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The Yes Men evolve to create a more personal but no less illuminating movie
texshelters5 January 2015
"The Yes Men Are Revolting" and evolving.

The latest film by the provocative political-performance duo, the Yes Men, made its debut in Tucson, Arizona on Sunday. Native Tucsonan Andy Bichlbaum showed up to introduce the film and answer questions afterwords. The only disappointment is that there weren't any re- burgers for us during the show. Unlike their other two films, this version of the Yes Men was more introspective and less triumphal. As anybody involved in political activism or organizing of any kind know that not every action comes off as planned, and a couple of the actions in the film came off, barely and poorly. There were also successes. The lesson is:

1) Never give up, try, try again, and get right back on that horse cause winners never quit and quitters never win. 2) Doing something is better than doing nothing. 3) Use Wigs. 4) Regular people can make a difference 5) Collaborate.

For a long time, the Yes Men brainstormed most of their own ideas as a duo and then at the end brought on assistants such as camera crew, make-up and props people. The learned that this was no long possible for them. Perhaps they will change their name to "The Yes People."

In this movie the Yes Men talk about their paying jobs, their relationships and family as well as activism. Because their lives were put into the context of how they could find time to create actions, the film doesn't fall into the trap of becoming a reality show about two activists.

Mr. Bichlbaum's answers to our questions were at times enlightening and at other times mundane. His humility was refreshing and he came of as a kind and shy gentleman. He credits Occupy Wall Street with creating a new type of movement and re-energizing them. I am loathe to say more about the film for I do not want to give away too much.

Rating: Pay full price.

The movie is funny, entertaining, educational and life affirming, if not life altering. Time for my re-burger.

Peace, Tex Shelters
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Funny, brilliant documentary film! A MUST SEE!
latte-4398312 June 2015
GREAT movie that makes you laugh out loud while dealing with various serious matters. I can't believe you are not getting more press on this!!

Our planet is dying and I hope one day people praise you for the tremendous efforts that you and your family have put forth to change history. The audience of theater-goers were laughing, cheering and applauding this wonderful film.

Nice job! This is a must-see film. I would have like to seen more information and data but then again, it's depressing enough and I would not have laughed so hard if you made it too serious. It was like Jack Ass the movie but with a cause and brains.
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A must see movie!
Bento_de_Espinosa14 January 2016
I'm a huge fan of The Yes Men. They are the kind of people who make me believe that one should never stop hoping. Maybe their previous movie was better than this one, but it's understandable why. In the mean time, they got older and one of them has now wife and kids. It's not easy to be an activist, especially when you need money, i.e., have to work to survive. This movie is more personal. It shows how frustrated they got, reason why they look a bit tired and needed so long to make another movie. Nevertheless it's still very good and the subject is very important. Like the other one, this movie has funny moments and is very inspiring. I wish they would make more movies more often. Don't stop, Yes Men!
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Best Movie Ever
ianrose312 August 2015
The Yes Men are the cleverest most witty comedians addressing the most serious issue of our time (or end of time). It is a totally upside down World we find ourselves in when it's comedians addressing the big serious issue while serious business oligarchs fund it's destruction and treat society as a joke. You'll enjoy this film so much you'll want to share it with everyone you know. I encourage Teachers across the World to host screenings in all schools, Hoteliers in all sports bars, Airlines on all flights, Councils on public screens, till everyone knows the film off by heart and is inspired to get active and stop sleepwalking as multinational corporations march society into a premature death. Corporatocracy is the end of Democracy and this film will wake you up.
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Overall lower in quality than the other Yes Men movies
ersbel9 February 2017
This one is lower in quality than the other Yes Men movies. It is more personal and the audience gets to hear more personal details, but the overall feeling was not as more personal movie, but as fluff. The same way I started to appreciated how they openly presented one of their failed stunts, only to get it later: it was not out of sincerity, but a desperate need to recoup the loss.

Their initiatives are remarkable. The execution shows hard work and a lot of thought invested in every action. But it's hard not to see the populism and the shallow thought. Are they populist and shallow or they just need to exploit someone in order to make a living? The worst is the dipping in the conspiracy theory waters.

So bottom line: if only things would have been presented otherwise!

Contact me with Questions, Comments or Suggestions ryitfork @
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Even more please!
mythmara27 March 2016
When I donated to their Kickstarter campaign I didn't even realize it was not their first movie or "action". Though I lost the decoder ring and etc items bonus, watching this movie makes up for it. A fresh way to bring heightened consciousness to our world issues about climate change. I will need to backtrack to watch the other movies. This being our election year keeping salient issues up in the public's face is important. We yearn for alternate sources since journalism seems to be eroding. Thank you for making our living in these turbulent times a mode of creativity and communication for all our societies benefit. Keep it up!
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