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  • A courtroom frenzy ensues and sweeps 1970s America when a young single mother meets Ted Bundy.


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  • The film takes us through the events of Ted Bundy meeting Liz, his arrest, several escapes, court hearing, and eventual confession. The film begins in 1969 Seattle, Ted Bundy meets Liz Kendall in a bar, college student and single mother. The two begin dating and Ted helps Liz raise her young daughter, Molly. By 1974, (5 years later) news reports announce the disappearance of multiple young women throughout Washington and Oregon, including two abductions that took place in broad daylight at Lake Sammamish State Park. A man resembling Ted was seen by several people asking women to help him load a sailboat onto a VW Bug. A composite sketch of the attacker is released and, following 100s of phone calls, Ted is arrested a year after the news reports (we later find out Liz gave his name) the viewers watch through Liz's eyes as she is seeing them on her TV. Carol DaRonch picks Ted out of a police lineup, being number 7 of 8 men, claiming he had kidnapped her and said "stop screaming or I'll kill you" before she managed to escape. Ted is released on bail, returning home to Liz who is upset after reading an article about him being stopped after driving through several red lights in Florida in the newspaper. Ted explains that Carol was shown his picture before the lineup took place, which is why he looked familiar to her and believes he's being set up - which is also brought up in the four-day bench trial, in which after Ted is found guilty + sentenced to 1-15 years in Utah State Prison. A few weeks later, Colorado, authorities charge Ted is transferred to Aspen, Colorado in 1977. Liz refuses to believe Ted is guilty but events take a toll on her, she begins drinking alcohol regularly. While at Pitkin County Courthouse, Ted elects to serve as his own attorney as he studied law. He is excused from wearing handcuffs or leg shackles. During a recess, Ted escapes from the courthouse by jumping out of a second story window and running to the mountains but is recaptured after 6 days. Liz ends it. Carole Ann Boone moves to Florida to be closer to him. Bundy refuses to plead guilty in exchange for life imprisonment. Ted is convicted. 10 years later, Liz demands the truth, She shows Ted the photograph and Ted admits that he sawed her head off. Liz leaves with Molly+husband.

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