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Ticks all the boxes
sandygulliver22 September 2014
I watched it awhile back, before I met the lead actor, Shannon Brown, at a screening of one of his more recent films and was impressed with the quality of the acting as well as with the sound & lighting. All three very important elements in any film, regardless of the budget. Since then I have seen him play other roles and can only compare his talent to the likes of a Sean Penn or a Tom Hanks. When I saw him play a cocky TV announcer in one of his last films, I did not put two and two together that this was the same actor who plays an autistic man in perfection. I am so glad to have just watched Windy again to connect the dots. I am even more convinced this is an actor to put on your watch list.
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A fresh breath of Windy though it may have run out of breath
lenrod1721 September 2014
Shannon Brown is really good as the title character in the film short Windy. Playing a role such as this could come off as trying too hard but he really handles the role nicely. He is one of the cornerstones in the Chicago film scene and you can see why here. The story is original and I really like what Matt Brassil does with the piece but I felt the ending was confusing and didn't really fit with the rest of the movie. Gail Harfar is also really good in the piece as well. She handles the role with aplomb. Suzette Brown has a nice supporting turn as well. Rounded out by David McNulty, Windy has a really nice feel to it. Take out the strange ending and this is a really great piece. Brassil really knows how to put a film together. I hope to see more of what he and Two 9 productions have to offer. I think Two 9 has a really great shot to become one of the great Chicago Indie production houses around.
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Windy hits close to home
ckl-5592213 March 2015
This film had a clear message that really hits close to home. I was excited to see this film after reading about it on social media. I finally had the chance to screen it and I was not disappointed.

The story follows an autistic man with a very special gift who struggles to get his voice heard and the results are tragic. Being the parent of an autistic adult, I was especially curious to see this story and also how the main character was portrayed. I was captivated by Shannon Brown's portrayal of "Windy". It was so spot on that I forgot I was watching a movie; a truly brilliant performance by what had to be one of the most challenging roles an actor can play.

Gail Hafar, who plays the female lead, was very strong as "Dr. Evelyn". She plays Windy's primary doctor and is quite believable. Strong supporting performances by the supporting cast as well.

The film was beautifully shot, my only gripe would be the ending. I was a bit confused and I'm afraid the director may have tried to get a bit too fancy instead of just letting the story and the performances carry the film home on its own merits.

Shannon Brown's performance is enough to give this film a 10 by itself, but the direction forces me to bring the score down to an 8 out of 10. It is still definitely worth checking out, especially if you know someone with autism.
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The real Deal!
jaysonbernard1 October 2014
I've been long time fan of all Two/Nine production. They have a great talent for finding very entertaining material whether it be comedy, drama, syfy or just a good old conflict with two people in a bar. Windy is no exception. Windy's story is immediately engaging and that is a true testament to Shannon Brown's portrayal of this amazing character. The choices he makes as an actor to make Windy believable are why Shannon Brown is an actor to watch out for. As an independent film maker, I love to see what people can do without a large name studio behind them, Windy does not disappoint! The cinematography and lighting are great and the story is written to short film perfection. Very well cast and leaving you wanting more! This film is a must see! Kudos to 2/nine productions and the whole entire team!
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