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This documentary follows a colony of honey ants in the Arizona desert.
crazycanadian231 July 2013
I thought this documentary was very well done. The narration by Andy Serkis was excellent. The audience is given the ability to delve deep into the tunnels of these desert ants to see its inner workings. The documentary records the rise of an ant "empire" over a span of eight years. The camera angles are amazing and you watch as the colony ants fight and survive in the barren conditions of Arizona. It is an eye opening experience of how complex an ant colony is and its interactions with its surroundings. It is an educational and family friendly documentary that records one of the most well known insects. Some may find it boring but for those that find insects interesting you will greatly enjoy this documentary.
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The Beginning And End Of The Honey Ants
RogerMcGaugh17 September 2013
This is a great movie fun for all ages. It is very entertaining, suspenseful and intrigues the mind. This movie starts with one queen ant then expands to a full colony. The movie starts and ends over a period of over 7 years and follows the ants as the colony grows and expands. It shows how they survive in the harsh desert environment and how the colony ensures the success of a future generation. The movie goes to great detail in explaining how they store their food and for this particular ant they have a unique way of making honey and storing it in their own abdomens. Their abdomen expands up to 10 times the ants body size and those ants stay on the ceiling of their chamber as storage vessels while alive at the time. The colony slowly grows from a few ants and increases each year in size. As the colony grows the exploration area also increases until the come in contact with another Honey Ant colony. This happens several times during the movie and when the contact is made it is a war to the death. A great Science and Documentary movie which is great for grown ups and kids alike.
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