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Inside Out Lgbt 2013: ‘Route Of Acceptance’

Route of Acceptance

Directed and Written by Heather Tobin

2012, Canada

Route of Acceptance follows Ryan Stark, (No relation to Tony) an opinionated, outspoken lesbian. When she is accepted to three different universities Ryan imagines three different corresponding futures. Fatalism takes center stage as the ends of all three stories prove tragic.

With the story out of the way lets jump right into it: this is an absolute mess of a film. The film performs poorly in every conceivable way and unfortunately ends up being a complete waste of time. First off, the dialogue that the actors have to deliver is terrible. Its all raunchy for raunchy’s sake, never really slowing down to even ever consider giving a well thought out, potentially poignant line especially in the more dramatic portions. Equally bad are the actors themselves who give D-list performances at best. Its actually an incredibly distracting factor as the
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