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Tatiana Maslany: Sarah Manning, Beth Childs, Katja Obinger



  • [Katja tells Sarah the shared riddle between her and Beth] 

    Katja Obinger : Just one. I'm a few. No family, too. Who am I?

  • [Felix asks Sarah if she's going to disappear again] 

    Felix Dawkins : Oh. You're going to disappear again?

    Sarah Manning : Yeah, I have to, Fe. There's dangerous shit in this life. Somebody keeps texting her.

    Felix Dawkins : Oh, texting. My God, how terrifying.

  • [Sarah tells Felix about the jumper she saw at the train station] 

    Sarah Manning : Something really weird just happened at the train station.

    Felix Dawkins : What?

    Sarah Manning : I saw a girl kill herself.

    Felix Dawkins : Ew! A jumper?

    Sarah Manning : Yeah, and she looked exactly like me, Felix.

    Felix Dawkins : What you mean?

    Felix Dawkins : Oh! You robbed her body.

    Sarah Manning : No, she left her bag on the platform.

    Felix Dawkins : Isn't that essentially robbing her body?

  • [Sarah watches a home video of Paul and Beth Childs together] 

    Paul Dierden : Are you ready to put your body through months of hell for the full?

    Beth Childs : You're damn right.

  • [Sarah looks at herself in the mirror] 

    Sarah Manning : [in an American accent]  You're damn right.

  • [Felix asks Sarah who was Elizabeth Childs] 

    Felix Dawkins : Sarah, who is Elizabeth Childs?

    Sarah Manning : I don't know. Just a girl who looks like me. A girl with a pretty nice life.

    Felix Dawkins : If it was so nice, why'd she kill herself?

  • [Sarah sees Paul for the first time while wearing a shirt of The Clash] 

    Paul Dierden : The Clash?

    Sarah Manning : Oh, yeah, uh... 'London Calling.' The Clash rock.

    Paul Dierden : Yeah, but you don't.

  • [Sarah gives Felix the coke to sell that she took from Vic] 

    Felix Dawkins : Coke?

    Sarah Manning : It's Vic's. Think you can flip it to one of your Bay Street blow boys?

    Felix Dawkins : You have no idea what that costs me.

    Sarah Manning : I'll give you 20%.

    Felix Dawkins : I wasn't talking about my cut, Sarah. I was talking about my pride.

  • [Sarah tells Art she panicked which resulted in her puking] 

    Sarah Manning : I panicked. What do you want me to say?

    Detective Art Bell : Pretty much anything but 'I panicked.'

  • [Sarah tells Felix that if she had a boyfriend like Paul she would've jumped in front of a train too] 

    Sarah Manning : [Sarah points to Paul's photo]  If that was my boyfriend, I'd jump in front of a train, too.

    Felix Dawkins : Don't say that. Paul's hot and you know it.

  • [Felix and Sarah go over the suicide of Beth Childs] 

    Felix Dawkins : So, your twin, all hopped up on cop tranquilizers, guns down an innocent Chinese lady holding a cell phone in her hand. Is that true?

    Sarah Manning : [Sarah scoffs]  I don't know. I'm not even sure her partner knows. Feels like she's lying about something.

    Felix Dawkins : With 75 grand in a new account? She's well dodgy.

    Sarah Manning : Yeah, whatever she was into, it drove her bloody nuts, yeah?

    Felix Dawkins : Yeah, suicide's thrilling, agreed.

  • [Sarah tells Felix that she didn't want a funeral while he's at the wake] 

    Sarah Manning : I didn't want a funeral, for this very reason, Fe.

    Felix Dawkins : Well, you can't do much about that when you're dead, can you?

  • [Felix asks Sarah how her boyfriend Vic is] 

    Felix Dawkins : How's Vic the dick?

    Sarah Manning : Yeah, I hit him first, this time. With an ashtray, so... He's a little blue.

  • [first lines] 

    Railroad Engineer : [the railroad engineer speaks over the PA System in the train]  Huxley station.

    Sarah Manning : [Sarah is startled to wake up]  Shit!

  • [Felix shows up at the bar to meet his foster sister Sarah] 

    Felix Dawkins : Oh, my God. You look like crap.

    Felix Dawkins : [Sarah laughs hugging and kissing Felix]  Hi.

    Sarah Manning : Hello.

    Felix Dawkins : Hi. No, but seriously. Ew.

  • [Sarah shows Felix the ID card of Beth Childs] 

    Felix Dawkins : Okay, that's weird.

    Sarah Manning : Yeah, you think?

    Felix Dawkins : 'Elizabeth Childs.' It's you, with a nice haircut.

    Sarah Manning : And a nice address. What the hell, Fe? Did I have a twin sister?

    Felix Dawkins : Well, now, when you're a poor little orphan foster wretch, anything's possible. Or so we tell ourselves.

  • [Sarah tells Felix that she's going to go to Beth Childs' place] 

    Sarah Manning : I'm going to go up to her flat.

    Felix Dawkins : Yeah, to find out who she is and to rob the rest of her shit.

  • [Sarah goes through the closet of Beth Childs] 

    Sarah Manning : [Sarah moves the wooden hangers]  Boyfriend.

    Sarah Manning : Squares.

  • [Sarah calls Felix from Beth Childs' place] 

    Sarah Manning : So my credit is maxed, but, I've got a sweet pad and my new boyfriend Paul's out of town for the weekend.

    Felix Dawkins : Unfortunately, your real boyfriend, Vic the dick, is already here.

    Sarah Manning : Shit!

    Felix Dawkins : Oh, I'm fine, by the way. Thank you.

  • [Art asks Sarah where her wit has gone] 

    Detective Art Bell : Where's your wit gone? You haven't called me 'dipshit' all day.

    Sarah Manning : You don't have to babysit me, dipshit.

    Detective Art Bell : I know, but who else would?

  • [Felix tells Sarah that deep down every foster kid hopes that they're special] 

    Felix Dawkins : [Felix points to Beth Childs' photo]  Well, look at her.

    Sarah Manning : What?

    Felix Dawkins : You're related. This could be your story.

    Sarah Manning : It's not.

    Felix Dawkins : Every foster kid dreams of their lost family.

    Sarah Manning : Oh, my God.

    Felix Dawkins : Deep down, we all hope we're special.

    Sarah Manning : [Sarah looks for an alcohol bottle]  Yeah, the last thing I am is special.

  • [Felix argues with Sarah about leaving her daughter Kira] 

    Felix Dawkins : You left Kira with Mrs. S. overnight and you didn't come back for 10 months!

    Sarah Manning : [Sarah in a low voice]  I'm trying to fix this.

    Felix Dawkins : Tell it to the angels, Sarah. You're already dead.

  • [Paul asks Sarah what'd she do to her hair] 

    Paul Dierden : What'd you do to your hair?

    Sarah Manning : Uh... Nothing. I got it cut.

    Paul Dierden : It's longer.

    Sarah Manning : It's just wet.

    Paul Dierden : Something's different.

  • [Paul and Sarah make out in the kitchen] 

    Paul Dierden : [Paul holds onto Sarah, whispering]  Bedroom.

    Sarah Manning : [Sarah pushes Paul to the counter, moaning]  Right here.

  • [Sarah with binoculars watches Felix at her fake wake] 

    Sarah Manning : Sherry's upset, though, isn't she?

    Felix Dawkins : [Felix chuckles]  Oh, yeah, she thinks Vic pushed you in front of the train. It's priceless, really.

  • [last lines] 

    Sarah Manning : [Sarah drives off from someone trying to shoot her]  Shit. Shit!

    Sarah Manning : [as her and Katja's phones start to ring]  Shit. Shit.

    Sarah Manning : [Sarah answers]  Hello?

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