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Worth watching
Rob Wilson14 January 2014
It's hard to separate my fandom from WTF and this show to give an honest review, but I'll give it a shot. My initial reaction was to stop after the first episode. Frankly, Marc's acting was a bit hard to watch at times. But knowing his ungodly knack for comfort on the radio, my guess was that he would get better. My patience paid off. You see a mostly steady increase in his confidence as each episode progresses, though I'm not convinced they were all shot in order.

Marc has the ability to both draw you in and annoy you in the same sentence. Gregory House couldn't do this any better. But that is his real life. What might seem like a tense moment for some, as Marc often confronts those friends (and enemies) he has on his podcast, is simply his bread and butter. He operates in a world of bitterness, jealousy, and chaos. He openly admits his frustrations with life and the decisions he makes, yet recognizes his unhealthy habits.

Much of this comes through on the show but in a far less depressing manor. What some may consider as "Hollywooding" (odd thing to say about IFC) Marc's life, I would say is a necessity to making this story watchable.

The cameos (especially for fans of comedians) are another part of the show that lifts what could have been dark and depressing sitcom, into a competent story of a neurotic entertainer. And while this fictional world parallels Marc's life in some ways, it manages to keep it's distance at times.

This is no Louie. It does not try to be. Both shows are very different. Surprisingly, Maron would seem to me more appealing to a broader audience than Louie, though I hate to compare them. Louie's show reaches a level of dark that I think most people will not appreciate, though it obviously has a large following (and yes, I am a fan).

For now, this show belongs on IFC. If Marc's acting continues to improve, Maron could really benefit from a network change. I would encourage everyone to give it a shot (It's on Netflix!), to see if it's right for you.
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Original and witty!
joseph-kalouch-843-93426220 December 2013
To be honest, I never heard of Marc Maron before this show, so the reason I watched it was to figure out who the hell he is! I'm quite happy that I did, as both my wife and I have enjoyed this 1st season and are hoping they will continue with it.

Maron is obviously all about Marc Maron, who plays himself on the show. It's a smart dramatization of Maron's daily life, with the people that surround him and his sharp pod-cast.

I wish the guy below me would stop comparing this to Louis..I don't see the connection. the acting is different, the way the show is written is also different and the whole plot/message is also different.

I felt that Maron is very honest straight comedy, very original from all the other shows these days and although both Louis and Maron rank first and second on my list i feel they are very different. I hope this goes on for more seasons!
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At first it felt like a "Louie rip-off" but it works on its own merits!
Seltheus5 June 2015
I'm a person who gets more laughs out of cynicism and pessimism(sp?), than the average kind of guy.

I'm not a pessimistic person in real life, not even close. I'm one of those people who will look for the slightest shred of hope and optimism in the most little things, but when it comes to comedy, I like the "negative" approach.

Much like Louie, from Louis. C.K. this comedy show focuses on the "negative" parts of life. And let's all be honest...we all had those moments. What makes the difference is, how we let those moments affect us in our every day life. If you are an hopeless optimistic like I am, this show will do it for you, just like Louie does, but if you are a cynical "the world sucks" kind of person, this show still works for you, much like Louie does. Because no matter how optimistic you are as an individual, you have to be realistic and see that this "negative" approach" hits a nerve in current society. It IS funny and it makes some good points in what is wrong with our current society. Compared to "Louie" though I have to say, that Maron has a little less emphasis on the "negative" things on life, so if Louie was "too negative" for you, give Maron a try, it has a slight more up beat nature to it, than Louie.

But even as a person who wants to see the positive in all things and won't let "that kind of reality" bring you down, you have to admit they got a point.

This doesn't make it any less funnier. For me personally, comedies that draw their "comedy factor" out of every day life situations, feel more genuine and more "heart felt" than any of those generic sitcoms out there that air every season, like New Girl, or "stuff" like that.

If you want to feel a real connection between the show and your every day life, give this show a chance. It might not be a revelation, but it is well worth watching and if you liked shows like "Louie" or "Happy-ish", this show is just for you.

Give it a try.
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stasw-129 June 2013
I have had the pleasure of watching 8 out of the 10 episodes so far and I love this show. The balance of humour and sincere reflection is well maintained and I love the ongoing theme of Maron trying to dig inside himself and find the best of who he is. (All the while wrestling with his neuroses and general crankiness at the world).

For a show that is meant to be about one man's personal drives and insecurities, the other characters are really well drawn, from his manic vitamin enriched father to new girlfriend Jen who brings an acutely sane kind of crazy to Maron's life.

Marc Maron strides through each episode with great comedic sensibility and an honesty that captures a head on approach to life that veers from sincere self-exploration to full-on neurotic hissy fits. The celebrity cameos are worked in beautifully and there is never, ever a dull moment.
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A Midlife Dramedy That Can Be Enjoyed By Many
Josh Thomas29 December 2013
I'm 17 and I was introduced to Marc Maron with Almost Famous, but I really got to know his brilliant, real-life comedy from his stand-up show ("Thinky Pain") on Netflix. I was pleasantly surprised that IFC picked up a show for Marc Maron that has a slight, "Louis" (Louis C.K.'s show) style. Which led me to, at first, be a bit concerned that there would be a lack of originality, but this show is definitely original. It's depressingly hilarious to see this struggling comedian in his late-40s trying to get famous with a podcast all the while, looking for acceptance with offense. Marc Maron is a different comedian and it's refreshing to see him finally get some well-deserved notice. I hope to see more from this comedian, because I feel like he has a lot to say - be it hilarious or amazingly true.
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its great and i think its only going to get better
jmac-4612 June 2013
the other two reviews were pretty f**king harsh, those guys need to get laid. i hate a lot of shows and other types of art forms but you still have to respect that people worked their ass off to create it and make it. at least they followed their dream and succeeded instead of writing reviews on . I love the show Maron and i think its going to grow and get even better. i love comedy and i want as much as possible all the time. I've been a listener of the Podcast since the beginning and i always listen to Maron's rants, he has some very funny, very deep introspective, and intelligent things to say. i would like to see Andy kindler and the kyle character more and i even thought Marc and Dave Foley had great chemistry, id like to see Dave again too. all in all if you are into neurotic comedy i think you'll dig this show.

and my favorite shows are parks and rec, 30 rock, community, arrested development, Louie, curb your enthusiasm, portlandia, comedy bang bang, Tim and Eric, Delocated. so i'd like to think i have a good idea of whats comedic gold.
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Marc Maron like Fine Wine gets better with Age
KyleBel15 June 2015
I found Marc Maron about two years back - bored with FM radio and hearing the same songs every 30 minutes. I decided to turn to my iPhone for some Ted Talks - and accidentally stumbled across Maron's WTF... none the less he has been a voice I've grown fond of.

I was very excited to hear that he got a TV-Show and that it would center around his life as a PodCaster. I had heard mixed reviews - basically saying it's a "Rip off of Louie."

I patiently waited for NetFlix to carry Maron - as I don't have cable and never intend to get it (Sorry Marc I know how you want us to watch it on IFC, but I just can't see doing cable ever when I'm happy with my $8 a month Netflix service)

The first season came - and I binged on it for 3 days straight - repeating episodes, rewatching the season twice.

The second season came - and I binge watched it for 2 days straight (Re-watching the first season to refresh myself)

This show is nothing like "Louie" at all. Marc cares about continuity, He cares about story - and character development (Although with Marc's character I kind of wish we would see a little more growth - I feel like we are starting with Marc as he was last year, or maybe two years ago - I might rewind it to the point where he was sober for just a year or two and start the character development from there). None the less it's still great, and it's nothing like Louie.

Maron is a Refreshing bit of honesty and real story telling in a world filled with special effects, big budgets, and green screens. I hope this show lasts for many seasons to come - and I hope Marc the best of luck in life as he grows his career to it's full potential.
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About these comparisons to Louie
laballatician4 May 2013
If its trying to be like Louie, it fails.

Louie is self-centered without being narcissistic. It's dark, but deep. It has heart. Plus, it's hilarious. It's freaking poetry.

This show? I came in ready to love it, but I'm left feeling frustrated. It's mean-spirited. It's narcissistic in a way that completely lacks the self-awareness that Louie has. Even the moments that feel designed to make us think Maron has the ability to mock his self feel false and prideful.

I don't really think it's fair to compare shows, though. Each should be judged on their own. And on its own merits, Maron ultimately fails because it's not funny.
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Amusing little thing
Charles Herold (cherold)28 October 2016
I only watched the first episode of Maron, not because I didn't like it, but because I didn't like it *enough* to commit. It follows the Louis C.K. approach of a shambling storyline, a fictionalized version of the protagonist comic, and a generally downbeat sensibility.

There are so many series of this sort nowadays that I'm beginning to think Louis C.K. is a comedy subgenre, and honestly, it's one I don't quite connect with. I like my comedy a bit more polished - I prefer the detailed stories and rat-a-tat jokes of 30 Rock or Arrested Development to the bitter musings approach of something like Maron.

That's not to say the series isn't funny, because at times it is. The first episode begins with a funny, painful scene of Maron hitting on a mortified veterinarian, and Dave Foley's guest turn as himself is quite amusing. But it's a wandering show about an unlikable guy, and ultimately that's a subgenre I cannot fully appreciate.
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Old stand up comedian finally gets shot
rockfishcc89 August 2014
Marc Maron has been on the stand up circuit for well over two decades,however it took his podcast to finally break through on IFC with his own,horribly written show.Maron is most famous for calling other comedians sell outs and claiming he was funnier and always better looking.Bragging about his conquests sexually,usually 20 year olds he claimed,is another Maron staple which he uses in this show.

The episode I just saw had Maron angrily denying he acts a lot like a woman,followed by his asking if he looks fat.This from a man who liked to call others sell outs?If I wanted to listen to a 50 year old man bitch all the time while worrying about his cats.,I might find this moderately amusing.But I don't on either count.Mash,Taxi,Cheers and a host of good comedies usually turned to sentimental drivel at the end of their runs,due to running out of really funny stuff.Maron just starts up right there.You have to spend over half the show listening to this egomaniacs personal problems.Something stinks!!!!!!!!
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I've waited for a show like this for years
Taylor LaTaylor12 December 2015
I was so bored with TV until I came across this show. I had no idea what to expect at first and honestly the first couple episodes didn't really do much for me but after that boy was I hooked. Marc is a brilliant writer, one of the sharpest most original comedy writers working today. I wish this show was on a bigger network but I don't know if mainstream audiences would get it. What's so remarkable about this show is when I'm watching it I could easily forget that it's a TV show cause it just seems so real like I'm watching Marc in real life going through all the stuff he probably goes through anyway. His character is so real he has to be exactly like that in real life. There is nothing else like this on TV currently and I can't recommend this enough.
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Decidedly unfunny like Louie, but you'll probably not kill yourself after!
wjpiv24 June 2014
Get ready not to laugh! Ever wondered how the comedy sausage is made? Here's your chance to see the laughter being mechanically separated from the sad lonely misunderstood life of a comedian! I'll say this much in his defence, Maron is slightly less grating than Louie C.K. when he acts his little heart out. He comes from a place of rage on a consistent basis, so his more than abundant whining tends to lean towards angry old man rant whereas Louie C.K. sounds like a depressed Deputy Dawg crossed with a suicidal Eeyore when he tries to do serious acting. Nevertheless, if Marc would only realize that the 60s ended long ago so he can stop saying "man" every two minutes than that would be totally far out and groovy. Also, could he please never have sex on screen ever again. I know that it's all the rage lately thanks to people, like cutting-edge feminist savant Lena Dunham, for unattractive people to get laid on camera. However, when a dude pulls that BS, it just seems self-indulgent unless the actress involved is equally unappealing and let's face it, working actresses, even if they're "character" actresses, don't tend to look like a constipated old shoe. Anyway, just like Louie, I will continue to watch this show, because I hate myself and I don't deserve even a few minutes of pleasure, let alone a lifetime of happiness. It's truly part of my penance for being such a bad person over what I can only assume are multiple evil incarnations. Besides others keep calling it "art" given that American culture is so devoid of any mastery of dark comedy so many of us North Americans don't know for that genre (hint - people tend to still laugh at it - awkwardly, but still there's humour of the funny variety involved). Still it could be worse... After all, in France, they still think Jerry Lewis is funny when he does his "Ching-Chong Chinaman" impressions and I don't think that it's even in an ironic sense.
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