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The old star wars bottled in an animated episode.
A_Voice7 December 2013
It is one of the best episode of the series thus far. An action packed, dark and reminiscent of the old trilogy, which acknowledges the various cliffhangers left by the continuation of the series. This is certainly a beginning to an epic climatic showdown.

The story moves forward with Maul proceeding with his plan for revenge. Satine tries and escape and manages to convey her miserable situation to the Jedi council.

The episode feature few of the best action sequences with a great duel. The best part of the episode is that it is dark and not some cartoon network stuff. It stays close to the original story and the trilogies. It leaves us hungry for more and keeps us gripped till the end. Only flaw is that the voice actors could have done a better job. Their voices lacked power according to the situation.

Direction/Animation: Flawless.

Script/Screenplay: It was less of dialogue oriented but more of action oriented, nevertheless awesome writing.

Music: Good to hear the old John Williams' star wars theme. Superb music.

An awesome installment to an awesome arc, eagerly waiting to see what happens next.
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THIS is The Clone Wars
jeremy-tsuei9 May 2015
Warning: Spoilers
I have to admit, I was perfectly content with leaving the show entirely after the first season. And then when I finally got around to the second season, it was more like 'eh, I'll stick with it.' I'm glad I did, because the third and fourth season had some really good episodes. But then with the fifth season, it felt like the show was stagnating again. The rising tensions at the end of the last season were put on hiatus, to be replaced with content like the D-squad run (yeah, the Clone Commando was cool, but the Colonel Gascon probably best belongs with Jar Jar Binks in the 'failed attempts at comic relief' category).

And then this run came, beginning with episode 15, Eminence.

And this episode to cap it off.

Did it feel like I was watching a kids show, in the stereotyped sense of the word? Not at all. It was dark, violent, and intense, in a way that felt a lot more The Empire Strikes Back than The Phantom Menace. And yet, with so much confined in a mere twenty minutes, the pacing made it feel fresh. The only time that you'll be able to breathe is during a mid-point death scene; one of the best TV death scenes that I've ever seen, rivaling Hank's death in Breaking Bad and the Red Wedding from Game of Thrones.

Yep, I just compared The Clone Wars to Breaking Bad and Game of Thrones.

Somehow, this episode almost singlehandedly transforms the show from its season one origins, and made me forget about all that I had disliked; the stupid battle droids, the fruitless attempts at humour, the stagnation of the plot. Sure, the show had been getting progressively more mature and leading up to this, but this was THE tipping point.

Rarely would I recommend watching a whole show just for one episode, especially in an animated children's' show, where a lot of the episodes are self-contained. But if you keep key points from the previous seasons in mind while watching The Lawless, it all just somehow works. It's awesome.
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Best ever.
ege-gediksiz2 February 2013
Warning: Spoilers
This was absolutely the best episode of the entire Clone Wars series. The scene when Obi Wan controlled his fear and anger through Darth Maul's words and Satine's love, avoiding the dark side like Anakin couldn't do in Revenge of the Sith has told us why he was Jedi Master Obi Wan Kenobi all over again. She has been killed in front of his eyes, even it couldn't made him angry and he kept playing the game by the book of the Jedi Order.And his statement to the Darth Maul made me think that Darth Maul was just like Darth Vader in some sort. I mean he reluctantly chose the dark side because of the Night Sisters. The moment when Maul felt his "old" master's presence and said "Master!" was very impressive. Most impressive.
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