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Sex & Nudity

  • [Lots of double entendre dialogue]
  • Students are shown staring at the breasts and rear ends of various women
  • At the start a teacher is eating ice cream which falls onto her cleavage. She is shown washing it off with water, as three men watch her do so, the men are shown to be aroused
  • Songs with girls wearing bikinis
  • Two men walk in on a man and woman, it appears as though the woman is performing oral sex on the man as the man talks about his penis, this is later shown to be a misunderstanding
  • A man exits the bathroom wearing speedos
  • A woman acts seductive in a hostage situation to arouse a man, it is implied his erection triggers the alarm under his desk
  • Men stare at the breasts of various women in bikinis
  • Two men stare at a woman's cleavage as she bends down, they can be heard commenting on the woman's breasts having grown since they last saw her
  • A man compliments a woman on her big breasts
  • A man strips down to his boxers as a woman hands him a box of condoms
  • A man spanks a woman's ass 3 times with a belt asking her "who's your daddy?"
  • Sensuous song - (Aaja Mamla) - Three couples are shown dancing on the rain, the woman are dressed in revealing clothes. The couples are shown in their own bedrooms, as each woman takes off her robe revealing their lingerie like nightie underneath, afterwards the three couples are interrupted pre-sex, one of the men is shown with the woman's panties around his neck, all three women are implied to be naked under the sheets.
  • A man's towel slips and he is totally nude (blurred)
  • 3 men are shown hiding, they are topless and are wearing boxers
  • A woman kisses a man in bed, it appears as though the man's erection is rising from under the sheets, however it turns out it's just a broken bed spring
  • 3 men are shown getting both their legs rubbed by 2 women on either side of them, all three men are implied to get an erection
  • A girl falls in the gutter, head first. Two other girls grab her legs and attempt to pull her out. In the process the stuck girl accidentally has her clothes pulled off (blurred) many sexual jokes.
  • Three women strip down to their bra and panties, they then are shown unhooking their bras before the scene cuts away

Violence & Gore


  • This is not a family film.

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • Light drinking of alcohol is shown

Frightening & Intense Scenes

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