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MPAA Rated PG-13 for sci-fi violence and action

Sex & Nudity

  • After the final battle, two female pilots can be seen kissing each other for a brief moment.
  • Rey gives her Force to Kylo Ren by kissing him.

Violence & Gore

  • Throughout this movie many rebels and first order troopers will be killed. Either through getting shot from a plasma blaster or from getting blown up in a ship.
  • There are quite a few lightsaber battles throughout the movie. Like the previous movies they are fast paced but go on for a while.
  • A battle during the second act leave two characters nearly incapacitated.
  • A stormtrooper is fatally shot through the visor of his helmet by an arrow, and there's a small blood squib, though it's hard to distinguish due to the night time setting.
  • Many people are either sliced by lightsabers, sometimes resulting in dismemberment, or shot by blasters, though the majority of these wounds lack blood or gore.
  • An alien character's severed head is briefly shown onscreen.
  • A large worm-like creature is shown to be in pain, and it's revealed to have a large open wound.
  • A skeleton belonging to a mentioned but never seen onscreen minor character is shown, confirming that this character has died.
  • A creature is shown with multiple knife wounds, which are bloody. These wounds are shown being healed.
  • Person gets shot on the leg, and later person is shot on the chest.
  • Person gets stabbed with a light saber.
  • Huge space battles, multiple people die.
  • Lots of destruction, especially towards the final act.
  • A (friendly) alien's severed head is placed on a table and green blood squishes out of it.
  • A woman and a man are stabbed to their deaths. Very brief, but emotional.
  • Plenty of deaths by blaster, explosions, falling - typical Star Wars battle scene stuff. Nothing graphic.
  • A supporting character is shot in the chest by blaster fire
  • A man is impaled by a lightsaber.
  • A lot of shooting with no blood.
  • A couple of explosions occur. Not too bad.
  • In the second act, Rey and Kylo Ren have a lightsaber battle that leaves both of them nearly incapacitated.
  • Characters are shot with blasters, which leave steaming holes in their bodies, and slashed with lightsabres, which leave deep gashes and sometimes remove limbs.
  • A character is stabbed through the stomach, which leaves a mildly bloody wound that is later shown for several seconds.
  • Characters die during space battles when their ships are blown up by enemy fire.
  • Intense sequences of scifi violence and destruction
  • Spaces battles and lightsaber duels.


  • In a scene, a droid was hastily asked to "move his metal ass"
  • Two uses of "hell" and two uses of "damn"

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • Most of the third act has strobing effects interwoven throughout. These may affect photosensitive viewers.
  • A small talking droid character who is in poor physical condition is said to have been mistreated based on its evasive behaviour towards the crew. The interaction is akin to confronting a dog that's been physically abused.
  • An injured man is rather suddenly executed by a blaster shot to the chest.
  • A man is briefly force choked while being lifted off the ground.
  • The emperor looks like a demon up close. His eyes are yellow.
  • There is a scary looking giant serpent in a cave.
  • The appearance of the villain may be frightening to some, as he seems 'zombie-like' and generally broken.
  • There is threat from the 'dark side' and its ability to overwhelm heroic characters.


The Parents Guide items below may give away important plot points.

Violence & Gore

  • Rey deflects Palpatines lightning back onto him, making him slowly die. Slightly graphic.
  • In The Beginning of the Film, Kylo Ren/Ben Solo murders many soldiers, and even cuts off an arm. The Aftermath is seen from a rising shot with bodies surrounding Kylo Ren, and the battle ends.
  • Palpatine's face deteriorates and falls apart over several seconds as his force lightning is deflected back upon him.
  • A man is impaled with a lightsaber, and a closeup of the wound is shown with mild blood and gore. As he is healed, layers of skin are seen regenerating over the wound.
  • A man is melted away by lighting - pretty graphic (i.e. Raiders of the Lost ark end scene stuff)
  • A giant worm has a bloody wound. Rey patches it up. This could be considered gory.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • In an intense scene two characters are holding back a ship, thinking a character is trapped inside. Eventually the ship crashed making viewers believe that the character was killed in the crash. It's eventually revealed that the character wasn't inside the ship but this scene is rather intense.
  • Scenes involving Palpatine are shot akin to horror films with slow tension-building moments. poor lighting, and body horror in the form of close shots of Palpatine's disfigured face. One particular scene where Palpatine's booming voice breaks the silence may be particularly startling.
  • Rey and Kylo have a chaotic lightsaber duel amidst a storm.
  • A planet is destroyed when shot by a massive cannon.
  • Palpatine's death would be scary for younger kids as his face is fried and burnt by his own lightning. The effects used as his entire head is burned are very graphic.
  • Decomposing Body of Palpatine May scare some viewers.
  • A character deals a killing blow to another, before healing him. A character heals their dead friend at the cost of their own life.
  • In the middle of the story, Leia dies and then becomes one with the Force. This is very emotional and depressing.
  • Snap Wexley is shot down in his X-Wing and killed. Very similar to most X-Wing deaths in A New Hope, however there is a shot that focuses on Poe's very upset reaction. Rather Mild though.

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