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Saturday Night Live Host: Louis C.K.
dalydj-918-2551754 November 2012
Warning: Spoilers
A Message from Mayor Bloomberg: Michael Bloomberg and his superstar sign language translation. Bloomberg then calls in Chris Christie with his sign language translator. Then back to Bloomberg as he speaks Spanish. During his Spanish speech Homeland is loved by the white people. B+ (MVP: Cecily Strong)

Monologue: Louis is a first time host. Pulls out a microphone almost doing stand up. Talks about Sandy and electricity. He brings up a story of an old women falling down at the airport. He then talks about helping the women around JFK. How they Louis loved old ladies but he seems to, even talking about loving them. A (MVP: Louis C.K.)

Fox & Friends: Their first guest is Donald Trump (Sudeikis). Gretchen asks him about his announcement about Obama's college records. He drops an announcement that Obama has been in contact with people like Nazir and Jafar. Dave Pryor comes out to tell everyone want to do in this crises. They do not listen to Davebut continue on to finish. B (MVP: Vanessa Bayer)

Lincoln: Louis as Lincoln talking to a black man getting him to say thank for freeing him for slavery. It then turns into the opening credits of Louie but Lincoln. Lincoln goes to the comedy club to his stand up about slave owners. Lincoln then at home with Mary talking about tickets. Lincoln try's to talk to another slave but still cannot. A (MVP: Louis C.K.)

Australian Screen Legends: We love back on Tess Davies and Graham Dixon known as the Humphrey Bogart and Lauren Bacall of Australia. The first film to look at is "The Walk". The next film is "A War Apart". Tess and Graham starred in "Death and Loss" also starring Australia's Steve Kazan. "On the Bluffs" is a film about two gay cowboys. B- (MVP: Kate McKinnon)

fun. - "Some Nights": fun. come out to the stage to sing their hit "Some Nights". The lead singer dances all over the stage with his auto tune and cool music. B- (MVP: fun.)

Weekend Update: Seth's first guest is Mitt Romney making his final plea to voters. Romney brings up the first debate because he beat Obama that time. Romney talks about getting rid of FEMA and that no one should listen to what he said in the past. Social media expert Kourtney Barnes talks about how social media affects the election. She gives some comments that people make about the candidates. The third guest is "The Girl you wish you hadn't started a conversation with at a party". B+ (MVP: Seth Meyers)

Kylarian Mountain Pass: Louis with long hair a horn on a mountain calling Zorg. People come to him to try to stop him but he cannot stop blowing the horn. More people are becoming annoyed by him and he blows it one last time. He is actually looking for Zord who has been there the whole time. C+ (MVP: Louis C.K.)

Hotel Checkout: The receptionist is reviewing a bill bringing up charges that he may have had or not. The man misses his flight because he had to hear the charges. B (MVP: Louis C.K.)

fun. - "Carry On": Second tune from the band and it's the Carry On the slower song with not much of a dance beat. B- (MVP: fun.)

Donnelly's: Only two people left in the bar drinking, Dan and Shelia seem very drunk. The two seemed amazed by what the other is saying. The two find it hard to get words out and end up kissing each other all over the face with their tongues. A- (MVP: Kate McKinnon)

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