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The most offensive movie I've ever seen
cameronduncan2122 March 2014
Warning: Spoilers
I have never written a movie review in my life but I was so offended by this movie I felt compelled to say something. I actually went into the movie excited to see a genuine debate about God vs Science. I knew there would of course be some Christian bias as there would be an atheist bias if the movie was made by atheists. However, what this movie turned out to be was a hypocritical piece of propaganda. I will give the movie some credit for bringing up a few intelligent points for the case for god but not enough to redeem it even a little.

If you are a Christian and are OK with this movie then I suggest you re-watch it after reading this review. I will try not to be overly negative but it will be hard for me.

1st) Every character in this movie that was not Christian was either portrayed as an idiot (the reporter), a terrible person (the boyfriend), an abusive father (the Muslim), or a God hater (the atheist professor).

2nd) The atheists professor was apparently only atheist because he was hurt over his mothers death and blamed God. While I will admit this is probably the case for some atheists it is not the majority. Further, being atheist does not mean you hate Christianity or would ever require students to sign an agreement that "God is dead." Not to mention this character is hit by a car at which point the Pastor in the movie runs to him telling him this is his last chance to accept Jesus as his lord and Savior.

3rd) the LONE Muslim man in the movie is a control freak dad who ends up slapping around his daughter when he finds out she is listening to the bible on tape. I know plenty of Muslims that are very accepting people and this portrayal only enforces stereotypes that are often wildly inaccurate.

4th) The movie makes a point that without God nothing matters and you can't have morals and everything is permissible. It further implies that without God there is no way to have hope in life. This notion is extremely ignorant and one that any logical Christian would reject.

5th) The movie ends with a list of court cases proclaiming them as examples of this type of situation, but fails to give any detailed information. I expect that upon further investigation of these cases I will find them to be very very different. I will write in later once i research them.

Overall, the movie is offensive to anyone thats not Christian and should be offensive to those Christians who have valid arguments for their faith. I do not wish to belittle anyones faith and do believe logical and intelligent discussions can be had without degrading one another. I am not an angry person and very rarely get worked up but by the end of this movie I was almost in tears at how offended and upset I was. Again, this is very uncharacteristic of me. I am not some but hurt atheist in fact I am not really sure what I believe at this point in time but I can guarantee you this movie only made me angry at the Christians who made it and participated in its production. Growing up in a church I have met many intelligent and insightful Christians who I love dearly. This movie was so disgusting in its execution that I almost asked the theater for a refund.
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Shallow, immature, and badly written
Talia_the_StoryMaker24 January 2015
I'm a conservative evangelical Christian (a Calvinist in fact), and I am not exactly proud of this movie.

At times, it was actually kind of entertaining - mostly because of the laughably bad writing, but near the end there actually were some dramatic moments that affected me. Plus, sometimes I couldn't help but get caught up in the cheesy fun of watching a movie so clearly directed at members of my own community.

But overall...? Yeah. This movie had a LOT of problems, and frankly it was offensive in a lot of ways. And to be honest, it doesn't reflect very well on believers.

I think that the entire thing is supposed to teach Christians how to use apologetics to evangelize, but if that's what it's trying to do, don't expect a huge influx of converts anytime soon. The entire movie seems VERY caught up in how stupid, evil and bad non- Christians and atheists are, without stopping for one minute to recognize that HUMILITY is one of the key virtues of our faith. In truth, Christians are literally NO better than other people, and whatever difference exists in our life is not because we're smarter or more moral - it's because of Christ and Christ alone.

This movie is nothing more than an amalgamation of clichés and stereotypes that us Christians unfortunately have. It doesn't put a modicum of effort into thinking about or developing its story or characters because the story and characters already exist in the minds of the Christians watching.

As a result, the characters are all flat and badly written. Their motivations oftentimes don't make sense. They feel like total non- entities, mere objects upon which the writers rather un-subtly impose their views of the world. This is BOTH bad writing AND vastly weakens the message.

This movie, because it contains nothing that feels like "real people", has limited relevance to the real world. This is basically the movie equivalent of a kids' educational video - it may have vague outlines of characters and plot line, but they have no depth to them. The entire thing just exists to teach something in an entertaining way.

And that's actually perfectly okay. It's not exactly what I'm looking for in a movie or a Christian movie, but it's not inherently bad. I just wish they had done it in a way that didn't further prejudice and shallow understanding of other human beings.
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It's Bad and I'm Sorry
joefred-962-36972931 March 2014
I am a Christian pastor and genuinely appreciate the efforts of those who try to engage the culture in creative ways. However, someone needs to say this. This movie isn't particularly good. Although it may offer Christians some apologetic material, it will fail to engage the larger culture in any meaningful way. The reason for this is simple. Most Christians seem wholly unable to grasp the difference between propaganda and art. Art is a powerful but subtle tool that draws people in and causes them to question their assumptions without even realizing it . Propaganda is a blunt force instrument for communicating dogma in story form. Without any shadow of a doubt this film is more propaganda than art, and thoughtful atheists will see it for what it is even if Christians can't. Perhaps we need fewer Christians doing art and more artists serving Christ. There haven't been any decent Christian films since "The Passion of the Christ" and the "Chronicles of Narnia."
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Unbelievably simplistic
jrcham9423 March 2014
I was dragged to this "movie" by a Christian friend who keeps thinking that I"ll finally come around to her religious way of thinking. Jeez, it was worse that I expected. Atheists are portrayed as evil beings who "hate god" and are determined to convert Christians. Actually, atheists do not "hate" god; god is simply something they don't believe exists. As to forcing their way of thinking on anyone, the movie has it backwards. It's Christian zealots who demand that everyone think like them. Most atheists - those that I know anyway - are happy to let others believe as they wish as long as they don't force their "values" on the rest of us. As to production values, etc., the film is pretty basic. The lead actor over-emotes and the supporting cast of Kevin Sorbo and Dean Cain look pretty silly. The plot is pretty much what you'd think. Thoughtful friends shouldn't let friends see this piece of propaganda: it has no basis in reality. As to Christians, knock yourself out. Like Fox News, it's been produced to reinforce your preconceptions without actually presenting another point of view in anything resembling a thoughtful way.
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Propaganda at its finest.
altair24785 July 2014
You know when a movie made by Christians is about religion, it's going to demonize secularism. It makes out that Morality is entirely exclusive to Christianity and that without God, there is no point in being moral, which is just ridiculous. It makes every non-Christian look either evil or stupid, which is just insulting. It is just propaganda, no way around it, it's trying to make Christianity look perfect when it isn't and it's trying to make secularism and any other religion look evil and immoral. It's almost like this movie was made Christians who knew absolutely nothing about their own faith and of other beliefs. It's a new low for cinema, it's upsetting to think that this movie was allowed to be made.
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God's not dead, but the script should have killed.
biscuitskillt22 March 2014
Warning: Spoilers
I'm a Christian and just watched the movie last night. I have to tell you that this is NOT a good movie, at all. The only thing that was good about it was some of the acting and cinematography. The movie is so stereotypical, one-sided, and offensive that it will push many away from the gospel, which is not what any supposed Christian movie should be doing. I've talked to many non-Christians who have watched this film, and this is exactly what it's doing.

Here's why. Every, and I mean every single non-Christian in the movie is an amoral, annoying, arrogant, jerk. Every single Christian (except that annoying girlfriend) is a moral, righteous, considerate person. Just because you are not a Christian doesn't mean you don't even have BASIC morals, I mean c'mon. That is completely stereotypical and will offend anyone who notices.

Regarding the Muslim family, that just disgusted me. They only show one Muslim family, which so happens that the dad is an abusive father. This will probably cause any Muslim watching the movie to immediately step out in disgust. Sure, this may happen a lot in other countries and maybe even sometimes in the U.S., but they shouldn't have shown the only Muslim family in the entire movie as being abusive and dysfunctional. That alienates any Muslim in the audience as being dysfunctional. Way to love your neighbor, Mr. Director.

In relation to the debate, the kid did give some good, foundational, basic points to support the existence of God in contrast to the atheistic Big Bang Theory. BUT, you NEVER heard a rebuttal of equal length or quality from the professor. If you watch any REAL debate done by professionals, each gets their shot to prove their point. And usually, both will bring up many very good points from each side of the spectrum. Sometimes the atheist will win, sometimes the theist will win. Depends on who's more prepared and logical. I, personally, am a completely convinced young-earth Creationist, so no, I'm not biased toward the professor. It just ticks me off that every time the professor talks, you immediately want to hate him from the sarcastic and arrogant tone he gives off while asking short, pithy, statements that can easily be disproven or argued by any professional Theist. This will alienate any Atheist in the room, and could, cause them to walk out in disgust as well. I would, if I was an Atheist.

Next, they never tried to prove the existence of Jesus and the validity of the Christian religion. But, they turned around and completely dissed the Muslim religion with no validity to do so. They never even attempted to argue that the Jesus of the Christian Bible was the superior and only God, above Allah. Nope, they just mentioned God, as in a Supreme Being not necessarily relating to any one religion. And they expected you to already believe that Allah was a false god. What if a Muslim comes into the audience wanting to see a movie proving the existence of God in general?

Lastly, the entire premise was a bunch of bull anyway. NO professor of that status would do that in a classroom. They would be stepping on glass, and probably get kicked out of the entire school very shortly. Most people are not atheists, most people are a mix of different religions. There's something called, freedom of speech. If he's violating that, he's out. And if, by some miracle, you do receive a tyrannical, insane professor like THAT, you don't let yourself get bullied like this kid did, and you don't just drop the class either. If you are a Christian, first of all, you stand up to the professor and read him your RIGHTS AS AN American CITIZEN. Voice your disgust to the classroom before you leave and threaten the teacher as you walk out telling him how you are going to bring this to the news and every board room you can get your hands on so that he will be fired as soon as possible because of his dictatorial unconstitutional leadership in the classroom. The last thing you do is give into his demands, and then JUST influence a little classroom of eighty people. With a professor that insane, you could get on the freaking news and tell the entire world the gospel. Why miss a chance like that? Think outside the box people! Also, it ticked me off that the entire reason that the professor was an Atheist was due to emotional, personal experience, rather than logic. I mean seriously? A lot of Atheists choose their viewpoints due to primarily logic and education rather than that their mom died, or something bad happened to them causing them to hate God and reject him by turning to Atheism. Once again, it is isolating Atheists as being emotional wrecks not truly wanting to accept what they know is true only because they HATE God. Which is a bunch of bull. It completely disregards any atheistic comments as being grounded in emotional problems, when many times they are grounded in what they call LOGIC. However faulty that logic may be.

There are other points I could bring up, but I'm reaching my word-limit. This movie is in one word: mindless. And not something true Christians should be supporting. Now, once again, I am a reformed Christian young- earth, protestant Creationist and five-point Calvinist. I have argued with many atheists, agnostics, etc. and watched countless hours of debates and read many books from both sides of the spectrum and am totally convinced, due to LOGIC, not blind-faith, that God exists, Jesus exists, is the only true God, and that the Bible is infallible.
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Who Really Believes This?
rmeehan-5541124 January 2016
The ways this film treats all atheists is the rough equivalent of a film treating all Christians as Fred Phelps clones.

It's a thoughtless, unintelligent film whose only appeal is that it preaches to the choir. It presents the world in the most one- dimensional, black-and-white format I've ever seen.

And if anyone sees it fit to jump in and criticize me for being biased against the film: I have several friends who are very sincere and devout Christians. I have the utmost respect for their beliefs, and would never try to convert them.

THEY have even said that this film is the pinnacle of stupidity, and that it misrepresents their religious beliefs entirely.

Skip it.
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Offensive in it's basic premise
dbmcsweeney24 March 2014
Warning: Spoilers
The movie begins with the premise that the 'atheist' Professor is such as he has rejected God in anger over the death of his mother. This is not an atheist, this is a Christian having a snit fit and rejecting his religion of choice.

An atheist does not carry the debate if the Christian God is alive or dead; we believe neither any more than we discuss Santa Claus. To suppose that the atheist believes that there was a god, alive, dead or just really drunk is just insulting.

If you're going to try to offend atheists, please be semi-accurate in representing the MAIN character as one rather than falsely labeling your own 'brother' as one.

I love a good propaganda movie like any other good Murican but come on.
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Insulting and Disgusting
maximumforce45823 March 2014
Warning: Spoilers
This travesty of a movie movie is about a Christian named Josh Wheaton who attends a philosophy class at his college/university. As we all know, Christians are a significant minority in the United States (sarcasm), so Josh is the only implied Christian out of all 80 students in the class. The professor is a ridiculously exaggerated atheist and forces all of his students to write on a piece of paper "God is Dead" with a signature beneath it; because, you know, that's totally allowed in schools and wouldn't result in immediate punishment.

Of course, Josh, being the only devout Christian (as far as we're aware) out of all 80 students in the classroom and every single class the professor has ever taught before, is the only one to say he won't do it. The professor then says he will be forced to debate and prove God is real and that he's "not dead." Of course, the movie seems to not understand the word debate as Josh is the only one to actually argue anything, while the professor doesn't do more than one or two snarky rebuttals; so really, it's more like "I'll give you the chance to argue everything while I do nothing to deliver an argument against it."

Meanwhile, we follow several other stories; most significantly, that of a Muslim girl who is violently abused by her father when she wants to convert to being a Christian, which sends a horrible message and stereotype about Muslims in addition to atheists. We also follow a vegan atheist (trying to aim for the most liberal characters possible?) who finds out she has cancer and ends up following Christ in the end, surprisingly (not). Intertwined with this is her laughably mean-spirited and rude atheist lawyer boyfriend, who, when finding out about her cancer, says in hilariously evil fashion "Couldn't this wait until tomorrow?" which drew a plethora of shocked gasps throughout the crowd as well. This character in particular was exaggerated to such a point that it made me sick.

The funniest thing about those other stories is that they serve literally no purpose whatsoever other than to show that everyone who isn't a Christian is an incredibly angry, mean, or otherwise confused person. They contribute nothing to the plot at all besides filler for the spaces in between the "main event" that is Josh arguing in favor of God.

Speaking of useless to the plot, there is also a few parts of the movie the movie that are just random where a black man who sounds like he's a Caribbean native and the Reverend at Josh's church stand around a parking lot for two days and deliver some unfunny commentary about how loving God is and how every rental car they get doesn't drive. I couldn't really understand anything this did to help carry the story along besides, again, acting as filler for breaks in-between the actual plot line.

In the end Josh begins yelling at his professor random lines that completely bypass everything he said in his arguments before (the most random one was "science supports his existence, you know the truth!" despite nothing before that point saying anything like that) and it turns out that the only reason the professor is atheist is because he lost his mom when he was a kid, implying the only reason atheists don't believe is because they lost something in their lives.

Of course, that part doesn't make any sense because the atheist lawyer actually talks to his dementia-stricken mother soon after this scene bringing up how he's so rich and successful despite the fact that he's an atheist and she's a poor old women with a mental deficiency despite the fact that she is a devout Christian. So basically, we have one side saying atheists are atheists because they are just angry or sad to appease Christians that they don't actually believe for realistic reasons, and then we have the atheist lawyer go completely against this point just to remind everyone that atheists are horrible people.

So, after he was yelled at by Josh, Professor Radison reads a letter from his mother talking about how much she loved him and how she wanted him to be a good follower of God. After this Radison rushes to a concert where his Christian girlfriend is to get her back. All of this makes us assume he reconsidered his faith and has become a Christian again. Or not, because on the way he is hit by a car.

The Reverend sees him get hit and, without ever knowing or meeting this character, instead of screaming for help, getting paramedics, calling 911, anything, they begin talking to him about his faith in Jesus. Yes, folks, I'm serious. The Reverend says it's a miracle the professor wasn't killed instantly! Of course, the professor dies anyway so really he ended up dying painfully and slowly, while also being forced to admit out loud to having faith in Jesus before his death.

This almost made me leave the theatre in disgust. What makes the situation even worse is that no one cared! The Reverend and his friend were joking about how he's in heaven now anyway! Not to mention half the theatre had laughed at him being hit by a car. It was sickening and disturbing that someone's death in the movie was simply shrugged at because he was an atheist and had repented in the end so it didn't matter anyway.

In the end, if I were to ignore all of the awful stereotypes, disgusting pieces of Christian propaganda, and in general just insulting content, the movie would still be a 5/10 at best. The acting was weak, half of the film had zero to do with the main plot, and the main plot itself was hardly even compelling and completely unrealistic anyway. Avoid at all costs.
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Religious propaganda
Stewball21 March 2014
Warning: Spoilers
There's so much wrong with this massively over the top movie, but the worst is the title which should have been: "The Strawman's Not Dead". No, I'm not an atheist of any flavor. Then what you may ask am I? Good question, but nobody took the other position. As Ecclesiastes implies, there's a time for gray, and a time for black and white.

I knew I was in trouble when I saw all the old people and young families with school age children in the audience, the religious themed previews, and someone in the credits listed as an expert on apologetics. As I predicted elsewhere, deism or anything like it never came up, and neither did anything like soft atheism. All the good guys were Christians and all the bad guys were mean spirited, glib, sarcastic and/or hard atheists.

The best line in the movie came when the kid asks the professor "If you don't believe in God, how can you say he's dead", which drew smile from me, but great laughter and applause from the crowd confirming my earlier assessment about the bias of the packed audience this Friday afternoon. It was the coup de grace from one strawman to another. The ending after that, with all the implied miracles and the dying conversion, was sickening.
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As A Christian Man I Am Disgusted
zack_wall24 March 2014
Warning: Spoilers
My first thoughts after walking out of the theater were absolute horror, disgust, abhorrence, and sadness. The film turned what could possibly have been a good idea -- an atheist professor debating the existence of God with a Christian student -- and made sure to destroy ANY sort of message that could have been gained.

Let's talk about the OBVIOUS and TOTALLY UNACCEPTABLE stereotypes presented by the film. We have a lone Muslim character who beats his daughter, an atheist professor who just happens to be the biggest narcissist this side of the Mississippi, an idiotic reporter, the idea that all atheists chose their lifestyle because deep down they hate God, and even more nonsense that I can't fit in this post.

I'll sum up the entire film for those of you who haven't seen it yet: An atheist professor makes his class declare that "God Is Dead" (which is extremely un- professor-like in this day and age, so there's that), and the lone Christian student in his class spends the entire film convincing him that God exists. Then we find out that his professor isn't actually an atheist, he's just mad at God for not saving his wife (or mother? I've already repressed most of this film).

The entire movie is just one giant atheist bash. Zero minds will be changed, and the rest of the world has yet ANOTHER reason to point and label Christianity as a giant pool of judgment and bigotry.

What makes me sad is the fact that this film is far exceeding the box office gains they'd projected to make, which means we'll be seeing even MORE terrible Christian films coming out that continue to preach to the choir and give the world more reason to turn away from the Church.

I can't be the only one sick and tired of this. We haven't had a decent film about the Christian faith since Charlton Heston portrayed Moses in The Ten Commandments. I feel like unless we have serious discussions about the future of Christian film, and boycott these terrible attempts at shaming people into Christianity, then Christian films will continue falling towards this downward spiral into obscurity.

I feel like I'm going crazy as I read yet another "glowing review" praising trash films such as this one, while giving no good reason for a decent filmmaker to put out a solid Christian movie. If that day comes, I'll die a happy man, but until then, can we please stop encouraging this?
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Pedantic Christian Propaganda Garbage
hiltoncoa21 March 2014
Warning: Spoilers
The four words in the summary line express everything you need to know about this movie. It is boring, idiotic, and a blatant attempt to vilify free-thinkers while shamelessly promoting an biased Christian world-view. In the movie, the college professor is portrayed as the educated, elitist, atheist snob who tries to force his anti-god opinions on his students. The "poor, kind, Christian" is left to defend himself and prove his beliefs or suffer the consequences. In the real world most Americans live in, it is quite the opposite. It is the Christians who try to force their agenda on everyone, while the educators scratch their heads in amazement at the blind zealotry of the mindless religious masses who would chose ignorance over education. Don't waste your money on this garbage. Not to mention the crappy scipt, terrible acting, and predictable plot. There is not one redeeming thing about this film. It was so bad that I actually asked for my money back!
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Looser movie
outerlimitsurvey22 April 2014
Warning: Spoilers
I charitably gave the movie 2 stars because the acting isn't terrible and in spite of any problems it's fun to see the underdog win. In a nutshell philosophy is questions that can never be answered and religion is answers that can never be questioned. The movie creates a straw-man by casting the philosopher as more dogmatic than religion. I've never heard of a philosophy professor coercing students into a position because at its core philosophy is about free inquiry. Philosophers consider Argument from Authority a fallacy. Philosophy is about teaching what great minds thought and to get students to think for themselves. My philosophy professor was atheist but we spent just as much time studying Christian apologetics as criticism. We were expected to understand the arguments both ways.
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or "Chain E-mail - Live!"
rwallace7126 March 2014
And that student was.....Albert Einstein!

We've all read those contrived chain e-mails where a professor and student get into a philosophical debate, usually over religion or partisan politics, where the student "cleverly" upends the professor using some highly-questionable logic, right? Well, this is one of those e-mails stretched out almost two hours, with a couple of meaningless subplots thrown in and some free publicity for a popular musical group. Yes, someone took one of those apologetics arguments and made a movie out of it. The premise is built on a falsehood, but a certain sect of this country will eat it up.

Do not go to this movie expecting to be enlightened about belief or a lack thereof. This is just one 113-minute-long logical fallacy.
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Stereotypical Hogwash
Jayden-yocum22 March 2014
Warning: Spoilers
I will keep this short as I do not want to dedicate any more attention to this stereotypical propaganda. Based solely on the trailer it seemed as if atheists were being the only ones targeted in this film; atheists are portrayed as mean, selfish, and rude, while in contrast practically every Christian is shown as nice and intelligent. The atheist professor scenario is incredibly unrealistic and if anything would happen the other way around if it were to happen at all. It basically serves as an anti-liberal, anti-atheist message just for the sake of it.

However in addition to atheists Muslims are also targeted in laughable form. They are depicted as violent and anti-women, abusing their daughter who wants to apparently convert to Christianity. The funniest thing is that these were Americanized Muslims who would never do anything like that in real life.

It doesn't stop there, but I think you get the picture; the main reason for this one star review is simply the fact that this sends a horrible message. It depicts basically every non- Christian group as evil and mean, and also shows them as either angry or unintelligent; how else could you not believe!?

In addition to the awful and unrealistic stereotypes portrayed the acting is mediocre at best, and the actual proof, the reasoning for God, is an overused and ridiculously outdated straw man that is presented as the holy grail of evidence, undermining all strong and intelligent debates that could come from the atheist side. I have nothing against Christians as individual people, however I do have a problem when they come together to make an awful film such as this.

Do not see.
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This Movie Likely Isn't For You
Jyoeru5 July 2015
One need not spend any more time in this movie than the opening scene to get a feel for how they will spend the rest of the movie: uncomfortable. Right from the opener, we're introduced to most of the actors we're going to deal with. Aside from the protagonist, Josh Wheaton, everyone else is presented as miserable or aloof or unfortunate or struggling or some other state of dismal and uptight. The difference? Josh wears a cross around his neck.

Anyone desiring to watch this movie will know from the hype around it or basic plot summary this film uses a linear Christian vs. atheist platform. They probably expect to get some thinking points or mild entertainment from it, but let me assure you that the intended audience is not you. This film was created as a blankey- and-pacifier for the groomed, self-righteous Christian who views themselves as a neo- martyr fettered by a licentious and brazen anti- God society. It serves more as a call to war than as a reasonable conversation held between two sides. And everyone who isn't a Christian is the enemy.

I can't think of a film that offended me more than this one, and it accomplished that by the time our protagonist and antagonist had their first encounter. Though, to some credit against a lot of reviews that decry Mr. Raddison's approach, I've met philosophy instructors who challenged people in exactly the same fascist style offered in this film. But even with the initial conflict comes the reality that a billion different options were present for Josh, and he chose the most confrontational one possible. Of the stereotypes presented, I'd say the one employed for the neo-martyr Christian's approach to those in disagreement with them was perhaps the most accurate. That, and the unapologetic monologue offered by Willie Robertson near the start, which did everything but give him wings and a halo, best demonstrated the reason for my sentiments of discontent every time I get done talking to someone who's a fan of Duck Dynasty.

I'd like to qualify my sentiments as thus: I am a Lutheran by upbringing. I have my own relationship with God and frequently engage in the conversation with atheists paramount to this film's plot. I frequently find myself upset with the scripted circular- logic sentiments offered by the common atheist (as well as those from the average self-identifying Christian).

And furthermore, I found it quite ironic that the person they chose to represent a "God-hating atheist" is Kevin Sorbo, whose career was largely spent as Hercules. For those of you who are not familiar with this fact, watch the first season of Hercules, then watch this film. For the rest of you who are familiar, just pretend like he still is playing that role.
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You know the chain email about the liberal professor? Yeah, they made a movie out of that
Good_Fences22 March 2014
Warning: Spoilers
First, let me say that I did actually watch this movie. The only reason I gave it a 1 was because I feel like I need to counteract all of the 10s it is getting from Christians, which it doesn't deserve, even if you look at it from a unbiased perspective. I start every movie with 5 stars and it goes up or down while watching. The acting is terrible (-1 star). The score is corny, and laughable (aka - The ominous music that plays each time the atheist enters the scene)(-1 star). The writing is extremely lazy and predictable(-1 star). It's just....bad. It does have some entertainment value though. As an atheist watching with several others, some of the arguments presented did provoke a conversation afterward (+1 star). For that, I would give it maybe a 3.

Now, that being said, it is impossible to look at the movie from an unbiased perspective because it has a clear agenda. The movie itself is ridiculous. Let me sum it up. I'd give a spoiler warning, but I think everyone knows how this ends before even watching. There are 3 antagonists - The atheist professor, and a liberal blogger that writes attack journalism. They are both portrayed in such a cliché manner (ie: rude, angry, snide, arrogant, incapable of loving anyone, etc) that it would almost be offensive it it weren't over the top comical. They both convert to Christianity in the end. There is a Muslim family, which is portrayed as anti-woman, violent, and intolerant. The Muslim also converts to Christianity. The Chinese exchange student (aka: communist) converts to Christianity. The whole class stands up and proclaims "God is not dead" (Yeah, just like in the chain email).

So, yeah, the characters are one-dimensional, cliché, and almost offensive. Everyone converts to Christianity. I guess the makers of the film don't see the irony in making a movie that is supposed to portray Christians as accepting and friendly while at the same time trashing Muslims, atheist, and liberals.

There are several other ways they could have gone if provoking critical thought where their goal. The professor and student could have shaken hands and agreed to disagree. The Maybe tone down on some of the offensive clichés and stereotypes. Maybe actually present some atheist arguments that will challenge people's way of thinking instead of having the professor stand in the back and make smug remarks. Maybe not have it so the student wins over the entire class (Come on. Really?). This clearly wasn't their goal. It is Christian porn, plain and simple. The people in the theater were clapping like dumb apes whenever the brave Christian scored a point.

Too Long; Didn't Read - Terrible movie even without the whole Christian agenda being shoved down your throat. Sharknado was better. Think about that.
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even Christians should avoid this movie like the plague
egeorge-971-8925729 April 2014
Warning: Spoilers
This movie is wrong on so many levels I don't even know where to begin. The premise of the movie is that a college freshman has a philosophy class and the teacher makes all his students sign a form admitting that god is dead and out of a huge class one person refuses to sign and has to convince the teacher 'god isn't dead'. I'm almost positive if any teacher tried to do that in real life they would be immediately fired, and visa versa. This movie outright attacks anybody and everybody that isn't Christian and represents them as either terrible people or just plain stupid. The professor isn't an actual representation of an atheist either. He was a religious person whose mother died and now he is mad at this so called god. First of all, Atheists aren't mad at god, they don't believe in god. This movie tries to pass off Atheists as angry or stupid and it's the exact opposite. People that deny the existence of god came to that conclusion because through logic and reasoning. All this movie is is propaganda for believers that hate on people that don't think the same way they do. This movie also tries to tell viewers that Christianity is a minority and is being attacked even though it is the exact opposite. My mother now believes that all college professors have an agenda to recruit college kids to be atheists. The most absurd thing I've ever heard. This movie is such a sham and Christians should be embarrassed that this movie was ever even released. Now don't get me wrong, I'm sure there are rich white Christians in the bible belt that will praise this movie to the end of the days and I just find that sad. The fact that this movie currently has a 4.8 in viewer rating restores some of my faith in humanity because I am disgusted that something as stupid as this was even made.
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jon-draper-868-24776624 April 2014
Warning: Spoilers
this "film" is excruciatingly stupid. no dumb movie without the good-guy-bad-guy-stereotype. sure, the atheist is the bad guy - and a shame for every atheist. actually, this movie lacks of real atheism. but hey, that's how the moronic student can look good and make a strong case for his bronze-age-nonsense. by saying "there is a god, because i believe in him", is no argument. it's no evidence. it's nothing. in other words it is "i believe in god, because there is a god i believe in". BULLSHIT par excellence! circular argument to fill an evening in the cinema full of brainless peasants lacking any sanity and reason. this film is nothing more than a dull feel-well-commercial for religion, Christianity. replace every "god" with "Zeus" and you will start to realize its stupidity.

but i guess the target group won't be disappointed: narrow-minded fundamentalists comforting each other in their destructive delusion.
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Religion is dying (spoiler)
crussell44428 March 2014
Warning: Spoilers
No matter how great the acting, filming, editing etc., you can't ignore the message. People who believe the writings of men from the stone age and bronze age, need to do a reality check. You can't pick and choose from the bible. You need to do some critical thinking and evidenced based research. Which means the plot is incredibly naive and there is no way an intelligent professor would ever be converted. It just makes the movie crazy and unbelievable. Great if it makes you feel good, but for those of us who have minds, and also know how to use them, this was not a particularly realistic, plausible or convincing plot. I wouldn't waste my time or money on this film.
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Amazing movie
ksaclo-84-32433522 February 2016
I am not sure why all the reviews are so negative. This movie has been able to do one of the most amazing things I have ever witnessed. It is so bad and ridiculous that it has actually managed to unite Atheists and Christians alike in being both offended and disgusted at the same thing. Do you know how difficult that actually is? Come on people, you should be happy that it one thing has proved that we all can get along and hate the same thing, arm and arm... LOL!! I mean this movie (and I use that term loosely) is so bad that it really has me wondering what the creator of this movie was thinking. I mean overly cliché'd stereotypes, mixed in with a ridiculous premise, coupled with even more ridiculous subplots. All culminating around the premise of a professor at a University requesting to do something that I am pretty sure would be deemed illegal and I have never come across or even heard of, someone making people sign a paper denouncing their religious faith. My favorite part is they then allow this kid to argue points of which in this day and age people can watch on any youtube clip, probably have already come to their own conclusions and doesn't answer anything on either side, in my opinion. So the fact that everyone thinks this movie is preposterous in a united front is quite amazing, and if that was the intent of the creator of this movie, then he is a genius!!
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Even as a non-atheist I found it extremely offensive and so should most people.
tristangarcia8926 April 2014
Warning: Spoilers
Now without going into territory that shouldn't be treaded into, this isn't a movie. It's propaganda, congenial failure.

First off: the characters, or rather: stereotypes this movie wants you to believe people actually behave like. All Christians are portrayed as clean cut, very nice, very polite people, while the atheists are shown as stupid, angry, snarling psychopaths that want to convince people that "God is dead." Meanwhile, the Christians try to force the atheists to believe that God is real and that they should love him. Already, Christians and atheists alike should be offended. Knowing many atheists and Christians alike, literally none of them act this way. Its disgusting at how so many Christians think its okay for the movie to portray them in such a bad way. Same for the atheists. This was horrendous and offensive to see.

2.) The plot and directing take the movie very little places. The movie almost has a great scene in which Josh, played by Shane, has the final argument with his professor. To his credit it is well executed, its passionate as it should be considering what he is doing. Then one line ruins it all: "Science points to his existence." First off, the thing that is known for proving Josh wrong doesn't make it right if he says the opposite. Second, this shows that the script was written as a joke. No one with any knowledge from a church, where I spent many years of my life, or has read any amount of the bible would say this. Its insanely contradicting and confusing.

3 and finally.) The writers straight up kill the professor. I'm not kidding. At the end of the movie, for no apparent reason, the professor gets hit by a car and dies, just as a preacher basically tells him that because he doesn't believe, he is getting killed for it. There is literally nothing I can say to that. Not a thing. Not because it was good, because it wasn't, but because it was so forced and unnatural, not to mention 100% unnecessary, that it didn't drive home any point or credibility the movie convinced itself it had. It just kind of portrayed God, the one person this movie spent so long trying to convince was a good person, as a huge jerk for no reason. Many people should be offended by this movie, whether your a Christian, atheist, or anything else. The only reason I gave it a one is because there's no negative stars.
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"Magic Realism"
omegafleons1222 March 2014
Warning: Spoilers
A collection of a bunch of stereotypical characters. I can't believe that some students group made a huge contribute to the movie. Otherwise they must attend some magically awful colleges with so many stereotypical teachers. Are there on earth such many awful immoral non-believers in the society? Of course not. It is true that there are bad people like the lawyer and the professor in the movie; but those are very extreme cases, almost impossible. However authors can create these stereotypical characters out of reality; and that's why I say this movie is Magic Realism.

I'm a graduate student from China and I was converted as a catholic 4 year ago. Ironically, there is a Chinese guy in this movie, and he is converted by Josh. I can't understand it. If I watched this movie before my baptism, the hope that I receive from Christianly will collapse.

According to my experience, if a professor forces his students to say that God is dead, he can be reported and very likely gets fired. And what about the lawyer? His is a jerk because he is a jerk; there's nothing to do with his atheism. The movie doesn't prove anything.

Before I heard "how can you hate something that doesn't even exist?" I already knew this line. I almost laughed. Where did I learn this line"? Ironically, philosophy. Philosophy of leaving and death. The original line is like this: say you are sure about your death; but if you do not even existed, how are you sure about your death? In short, this line is not new at all.

Let talk about the Muslim family. I got shock when I saw the girl when to the Muslim girl and say "you're beautiful; you don't have to wear that." I reality, that line will cause a big religious issue. And at the end of the movie, her father just threw her out of home without saying a single word. Moreover, there's no following-ups to the Muslim girl's life; she just simply went to the concert. I wonder who purchased a ticket for her since she did not have her wallet with her when she was thrown out.

Anyway this movie is so offensive to non-Christians. I have many good atheist friends, they are all good people. I'm sure they will be so offended after seeing this movie. I know we are Christians, but we have to be nice and merciful to non-believers; instead of hit him by a car and tell him to accept Jesus when he is endangered.

Basically, I feel like the story makers are trying to assume that non-believers are all fools; only blind-faith are what God wants. It that true that God want them to defend His dignity against professors, rich mans and other atheists? No. Instead, Jesus told us to obey, forgive, and respect. The movie fails to achieve that.
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Hit and Run Science Fiction
grwx-916-21365322 April 2014
Warning: Spoilers
The way I saw this movie God may not be dead but the producers and directors sure went to great lengths to try and kill him/her.

How preposterous can it get when at the end of Josh's lecture to Professor Radisson, presumably an educated person, he challenged Radisson by asking, "How can you hate something that doesn't exist?" A touché moment if there ever was one. But, this speaks more to the absurdity of the film director's cheap shot at the professor of philosophy who was cast as the piñata and surrogate for all liberal elites, aka, the godless ones.

Radisson would have failed his freshman's college course in logic 101 with that answer. Yet, it puts into question why any reputable university would neglect to check the academic credentials of a professor so ill-qualified to teach any course, let alone philosophy.

Of course, the story line of this Either/Or movie was fiction, not reality.

A film that drags in references to arch liberal-haters and bigots like Franklin Graham and Duck Dynasty's Willie Robertson can't be all that serious about a discussion of God's existence. The film is a dog whistle that reinforces deity-stamped fixed beliefs while dismissing and disparaging all things related to scientific explanations and inquiry, whether of this world or another.

If one's faith is inviolable then of course all the answers for the Josh Wheatons are in the Book of Genesis which multitudes believe declares that everything was formed out of nothing at exactly the same time 6,000 years ago, men and dinosaurs coexisted and evolution never occurred.

Also, those "godless" scientists (all presumed to be secular humanists), 97% of whom have proved through testing and peer reviewed research and factual data that global warming is occurring. But those of faith know and insist that it is just a liberal hoax.

How ironic it is that God would play such a cruel trick on so many scientists who actually test their evidence!

Consider this section from the Texas 2012 Republican platform: "Knowledge-Based Education – We oppose the teaching of Higher Order Thinking Skills (HOTS) (values clarification), critical thinking skills and similar programs that are simply a relabeling of Outcome-Based Education (OBE) (mastery learning) which focus on behavior modification and have the purpose of challenging the student's fixed beliefs and undermining parental authority."

Imagine that, challenging a student's fixed beliefs! Imagine, encouraging critical thinking skills! Blasphemy!

This film, along with its pathetic tableau of stereotypes, underscores the closed-minded view that if God/Jesus is your favorite philosopher then there is no need to venture into the imperfect world of knowledge-seeking and mundane issues.

Especially at the fictitious Hadleigh University where one of its esteemed professors and educators, Professor Radisson, would have flunked freshman logic in a real institution of higher learning who was laughably pilloried by the all-knowing college sophomore Josh Wheaton.

Near the end of this movie Professor Radisson is struck by a hit-and-run driver, also God's plan?, and dies minutes later gurgling something about a higher power.

What a fitting metaphor for this astonishingly vapid piece of science fiction that belongs more appropriately under the tire treads of the car and its hit-and-run driver that sped away from reality.
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Your typical religious propaganda
tcondren23 March 2014
Warning: Spoilers
As an atheist, of course I had to see this film. What's not to love about seeing how misguided radical religious fanatics' view on atheists are? This film is honestly a must-not-see, in my own opinion, unless you enjoy seeing every religious minority on Earth being misrepresented and disrespected. Because that's all you're going to get out of this, "Christians good, others bad." Not even the good aspects of the film really make up for it in my own opinion, it has decent cinematography and some of the actors are decent, but this is no excuse for the message that this film is trying to push. Although you can laugh at it's silliness at times, don't expect any better representation of minorities here than what you can find in "The Birth of a Nation".
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