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Good enough and somehow different!
Dr_Sagan4 April 2014
I am on the 6th episode and I'm writing this review because ...there aren't so many in IMDb! Why is that? Well, I guess the show isn't popular. But it should be!

This is a well casted comedy series about a station of paramedics and the quirky situations they encounter, in their job and in their personal lives.

The humor has many references about sex. Sometimes over the top, but still enjoyable. Even the characters are somehow "special" in that department. You have the big black man who is gay (similar to Brooklyn 9-9), the girl who is asexual and into some other weird stuff, and get my meaning.

Obviously, because the show is about a group of people that deal with medical emergencies, you can expect lots of weird "physical" humor too.

Now that Brooklyn 9-9 became too far-fetched (and somehow boring and repetitive), Sirens is my new favorite comedy.

Overall: Recommended.
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I think this show is awesome!
cedezisthesweetest12 April 2014
It's not Boring or repetitive, it's fresh and makes me feel like I am watching psych and I love how funny it is and it doesn't seem far-fetched at all!

The character development is amazing, when I watched other shows..I couldn't get a feel on the characters but I do for these characters like Hank!

it has become my favorite comedy on TV right now.


people should really get into this show, USA is going great from this show and I can not wait for playing house!
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Anytime you see someone put a 1 or 10 rating you know
jbowles63914 March 2014
One or ten ratings usually indicate the person has a personal complaint with the show. Either an actor, director or even the network offends them and they are making their great mark in the world because they have an opinion, never taking into consideration the work that goes into something nor thinking how others may see the program.

That being said I gave it an 8 (eight). It probably deserves a 6 on my normal scale or a 6.5 but I liked it and so did my wife. It put me in mind of the beginnings of the old Scrubs series. Very fast pace, comic timing and witty.

Usually there are one or two characters you don't like but so far they have been excellently cast. Whether it lasts long I don't know. Looks like the series was tried in 2011 for six episodes and I have never seen those.

This is a modern look at everyday life comical moments and the way they are dealt with or made fun of and we enjoyed it.

The main problem with the show is it's over before you know it.
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I like it
darlenefagina21 March 2014
I think what you need to know right off the bat is that this comes from (the great) Denis Leary, assisted by the writer of, among other things, the movie Wedding Crashers. They may not be your cup of tea.

Vulgar? Yes. Crude? Yes. Naughty? Oh, yes. They are riding a fine line of what can be done on cable TV (on USA, not HBO, etc) and what's just Too Far. I find myself laughing out loud at this when I'm alone. I'm pleasantly surprised at the writing and fast-paced dialogue laced with pop-culture references. The three lead male actors have excellent chemistry.

Give it a try. If you can, start from the pilot and move on. USA probably has them all available for online viewing. I was glad I started watching.
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Hidden Jewel of cancelled sitcoms
joekinplaya7 April 2017
This show is pretty amazing. The jokes are fresh and funny. The lines mesh right in and the characters feel all real, unique, and lovable; even the weird ones. Oh God especially the weird ones.

This show does a lot of things that MIGHT make some viewers uncomfortable on paper but the execution is so good that it erases all walls. If you are straight and have problems being homophobic, Hank is a character that'll surprise you. IMO the best characters are Brian and Billy. I would pay to watch a sitcom or spin off show about those two.

Anyways this show does a lot of what sitcoms fail at; making all of their characters including the side ones funny/fresh/vibrant and lovable. There is a dispatcher woman with a very loud and confident voice who drops profound womanly wisdom and logic.

This is an adaptation of the British version of the show which I will watch soon. However, I loved that they did this show in Chicago and showed a portion of what goes on in Chicago; kids and families end up getting shot and sometimes the show gets very real. Regardless, if you want something to watch that's entertaining and funny and definitely fresh/unique from other sitcoms, this is that one.

Don't let the fact this has been canceled stop you from watching it. Guaranteed better than most shows on today.
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Best Show
carce-7210016 April 2016
Hope Netflix can pick this up and have them make more episodes just found out about the show on Netflix and watched both seasons and honestly this show is packed with the funniest lines I've ever heard and 10/10 is an absolute great f****n show! Hope Someone can see this review and make the show come back I don't know about everyone else but this show is just really funny and the actors who come out our excellent, really hope this show can make a comeback I and the rest of the sirens fans need assistance !!!

Ambulance 14 responding - The Life Alert Of The Fans Have Turned On We Need You To Come Back..
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Excellent show worth watching
Joshua Morris28 April 2014
I had no expectations for this show, but I was so pleasantly surprised at how realistic it is in terms of plot lines. Its not really rolling on the floor laughter that it means to provoke but there are a few moments of those as well. Everything seems plausible, unlike so many other shows which have outlandish plot lines that you just cringe at seeing (ie the "Happy Endings" took, even though I still somewhat like that too).

There are serious moments too which also feel real. The chemistry between the cast is great and easy to see.

All in all a great new show and worth watching.
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Funny New show
ted4806023 March 2014
I really like this show, because its funny, witty and has good timing. The cast has a good character development with good chemistry, which is hard to believe these days.

It's fast paced and has good plots.The show subtlety examines many major issues (authority complex, race, etc.) without making it seem preachy. To do this well is itself a fantastic achievement.

It's nice to see a show on these days that can actually make me laugh and doesn't use a truck load of toilet humor and I love all the innuendos.

Sirens has absolutely the perfect blend of comedy with real life lessons.

It's a comedy where you know the cast get on with each other. It has a brilliant writing crew and a very talented cast.
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A solid sitcom
jzabel-233-5488104 April 2014
We watched the British version and it was okay - somewhat sweet, but much darker particularly with Jonny and his dad. Of course, the gay character is Kit Harrington in the British version. There's definitely that to recommend it.

This version is delightful. I don't think it's vulgar or crass. It is rare to find an American version of a British show that I think is better - this is one. Paramedics are weird and I love the way the show exaggerates that. I give it a solid recommend. I like the actors, the characters and the plot lines. The timing is really great also. The "patients" are pretty darn funny too.
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Can't hold a candle to the UK original version
meggafish14 March 2014
Just another jive talking, hip American sit-com, with hackneyed dialog and bad acting. The British version of this show was deep and funny, while the relationships here between characters could be moved to a newsroom, a radio station, a retail store, a sports team, a bar, etc. That is there is nothing new and fresh here. The imaginary series "Pucks" makes fun of this process where American television sees a great foreign show and then puts it through the American process that takes no chances and tries to become all things for all people by adding crude and dumb sexual references and cutout characters. The pity is when America came knocking after the 1st season in the UK, the producers immediately sold the rights and couldn't add a season two. The only thing that would make it worse is Steve Carrel.
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Unnecessarily vulgar
Let me preface this review by saying that I am neither a prude nor a religious zealot. I appreciate series like Sons of Anarchy where you'd expect the business of an outlaw biker gang to get dirty. The same for the recent True Detective. However, for a "comedy", I expect a certain "lightness of being". Let's take How I Met Your Mother. Barney often speaks of "banging", yet it is done tongue in cheek so it fits in with the feel of the show. It never feels gratuitous or out of place. The same can be said of Archer where "barebacking" or "ball slapping" never seem too crass, unlike Family Guy (which I love) where I often get the feeling that they're simply trying to see how much they can get away with.

That being said, the filthiness of Sirens distracts from the overall feel and dulls what could otherwise be a funny and clever show. I found it funny when Hank talked about getting over his ex boyfriend by taking a weekend in Miami. And the Navy Seals/Easter Seals bit was funny as well (unlike the bottle up the butt call which was far too predictable and amateurish). But I find the sex talk poorly crafted which causes it to stand out and seem just plain dirty, Compare that to the seamlessness of "bangity bang" in HIMYM, which never loses the feeling of silliness or absurdity. In fairness, none of the three leads in Sirens can hold a candle to NPH and pull off a seemingly disgusting premise and make it funny (and almost cute): "I'm only pretending to live here so I can take this woman here, nail her and never have to see her again. I'm not a monster."

I realize this review for Sirens is light on Sirens and heavy on the other series I prefer. That's simply because there's not much to be said for Sirens. I'm sure 18-35 will love the lowest common denominator "humor". The rest of us will be left to find laughs elsewhere.
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Modern & Funny
HazzardsDuke27 April 2014
What initially drew me into this series was the fact that Dennis Leary was involved in the writing and I find his sense of humour and writing hilarious!

This series could have turned out as another run-of-the-mill half hour comedy, but instead it provides many laughs and deals with modern issues in a comedic sense.

Sometimes there is a lot going on in one episode, but that does not take away from the humour and plot lines.

Good cast and well written, and I find it actually complements similar show Brooklyn Nine-Nine (hilarious show, by the way)rather than compete with it.

Look forward to more episodes soon.
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It makes me laugh
lucygsc29 January 2015
I enjoy the Leary-Sellitti collaborations. Sirens is more light-hearted than Rescue Me. It's like watching just the comedy portions of Rescue Me. It isn't high art, but it's quick, witty, engaging, and written for an intelligent audience. Yet it's easy to watch. I get at LEAST a couple of belly laughs out of every episode, often more. Some days I laugh so loud I scare my dog! That's reason enough to keep me coming back.

Also like Rescue Me, the characters are weird but personable, so they still seem normal. The characters are more than caricatures. I can relate each one's quirkiness to someone I know in real life. As a whole, the characters also represents a good cross-section of the population in terms of age, race, gender, creed, religion- you name it. Even the one-episode characters meet that criteria. I look forward to spending a half hour with this show.
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Pretty Good
Carson Downer7 February 2016
As a young college student, I spend a lot of time on Netflix procrastinating. There has been many nights where I caught myself blowing off an assignment just because I was glued to what ever I was watching. Even if I am doing homework, I still have something playing in the background. When watching a show there has to be certain requirements for me to blow off an assignment for; it has to have chemistry among the cast, raunchiness, consistency, characters I can relate with, and entertaining stories. With the show Sirens, I find myself glued to whichever screen I am using.

CHEMISTRY AMONG CAST Kevin Daniels, Hank, and Michael Mosley, Tommy, make a hilarious duo, and Kevin Bigley as Brian, is the perfect actor to play an awkward man-child. Those three provide some incredibly entertaining material when they are together. RAUNCHINESS As a show that brings out the lighter side of being and EMT, this is not for the faint of heart. Foul language, things being stuck in people's butts, and gore are all things that are in this show, and each situation is made hilarious.

CONSISTENCY Every time that I start playing this show I know that I am going have at least three or four howling laughs before and episode ends. Each episode has it's own situation that the group is put into and it is guaranteed to be hilarious.

CHARACTERS YOU CAN RELATE WITH Each one of the characters you can relate with. Whether it's Brian's naive nature, Hank's common-sense, or Tommy's romanticism, you will find some part of each character you can relate with.

STORIES As I have stated before, this show provides many unique stories and each will have you laughing in the end. Sometimes you even catch a little bit of the feels when you suddenly feel something pull on your heart strings when something affects one of the characters,
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When Networks use Stupidity and Garbage and call it Comedy
HerbsReviews1 April 2014
"Did he drink the bottle?"

Sound the alarm, someone has a bad case of envy, and it isn't pretty. The smarmy and sophomoric Sirens, about three obnoxious Chicago paramedics, is USA Network's awkward attempt to branch out into the bawdy world of dark adult comedy. Confusing tastelessness and cheap profanity with actual humor, this misfire from producer feels like a low-grade Brooklyn Nine Nine rip-off.

Michael Mosley, from the unfortunate final season of Scrubs, stars as Johnny, the supposedly endearingly ringleader, who shares an ambulance with equally obnoxious gay buddy Hank and hopelessly dorky newbie Brian. They talk a lot about porn and penis sizes and just as when a siren goes off on my block, my impulse was to cover my ears and wait for it to stop.

The characters are dull and the jokes fall flat on every line, it's extremely hard to feel connected to any of the cast and you'll find yourself falling asleep before starting to laugh at the show.

To sum up, there is no real potential here unless there is a complete makeover. For these reasons Sirens gets a 1/10.
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A hilarious comedy that shouldn't have been cancelled
Taylor Kingston2 November 2015
Warning: Spoilers
Out of all the shows that have been recently cancelled, that I actually watch, this is definitely one of the most shocking, and most heartbreaking of all. This show was so funny, and the cast portrayed their characters so well. I just can't believe it got cancelled. I'm so upset. If I could swear in a review, I would. That's how upset I am.

This show is about a group of EMTs in Chicago. We get to see their different personalities mix, and see what happens when people don't get along when in life or death situations. We also see police officers, who happen to be in relationships with EMTs.

Overall, I give this TV show an 8 out of 10, which in my ratings book is: Awesome.
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Very Funny...
FSUUKRamsCardsfan8 April 2015
Let me first start out by saying that this show is a bit vulgar and uses the Lord's Name in vein to an excessive amount. But for the most part it's just a really funny down top earth show that you can get into and enjoy and just have a few great laughs. The acting is good, the jokes and humor are original, and the storyline and plot are very interesting. USA Network hit it out of the Ballpark with "Sirens" it's definitely one of the funniest comedy series I've seen in quite some time, I hope that this show is on for a very long time. There's so many dry boring comedy series out there on TV, but this is not one of them. But like I said earlier this show takes the Lord's Name in vein excessively and as a Christian that's offensive to me and that's the only reason I didn't give this show a perfect 10. But I guess these days you would be hard pressed to find a comedy series or any other show on TV for that matter that doesn't take the Lord's Name in vein though. Good show overall though, if you watch one episode you will instantly get hooked on it lol.
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WTH? Where the hell did they go?
BabsbytheBeach5 May 2016
My DVR is empty, EMPTY because the figgin overpaid, low-IQ Hollywood suits, yet again, cancels a show with a great cast and scripts. I didn't write a review because I didn't think it needed one other than me giving it 9 stars during its first season.

This show was a breath of fresh air. I loved Hank, Johnny, and Brian. And the supporting cast from Johnny's and Teresa's parents, Hank's boyfriends, Brian's asexual non-girlfriend Voodoo, and the other EMTs, they had chemistry. I mean, hell, Brian's gifts to V were classic! These characters cracked jokes that you know everyone has thought at one time but didn't have the ya'ya's to say.

Damn I am so mad. I hate you Execs.

I'm going to binge on _Suits_, again.
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Well, OK. Yeah, sure I can respect it.
nixon carmichael11 February 2015
This is some pretty blue collar stuff, but it's fast and it's well crafted. The lack of sophistication is offset by its cadence and its snappiness. The show is new school and edgy, similar to what you might see on other cable networks such as Fx, Amc or even IFC.

USA continues to unflinchingly loft materials and substances against the proverbial wall to see what might stick, sirens is one of the compounds hangs ten on the wall of cable TV with ease.

As USA has abandoned their sunny skies motif yet again, thrusting the characters into a Post-Obama era Chicago. It has the medical backdrop (they're paramedics) and youthfully weary mindset as scrubs, but it employs the tactic of wadding into the r-rated territory like always sunny.

I have no idea how the hell this ended up on USA, but hey, I'll take it.
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