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i liked it, sod it
gamertrashed-432328 June 2016
If you took this seriously I really feel sorry for you. Yes Adam Sandler isn't the best but in all honesty, why are you still watching him in the first place? There must be some sort of draw to him. Kind of like how most people feel with Nicholas Cage. there must be some kind of redeeming factor.

Anyway I personally loved it. Granted I like a lot of terrible movies. I just really really liked this as far as Adam Sandler movies go. Basically put, if you like Adam Sandler at all here and there, give this movie a go. If not, then why are you reading this review of it in any way, shape or form. It gets my recommendation as far as dumb comedies go. That is all. Gbye m8s.
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Classic Happy Madison Film
ThePiousPatriot16 April 2016
I've noticed that there are quite a few people out there giving this movie a bad review. At first, I couldn't understand why. After thinking about it, I realized that these are not fans of Happy Madison Films. There are people that noticed names like, Harvey Keitel and Dan Patrick, and thought that this was some blockbuster film or something. Then, after watching it, they leave a bad review here because they found the film to be "goofy" or "stupid funny" and not much else.

HELLO! There are plenty of Happy Madison films out there, going back as early as the 90's! You didn't know this was going to be a goof fest?

For fans of Happy Madison Films, this movie is exactly what you'd expect. A ton of laughs and a good time, with a tiny bit of poking fun at the "Western Films" genre. Not too much though. I'm a fan of Westerns, and I thoroughly enjoyed this movie. Compared to other Happy Madison films, it's no Happy Gilmore or Billy Madison, but it's up there.

With that being said, it is what it is. It's a Happy Madison Film. Although I love these types of movies, they don't garner more than 6 stars...... unless they're Happy Gilmore or Billy Madison. In my opinion that is.

If you're looking for a good time and lots of laughs, you've found the right film. Who knew Taylor Lautner could play such a hilarious role?
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Great fun movie
jcarr35011 November 2017
This is a movie aimed at making you laugh, which I did a lot throughout. The humour works, the scenes are well thought out to make you laugh, and the acting is pretty good. The first time I watched it I thought it was funny and OK, the second time I watched it I laughed my guts out. Enjoy this movie it is worth your time.
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Surprisingly good!
npvarley19 January 2016
What on earth is wrong with some people? To what standard do they hold movies? Political correctness is taking over the world and people can no longer just kick back and have a good laugh at some corny, but very amusing, jokes and visual humour.

I admit it: I am an Adam Sandler fan. There, I said it. Recently, he's been a bit off-form, but this movie marks a return to form. It has a great cast, with all the old Sandler buddies popping up and we get some great cameos from other stars of film and music.

The jokes are mostly big hits. The scenery is stunning. The music rolls along nicely. John Turturro almost steals the movie with his turn as Abner Doubleday. His scenes are just hilarious, especially for fans of baseball (I'll say no more on that to avoid a spoiler!). Lautner sends himself up hilariously. Rob Schneider and his burro are excellent. Terry Crews, Luke Wilson and Jorge Garcia are also excellent. They form the Ridiculous 6.

Will Forte, Steve Zahn, Danny Trejo, Nick Nolte and the there baddies play their roles hilariously. Blake Shelton's Wyatt Earp, along with Jon Lovitz, David Spade and Vanilla Ice form a crazy poker crew.

Seriously, do not bother reading the reviews or paying any attention to the score here (4.9 as i write this), just watch the movie. You'll have a great laugh. I only hope Netflix commissions a sequel, because I want more of the Ridiculous 6 and burro!
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A whole lotta 'meh'
Meatball_McGee12 December 2015
There's two kinds of Netflix programming: the stuff you watch regularly and intently, like Netflix's ongoing series, and then the stuff you just sort of have playing in the background as you do other stuff. The Ridiculous Six falls into the second category.

Some Sandler movies are just flat out awful. But Ridiculous Six manages to be mildly amusing at times. It's impossible to buy Sandler as a bad-ass Indian tracker, but that's probably the point. You've probably never seen Taylor Lautner or Jorge Garcia like this before--but whereas Garcia is pretty funny as a mumbling moon-shine- making hillbilly, Lautner as a simpleton just gets grating after awhile. Also, somewhat surprisingly, the funniest guy out of the six is Rob Schneider, whose Mexican character manages to steal every scene he's in. Terry Crews and Luke Wilson are just there and don't really add much to the proceedings.

The best parts of the movies are Will Forte's bumbling band of one-eyed bandits and the cameos--seriously, some of these cameos are just flat out awesome. Particularly a couple cameos that occur during a poker scene.

Chances are good if you're a Sandler/Happy Madison fan, you'll enjoy this.
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Exactly As You Expect
phlewfy11 December 2015
Anyone who was expecting a great film going into this one is a complete tool. This is not a great piece of art, but it is funny. I was a big fan of Sandler movies in the 90s and lost all interest in the 2000s. Have not watched any of his movies since Little Nicky, but I thought "what the hell?" and gave Ridiculous Six a look. Not the greatest thing I've ever seen but was not expecting it to be. I can honestly say I enjoyed this movie. For all those reviewers who are skewering it for being stupid, don't think too hard. It's a farce and farces are generally farcical. So if you are looking for a couple of laughs and are not looking for Lawrence of Arabia, The Ridiculous Six is worth a viewing. Did I love it? No. Was it a brilliant masterpiece of American cinema? No. Will I watch it again? Maybe. It was certainly more entertaining than 90% of the crap you troglodytes lap up at the box office.
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Ridiculous yes, funny yes, bad no
dclawrence24 May 2016
This movie was funny. It had everything from slapstick humor, ridiculous humor, and reference to other movie humor, to toilet humor. It had a full plot that played out and was completed by the end of the movie. I really don't understand the hate for this film other than Adam Sandler must have made someone angry somewhere. This movie will never be a classic, but it's worth watching and will probably end up being a cult classic. Also, I got a lot of respect for Taylor Lautner in this film. Yes, he plays a goof ball character, but its a new direction for him. He gets to try something new and different from the same old character he has always played before. And.. he does a great job.
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Just go with it.
castarling6 January 2016
This movie is just stupid fun. It isn't trying to be the great American Western, and it doesn't take itself seriously. The cameos are great, and the acting is superb. Just suspend disbelief, have a glass or two of wine, and enjoy the journey. It is great to see Jorge Garcia in film again, His comedy chops are on point. This movie came recommended from a friend, after watching the first few minutes, I wasn't sure it would hold my attention, I am so glad I stuck with it. I haven't laughed this hard in a long time.

P.S. Rob Schneider really deserves a role that could bring him an Oscar, he is an awesome actor.
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This is ridiculous times 6 :)
osj250711 December 2015
I have seen many Adam Sandler movies, but I'm afraid the humor is not what it used to be or my taste is just changing. I like many of his movies also the more realistic and dramatic roles, but with the comedies it has come down to silly and strange characters that are just acting out on camera, sometimes it seems like they get to improvise and if it is silly enough they use it in the film :)

There really are a lot of great cast members in this and they all play crazy characters, it is fun to get introduced to the one crazy son of a b.... after another, they are as stated all crazy, maybe a bit too much. It is however strange that so many talented people can join this slapstick humor comedy and it isn't just a bit more fun to watch. We are talking the good old Rob Schneider, David Spade, Steve Buscemi and John Tuturo, we expect them to be part of a Happy Madison production, then there are all the others, the extras, the "cameos" and it is a lot of people Taylor Lautner, Terry Crews, Nick Nolte, Danny Trejo, Luke Wilson, Steve Zahn, Will Forte, Jorge Garcia, Blake Shelton, Vanilla Ice and many many more. It is a crazy crew, but for me none of all these did make this a good movie.

There were a lot of childish jokes a lot of slap stick humor, some things worked, but mostly it was just not good enough, I don't know maybe I just expected too much, but it could have been just a little more fun.
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Silly but funny
neil-47630 March 2016
Warning: Spoilers
White Knife was born Tommy Stockburn, but was raised by the Apaches after his mother was murdered. Having encountered his natural father, he has to raise money in order to ransom him. In the course of this, he discovers that he has a number of half-brothers, and they join him on his quest.

The synopsis of this Netflix original sounds like a standard traditional western: this Adam Sandler vehicle is anything but. A large and stellar cast joins Sandler on his quest, and take pleasure in making themselves look foolish as they deliver an indiscriminate barrage of humour: sight gags, poo gags, anachronism gags, genre spoofing gags, even the occasional witty gag.

This film made me laugh more than it should have, probably, and there were three things I liked in particular.

One, it made me care about the characters. Two, Sandler played the central character absolutely straight. Three, Taylor Lautner was a revelation as dim-witted brother little Pete. I've had little time for him as teen hunk, but he is hysterical in this.

I loved it.
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Not that bad - mix of lol and crude
phd_travel24 January 2016
Alternately laugh out loud and very low brow crude jokes, I kind of enjoyed about 60% of this Netflix comedy by Adam Sandler. It's not as consistently funny as "A Million Ways to Die in the West" but it has it's moments. Some jokes are funny then there are some very bad jokes that fall flat. But the good jokes are enough to make this comedy worth one watch. The location filming in New Mexico is highly scenic.

Each one of the comedians is good. Surprisingly Taylor Lautner is very funny as the halfwit. Looks like he can do comedy from now on. Rob Schneider is good as the half Mexican. Nick Nolte is suited to his role as father to the band of half brothers.

There was some controversy about portrayal of Apaches but I don't think it's warranted. They were not portrayed in a negative light rather the opposite.

Worth one watch.
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Film critics need not review
accountsgds23 November 2016
Adam Sandler has been making movies for over 20 years now, yet even with this extensive body of work to draw on, the self-proclaimed film connoisseurs and cinema "artistes" still feel the need to fumble at the jaw to proclaim how awful he is... seriously? Sandler movies are dumb fun, but the bottom line is they're fun. They're stupid, deliberately silly and at times over the top, that's the point. If someone doesn't get that by now, the problem is clearly with you, not Sandler.

This movie was FREE on Netflix, as in you didn't pay sh*t to watch it and could have watched anything else. So leave Sandler alone, could ya? He makes fun movies with a wide cast of talent who clearly are having fun themselves in making silly entertainment. Casting Vanilla Ice as a rapping Mark Twain was hysterical. Steven Zahn as the wanna-be gang member, very enjoyable. Abner Doubleday making up the game he says he is "inventing" is the kind simple humor the world needs more of. Bottom line, if you've seen the Magnificent 7 (or even if you haven't) and have even the slightest soft spot for Sandler's brand of simple, dumb humor, you should enjoy this movie. Unlike most of the IMDb reviewers here, Sandler has no pretensions, but delivers fun, enjoyable, and yes - at time dumb humor with a heart. It's called entertainment, and this movie delivered.
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Great fun, great actors, Magnificent Seven satire
tmwest3 July 2016
It is a long time I did not enjoy a movie like this one. The great actors that keep showing up like Nick Nolte, John Turturo, Steve Buscemi, Harvey Keitel, etc, all very funny in their own way, are what make this comedy special. The stupid jokes are so stupid that they really make you laugh. Adam Sandler looks and talks like Bob Dylan and his character Tommy, has the style of Dylan, so throughout the movie I had a feeling I was seeing a Bob Dylan film! Among the most enjoyable scenes, John Turturo teaching baseball, and the poker game with Mark Twain, General Custer and Wyatt Earp. The film is a satire of "The Magnificent Seven" which was made in 1960, so you wonder how many people of this new generation will realize that. The titles at the end had the style of Sergio Leone, with Morricone soundtrack, so who made this film surely had a love of westerns. I am dying to see it again!
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This...was awesome! Don't believe the ratings.
Rageypoo14 January 2016
OK, this is gonna be something you have to see for yourself. I was smiling through the whole movie, it is suppose to be absolutely stupid, and that's what makes it brilliant. Sure, it doesn't have much of a story, the ending was a little predictable but they did a good job of keeping you guessing, and the characters were excellent! I love movie mashups where they bring in so many actors that the happy madison crew tends to roll with, as well as a few new additions. I can't find a single flaw with this, and I love to be critical. It really is ridiculous, and I wouldn't want it any other way.

Please see it for yourself, keep an open mind, and enjoy the show, because really it was entertaining. The low rating is really undeserved from such a powerhouse of actors who brought such an entertaining performance.
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rubishaccount13 December 2015
Watched this through netflix - I liked not having to go to cinema to watch it - don't think it needs the big screen for special effects, sound or big expansive shots. Enjoyed the laughs. Storyline was good enough, not great - really just a vehicle for funnies. Enjoyed watching Taylor L act a completely different character. Some of the mushie bits and the few slap stick body part grotesque scenes were too cringey for me.

Over all enjoyable with quotable parts. There's so many movies out now but few that I find are more than mediocre - this one just pips over mediocre mark :)
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How Do These Get Made?
mbeallo-7846214 December 2015
I very rarely take the time to review movies, but I had to put in my two cents' worth on this one. I should start by saying that I'm not a big Adam Sandler fan. I don't dislike him, I generally just don't like his movies. A few exceptions would be 50 First Dates, which I liked, and Click and The Wedding Singer, which weren't bad.

But this movie . . . Wow! Did anyone at Netflix read the script before they green-lighted it? I cannot imagine anything worse, even if they had intended to make a bad movie.

Apparently Mel Brooks said something about this movie in relationship to Blazing Saddles, saying that Sandler's movie couldn't touch Brooks' classic film. Boy, was he right. You want to see a great comedy Western? Put on Blazing Saddles again.
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If you Got a Problem, Make It Rain like Twain
thechaynes12 December 2015
Warning: Spoilers
I have seen every Sandler movie, and this movie ranks as one his best comedies. Critics can suck it. This movie is awesome. The campfire song should win Oscar for best song. Rob Schneider shows up with his best performance since The Waterboy. In a perfect world Vanilla Ice would get a spin off movie for his Mark Twain character and do five sequels. Terry Crews was amazing as usual, and who knew he could play piano so well. This is the strongest comedic supporting cast for a Sandler movie ever. O Doyle RULES! Seriously, this is the comedy of the year. I feel this movie was done to tick off the critics and to make the fans happy. I can't wait to see the next movie Sandler does. The cinematography actually looked great. This felt like a theatrical release quality film. I think this movie is going to be a cult classic, and I've already seen the movie 3 times, and it came out two days ago.
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Not bad. Sandler has done much worse.
spmact12 December 2015
I loved Sandler in his heyday, with comedies like Billy Madison, Waterboy, Wedding Singer, 50 First Dates, You Don't Mess With The Zohan etc., but have been disappointed in his offerings as of late (Grown ups 1/2, Jack & Jill, Blended etc.). This one wasn't bad, however.

If you don't like Sandler's comedy, then why would you watch this? It's a silly comedy with silly jokes (there are some poop/fart jokes, but it's not all like that), but my brother and I got some good laughs while watching this together. The baseball scene was pretty dumb, but the rest of the movie was decent.

It's not Sandler's best, but not his worst at all. It was worth the watch, especially considering that it was "free" with a Netflix subscription.

Bottom line, if you like Sandler's comedies, you'll like this. Just don't take it too seriously. It's better than most of his recent disappointing films.
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I enjoyed it!!!!
josephs-9567729 December 2015
I stalled from watching this movie because of the reviews. I don't normally like movies with Adam Sandler. I was expecting a stupid, bad acting moving where they tried too much with the bad jokes. Complete opposite in my opinion!! The beginning had one or two bad joke, but it definitely improves I thought the movie was fun, made me laugh at times. It wasn't trying to make corny jokes throughout. The Story and characters were entertaining - the bad and good guys. Maybe this a stretch, but I liked it more than "Waterboy" and even " how the Wild West was won" by Seth McFarland. Kinda surprised the critics gave it such a terrible score, but it seems that's usually the case.
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Adam Sandler doing Adam Sandler
joshuaDee11 December 2015
I'll start by saying I grew up on Adam Sandler movies... I know some people don't care for his type of comedy or even some of his more dramatic roles. I cherished the 90's cult classics like Bily Madison, Happy Gilmore, The Waterboy, etc. I liked Punch, Drunk, Love. I even shamefully liked Spanglish. I know, I know.

I'm a generation X'er, which may or may not be relevant to my appreciation for Sandler. But his comedy was revolutionary at the time. It brought something different to the table. Slap-happy. Stupid. Whatever you want to call it. Albeit, dumb. It was different and unique.

Now, the cast... Wow. You've got the supporting cast that made Sandler movies great. Rob Schneider, David Spade, Steve Buscemi, John Tuturro. They had some mildly funny jokes during the movie. Most of the jokes were ridiculous and just plain childish. But I think that's half the appeal of Happy Madison movies. The cameos were random. But in my opinion, really pulled the movie together. Watching Vanilla Ice play Mark Twain was entertaining and even surprisingly funny and spot on. I mean, he scarily resembled Mark Twain. Blake Shelton playing Wyatt Earp.. Not sure who's idea that was, but it was actually entertaining as well and I think kind of matched his personality.

The plot was just okay. But really, what are we expecting? True Grit plot line? No, it's a comedy. Half the fun is the ride. The only thing I couldn't spin my head around was the fact that Adam Sandler didn't have many jokes. Seemed like everybody got the funny lines except Sandler. Unless the 'mystical' powers were all the jokes. In which case, I didn't find all too funny. After watching Pixels and Grown Up's 2, I've realized that Sandler's films are morely aimed at the younger kids now. I know I'm probably late to the party on that one, but I'm always hoping Sandler will reprise his somewhat crude humor. I even thought he was coming back to that with Funny People. I think that's just how Hollywood budgets and movies work. Financiers know people are going to pay money to watch Will Ferrell look like an "in over his head" dummy. Just like a Seth Rogen movie is going to have a lot of pot humor or Tyler Perry dressing up as a woman. People know what they're getting into before previewing. This may be why it's on Netflix.. Who knows, I don't.

If you're looking for a goofy movie the family can watch with very minor swearing, an occasional motorboat, and some borderline racial epithets, then you should be safe. I will give it to the casting crew for actually hiring Native Americans to play Native American characters. Seems like that's still a real problem in Hollywood, surprisingly. Didn't seem as some folks would say, whitewashed. Sandler did have a super tan going on. But, that's probably apart of the character living amongst native tribes. Who knows, probably just making a bigger deal than it really is, like many people and organizations are doing these days. No need to boycott the movie or anything people! And although I did say there were minor racial blah blah blahs. The movie made a point to go after everybody(races). Get over it people! Cheese-zest! I find it funny that the folks complaining of racism in the movie and walked off set, walked back on a day later to finish shooting and collect their paycheck. Please people, stop trying to kill satires. Even if they're not that funny.

I probably wouldn't watch it again. But I wouldn't tell somebody not to watch it. It's all silliness you'd expect in a Happy Madison picture.

The movie was a very sooooooft six.
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A badly structured series of unfunny episodic sketches
The_Film_Cricket15 December 2015
Warning: Spoilers
It occurs to me that the worst thing that can ever happen to a comedian is to reach a point at which the general audience moves from "What has happened to you?" to the lower depths of "How do you keep getting work?" Such is the commentary on Adam Sandler whose recent spate of disastrous press over his summer box office comedy Pixels have finally given his money men a wake up call that the theaters for his movies are basically empty. Why they didn't catch on to this – I don't know – 12 movies ago is beyond me.

Personally, I've never liked Sandler, even during his heyday on SNL. Yes, he sold albums and was a box office star, but he grated on my nerves. His persona reminds me of that irritating kid in English class who sat behind me and made duck noises with his arm pits while amusing himself with annoying voices. In his movies it's the same idea; the only difference is that on the screen he's getting paid $20 million for it.

Sandler is not without talent. Under the direction of Paul Thomas Anderson he turned in a brilliant comic performance in Punch Drunk Love a decade ago, and more recently with Russian-born animator Genndy Tartakovsky they made Hotel Transylvania. Good pictures. Yet, he refuses to follow that same trail, and recently he has famously been using his company Happy Madison to fund movie projects so he and his friend can take trips to places he wants to go, like Africa (Blended), Las Vegas (Paul Blart 2) and Toronto (Pixels) and Hawaii (Just Go With It). Fine, but the result is that he stick his audience with movies that are destroying his already shaky reputation.

Now realizing that the movie theater is no longer a viable option to his laziness he has now taken his cinematic indifference to Netflix for a planned four-picture deal. The move does nothing to improve the quality. Entering into his first Netflix venture, a laughless chunk of indifference called The Ridiculous 6, did not fill me with confidence especially with reports that the movie was so offensive that a handful of the Native American actors simply walked off the set. I get that, but I don't find it offensive to the Native American culture so much as movies in general.

The plot is more or less superfluous. It's a parody, I guess, of every western movie from Dances With Wolves and Unforgiven all the way back to A Man Called Horse about a half-Indian man dealing his dual identity. Sandler plays White Knife, a saddle-sore who was raised by Apaches and learned superhuman fighting skills. His white father Frank Stockburn (Nick Nolte) goes missing and that puts him in contact with his five brothers: Chico (Terry Crews), Herm (Jorge Garcia), Lil' Pete (Taylor Lautner), Ramon (Rob Schneider), and Danny (Luke Wilson). That's a thin line on which to hang jokes that are either gross (one character is nicknamed "Beaver Breath") or just plain baffling – the opening credits called this The Ridiculous 6 – in 4K! What? I don't even get it.

If that didn't tickle your funny bone then the rest of the movie will leave you in stone faced indifference. We get a burro who projectile defecates. We get an extended gag in which a man scoops out his own eyeball. There's Vanilla Ice playing Mark Twain. There's one character so dumb that he thinks that babies are defecated out their mother's womb. Blake Shelton shows up as Wyatt Earp for no reason. There's baffling gag in which a man is stabbed in the leg with a carrot, which comes right after the appearance of a gang of thugs so tough that they have each removed their right eyeballs – that's funny, right? Meanwhile I sat through this movie with the strange urge to do the same thing (it has that effect on you).

And right in the middle of all this is Adam Sandler who manages to sleepwalk through this movie with a measure of indifference that made me depressed over the fact that he was getting paid. If I did that on my job, I'd be fired. His character isn't consistent – one minute he has an accent and the next minute he doesn't. Sandler's line-readings sound like he's reading from cue cards and then gives up halfway through. There's no joy of performance. He doesn't care. His scenes are lazy and unfunny and give you the basic urge to be anywhere else.

What he and his team have created here is not satire; it's a badly structured series of unfunny episodic sketches that feel like they were written by a 12 year-old with ADD. As the Native American stereotypes, I wouldn't worry so much about that because if you culled everyone who could find offense in this movie (whites, blacks, latinos, women) we'd be here all day – I guess you could call it an equal opportunity offender. I spent 119 minutes with this movie and another half hour writing this review. That's 149 minutes out of my life that I am never going to get back. You just spent 10 minutes out of your life reading this review. That's 10 minutes out of your life that you're not going to get back. Sorry about that.
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Best Unique Humor in a movie in a long time!
szuckswert4 January 2016
My wife and I couldn't stop laughing! It was so politically incorrect (in a funny, not a snide or insulting way) we just couldn't stop laughing.

Sometimes we watch highly rated comedies or shows hoping for even a single laugh.

I think this movie was much funnier than Blazing Saddles since it didn't snobbishly intellectually make politically incorrect "jokes" that requires you to be "intellectually truly superior and clever to "get" it.

Feel free to snobbishly reject and condemn this movie for its failure to follow the acceptable structure for intellectually proper politically incorrect humor and be so intellectually refined, or you might just enjoy the different and unique humor! Sam
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Sandler humor meets blazing saddles
draciron11 December 2015
This is not your usual Adam Sandler movie. In fact it is in some ways a kind of tribute to blazing saddles. Much of the same kind of humor in both movies. The premise is of course ridiculous, the acting ridiculous, the action is ridiculous, that is kind of the point. It's just good fun. It's what happens when you get a lot of veteran actors together and let them go wild.

It was fun seeing many of these actors in the same movie. Even if some were just making cameos. Reminds me a lot of Mel Brooks but with a 2000s flair and references.I have run out of things to say but the line checker nazi robot from hell has deemed my review too short. Thus I shall wax on, wax off about absolutely nothing for a line or two to appease the nazi robot line checker.
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Absurd but hilarious
dopenamehere20 March 2016
I just recently watched "The Ridiculous 6" and truly enjoyed it!! "The Ridiculous 6" has an awesome comedic cast, and bonus, Vanilla Ice plays Mark Twain, with a twist! The plot for the movie is basically about an outlaw who discovers that he has 5 half-brothers, and together they go on a mission through the West, circa 1875, to find their wayward father. The brothers are Adam Sandler as "Tommy" aka "White Knife", Terry Crews as "Chico", Jorge Garcia as "Herm", Taylor Lautner as "Lil Pete", Rob Schneider as "Ramon", and Luke Wilson as "Danny". The rugged dead-beat and wayward father is portrayed by the always classy Nick Nolte. I really like the entire cast, but I was especially delighted by Steve Zahn as "Clem", and Rob Schneider as "Ramon". I liked the fact the "The Ridiculous 6" wasn't afraid to throw in off-the-wall scenarios. One scene in the movie that made me laugh until I cried, was the scene involving the brothers and the shoot-out at the Saloon with "Smiley". I admit, I don't love every movie that Adam Sandler has made, but for real fans, you're in for a treat. Sure, this movie isn't winning any academy awards and haters are gonna hate, but sorry haters, Adam Sandler is laughing all the way to the bank with this one!! Netflix knew what they were doing when they signed a 4 picture deal with Mr. Sandler. I think the viewer has to appreciate Adam Sandler movies to understand where this comedy is coming from. "The Ridiculous 6" is around 2 hours long, but I felt the plot moved right along and didn't drag at any particular time. "The Ridiculous 6" is worthy of a PG-13 rating due to some adult humor. In conclusion, I think people who will enjoy this movie will have a sense of humor, and they won't have hang-ups about being politically correct. Relax, have some wine, kick-back and enjoy some genuine laughs!!
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Fun.Really, it's fun
jamespeva14 March 2017
Vanilla Ice plays Mark Twain. This movie isn't that serious. Anybody watching this film should be aware by the name alone that it's just a bit of fun. I enjoyed it. I probably won't watch it again but there's a huge place for those sort of films in the movie world. Most comedies these days are either dark or they are dramatic comedies and they get great reviews but sometimes it's just great to watch something silly with no higher purpose. This is it. All Sandler's films are.
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