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Poor vehicle for stable of stars
lor_17 March 2015
Warning: Spoilers
Digital Playground is a bit like the MGM of porn - flashy productions (I'm talking about MGM in the Golden Age of Cinema, '20s through '50s), roster of huge stars, and slick but often empty films. Famous for super-productions costing ridiculous sums to produce like PIRATES and its sequel, its ESCORT is a cheapo quickie made merely to cash in on its trademarked actresses.

None of the 3 big stars here are given a decent showcase in a tale poorly shot by Robby D, working from a weak script credited to Scarlett L. In the obscuro world of porn Scarlett has a period in her last name while good old Robby just goes with the bare letter D.

Lovely, demure looking superstar Kayden Kross plays a sympathetic housewife whose husband (Tommy Gunn) neglects her. She suspects he's up to no good, so she enlists the aid of a prostitute (Selena Rose, also looking rather demure for the role) to bait her hubby and perhaps seduce him, proving he's amenable to infidelity. In a good script (or even mediocre one), she would have attempted to get evidence of a specific affair he was conducting behind her back but scribe Scarlett prefers this dumb entrapment plot device.

Video soon telegraphs why the story took this route, as Selena reports back that she slept with Tom, and we the audience see them humping in flashback. But it is patently obvious that we are dealing here with the cinematic/novelistic ploy of The Unreliable Narrator, as at film's climax (actually anticlimax) it's revealed Selena never met Tom and is lying as part of a scheme of her own.

Ending of Tom quitting his job (by dissolving his partnership with unlikely magnate Manuel Ferrara, who can barely spit out his dialog let alone run a successful business) and reconciling happily with his wife, is terrible. Final shot is amusing, as after a facial Kayden gives Gunn's cock a final suck and releases it with a loud "THWOCK!" sound, for a freeze frame. Seems auteur Robby, however bored he may have been cranking out this one or two day wonder, had one good yock left in him.

En route to this unconvincing finale there's an introductory troilism scene of friend Marco Rivera having a threesome at the bar at his birthday party with Selena and Jynx Maze, latter for better or worse not accorded a TM trademark for her screen name by Digital Playground's parent or licensing company. But to pad the running time, Ferrara and Gunn's sole employee in their miscellaneous business, a TM personage Riley Steele, shows up to hump Ferrara and kill off a reel of screen time, while Kayden improbably invites Ferrara for a roll in the sack to get back at her husband.

There are no exterior scenes and though the illusion of luxury is attempted, this is porn shot with very few set-ups, an assembly-line junker.
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