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Glenn Close: Arlene



  • Arlene : I think that there are two forces on Earth you never want to be fighting. One is Mother Nature.The other is love.

  • Arlene : She's lovely. It's not an ideal situation but she adores my son. Now how can you be a sensible parent and not feel warmly towards someone who adores your child? That is practically anti-social.

  • Sam : [arriving at restaurant]  Your mother's standing.

    Brian : I know.

    Arlene : They have no folding chairs here.

    Sam : It's The Carlyle, Arlene.

    [to Arielle] 

    Sam : You know when we first met, she only sent back entrées. Now it's chairs.

  • Arlene : [with Brian sitting in the back seat of the car]  Do you remember what you said to me after the very first time we had intercourse?

    Sam : Are you hungry?

    Arlene : Before that.

    Sam : Yes, I remember.

    [they kiss] 

  • Arlene : Tell us about yourself.

    Arielle : Well, I am 33, married and the mother of two.

    [Arlene sits] 

    Sam : Waiter, Canadian Club.

  • Sam : Can I finish this conversation?

    Arlene : You have finished it eight times.

    Sam : In 30 years, I don't remember once ever being able to finish a sentence.

    Arlene : Well, with your subjects, you don't deserve predicates.

    Sam : Oh! What is that? A grammar insult? A syntax barb?

  • Arlene : We're now officially spending that law school money.

    Sam : Half of it.

  • Arlene : We're seeing The Book of Mormon.

    Sam : It's about Mormons.

    Arlene : Not the original cast, but still.

    Sam : Yeah. It's the replacement Mormons.

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