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The FAQ items below may give away important plot points.

  • One could doubt the word "dead" but in essence Palpatine is destroyed as is the entire Sith cult. From that point of view he would be considered dead, yes.

    Emperor Palpatine reveals both in Ep 3 Revenge of the Sith and Ep 9 The Rise of Skywalker that the Dark Side is a path to abilities that many find "unnatural." In the first instance, he hints at the ability to use the Force to prolong one's own life, or that of others. In the latter instance, it is his response as to why he yet lives.

    In Return of the Jedi, his body was destroyed after his fall down the shaft of the interior of Death Star II, releasing his essence of the Dark Side of the Force. In Rise of Skywalker, this essence has inhabited a cloned body of Palpatine, but he is looking for a more suitable body. So it's possible Palpatine could return again, as long as his essence remains. However, Ep 9 heavily implies that he was reborn with the help of followers from a dark Sith cultus; Rey destroys this cult at the end, and perhaps Palpatine's ability to be reborn with it.

    Regarding Force spirits: we learn in Ep 3 that Yoda has learned how to manifest as a Force spirit from Qui Gon-Jin, and this is a Force technique that he teaches Obi Wan Kenobi. Not all Jedi automatically know; in fact, there are only a select few who master it.

    Sith, on the other hand, use their anger to maintain their physical corpses thereby cheating death, contra the Jedi who preserve their spirits. Edit

  • The Rise of Skywalker refers to the rise of Ben Solo from the dark side to the light side, being the last genetic descendant of the known Skywalker family.

    Furthermore it refers also to Rey's choice to leave her last name and eventually presents herself as the non-family connection of the Skywalker family. In a way, she is a bit of a 'Skywalker' now since she gets a new gift of life offered to her by Ben Solo. Edit

  • Short answer: it depends!

    It is true from a certain point of view that Anakin Skywalker did destroy the Sith, however, there are those who view Rey Skywalker as the chosen one, not Rey Palpatine. Some like to think of Rey Palpatine/Anakin Skywalker as Gandalf the Grey, and Rey Skywalker as Gandalf the White. Not to be confused with them being the same person, as this is again also up to interpretation, and there is no right answer. Regardless, there is no doubt that Darth Sidious represents all Sith and Rey Palpatine all the Jedi for a brief moment. But it at the end of this very movie, there will be only Rey Skywalker. No Jedi, No Sith. And it can be interpreted as Rey Skywalker being the Force Wielder or the Force Wielder as one should be. In a way she is Anakin Skywalker or as he should have been, if you choose to interpret it as such.

    One way to review this is that Anakin was the Chosen One, but in the end did not fullfil the prophecy or only completed part of it. He destroyed Palpatine's body in Return of the Jedi and returned to the Light Side, however, Palpating's ESSENCE was not completely vanquished. The official novelization confirms the body of Palpatine we see in Rise of Skywalker is a clone and he transfered his spirit to the cloned body after his death on the Second Death Star.

    Another factor is that Anakin only defeated Palpatine on the Death Star and not all the Sith, as Rise of Skywalker shows the numerous Sith Cultists loyal to Palpatine. Rey destroys them with the power of the Force Ghosts.

    The fact that Rey destroys the Sith and could be the Chosen One does not imply she wouldn't be the Last Jedi and eventually rebuild the Jedi religion. They still could be guardians of the peace in the galaxy since there are other forces embracing the Dark Side. It's not a Sith Exclusive... Edit

  • The Sith Eternal was an organization of cultists loyal to the Sith religion who continued the Sith belief and sought to resurrect its tradition. The Sith Eternal were followers of the Dark Lord of the Sith and Emperor, the Sith Lord Darth Sidious. The Sith Eternal spent years building the largest armada known to the galaxy, the Sith fleet, as part of the Emperor's plan of revenge to use the Final Order to build a new Empire. However, the Sith Eternal were ultimately defeated at the Battle of Exegol, preventing the rebirth of the Sith and ensuring their extinction. Edit

  • That he was force-sensitive. This was confirmed by J. J. Abrams. It is also implied in some scenes, for example he sometimes claims he has a 'feeling' and also senses Rey's death. He might have held this information from Rey, because he feared her visions of becoming a Sith. And if he had any feelings for her, he now feared her too much to become romantically involved. Theoretically of course. Edit

  • No. The final scene of the film, where Rey visits the Lars Homestead, was never intended to imply that she was staying there. Rey simply goes to bury Luke and Leia's lightsabers as a sign of respect for her beloved mentors whom she now views as family. As we see, Rey had constructed her own lightsaber. So it can be implied she will continue the path of the Jedi. It's possible the Lars Homestead is where she will set up the training ground. But there are likely better suited locations. Edit

  • Yes. In a recent canon comic, Chewie had received his medal after the ceremony. However, the medal that Maz Kanata gives to Chewie was Han's medal. Leia is seen clutching it when she dies. So Maz felt that Chewie should have it. Given how close he was to Han. Edit

  • In the novelization for The Rise of Skywalker, it's explained that Palpatine's son was a "strand-cast" (a clone using mixed DNA). Created in the hopes of creating a body strong enough for Palpatine to transfer his life force to. Unfortunately for Palpatine, the clone lacked any force sensitivity. So Palpatine allowed the clone to live on, hoping one day he could potentially conceive a force-sensitive child. Edit

  • Pryde was probably already suspicious of Hux, who is hostile to Kylo Ren and has seen his reputation in the First Order decline after the failure of the Starkiller Base. The fact that Hux personally supervised the execution of prisoners who then miraculously escaped, leaving Hux as the only survivor with a minor blaster wound, likely raised Pryde's suspicions. Not to mention the First Order's low tolerance for weakness or cowardice, Pryde likely felt Hux should have died before allowing the insurgents to escape. That alone would have likely been enough of an excuse for Pryde to kill Hux. Edit

  • While ultimately we cannot be certain, the answer is "probably not". First of all, Colin Trevorrow's original Episode IX script ("Duel of the Fates") did not include Emperor Palpatine but featured a new Sith Master, Tor Valum. Trevorrow's project was ultimately aborted shortly before the release of The Last Jedi, but obviously Trevorrow was never given, after The Force Awakens, any indication that Palpatine was going to return and play a pivotal role in the trilogy.

    Second, in a late 2019 interview actor Ian McDiarmid revealed that "about a year ago" (so after the release of The Last Jedi) he was contacted by J.J. Abrams who was "thinking" (sic!) of bringing the Emperor back. If Palpatine's return had been the endgame from the start, informing McDiarmid well in advance and ensuring his cooperation would have been the most logical course of action. Edit

  • Han is "just a memory" as Ben says. The scene should be viewed as a form of meditation and self-reflection from Ben. He replays his final moment with his father in his head. Remembering how even after stabbing Han through the chest, the gesture of touching Ben's cheek was his way of saying "I forgive you and still love you.". This small gesture that Ben replays in his head is what allowed him to forgive himself for such a horrible act and complete his turn to the light. Edit

  • Palpatine's son was actually a strand-cast clone. Essentially created from different DNA strands including Palpatine, in the hope of creating a body powerful enough to sustain his dark side life force. Unfortunately the clone wasn't force sensitive. However, he fathered a child that was incredibly powerful in the force; Rey. Edit

  • Leia transfers her life force to her son, Ben. Sensing Ben's conflict. And likely that he would defeat Rey in combat, she reaches out to him in the force. Notice that once Rey stabs Ben/Kylo in the chest, that's when Leia dies. And her body doesn't disappear until Ben's does. Rey also senses her death and realising what happened, knew she had to save Ben. Leia's sacrifice saved both Ben and Rey. Edit

  • The only Jedi to deflect the lightning back at him was Mace Windu. And that was at least partially intentional on Palpatine's part to trick Anakin in to thinking that he was weak and dying to force Anakin in to helping him kill Mace. Edit

  • The title could refer to both Ben or Rey. Ben is a Skywalker by blood (even though Solo his last name) and Rey adopts the name with permission from Luke and Leia. Even though she isn't a blood relative, the film is about how your origins don't matter and how you can choose your people. Edit

  • According to a September 2020 interview by actress Daisy Ridley (Rey), it very much wasn't. The actress recalls that, throughout the trilogy, several plans concerning Rey's parentage were considered and scrapped, including her being a descendant of Obi-wan Kenobi (the voices of Alec Guinness and Ewan McGregor are briefly heard in a vision Rey has in The Force Awakens) or being "a nobody" (as was apparently the case in The Last Jedi). The idea of a Palpatine connection emerged relatively late into the trilogy. Edit

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