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My Review Of "A Blood Story"
ASouthernHorrorFan10 June 2015
Hollow's story is a stark expose of one's drive for eternal youth and beauty obtained through the darkest capabilities. Much like Elizabeth Bathory, these characters thirst for immortality, youth, and a place at the top of society's creme. The characters are a bizarre collection of Gothic personalities. "A Blood Story" moves pretty slow and steady with lots of melodrama and theatrics. The tone and pace of the film never really reaches the fever-pitch of thrillers or suspense horror stories, but it does pull you in with plenty of dialog and character development.

There are a few moments of horror effects that really bring to life the dark subject matter of the film. It isn't really meant to create a sense of chilling horror. The scenes are more of atmospheric macabre. Most moments that use special effects and blood are mixed with erotica so even these elements of "A Blood Story" stay more fantasy. Still the practical effects and horror moments are strong, quality aspects that do heighten the overall effects of this film.

"A Blood Story" is a mature, fantasy horror that is reminiscent of 70's Amicus style of Gothic horror fantasy films. It does tend to stay on the more "slow burn" melodrama side of horror, but with such Shakespearean characters and plenty of blood washed T&A there is plenty to entertain. The film isn't going to hit any high spots with die hard horror fans that like faster paced stories filled with gore or violence. "A Blood Story" is a visual slice of the macabre which plays on the whole "Bathory styled nightmare".
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In blood we trust
nogodnomasters15 October 2017
Warning: Spoilers
Francis (Camden Toy) runs an Elizabeth Bathory (Debra Lamb) rejuvenation center where guests bath in the blood of virgins (looks very watery) and feasts on their flesh (scene not shown). Madison is intrigued by everything and wants to return for another session and a chance to steal old gold coins. It isn't hard to figure out in the beginning (plot spoiler?) that Francis is Ferenc Nadasdy the real husband of Elizabeth and Anna (Melanie Robel) is their daughter. Their goal is to revive the crazed Elizabeth.

Old time horror fans will enjoy the appearances of Camden Troy and Linnea Quigley who plays a woman who wants to get impregnated by her brother. Linnea appears to had some work done and looks really good. The film was low budget. The special effects consisted of the camera not showing anything. The acting was horrible, even enjoyably campy at times. Robert Z'Dar has a very bad Italian accent and absolutely murders "capiche" not counted as one of the movie's killings. The sound department missed a facial slap. A man is slapped, his face spins around, and there is no noise. oops.

On the plus side, the film was accurate in their historical data, except for the fact there is a death date for Anna. Thank you Joe Hollow for the fact checking. The main character in the film is Madison played by a bountiful Mindy Robinson who is not shy in this feature as she was in "Rang 15" as we get to see a display of her artwork.

3 stars for being "so bad it is good" and the nudity (Mindy Robinson, Debra Lamb) No swearing. As of this writing the film, with nude scenes, is on U-Tube. I am sure that won't last.
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Good effort but dull
TdSmth521 June 2016
The movie starts with some long narration about a group in the search for the fountain of youth, a search that Elizabeth Bathory was involved in centuries ago. At some point, the secret was discovered: virgin blood and consuming human flesh. The group offers this to its clients in addition to other kinky pleasures. The narrator is the guy in charge, Francis. He is assisted by his daughter.

The current customers include an attractive blonde named Madison. Some annoying guy, and a guy who doesn't say anything and doesn't want to be bothered. The blonde was a model but was attacked by her ex-husband who slashed her and left scars on her chest. Now she wants to be a writer, her first manuscript will be about her experience at the group's mansion, the title: A Blood Story. She takes now the role on of the narrator. Carter is the quiet guy, his wife--the love of his live--died and he can't love anyone else, even though Madison is interested. She also has vision of some creature in bandages.

Madison bathes in blood and her scars disappear. One day she witnesses an argument between Francis and the annoying guy. Francis ends up killing him. He and his daughter seem to be up to something. At that point he catches Madison. She wakes up later in Carter's bed with a an ancient and valuable gold coin in her bra.

She figures there must be more gold in the mansion. She hatches a plan with Carter to get the gold. They recruit some mobster to play another client. But things don't go well and there are a couple of neat twists and surprises.

A Blood Story is a very ambitious low budget horror movie. It's directed with confidence, the writing is strong but in the end, you are basically stuck listening to people talk while the budget didn't allow them to do much, kind of like a soap opera. And they do talk an awful lot. This script must be three times the size of an action blockbuster movie script, if not more. Some of it gets repetitive as when Madison explains all the virtues of blood. The ideas are good and writer/director Hollow did his research no doubt. Casting is iffy. Mindy Robinson is cute and seductive. But the rest of the cast doesn't quite fit the part. A movie about kinks and bathing in blood should be a lot more erotic.

Overall a strong attempt by a competent crew that nevertheless resulted in a dull movie.
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Well developed and executed
aznetlix3 November 2015
The characters are well developed. I may not like all of them, but you're not suppose to. I understand The blood and gore is definitely there, but creatively and not too over the top. The drama is a bit off, but I think that is due to the performances. I would say the only big drawback is the casting of this project. I really liked how it was shot and I believe the storytelling is on point. There isn't a lot not to appreciate about this film. I like the pace and I like the way the film was cut together. Again, the lead talent fell short. The supporting cast wasn't much of a help either. All in all, definitely worth a watch. The technical side of this film is the star for sure.
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