind, you could literally see the essential part that allows us as humans to be reasonable and not act too rash shatter. When Simcoe saw that Maj. Hewlett was going to issue a peaceful trade-off in where the rebels would return the British soldiers without them being harmed and the royal army would return the captured prisoners, he lost it and did the deal breaker, the final squeeze of a show that was already gripping me pretty tight, the final shove that pushed me to the very last edge of my seat, what i consider the climax of the entire episode and the entire series. He grabs Brewster's grandfather takes him outside,for all the rebels to see, pulls out a pistol, puts it to the poor old man's neck and without any hesitation whatsoever pulls the trigger. Now this action as aggressive and enough for me as it was, was not the end of it,oh no, i was satisfied with simcoe killing the old man and that being it but no, another reason this is such an amazing show is when you've had enough and you say "oh, no thank you, my nerves have had enough and i have enough goosebumps as it is" this show says no! you haven't had enough and to the shock of all the rebels and me simcoe lets the old man's lifeless body fall to the ground and with blood splattered on his face gives off one final scream of insanity and then cuts to commercials.Normally when a show cuts to commercials everybody's just like "aw man" and this time is no exception, i still hate when a show cuts to commercials but this was timed perfectly. It is kinda like hearing a really good conspiracy theory and then thinking about it later when it has had time to sink in. Throughout the entire commercial period i was petrified at how amazing the role of a madman can be played if the right man plays him, i was reminded of that feeling i haven't felt since i saw heath ledger's performance of the joker in the dark knight. Even as i am playing the scene over in my head right now i am getting goosebumps. And after that, shocking and trilling things happened throughout the remainder of the episode, like Abe learning it is kill or be killed when the British redcoat living in your house finds out you are a rebel spy and his and Mary's plan to escape punishment for this horrible incident but none can compare to the real performance we got from captain simcoe,the last time i saw such a primal,insane and just plain psychotic look in a man's eyes like that i was watching a video documentary on the third Reich. An amazing show,hope they bring back and end season two with a bang as big as they ended the first season with and i expect to see more of captain simcoe.
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iquine3 August 2017
Warning: Spoilers
(Flash Review)

This show picks up the battles after America declared its independence. You are given the neat perspective of the spies who work on behalf of George Washington the General and how some serious old school spying was done. A far cry from the high tech world of James Bond. The show is highly realistic and authentic to the period. There are lots of characters to keep straight and keep track of, which requires focus and/or rewatching a few scenes twice to catch everything. It is entertaining and the editing mixes up crisp and eloquent dialog, with some battles, subtle spying, a dash of romance and some bloody moments. Very enjoyable yet requires astute focus.
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