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  • Joe calls Ryan and asks him how much pain one man can stand. One of Joe's followers, Amanda Porter, has a plan to reunite him with his wife Claire and a stranger with the same name is soon killed in a restaurant. It's clear to Ryan that Joe is trying to break him and another woman named Claire Matthews is killed. At the house, Emma doesn't seem to be taking Joe's rejections very well. Roderick's constant needling doesn't help. Jacob and Paul have taken refuge at a country house owned by Jacob's parents when his mother arrives unexpectedly. Paul is seriously ill and expects payback for a favor.


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  • Open with Hardy and Parker getting reamed by brass for the FBI's massive failings thus far. They have no idea where Carroll's cult is headquartered or how many members he may have recruited.

    Carroll is asking his members what inspires them, looking for ways they can help him tell the next part of his story.

    Donovan tells Parker operations will now be based in D.C. They want her to hold Hardy's hand and report to him.

    Jacob's mother comes to their family's vacation home and finds Jacob there with a very injured Paul.

    A nervous young woman stands up to present her chapter to Carroll. We flash back to 2007 and learn that she wrote letters to Carroll about her cheating husband. She killed both him and the woman with whom he was having the affair. She was worried about DNA sending the police to her and Carroll sets her up with Roderick. In present day she tells the group she wants her chapter to have a happy ending.

    Jacob's mother has seen the news reports and knows he's connected with the cult. He's adamant that he's never killed anyone.

    Hardy gets a call from Carroll and asks about Weston. Carroll asks if he misses Claire and asks why love is so "punishing." He asks Hardy how much "hurt" a single man can take before breaking.

    In Richmond the young woman from Carroll's cult sits across from a complete stranger in a diner. She asks the woman to tell Ryan Hardy that sometimes love hurts. When the woman's friend returns to the table the cult member shoots her with a spear gun.

    Hardy & Co. arrive at the Richmond diner. Hardy figures out the woman killed was also named Claire Matthews. Hardy tells Donovan he needs to make sure Claire has no access to media. Hardy tells Parker that Carroll must be targeting women with that name.

    Jacob's mother, a former nurse, takes a look at Paul. Jacob still can't get Emma to return his phone calls. We flash to Emma picking out a woman for Paul to kill. She assigns Jacob to go with him since it's his first murder with them.

    While watching the news Carroll tells Emma he's impressed with the work of the cult member named Amanda. Emma's trying to get physically clingy with Carroll but he doesn't think they should be so public. Roderick notices this.

    Jacob's mother tells her son Paul will die if he's not taken to a hospital. There is no other way.

    Donovan tells the team about Amanda. There are three Claire Matthewses in the Richmond area they need to find.

    Posing as a police officer Amanda goes to the high-rise apartment of one of the other Claire Matthewses and throws her out the window.

    Donovan tells the press what's happening with Amanda and her specific targets. There is one Claire left in the area. Hardy is worried that if Claire hears what is happening she's give herself up to stop the murders.

    Jacob's mother says if she doesn't get Paul out of there by the time his father gets home he'll call the police. Once again she calls him a murderer and he gets indignant. He tells Paul to confirm that he's never killed anyone and we get a flashback to the murder Emma sent them on. When Jacob has trouble making the first cut Paul is very aware he's never killed anyone before. Paul tells Jacob's mother that Jacob is telling the truth.

    Roderick tells Emma a little about his family and how he got to be the sheriff. He points out that everyone has contradictions, starting with Carroll sleeping with her. He brings up the fact she has a boyfriend and wonders whether she even cares about Jacob. He knows she hasn't returned any of Jacob's phone messages, most of which are asking why she left him.

    Hardy tells Donovan he thinks Carroll is trying to lure Claire out of custody. The final Claire is a college student. She is at a festival and left her cell phone at home.

    Roderick sent Jacob an email with a meeting place. But Paul tells Jacob to go without him. He tells Jacob that he owes him one and we see a flashback to Jacob panicking after Paul's murder of the girl, Robyn. Paul promised not to tell Emma what happened. In present day Jacob takes a pillow and smothers Paul.

    A person finds the final Claire at the festival and tells her what's happening. He shows her a cell phone picture of Amanda. They head for the police. Amanda is there with Louise. Amanda stabs the man helping Claire and takes off after her. Hardy is in pursuit. Claire finds a police officer but Louise shoots him. Claire runs off with Amanda on her heels. Hardy arrives and tells Louise to drop her weapon. She doesn't, and he kills her. Hardy follows Amanda and Claire into a construction site of some kind. Amanda picks up a nail gun and shoots him in the arm. Eventually Amanda grabs Claire and points the nail gun at her head. Amanda asks Hardy about his relationship with Carroll's wife. This allows Hardy to distract her and take away the gun. Amanda is taken into custody and Claire survives.

    Roderick tells Carroll about Louise being killed and Amanda being taken into custody. He does have good news. Donovan checked in on Claire Matthews and they were able to track the call to a nearby cell tower. Carroll's wife is in Huntingdon County, PA.

    Parker tells Hardy that Amanda has been taken to D.C. Donovan thinks it's "twisted" that Hardy loves Carroll's wife.

    Roderick tells Emma someone is there to see him. She walks downstairs and finds Jacob standing in the doorway.

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