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Season 1

27 May 2014
San Antonio Memorial's iconoclastic doctors and nurses use their instincts and combat experience to defy the odds and run the chaotic emergency room night shift.
3 Jun. 2014
Second Chances
A dying sheriff's deputy leaves TC (Eoin Christopher Macken) facing giving him a heart transplant for the second time. Landry's (Daniella Alonso) child abuse investigation produces a startling diagnosis.
10 Jun. 2014
Hog Wild
As Drew (Brendan Fehr) struggles to hide an injury, a series of accidents leaves TC (Eoin Christopher Macken) reattaching a hunter's severed hand and lands Jordan (Jill Flint) in the middle of a family feud that threatens to stop a lifesaving blood transfusion.
17 Jun. 2014
Grace Under Fire
Injuries at an Alamo reenactment test the staff. Meanwhile, a disorientated patient suffering from amnesia receives care; Drew helps a severely wounded soldier; Topher schedules a vasectomy operation; and Jordan's boyfriend arrives.
24 Jun. 2014
Storm Watch
A series of storms leaves Topher's (Ken Leung) pregnant wife and their daughter stranded on a highway just as she's going into labor. TC (Eoin Christopher Macken) squares off with Jordan's (Jill Flint) boyfriend (guest star Scott Wolf) as he's being courted to head up the hospital's trauma department.
1 Jul. 2014
Coming Home
The aftermath of a serious military bus accident threatens to expose the truth about Drew's (Brendan Fehr) relationship with his boyfriend, Rick. TC (Eoin Christopher Macken) and Scott (Scott Wolf) square off over Jordan (Jill Flint).
8 Jul. 2014
Blood Brothers
TC and Topher treat the lone survivor of a plane crash while fending off an intimidating law-enforcement officer with a secret motive. Meanwhile, Paul must deal with an injured exotic dancer whose condition takes a turn for the worse.
15 Jul. 2014
Save Me
With Topher's (Ken Leung) life hanging in the balance, TC (Eoin Christopher Mackin) is haunted by memories of his brother's death in Afghanistan. Jordan's (Jill Flint) treatment of Dwayne's killer puts her and the hospital on shaky legal ground.

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