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  • Max cashed five months rent in advance from his blindly accepted new roommate Chase, but Dave and Alex agree the man's life is as cool as his stuff, so they set out to find the elusive womanizer who seems missing, only to accidentally turn Max's benefactor into a vindictive exposure-ruined player. Pete has a hard time to make Penny admit she should hang out with his friends too, and changes his mind when she does disastrously.Brad changes his mind about not wanting to spend time with Jane's visiting youth friend Ryanwhen he finds it's a lesbian ex from her student experimenting period, but soon gets bored and jealous, even competitive about his own ex.

  • Brad and Jane catch up with their exes, while Dave and Alex help Max find his awesome new roommate. Meanwhile, Penny tries to hang with Pete's friends, but tries to convince Pete that her friends are more fun.



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  • Jane's (Eliza Coupe) ex is coming into town. Jane reassured everybody that Ryan and she were only together when they did a semester overseas, but she was sticking to her rule with Brad (Damon Wayans Jr.) that there would be only one dinner with Ryan that Brad could choose to attend or not attend. The jealous Brad had no intention of joining them for dinner, and was even doing a few 'chups (push-ups) to build himself up. He even had some of his muscle building protein shake...powder. As in the powder directly. And then Ryan showed. Ryan is a woman...and hot. And suddenly Brad had dinner plans.

    It turns out Jane had an experimental phase back in college, and Brad was certainly up for hearing about that. However, those dinner plans included a very hot story Jane told about Ryan and her...which she stopped by saying they talked about feminism all night. And then Ryan let it slip that Jane and she were in love once. That didn't go over so well, with Brad's ego, who actually made a PowerPoint presentation to prove Jane loved him more. Then he decided to bring one of his exes over for dinner. Jane does not appreciate Brad's childishness, but they try to make the best of it. Of course, Brad's plans unraveled quickly, as Melissa happily admitted Brad and she were just a fling from business school. But that worked, because Jane was not happy Brad had a fling with her.

    Max (Adam Pally) paid for the drinks (not a misprint) because he got five months of rent in advance from his new roommate, Chase. Unlike his last roommate, however, he refused to get invested in Chase's life. He didn't want to make the same mistake he made with Dave (Zachary Knighton). Pity, because the day Chase moved in was the day Max's apartment had real furniture and a refrigerator stocked with beer and two pizzas. (From Gino's East, no less. Chase knows good pizza.) Suddenly Max, Dave, and Alex (Elisha Cuthbert) wanted to be Chase's best friends, so they waited around the apartment, sitting on the remaindered leather sofa, trying to look cool until he came back. (Yes, they looked as silly as it sounds.) They woke up the next day to discover Chase hadn't returned. Alex was afraid he had gotten eaten by a bear. (ALEX: I considered all of the possibilities.) Then, there was...DRAMATIC MUSIC! (MAX: Someone's scoring our life!) But it turned out to be Chase's phone. Which made them more concerned because Chase didn't take his phone with him. While Max and Alex played detective, Dave took the phone and texted the last person to text Chase and sent a text pretending to be Chase. Veronica arrived. (MAX: You can't trust Veronicas. I had a boyfriend once named Veronica. It turns out, HE was a woman!) Veronica, nonplussed by the third degree of questions from the Scooby Doo, Where Are You! (1969) gang, walks out. But Dave found a briefcase of old bills, so while Max and Alex tried to figure out what to do, Dave called Chase's credit card company to find the last place he used the card. And just when you think it couldn't get any more weird, it turns out Chase rented out Max's place to cheat on his wife. It was something his wife deduced when Max spilled the beans about being his roommate. So Chase remained without a marriage (or a job, since he worked for her father), and now Max was without a roommate. And had Chase primed to ruin Max's life. And Dave somehow was still wearing Chase's corduroy coat.

    As Penny (Casey Wilson) hung out with Pete's friends as a favor to him...and found out the hard way they talk about serious issues, don't pile-on with the insults when someone makes a mistake, and solve problems without some crazy backwards way of doing it...Pete was kind enough to let her go. Penny takes Pete over to visit with Brad and Jane, although their timing could have been better, as Brad and Jane were having their uncomfortable silent party with Melissa and Ryan. With Brad and Jane still bearing their claws at each other, Ryan and Melissa bail to the balcony (and start making out), and Pete is all but begging Penny to leave, even though Penny is loving the drama and doesn't think Max's drama could top that. Well, she was wrong. And Pete had to admit Penny's friends were a lot more interesting. But at least Jane and Brad apologized and made up. (BRAD: In fairness, Melissa was never really into sex.)

    Now if only Jane can get Brad to bed. Melissa and Ryan were still making out. (BRAD: Five more minutes?)

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