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Better than expected
K-A-B31 March 2014
Not a masterpiece by any means but as far as kids movies go, it's pretty good. Cute and harmless, and it does have the feel of the old Little Rascals. The plot is simple, the kids try to come up with ways to make money so "grandma" doesn't lose her bakery to the bank or Waldo's dad, and trouble ensues. The young actors are adorable (especially Camden Gray as Porky!) and fit their roles quite well in my opinion. Casting Eden Wood, the spoiled "star" from Toddlers & Tiaras complete with her own homemade music videos and dolls, as Darla was a curious choice but surprisingly it works.

Obviously this won't be winning any Oscars, but it's a cute movie that I'm glad I checked out despite the extremely low expectations.
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Great movie for kids
carol-abella22 June 2014
this movie really hit it off with my kids ages 4, 7, and 9. i watched it with them and found some scenes and lines a bit silly. some did make me chuckle. i thought the child actors played their part really well, a bit of over-acting but hey they're kids!! and my kids are happy and occupied the next two hours, so that's good enough for me too. oh i have to write at least 10 more lines for my review to be accepted... OK so i thought the rating of 5 stars was kind of low it deserves to go up a bit..maybe upto 7 or 8. but i'm giving it a 9 coz i liked the musical aspect of the movie. it had my little girl singing. im not really familiar with the original rascals so if this movie did not stick to the original... we don't really care.
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What a sad movie !
cekadah31 May 2014
A sad movie indeed. Not because the story is sad it's just that the characters and acting is just so bad .... very unfunny bad. I don't even think a child would laugh from start to finish.

And honestly the children cast as "the rascals" looked as if they had all been weaned on a sour pickle and fed lemons while making this - movie? Doris Roberts as Grandma was more like a robot programed to speak when prompted. Awful!

Not one minute of this disaster was unpredictable. It was more like the Rascals in a time warp ... early 20th century over fed kids finding themselves in the 21st century.

A sad unfunny movie with sad unfunny characters just reading their lines and thats it.
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nogodnomasters16 June 2019
Warning: Spoilers
Generally as a rule, I don't go below 3 stars on a bad kids movie unless it is a real stinker. I didn't like the last Little Rascals movie, and as bad as that one was as compared to the original, this one is worse than that one.

The characters were reproduced horribly down to Alfalfa's fake cow lick. It is as if they attempted to parody the original. This film combines several of the original episodes into one as the gang tries to raise money to save grandma's bakery. I couldn't help but cringe at the climax as "The International Silver String Submarine Band" performed Sonny and Cher as opposed to the wonderful original where all the gang members sang "The Man on the Flying Trapeze." If this was a play, Spanky would have been booed off stage.

If they couldn't make a film better than this, they should not have even tried. It was a pathetic attempt.
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The Rascals Have Lost Their Charm. ♦ 24%
nairtejas1 April 2014
Along with a very poor direct-to-video execution, this spin-off works against "the Little Rascals" idea. The original movie was so tender and cute, I still watch it with my family. But this just isn't cute. While the kids have grown up and it is not meant to be cute and most of them are different actors, it is clearly seen they cannot act and with amateur direction, the whole film stumbles in its own story-less caper.

I hardly chuckled during the whole 90 minutes. Even the supporting cast is poorly written. Characters who pop out of anywhere and following the main plot just doesn't work any more. Writing is very cheesy throughout the film and illogical references to the shenanigans the rascals carry out is just not funny. While we may expect our kids to laugh out loud, with poorly written dialogs, delivered by immature stances and nuances, this particular video movie is goes nowhere with its screenplay.

The plot points seemed to grow according to the wishes of the writers. While I appreciate the art department, I am not satisfied with the sequences. In fact, not a single scene is unforgettable or at least remarkable.

Indeed very bad CGI and let us not talk about technicalities for I may be forced to re-rate as 1/10. A very big disappointment. You may very well skip this without having lost anything,
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A surprisingly pleasant homage to the Little Rascals of old.
planktonrules19 April 2014
I have seen perhaps EVERY Little Rascals short that is currently available. I say 'currently available' because quite a few of their early films have simply disappeared—decomposed like so many of the nitrate film stock films during the first half of the 20th century. It's a shame, as the silent films in the series that exist today are among the very best of the series.

The Little Rascals were brought to the screen by Hal Roach Studios—the same folks who brought us Laurel & Hardy as well as quite a few other wonderful comedians, like Harold Lloyd and Charlie Chase. Is this new version of the Little Rascals up to the same quality and spirit as the older, original films? Or, even as good as the pleasant re-boot they brought out in 1994? I sure hoped so when the film began!

This family film has a LOT of familiar elements if you are familiar with the old films. I appreciate this, as most folks who will watch this movie will have never seen the original films. So, they didn't have to replicate the style and look of the old shorts. But SOMEONE associated with this film thought it was important to be faithful to the franchise— and I really appreciated that. A few examples of the old Little Rascals elements are when the boys tried to skip school and end up missing out on a party (I've seen this in two other Rascals films—one with an ice cream party and the other where the teacher took them to an amusement park—and the boys missed out on this because they played hooky), all the more familiar old characters from the franchise's most familiar period (with Porky, Buckwheat, Darla, Alfalfa and Spanky—as well as villains like Butch and Waldo), Miss Crabtree, the kids' taxi and much more. On top of that, the marquee at the theater, if you look carefully refers to a Hal Roach Film Festival and the emcee of the talent show is Leo McCarey! McCarey was a brilliant director who worked for Roach and directed many of the Rascals films (he later went on to become a top director of full-length films).

The plot involves Grandma (Doris Roberts) who about to lose her business. She needs $10,000 fast and the kids all decide to help her. However, the Rascals' plans are all terrible and backfire badly—and it's kind of cute seeing them turn everyone's pets green (among other things). Eventually, as a last ditch, they decide to enter the kids talent show—and first prize is, of course, $10,000. Who will win—the Rascals or the insufferable Waldo? What do you think?! I am sure that the film will appeal to kids and their parents (and grandparents), though I am not sure if it will appeal to teens. Teens will probably find it all a bit mushy and predictable…which is true. But it's well made mush! Plus, it's nice to have a film that will appeal to parents and kids alike…so leave your picky teens at home and enjoy or lock them in their rooms if you decide to buy the video! Overall, this is a cute and surprisingly well made and enjoyable family film—and a bit better than the 1994 film.
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The Little Rascals Save The Day
ChrisOfficial26 May 2014
A great family/kids movie masterpiece, it's pretty good to see The Little Rascals back in action. Really enjoyed the original 1994 film "The Little Rascals" that was a comedy classic. The new one has brought it back to life and we were looking forward to it. Outstanding plot, the children's cast Drew Justice, Eden Wood, Jet Jurgensmeyer, Connor Berry, Jenna Ortega, Rio Mangini, and the rest of the children's cast were incredible. The young actors brought the characters to light especially Drew Justice as the great Alfalfa. Overall most definitely recommend "The Little Rascals Save The Day" if audiences loved the original they'll love the new installment.

Director: Alex Zamm Writer: William Robertson

Big Thanks!

This one is a must watch for all families. This one deserves a Excellent rating and review. Given this one a thumbs up! great cast and crew. Good job!
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Did we really need another Little Rascals movie?
rlyonsii29 March 2014
LIttle Rascals have been around longer than I have been alive. They made people laugh and go awww at the same time back then and in the 90s when the first movie was released.

First, let me just say that over all the kids that played the Little Rascals was damn near perfect casting. Some of them, like Darla for example, almost looked like the original actress that played her had come back and not aged a single day. You will be consumed by the same laughter you come to expect from these characters. The rascals try different ways to make money for their Grandmas bakery to say up. They have many crazy harebrained ideas, some of which are downright hilarious. The movie really is a great watch for adults and children alike. While the ending I must admit I was not a fan of. I feel just because a movie doesn't end well, that the entire movie is bad.

Overall, it was very enjoyable.

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Just What I Needed To See
tb1998113 April 2014
Warning: Spoilers
First off, Im 16 years old and a huge fan of the original Our Gang comedies. I grew up watching them with my grandfather and knew each rascal like a brother or sister. So, when I heard about The Little Rascals Save The Day coming out, I was thrilled, yet scared. I was nervous about their ability to restore the personalities of the original gang. In the 1994 return of The Little Rascals, some of the characters were not like the originals but I am thankful that Alfalfa and Spanky were good. So, back to this movie, like any other curious fan; I went out and bought the movie the day it came out. I popped it in the DVD player and started watching. Not even 15 minutes into the movie, I saw something that made me smile and gave me respect for the whole movie. When the kids are excused from class for different reasons, the teacher lets them go and just as they are walking out feeling accomplished, the ice cream man brings a cake in. THIS IS ALMOST EXACTLY WHAT HAPPENED IN ONE OF THE 1930'S SHORTS. As I watched the movie, I saw many little references to the shorts that without watching the shorts, no one would recognize. But Im so glad they included these! The characters are portrayed reasonably well which makes the movie is just like any other Little Rascal adventure, regardless of the era :)
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This movie is horrible!
alfalasimedad12 May 2021
Warning: Spoilers
This movie is bad in many ways such as, It milks a genre so overused that anyone could think this was a parody, the voice acting is horrendous if I ever watched a movie like that with a budget over 10 million dollars I would've commited a jfk on the director.
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Till this, never been offered so little 'The Little Rascals'.
Reno-Rangan8 July 2014
I grew up watching the 90s 'Little Rascals'. That was one of my childhood favorites besides many others. After 20 years, I think I still love that movie a lot. I guess I need to re-watch. So I wondered about this new version how good it could be. It was not a sequel or remake, but kind of reboot movie. Almost all the characters looked similar to the 94's except a couple of were missing. I have not seen the older versions, so no reason to drag them in here.

Since I am a fan of the 90s' expected this new movie. After watching it, I came to know why it directly released in home videos. The movie was not good. The kids were alright, but it was the poorly written story. Just like it was written for the television audience. The story revolves around a bunch of neighborhood children. While preparing for the summer adventures they come to know that the shop being shut down, which is attached to their tree house due to the bank dept. They keep away their plans and begin to raise money. How they are going to accomplish their goal was what told is the series of comedic events.

''Nobody ever got rich working for somebody else.''

Was not an exciting movie. Half of the movie was boring and another half was so good. Overall, kind of stands between good and bad, an average movie we can say. Hope kids will love it more than adults. If you are not familiar with earlier versions, there is a chance that you could enjoy it. Anyway, I just thought it was the children's version of the movie 'Three Stooges'. I mean looks fun while a watch, but afterwards makes you think what did I saw kind of expression. Believe me it is not worth. If, since you decided, not a bad idea for once.
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Who every made this movie was a big little rascal
ThunderKing61 May 2022
After over 30 year absent, the Rascals return, and they look like they are in a weekend drama class. This movie did not have any of the great substance that the 1994 version had. I'm not saying to go and copy, but at least make it as good. This movie was horrible. The Rascal actors were horrible and lacked the naive, smog characteristics that the 1994 had.

The story was so childish for a children movie. It was basically about them making money to save a shop. Boring.

Sure, the 94 version was about them building a clubhouse, but that storyline had the children being naturally naive and foolish. This version the children were smart but dumb as rocks. On top of that, the movie in general looks dumb. 94 version was a smart, naive, foolish movie, and it worked.

This movie was not good.
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it generates good times and makes the heart warm...
RosanaBotafogo20 February 2022
Children's movies with cute little kids is always very nice to watch, it's nothing innovative, a little extremely charming, but it generates good times and makes the heart warm...
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A Truly Underrated Remarkable Children's Movie
Harbinger_37819 February 2016
Warning: Spoilers

If I am a truly, inside-and-out matured audience, I'd probably give it a medium-standard score. Fortunately, I'm retaining my inner child and all its perks, and I say holy smokey-oly this movie is good! Not only did it brought back old memories, made me want to reverse the time and be back to the simpler days, it also inspired me a new story -

"The later matured Alfalfa married Darla, but one day he felt they were about to hit a rough patch, so he went to his boss for wisdom, and his boss happens to be expert at solving these problems, so he sent Alfalfa back to the time where he and Darla first met, and let him resynchronize memories to find the couple's 'Keynote Point' and recover the feelings he had for her way back then." Figure out the rest.

  • So, yeah. Despite what ever anyone else say, a movie that is enjoyable AND inspiring - this movie is awesome, and is definitely worth re-watches and/or encores.

Though I gotta say, the children's - or should I say, the younger ones'(since I'm not that old yet) - acting do look like kids, and looks like they made their acting more over-emotional than just natural. However, even with that being said, actors their age giving performance that a level; man, they did infinite times better than my old senior high drama club(jeez), and all the young actors are definitely earned the title I refer to, respectfully; as "Masters". And by the High Angels, Master Doris Roberts is here? I just couldn't see her as anything else after her amazing, beautiful role as Angel Mrs. Miracle in her two superb Debbie Macomber Christmas movies. So yeah, I can also very well say the Rascals got Angel over their shoulders. Angel.

Oh, one thing about that story//SPOILERS!// - Why the hell does Ms. Crabtree doing still dating that sticky jerk?! For all the rascals' efforts and they only got scolded by him? He should have walked away the moment she said "school teacher".

Plenty of references to the '94 original, and I just can't believe Master Bug Hall was here as well! Pity Master Brittany Holmes and the rest of the gang couldn't also show up, but... maybe I could be wrong and at least half the original gang showed up... I dunno if anyone noticed this:

In at least two blink-and-you'll-miss scenes during the talent show, right after McKible the Magnificent's performance, there were four audience in the audience seats: From right to left; a black man with Stymie's signature hat, a white man with Alfalfa's signature hair, a slightly chubby white man that resembles Spanky, and another black man with an afro- hair style that's an exact match to Buckwheat's! Am I seeing a present/future rendezvous here, or was that truly the original Rascals making a final cameo? There were no records of the actors played those two audience members, and it got me really excited, so I'd really like to know.

All in all - Wow. This movie is truly amazing. Even the color went rich enough and not over-saturated like Speed Racer. Fantastic movie for kids(and adults with their inner child retained). Annnnd how!

Great work, young ones. May fortune guide all your future careers. In hoc signo vinces.
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Bad acting
pumpkinhead81219 February 2015
The movie is incredibly stupid and most of the acting is not believable at all. The story line is silly and predictable for the most part. I guess maybe a kid would laugh at it. Some parts were clever like the taxi service and the wrestling match (sort of). God those actors playing the bullies are ugly and bad at acting. Overall it's a pretty badly made movie with few laughs. Be prepared for painfully bad acting, stale jokes and predictable events. This movie doesn't really bring anything new to the table. Can't really recommend it but if you are really bored like i was give it a watch so you can see what i mean. They did have some pretty cool sets and props though.
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Very sweet cute movie.
yilburger26 July 2015
Growing up in the 60's and 70's as a huge fan of the Rascals, I feel this remake really captured the original Little Rascals in a fresh modern way. Better than the 1994 theatrical release. This movie was able to capture the mischief and the innocence that were alway so dear in the original shorts. They really did justice to each of the characters, young and old alike. The people that made this film did a nice tip of the hat to this beloved classic. Would recommend this to anyone who has children or to any old time Rascals fans including Leonard Maltin. Normally I dislike most remakes but this one really hit the mark.
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an ok attemp but not as good as the previous versions
jinxechomagik10 August 2021
I love the little rascals ive seen and own all the old ones except the ones lost to time.its an ok movie to watch an children will enjoy it and i like all the old skits and references they brought back from the old main dislike is the casting ya cant just take any kid an dress em up in a rascals signature look.this versions spanky in my opinion was terrible.and why choose all the same rascals from the previous movie the little rascals was a long running series so the kids had to be swapped out quite frequently so theres a plethora of rascals to choose from why keep choosing the same ones over and over again.
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Shouldn't have made it
jonbaker78717 February 2015
I used to love the original little rascals TV show and the movie this new movie is an awful portrayal of what is supposed to be the little rascals. They didn't even have all the original character names and they put a girl in their club which was everything they stood against in the original movie. They could have done a better job in my opinion. They could have given the children more practice the acting wasn't the greatest. The original was much better and by far funnier than this version. Though they came close to making the cast close to the original It still wasn't as good . I'm highly doubting the directors made their money back off of this film. If they did it's only because the people buying/renting it were under the impression It was like the old one . All over disappointed.
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khadigahussien18 August 2022
Warning: Spoilers
Alright, I don't even know what to say here, the beginning of the movie was kind off interesting to watch it was also a bit funny but in the middle of the movie it started to not make sense at all, so they try to make a song to help the grandma get her shop back? All my interest fell in this movie, the only reason why it's not in like 4/10 or 3/10 , as I said the movie kind off had my interest in the beginning but it doesn't.
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Worse than original but still GOOD
a-staskevicius1 January 2018
Really worth seeing for kids who are not still spoiled by what is aired nowadays. Nice clever funny scenes, good story, good moral and happy ending. The kids (8,12) were interested for the whole time. The acting were not that good as in the original but still comparable.
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