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A dark, edgy, nicely shot engaging film!
Nukem9996 January 2015
"the Bread Thieves" upon first glance may sound like something free from darkness, pain and drama but once you really get into the heart of this film; you see there's a deeper more complex core to this film's story. I found the characters struggle in dealing with resorting to crime to make ends meet; specially after one just got OUT of jail to be a simple but very applicable plot.

I admired the use of camera angles and close up shots, it really helped give the film and its characters an edgier look to them; as if we are really being drawn and engulfed into the mood and feelings of this story. I loved the use of the introduction scene. Seemingly unrelated to everything else in the film's content until you watch and see more and more how the story unfolds and where the dangerous decisions the characters make lead to far darker scenarios than I could have imagined or expected.

This was a gritty, intense and darkly compelling film that surprised me on more than one occasion. The use of casting, camera work and music really did wonders for the film's palpable tension and suspenseful story; a great piece of film I am glad I was able to witness.
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