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  • An outlaw who was raised by Native Americans discovers that he has five half-brothers; together the men go on a mission to find their wayward, deadbeat dad.

  • A white man, Tommy, raised by Indians is approached by his long lost father who tells him he needs $50,000 or he'll die at the hands of his former gang. Tommy goes on an incredible and ridiculous journey picking up his other 5 new brothers on the way in a race to save their dad.


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  • In the Old West era, a calm man named Tommy Stockburn (Sandler) is raised by Native Americans, where he is named "White Knife", due to his tendency to use knives. He is due to marry an Native girl named Smoking Fox (Jones). He has a run-in with a gang of bandits with eye patches on their right eyes, led by Will Patch (Forte), and manages to outsmart them and a deranged, Indian-racist food proprietor named Clem (Zahn), whose left eye is messed up. At his Native village a bank robber named Frank Stockburn (Nolte) comes by, claiming to be Tommy's biological father. Tommy explains to Frank that his mother was shot by a silhouetted man with a tattoo on his hand of a horseshoe when she was escorting him to school during his childhood, something that has haunted his dreams since. Frank also tells Tommy that he is dying of consumption (aka Tuberculosis) , but that he has $50,000 buried in a meadow next to a pine tree, which he offers to Tommy and the Injuns. The next day, a group of bandits (Frank used to be part of these bandits but retired) come to the village, led by the ruthless Cicero (Trejo) who want Frank to give them his "big score" he gained a while back. Frank has the bandits kidnap him so he can lead them to the $50,000 at the so called "Singing Windmill" at Jawbone Fall, in return for the bandits not attacking Tommy or the Injuns. After searching the meadow and not finding the money, Tommy decides he must find another way to obtain it and save his father.

    Tommy sets out on his quest to regain his father and decides that the best way to gain enough money is by stealing it. During his quest, Tommy discovers that he has 5 half-brothers; Mexican burro rider Ramon (Schneider), whose innkeeper mother Frank had a fling with; mentally retarded yet happy-go-lucky Lil' Pete (Lautner), who has a strong neck that makes him immune to hanging; feral-esque Herm (Garcia), who speaks indistinctly; guilt-ridden drunkard Danny (Wilson), who served as a bodyguard for Abraham Lincoln and accidentally led John Wilkes Booth to murder him; and piano playing black man Chico (Crews), who confesses to be only 50 percent white; all of whom join Tommy. Meanwhile, Clem joins the eye patch gang to try and find Tommy to take revenge on him after Clem removes his only functional eye since the other eye patch wearers claim that removing the right eye is part of the gang's way and they kidnap Tommy's fiancee but she manages to escape them due to Clem and heads out to find Frank. When meeting Chico and Danny, they run with Chico's boss; the aggressive, always smiling saloon owner Smiley Harris (Keitel), who was part of Frank's gang and owns a large golden nugget the brothers steal after Ramon decapitates Smiley with a shovel.

    While relaxing in a pond, Clem and the eye patch gang show up and while the brothers manage to overpower them, the gang manage to steal the money the brothers stole. Hope isn't lost for the brothers, as Herm (through Tommy's translation) tells them that a gambler named Ezekiel Grant (Lovitz) is hosting a gambling game with Mark Twain (Ice) and General George Armstrong Custard (Spade) in Yuma. After successfully robbing the poker game, they head out to ransom their father. As dusk falls, Tommy realizes (through a photograph carried by Danny) that it was Cicero who murdered his mother. Not wanting to put his brothers in harm's way, Tommy sets out alone in the cover of night to rescue his father and confront his mother's killer. After paying the ransom, Cicero decides to part ways but Tommy insists on getting his revenge. Having successfully killed Cicero, the half-brothers (who followed Tommy) have a reunion with their long lost father. Realizing that Tommy's group now have $100,000 after rescuing the Left-Eye Gang and getting their original $50,000, Frank double crosses them, revealing that he was in cahoots with Cicero for an easy $50,000. Tommy then reveals that their group also has a Plan B (a hidden bomb inside the bag containing the ransom money), when the bomb explodes and commotion ensues, Frank runs off with Smoking Fox (whom his group has been holding hostage) inside a mine. Tommy runs after them and successfully rescues his bride-to-be and capturing his father. Also, in the process of the fighting, the Left-Eye Gang accidentally revealed that they lied about removing their right eyes, much to Clem's rage.

    Back in the Native Village, Tommy weds Smoking Fox with his brothers in attendance. Since the revelation that their biological father Frank Stockburn was no more than a two-bit crook, the Native chief decides to adopt the half-brothers as he did with Tommy.

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