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Probably my favorite New Girl episodes so far!!
jessicalouisey4 August 2014

Best New Girl moment!

All the characters have great moments in this episode and it just works.

Have re-watched many times he-he.

Great to see PMS and periods talked about on a network show in a non-disgusted way, and love all the feels.

Zooey Deschanel did such a great job. Jake Johnson a close second!

Not Winston's best character moment but still funny.

Please make more New Girl episodes like this one!
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New Girl Menzies
dalydj-918-25517513 November 2012
Warning: Spoilers
When Jess cannot pay for her gas Schmidt gets annoyed that everyone has been covering for her because she does not have enough money to pay for her part. Jess then explodes threatening to hurt anyone for telling her to get a job. Nick then says whatever and we find out more about his anger issues. While in the park Nick decides to talk to a stranger that just sits behind him. Nick then comes to a decision to handle his anger problems. While out with Cece and Robbie Schmidt says he meet a women at the office who almost sexual harries him. Winston thinks he has male PMS. Nick comes in calm while Jess is angry about the water being turned off. Before Schmidt can sleep with his so-worker he has to sign a lot of forums so she cannot be held responsible. Nick once again goes to the park to talk to the old man once again. Jess goes on her interview and when a picture of a little dog in a cup is brought up she starts to cry. Then Jess is told the dog died two years ago which makes her cry even more. When Cece comes over to complain about being a nice girl she ends up kissing Schmidt and calling herself a bad girl. After almost kissing him she then agrees she is a nice girl because she did not cheat. The old man brings Nick to a pool and after some pain Nick ends up relaxing. When Nick try's to pool massage on Jess it goes really bad and he has to just talk to her after about her problems. Jessica gets a job and Schmidt turns the gas back on. Everyone jumps into Winstons room and it does not work for him either. Funny episode and I'm loving what Jake Johnson is doing with Nick.

EPISODE GRADE: B+ (MVP: Jake Johnson)
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