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Cured my depression
salmonwaffle21 November 2017
As of November 2017, due to Brooklyn Nine Nine I can safely say that my depression has been helped because of this TV show. I know it may sound stupid but when I watch the show I just fill up with laughter which most likely has resulted in me not committing suicide.

Thank You 99.
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Please don't cancel Brooklyn Nine-Nine
katrinaysabelr27 April 2018
This show is a masterpiece. I honestly don't know why and how it's underrated. Sure, I love a good sitcom like Friends, and although some might not agree, I actually find B99 more hilarious compared to those kind of shows.

Let's see:

  • B99 doesn't need those fake cheap laugh sound effects after every joke / funny dialogue
  • The dialogue is funny as hell and not corny. And the acting? Damn. I don't know how they can keep a straight face while doing those scenes, especially Andre.
  • The diversity of the show. A black gay cop? Latina detectives? That's only the beginning.
  • It's realistic. Not realistic in a sense that everything that happens there happens in real life (such as the comedic police situations). What I meant was, it doesn't need to be overly dramatic to get you hooked. The characters are all so mature, and they portray great friendship.
  • Healthy relationships like what Jake and Amy have. Also, they do not promote nor show toxicity in any way.

I'm gonna be really sad if B99 wont be renewed for a 6th season, because it deserves so much more than that.
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I can't understand who wouldn't find this show fantastic
montez767919 October 2013
I respect that different people have different tastes in music, clothes, women, movies etc...but if you are saying that this show is bad I really feel like your sense of humor is lacking. I'm a detective for one of the largest police departments in the country and I will advise everyone that doesn't realize it but this show is closer to how real police go about their day than any of those CSI, or garbage procedural shows. Cops do all that stuff all day...pranking each other, busting balls, trying to have a little fun. The job gets a little heavy sometimes so if we didn't have some fun it would be long days. This show is hilarious and perfectly timed retorts by Braugher and Crews are classic. Its the low key lines that make I hilarious...the over the top cheap laughs are somethkng all shows have to do to please the masses...who are stupid. Pay attention to the underlying comedy...its priceless......."Terry does love yogurt"
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Funniest show in a long time
nickferraro-2929413 June 2018
Please please please don't cancel the show,this show is too funny to be canceled especially on a cliff hanger
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One of the most promising comedy shows to air this season
prashantsaxena279022 October 2013
Brooklyn Nine Nine is a new age police procedural comedy with an excellent cast and spectacular production. But that isn't what makes the show great, rather its something very trivial. The show, being a comedy, peculiarly enough,doesn't use any laugh track or a live audience to record laughs. In fact, they just provide us with a sketch where the viewer can decide whether it was funny enough for him to enjoy (laugh) or not.The show should be credited for its humorous subplots within an episode.The cast also portray their characters in an outstandingly witty fashion. The writer's vision of a comic police station is right on the money. I may have been biased so i couldn't think of flaws. An Amazing show. One of 2013's best.
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One of the best shows
nazibabezia23 July 2018
This show is one of the funniest shows I have witnessed in recent years. It's original and the characters are very funny. Love this show!
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Comfort-Food of Shows
kittykatoncloud919 April 2018
B99 is a rare gem among serial comedy duds. It's such a smart and fast-paced show that never fails to make me laugh, smile, and sometimes cry at very touching and human moments. This is a comfort show for me and I love rewatching for the running gags, callbacks to previous episodes, and to see the character development as they grow as people in ways that don't feel forced or contrived.

The characters start out fairly rough and jagged with their own individual struggles but grow as a squad after the introduction of Capt. Holt. This is a feature, not a bug! The point of the show is that they're flawed!

Do not listen to anyone who rates this lower than a seven, most of the people who do can't be bothered to spell names right (racist much?).
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I love this series so much if you haven't hated already binge it now!
lucienstephens19 February 2018
Brooklyn nine nine required a few episodes for me to really get into it but when I did I couldn't stop watching it. this American sitcom is based in a police station. Each episode is completely unique and stays at a consistent level of quality for all 4 seasons that I have enjoyed. As I got into the thickness of the series I got to know each and every hilarious character and by season 3 I loved every well acted character. I may be a little biased but whether or not I know your gonna love it so watch it now. As a note I will say that like me your going to have to watch a few episodes to get into it.
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Delightful show, No Laugh Tracks, Golden Content
ansonlam3 January 2018
Brooklyn Nine-Nine is definitely one of my favorite ever sitcom. It's a show of pure comedy with humorous stories that are naturally delivered by the lovely actors and actresses, but also with a consistent storyline which a lot of sitcoms lack. The other thing I've noticed which makes this show better is the exclusion of laugh tracks. Although, laugh tracks do, to a certain extent, seem to make shows more hilarious and to a point where even if you don't understand a joke, you'd laugh. But no, this show has no cheats like that and amuses viewers with original content. The show also does not rely on one-liners or simple jokes, and instead, make use of the characters' personalities and actions to entertain viewers, which is pretty smart. Some might think that entertainment with personalities do not last as they stay the same and eventually people would get tired of them. However, with the ongoing characters development, their personalities and stories are often changing, which makes the show so fresh all the time.
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Very Funny, Great Cast, Great Characters
ben-798-60475813 November 2013
It may be too soon to say having not even finished their first season yet, but since i haven't seen an episode i didn't enjoy i think its safe to say this one is a keeper. The one issue i have is how short the episodes are, which means if you watch the trailer for the series you've already seen half of the first episode. There's a lot of great jokes particularly regarding the characters, each one with their own eccentric personalities, and one of the things i love about this show is that it doesn't have to play on racial stereotypes to be funny. Its got one of the most ethnically diverse casts out there but it doesn't even care because thats not who they are. for instance Terry Crews doesn't play the hardened streetwise character, he plays the hulkish desk sergeant who is absolutely terrified of guns. Seeing Terry Crews scream like a little girl and freak out trying to put a magical princess castle together is just priceless gold. Or Rosa, the extremely abrasive criminally adept cop who doesn't have an off switch for her intimidating nature. The conversations between her and the timid pushover Detective Boyle make for some great television.

"go to your happy place" "what is that? that sounds stupid."

There's also the expressionless, unreadable openly gay police captain who is anything but a gay stereotype, the sociopathically manipulative secretary who in her own words "thrives on dysfunctional relationships", and detective scully who is in every sense of the word a failure, smelly, lazy, unadept and just all around a horrible police officer. Andy Sandberg really is just the cherry on top of a great ensemble cast. He plays his normal goofy immature character, but he's not without his redeeming qualities. He embarrasses himself on more than one occasion but this causes people to underestimate him and his wit which he uses to actually solve crimes. This and his competitiveness with detective Santiago cause him to keep his successes just above his screw-ups, and if he didn't actually solve cases he'd probably be fired for goofing off on the job.

Overall i want to see Peralta learn some restraint and become a bit more devious, the competitive sexual tension between Peralta and Santiago become an even more competitive relationship and for Boyle to have a life changing experience when he finally sleeps with Rosa... Or just embarrass himself with a past due, overbearing attempt to become a man.
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Binged and enjoyed
jasper-bielski3 June 2018
This show is just good fun to watch good by yourself or with someone it's just enjoyable tv great stories and characters please do watch this show it's worth it
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A surprisingly pleasant, silly yet witty show.
Dunning-Kruger19 September 2013
After first hearing about Brooklyn Nine-Nine, I was fairly skeptical about yet another attempt on Fox's part to regain their former position as king of network comedy, however; minutes after it had started, I was able to find an affection for this show that I haven't had for a comedy pilot since The Office.

Anchored in large part by Andy Samberg's ironic sense of humor, it also features plenty of dead-pan humor and caricatures, much of it being a parody of the typical crime drama.

Half-way through, I realized it felt fairly reminiscent of The Office's early days, unbeknownst to me that was intended to channel that style and humor, despite it not being a mockumentary.

Personally, I felt it to be one of the strongest pilots for a comedy I had seen in a while. They introduce the audience to the characters in a way that doesn't come across as them trying to bluntly introduce us, as so many shows clumsy do; Shows that tell us how close two friends are in a way real people don't talk, by having one of them tell the other, "I know you said you didn't want to hang out Friday but I'm your best friend and we're going to hang out." Brooklyn 9-9 accomplishes these crucial initial first impressions by not overstating the core personalities of the characters. Half way in, we quickly begin to experience the precincts average day and learn of the quirky interactions that occur between characters alongside the new C.O., Capt. Holt(Andre Braugher). Some characters do leave something to be desired in terms of having something to offer to the show, but the groundwork is solid.

There certainly is the expected detective work, but the main focus is the ludicrous and off-beat styles of the detectives. One of the best things I like about this show, thus far, is the fact that it is able to surprise me with its jokes, most of which are not exactly the shock-value type that are only there because they're so random they're humorous. Though as I recall, that style is mixed in with other, more witty jokes.

I don't see this as a show that will appeal to mass audiences, simply because it is more quirky and witty, though not necessarily requiring its viewers to think more about the jokes.

People who enjoy(ed) shows like The Office, Parks and Rec., Community, South Park, Psych, possibly Modern Family, etc., will more likely than not find something to like about this show.

Obviously not everyone will appreciate it, but I strongly encourage those who are interested in watching it, to watch the entire pilot before making a full opinion.

In the end, Brooklyn Nine-Nine is a fun and silly satire about the clichés of police shows, while still able to not take itself too seriously.
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Chanandler-Bong15 January 2014
So I watch a lot of American cop shows like Criminal Minds and Castle, but as much as I love them, sometimes I feel like they're hugely unrealistic and over-dramatised. Brooklyn Nine-nine is a play on those kind of cop shows and it does it spectacularly. Also it even has a more realistic feel than the other cop shows.

The writing is genius and the acting is spot on. I haven't seen a show this good in a while. It's funny, clever and endearing. I saw it on the Golden Globes and I'd seen a trailer for it and I was incredibly skeptical when I watched it thinking it'd be one of the awful American spoofs they do. But I was highly surprised making me love it even more!
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Best comedy on tv.
justadj0013 May 2018
The cold opens for B99 are always hilarious. I love this show so much. It does a great job of balancing comedy with personal issues. It is the only show on that is consistently funny every single week.
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A delight from the start
Spoiler alert: this is one of my favorite shows. An incredible blend of lovable and hilarious characters. So much fun. So many laugh out loud moments. Even on a second full watch through I find myself laughing loudly in delight at this great gem of a show. It's a must watch IMO
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jsmn-kane20 June 2018
I just started watching this show after my daughter talked me into it. I was laughing so hard I was crying sometimes. I love the characters, they play off each other perfectly and I have no idea how the Captain keeps a straight face all the time. Some shows just have it-that chemistry, good actors, good writing. This is one of those shows. I was sad to hear they cancelled it, but hopeful now that I hear another company picked it up. All I can hope for is the same experience as the show goes on.
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Best comedy on television
jellyneckr9 January 2014
Warning: Spoilers
The track record of cop comedies on television is not inspiring. While successful police dramas have ruled the airwaves for decades, the same cannot be said for cop shows that aim for laughs. There are some noticeable exceptions such as "Car 54, Where Are You?" and the very short-lived "Police Squad", but for the most part, it has been hard for show-runners to make crime a funny topic on TV. "Brooklyn Nine-Nine" could have ended up being super broad like "Police Academy: The Series" or "Reno 911", but luckily creators Dan Goor and Michael Schur have made the decision to keep the show somewhat grounded in reality, allowing for viewers to relate to the characters without them becoming complete cartoons. In casting Andy Samberg as the lead, there was the risk of "Brooklyn Nine-Nine" coming across too goofy. However, Samberg is at his career best here as Jake Peralta, a childish and immature detective who just happens to be very good at his profession. Samberg is great at delivering the most ridiculous and silly lines of dialogue without mugging for the camera in the way that some might expect a former "Saturday Night Live" performer to do. Half of what Peralta says is either completely juvenile or inappropriate, but because it never reaches cartoonish or mean-spirited heights, he remains likable and easy-to-root-for. The show may eventually reach a point where it may seem absurd that the character is able to keep his job, though that hasn't occurred yet.

If "Brooklyn Nine-Nine" had just been a vehicle for Samberg, the show might have become stale after a few episodes. Wisely, the decision was made to make an ensemble series. It's typical for an ensemble to have one or two characters that aren't quite as funny or interesting as the others, but amazingly, every single character on "Brooklyn-Nine Nine" is excellently performed. Andre Braugher, Chelsea Peretti, Joe Lo Truglio, Melissa Fumero, Stephanie Beatriz, and Terry Crews are all perfectly cast in their respective roles and each have moments where they shine in every single episode. Crews is absolutely hilarious as squad leader Terry Jeffords, especially when the writers are able to make great use out of both his physical strength and priceless facial reactions. In addition to the main ensemble cast, the reoccurring duo of Dirk Blocker and Joel McKinnon Miller as Detectives Hitchcock and Scully, the two worst detectives in the department, are responsible for some of the best jokes of the series thus far. It's also worth noting the writers have made nice use of its guest stars including Craig Robinson, Andy Richter, Stacy Keach, and Dean Winters. Guest stars on sitcoms can be tricky and can often overshadow the episodes as a whole, but "Brooklyn Nine-Nine" almost always makes its guest stars fit organically into the plot in ways that never feel gimmicky or forced.

Although there have only been a dozen episodes so far and there is always the chance that the broadness the show-runners have been so good at keeping down may eventually kick in, the series now remains as strong and frequently hilarious as any comedy on television at the moment. There isn't a particular formula that the show gets hung up on every week and more often than not, there seems to be an effort to get in a decent amount of character development by sitcom standards. If Fox is smart enough to keep "Brooklyn-Nine Nine" on for a while, it will almost certainly develop a cult following. If the ratings don't improve and only one season gets produced, at least the series will probably hold the distinction of not having a bad episode in the bunch. 9/10
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Shows a lot of promise - a very likable new sitcom.
MovieAddict201625 October 2013
I'm confused by the reviewer (whose comment was featured on the IMDb page just now) who seemingly despised this program and wrote it off, apparently, because he or she felt Andre Braugher deserved better.

I find this review odd, because "Brooklyn Nine-Nine" - if nothing else - comes across as a very likable show.

Thankfully spared of talking-head interview segments that have dominated the American comedy scene since The Office, this show also thankfully features no laugh track. Thus, it both has the feel of an old-fashioned sitcom without the dated quality of one. It's actually quite a clever premise: it's a "cop show" but set in the workplace environment. This is a clever move as the show is able to subvert some of the stereotypical police procedural elements while also keeping stuff grounded and relatable by keeping the majority of the antics constrained to the police station.

The cast is talented all across the board. One thing you might find as the show grows is that Andy Samberg will become more subdued in his approach. I say this because as of now he is clearly the "star" of the show and, as such, he's often given a lot of LOUD dialogue -- but this also happened to the Leslie Knope character in "Parks and Recreation," and she ended up organically evolving into a much smarter and more likable character. I think once Brooklyn Nine-Nine finds its own footing and more firmly establishes its characters, things will settle into place. It's still a bit shaky but it's just the freshman season flaws. Very few comedy shows are at their best in their first seasons.

I'm enjoying this quite a lot so far - it's not must-see-TV or anything of the sort, but it's likable, entertaining and shows a lot of promise. The talented cast really elevates the material and the show manages to subvert cop show clichés and workplace TV comedy tropes without seeming overly cynical or snide about it. That's really the best word I can think of summing it up with: likable.
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Cop Shows: Prepare to be Mocked!
spasticfreakshow19 September 2013
Equal parts Mockumentary-style Comedy + Cop Show = A perfect parody of detective shows. The star detective (played by Samberg) winningly carries the lead with charm (if not grace), but as part of a true ensemble cast, carefully crafted iconic roles played well, and all won me over in the first episode. The surprisingly gay new police chief is a riot for how he takes his zany team in stride, breaking character to enjoy their antics, while maintaining a strict iron-faced facade. Rosa, in particular, stands out as 'scary cop' - Stephanie Beatriz will be a breakout star with this role - you can't get enough of her...and if she and Clumsy Mousy Charles get together or even just continue to dance around it, they'll be the best, most hilarious parody of a Will They/Won't They ever!

The producers claim to be channeling Barney Miller - a far-fetched chutzpadik claim for people who did NOT produce THAT 70s Show, because rarely have current television producers captured that classic 70s overt brand of comedy, but Brooklyn Nine-Nine has indeed! There's a bit of a Naked Gun feel to it as well, what with the vaguely idiotic running gags and horseplay, but Jake Peralta is sharper (and more competitive) than Frank Drebin - leaving Charles to play the fool for him. When Peralta solves crime, it's not accidental - but neither can you take it very seriously, as even the arrest is more of an SNL skit than a semblance of a cop show arrest. I watched the pilot more out of curiosity (and Samberg fan-girl-ing) then out of any hope I would add this to my roster, but wonder of wonders, this thing actually works! Creative and original "detective" comedy - I'll be watching.

I'd recommend this to BOTH people who can't stand cop/detective shows and just want to look down their nose whilst laughing at them, AND to people who love cop/detective shows, so they can learn just how stereotypical, cliché and canned their favorites are.
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Entertaining, hilarious, the best cop show
marcolimsx5 August 2018
The best Comedy. The acting is superb, the plot is interesting. The first few episodes were weak but from then on the show grew a lot.
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This show is better than it should be
StellarDread32 August 2017
Brooklyn Nine-Nine is a show about a police precinct in Brooklyn and it follows a variety of characters, who are a bunch of misfits who when they get to work they do a really good job, there are weirdos, nerds, and one of the most egotistical characters you will ever likely see. Despite this all of the characters are amazing as they are all likable and have incredible chemistry which makes this show one you should watch.

It mainly follows Jake Peralta who is a guy who loves his work, is incredibly immature and usually takes inspiration from action films like Die Hard whilst on a case. The show always follows the other characters in engaging and hilarious plot lines which also shows off different traits and experiences of their separate characters.

Whilst it is an amazing show, it has it's flaws such as every finale has started to end in mostly the same way and the first couple of episodes of the next series will be centred around this one thing. As with any show there are some episodes that are not as good as the others, however after 4 seasons there are no seriously bad episodes so that is great.

One last issue is that there is a duo in the precinct called Hitchcock and Scully who exist solely to be gross out characters (Which I don't particularly mind) and are essentially the exact same character, however they can be really funny and they do have characteristics even though they have the least amount of character development than anyone else in the show.

So in conclusion this is an exceptional show which has a wide range of lovable characters and many different kinds of humour and jokes which are usually very funny. If you have seen a trailer for this show and it expect it to be another of those sitcom comedies like, New girl and The Big Bang Theory, it actually has a much higher level of quality then those two. (Personally I really like TBBT even though it got noticeably worse after a couple of seasons and NG I never really liked even though I watched all of the first season)

So I seriously recommend this show and would say at least give one or two episodes a watch.

Have a good one. :)
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Love Samberg & Braugher!
Syl24 September 2013
Who would think of this duo would be the best part of the series. Saturday Night Live's Adam Samberg plays Jake Peralta, a cop in Brooklyn, New York. The precinct gets a new captain played by Emmy winner and Homicide: Life on the Streets actor Andre Braugher who plays the straight man to Samberg's Peralta. Braugher is great in his role and one the reasons to watch and the other is Andy Samberg. I hope this show lasts the season. It isn't filmed in front of a live audience. It's more like other sitcoms today where they film in a studio and on location. It's good to have a sitcom in New York City than another crime drama. Audiences need to laugh more these days.
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Genuinely funny, light hearted, fast paced comedy
jodyfranz11 September 2018
I tend to have to find things in between a kids show and adult shows so the whole family can watch and not want to pull our hair out listening to Peppa Pig's annoying voice. 99 did the trick for us. We watched the entire 5 seasons over many months and were entertained. I found myself wanting to watch the next episode before it was family time... so I ended up watching some episodes twice.

Generally it is a bunch of cops trying to do their jobs. It's less about the situation and more about the dialogue and how it's delivered. The do come out with some serious situations every once in awhile but even then it's handled with the same comedic dialogue as most of the other shows. Very well done, will be waiting for more seasons.
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Love love love.
livehealthybestrongas18 October 2018
This is the best show EVER since friends. I think this is the next best TV show since FRIENDS.
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Police Academy Step Aside
michaelradny20 August 2015
Comedy is a difficult thing to pull off, especially if you have to do it for around seventy episodes, but Brooklyn Nine-Nine does this to a tee. It's hilarious without fault, entertaining to the max and watchable, so watchable, binge watchable. The characters are all likable and relatable, which many shows fail to do without making one main character annoying or dislikable. It's also very much original, without being original if you know what I mean. It spoofs all cop shows, but does it in a way that the overall project feels fresh and like something you've never seen before.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine is fantastic, a true gem for the silver screen. It faults only in the fact that it will almost kill you, and that is due to the suffocation when you can't breathe due to laughter. If you are a fan of comedy watch this. If you are a fan of cop films watch this. If you are a human being watch this!
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