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16 Apr. 2015
Night Mission: The Moon
Flute Cop convinces Axe Cop to take him on his very first night mission - to the moon.
23 Apr. 2015
Heads Will Roll
Axe Cop gets arrested after breaking all of the Normal Cop rules and is thrown into a prison run by a creepy warden.
30 Apr. 2015
Bald Cop
Axe Cop is forced into hiding by the sinister Hell Chicken, while the world falls ruin to the Hell Chicken Zombie Apocalypse.
7 May 2015
The Center of the Ocean
Axe Cop goes to a fancy dinner party that falls under siege by evil aliens who are there to kidnap the Water Queen.
14 May 2015
Mark Frankenstein
Grey Diamond explores his origins and searches his past for his true destiny.
21 May 2015
President Cop
Axe Cop declares himself President of The World and unleashes a million years of peace and boredom.
28 May 2015
Axe Cop Saves God
After Axe Cop's ham restaurant comes under attack by hell demons, he must venture to Heaven to protect God from Satan's forces.
11 Jun. 2015
The Ultimate Mate
Axe Cop needs to find the best roller-skating partner so he can win the Ultimate Space Trampoline grand prize, but little does he know that a much grander prize lies ahead.
18 Jun. 2015
Night Mission: The Extincter
When Bigfoot goes missing, Axe Cop and Flute Cop must team up with the Mysterious Beast Force to find him and put a stop to the Extincter once and for all.
25 Jun. 2015
Baboons Rising
A war erupts between the baboons and the bears, and Axe Cop must find a way to bring them to peace, even if it means exposing a dangerous secret.

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