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Parenthood You Can't Always Get What You Want
dalydj-918-25517528 November 2012
Warning: Spoilers
Adam, Kristina and Max: Max is now the president of his school council and he believes they should not fiancé a dance but vending machines. Adam and Kristina have to talk to Max about his decisions he is making as President. Kristina bought a dress shirt for Max to go to the dance but he still does not want to go. Kristina gets mad Adam is letting Max away with not going to the dance leaving. Kristina tells Adam she wants Max to go to the dance because she may not get to see him going to a dance. Adam try's to get Max to go to the dance by bringing Kristina into the conversation and now he is going to go to the dance. Max goes to the dance if he can leave after some time. Kristina then teaches Max some dance moves he can use at the dance. Finally Max is able to connect as he starts to dance with his mom.

Julia & Joel: Julia cracks out the machine to make some pasta. Joel tells Julia he is being offered a potential job. She brings up how Victor will effect this decision. Julia collects the kids and runs into fellow parents inviting her to a coffee club. She is convinced and is dragged along by the women. Joel tells the family he got the job while Julia explains her normal day of hanging out with the other moms. Joel and Julia fight about taking care of Victor conflicting with work. He brings up his competent to her job while she is not doing the same to his. Julia says sorry to Joel because she was not supportive to him because she lost her job.

Sarah and Mark: Sarah and Mark look at place to go for their to the wedding in Nappa while Hank calls to interrupt drunk and looking for a lift. She has to go get him then. She brings him back to the studio very drunk. He complains about not seeing his daughter while she Sarah gets him ready to sleep. Sarah comes into work the next day and Hank has booked a job to get closer to his daughter. They ask each other questions of why they were together that night. Sarah tells Drew that he has to stay in his grandparents and he does not like it even with Mark agreeing with Sarah. Hank needs Sarah for the weekend but she is going to the wedding. Sarah wants to keep Drew and Amy from having sex by getting rid of rooms available for them. Sarah tells Mark, Hank wants her and she is now thinking about flying back. Sarah tells Hank she cannot go but he still has to go without her. Sarah now has the plan to go to LA even know Mark does not feel comfortable about it. The two fight about the issue about Sarah trying to make everyone feel happy. He leaves telling her she can now do what ever she wants to.

Crosby and Neighbour: The neighbour of the studio comes in to complain about all the noise they make and how inappropriate they have been. Once again the neighbour complains this time with a formal one. Crosby goes to Julia to complain about this women and she offers him advice to be nice to the women. Crosby try's to apologize to the women but she just gets mad and the two end up fighting. Crosby is told by Julia that the studio could be shut down due to this noisy neighbour Amber and Ryan: Amber looks at Ryan's resume. Zeek practices the interview with Ryan telling him his past jobs. Ryan tells Amber he did not get the job because the interviewer asked about fighting in the war. Amber stops by to talk to Zeek about Ryan's problem at the interview. Amber is worried more about Ryan and this new problem could be too much pain for him.

More reasons to love the Adam and Kristina storyline but finally Sarah and Mark got some work to do.

EPISODE GRADE: B (MVP: Jason Ritter)
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