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13 Apr. 2015
Thoughts of a Free Man
Abe is eager to get to Washington, while Rogers finds himself a new job.
13 Apr. 2015
Hard Boiled
Abe continues his mission in New York, while Simcoe adjusts to his punishment. Mean while Andre seduces Peggy.
20 Apr. 2015
False Flag
Abe returns from New York. Andre prepares to put on a play. Washington supports Arnold through his injury. Caleb and Ben work with Sackett on developing their operations. Rogers heads for New Jersey as the Kings Royal Messenger.
27 Apr. 2015
Men of Blood
Ben and Abe find a better form of communication and discuss new plans with Anna. Caleb and Rogers get into an altercation while on their missions. Andre has an intesting time at the Shippens. Abe plays checkers with Townsend in New York.
4 May 2015
Sealed Fate
Judge Woodhul confronts Abe about his "mission" for Major Hewlett. Ben learns important information from multiple sources. Abe has dinner with Townsend and his Father in New York. Simcoe returns to Setauket.
11 May 2015
Houses Divided
Anna takes action when learning of Abe's capture. Ben and Caleb struggle to come up with a new plan. Simcoe pushes himself back into Anna's life. Andre gains vital intelligence. Mary speaks her mind to Judge Woodhull.
18 May 2015
Valley Forge
Washington has anxieties about an illness he believes he has. Major Hewletts tale of capture is finally revealed. Abe fights to survive his own capture.
25 May 2015
Caleb and Ben plan to free Abe from his capture in New York. Major Hewlett must survive the wild to make his way back to Setauket. While planning his next attack, Washington is told that an alliance with the French is imminent. Andre and Peggy receive unfortunate news on their status in Philadelphia when a visitor comes unannounced.
1 Jun. 2015
The Prodigal
Tensions between Major Hewlett and Simcoe reach a critical point. Abe gets released from captivity and searches for Townsend. Arnold makes quite the impression on the Shippens. Back at Valley Forge, Ben tries to protect Washington from an internal threat.
8 Jun. 2015
Gunpowder, Treason and Plot
Abe plots Major Hewlett's assasination; Ben fights at the Battle of Monmouth; Benedict Arnorld longs for Peggy.

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