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Jake & Amy

The squad rushes to save Jake and Amy's wedding day from a major threat.

Season 4

20 Sep. 2016
Coral Palms, Part 1
Jake and Holt adjust to their new lives in Florida under the Witness Protection Program while Jimmy "The Butcher" Figgis remains on the loose.
27 Sep. 2016
Coral Palms, Part 2
Jake and Holt plan their attack on Jimmy "The Butcher" Figgis, only to end up on the other side of the interrogation table.
4 Oct. 2016
Coral Palms, Part 3
The team goes to Florida to help Jake and Holt take down Jimmy Figgis, but their plan falls through due to an unexpected injury and another interruption from Sheriff Reynolds.
11 Oct. 2016
The Night Shift
Jake, on his first case back at the precinct, commandeers the vehicle of Jess Day, (from New Girl) who's visiting New York. In the meantime, Holt tries to increase office morale and Amy wants to know why Rosa is taking such long breaks.
18 Oct. 2016
Halloween IV
The squad competes in the annual Halloween heist to win the title of Ultimate Detective Slash Genius.
15 Nov. 2016
Monster in the Closet
The Nine-Nine throws a wedding for Pimento and Rosa.
22 Nov. 2016
Mr. Santiago
Amy's father, a former cop, comes to Thanksgiving dinner and Jake tries to impress him, leaving Charles on turkey duty. In the meantime, Holt helps Pimento come to terms with the fact that he can no longer be a police officer.
29 Nov. 2016
Skyfire Cycle
Terry meets his lifelong hero, a famous author who's received death threats. In other events, Gina tries to choose the location of the Boyle family vacation and Amy sides with Kevin in his argument with Holt over a math puzzle.
6 Dec. 2016
The Overmining
Jake and Holt help Captain CJ with a big case.
13 Dec. 2016
Captain Latvia
Jake and Charles face off against a Latvian criminal ring when Jake helps Charles find his son's favorite toy for Christmas.
1 Jan. 2017
The Fugitive, Part 1
The squad goes on a manhunt for a group of convicts who've escaped from a prison van on the streets of Brooklyn. When one fugitive is still loose, Jake gains a surprising ally.
1 Jan. 2017
The Fugitive, Part 2
The squad goes on a manhunt for a group of convicts who've escaped from a prison van on the streets of Brooklyn. When one fugitive is still loose, Jake gains a surprising ally.
11 Apr. 2017
The Audit
The squad tries to save their precinct from getting shut down when it's being audited by Amy's ex-boyfriend Teddy.
18 Apr. 2017
Serve & Protect
Jake and Rosa investigate a case of burglary that occurred on the set of one of their favorite detective shows as Terry's ex takes over auditing the Nine-Nine.
25 Apr. 2017
The Last Ride
Jake and Charles search for a bike thief on what may be their last case together.
2 May 2017
Moo Moo
Terry and Holt have different ideas for dealing with a fellow police officer who creates trouble for Terry in his own neighborhood.
9 May 2017
Holt tells the squad to be on their best behavior at Cop-Con.
9 May 2017
Chasing Amy
Amy disappears just before the Sergeant exam.
16 May 2017
Your Honor
Captain Holt's mother comes to the precinct for help when her house is robbed.
16 May 2017
The Slaughterhouse
Jake and Rosa attempt to earn their idol's respect.
23 May 2017
The Bank Job
Jake and Rosa learn there's more to Lieutenant Hawkins' team than meets the eye as they continue searching for bank robbers.
23 May 2017
Crime & Punishment
Jake and Rosa are framed for a crime they didn't commit.

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