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  • The discovery of an amputated human ear in the Potomac River leads to the rest of the body, wearing a uniform of a Navy petty officer; Gibbs and company investigate; Gibbs sees an inconsistency, and McGee learns that the victim is not a military member at all. McGee says that the vic is a free-lance investigative reporter; Tony interviews the sailor who lent his identity; four other sailors confess to homicide. Ziva's father shows up in Washington, DC, as does the new director of Iranian intelligence, who meets with Eli, Ziva, Vance, and Gibbs. The dead guy's car and much evidence show up in an off-airport parking lot. Ziva recognizes a hat and discusses it; Ziva and her father eat dinner with Vance and Jackie in their home; a lone gunman shoots up the place, killing one person and injuring another, who later dies. Ziva pursues the shooter, and she and Gibbs catch him. [To be continued.]

  • A human ear in the Potomac River leads to the rest of the body, wearing a uniform of a Navy petty officer; Gibbs and company investigate. Ziva's father shows up, as does his Iranian counterpart. Gunfire interrupts a dinner. [Continued.]



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  • Open with a man fishing with his son. They end up hooking what appears to be a human ear.

    Based on the uniform the dead body appears to be that of Petty Officer Second Class Grizsmer. It has gashes on the head and hadn't been in the water long. But quickly they realize his uniform rank is wrong and his fingerprint doesn't show up in the active service member database.

    Ziva finds a picture from when she wore a pregnancy prosthetic for an old case. Tony notices she was smiling. McGee stops by with word the victim was Tyler Wilkes a lowly-regarded journalist who is something of a government paparazzi. He's been working on story about drugs in the Navy and would have had many enemies.

    Ducky tells Gibbs that Wilkes died via exsanguination and had several blows to his chest and abdomen. But the death was essentially an accident, as he had a case of mono of which he was likely unaware. One of the blows spit his liver. That said, the killer disposed of the body in a way that makes it clear he knew he had committed a homocide.

    Tony meets with Grizsmer. Grizsmer knowingly lent Wilkes his uniform in exchange for being kept out of the story. Wilkes wanted to get into Grizsmer's barracks to conduct research.

    Grizsmer roommates are brought in and they are upset Wilkes was going through their stuff. They all confess to his murder.

    After a workout Ziva is stunned to find her father Eli (Michael Nouri) hiding in her car. She thinks it was stupidly risk for him to travel in the U.S. Eli says he arrived that morning and says his business there is to see her. He assures her that his intentions are honorable.

    Abby tells Gibbs that some high-end electronic equipment is missing from Wilkes' apartment. They still haven't found Wilkes' car.

    Ziva tells Gibbs about Eli being in the country and even his own people at Mossad know he's there. She asks if he has any instructions. He wants her to keep him updated.

    Vance's wife Jackie drops by his office with the exciting word that the kids will be gone that night and they'll have the place to themselves.

    Ziva and Eli had lunch. She asks him about retirement. She wants him to repent for some of his past actions as a father and he seems interested in redemption.

    Gibbs and Vance talk about Eli's presence in the country. Eli is supposedly on his way out at Mossad and they are worried he might be stirring up trouble during a precarious time for the Middle East. Vance had made a call to Homeland Security and learned that Eli's Iranian contemporary, Arash Kazmi, is also in Washington. They are concerned Eli is there to kill Kazmi.

    Gibbs and Vance meet Eli and Ziva and mention Kazmi. Eli bring them to his hotel room, where Kazmi is waiting. It turns out Eli and Kazmi are childhood friends and are meeting in secret. The two recognize the need for open dialogue and are risking their lives to come together. They brought Vance in to help Eli remain in power. Eli thinks the potential for peace depends on it. Eli seems to be winning over Ziva.

    Wilkes' car has been found. Inside the find a camera, along with a tablet on which his photos were backed up. They find pictures of his likely killer, but all that is visible is a hat.

    Vance tells Jackie they need to have Eli over for dinner. She is not pleased.

    Tony tells Gibbs that Griszmer's bunkmates could not have killed Wilkes. They confessed just to make the story go away, as the story Wilkes was working on involved one of their friends. Ziva walks in and sees the picture of Wilkes mystery killer. Her face changes but she says nothing.

    Ziva confronts Eli about lying about when he got to America. She shows him a picture of Wilkes' body. It turns out that Wilkes recognized him and began taking his picture. Eli tried to take the camera and a fight ensued. Eli covered up the murder. Ziva is distraught and doesn't think she can get past her father's sins. He asks her to join him for dinner at Vance's home, "one last time."

    During dinner an angry Ziva leaves the table and walks outside to call Gibbs. During the call somebody opens fire on Vance's home, firing through the window into the dining room. Ziva chases the gunman, eventually wounding him and forcing him to crash his car and flee.

    Tony and McGee arrive at the scene, while Gibbs helps Ziva track the gunman. Inside they see Vance is unharmed, but he is covered in someone else's blood. Gibbs and Ziva track the gunman to a garage, but he kills himself before then can get more information. Back at the house McGee tells them Jackie was hit and is on her way to the ambulance. Eli was killed and Ziva rushes to his body.

    At the hospital the team waits hours for word on Jackie. There is concern that what happened to Eli will be a declaration of war.

    Eventually Vance walks out and comes over to Gibbs. "She's dead. My wife is dead, Gibbs."


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