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An amazing documentary
zohrabi6419 March 2014
If you are interested in Iran's contemporary history and the middle east in general; don't miss out on this movie. It brings a period of time to our attention that despite all the books and documentaries and movies that have been discussing and describing it; lots of it's aspects have remained unknown "The Iranian Revolution", Dan Shadur the son of an Israeli couple amongst many of the Israeli community in Tehran before the revolution, interviews his fathers colleagues and friends about their experiences of living in Iran, their memories, the circumstances and the pros and cons, surprisingly they all have a unique feeling toward Iran, and talk about their memories with a great passion; they talk about the similarities between Iranians and Jewish people, their life style in Tehran and their high salaries and it was very entertaining and interesting at the same time to look at the pictures of Iran decades ago. As an Iranian I did not know that such relations existed between Iran and Israel, it was really interesting and I think I'm going to watch it again.
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excellent movie
iraniannorthamerican20 December 2014
This movie will give you an excellent realistic as well as artistic idea of what it was like to be in Iran before the revolution. I have to add to it: it gives you an idea what Iranian culture is without religious fanaticism.

if there is one thing I am proud of about being an Iranian is that through out history Iran has has been home to many cultures and races living together in much more peace than maybe anywhere in mid-east or the world for that matter.

this movie shows that many Israeli's today have Iranian roots and its really sad to see that they had to run away like many many other Iranians that didn't fit with the new Islamic government.

I never bought the none-sense that "all" Israelis were in Iran spying.. they were and are very decent hardworking people

Many people like to believe that it was all because of Americans and Israelis etc.. etc.. but the truth is that many Iranians fought long and hard for establishing and supporting monarchy, good or bad.. that is the truth, and when they got support from friends (israel, USA etc) they appreciated that support.

I can honestly say that while Iran had countless problems especially when it came to re-distribution of wealth, but Iran was much better off under the former regime. Today, Iran is basically ruled by a foreign religion that uses extremely ruthless force at will against the people and the violence against people is in magnitude of quantity much much worse than before.
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Not a good documentary.
uthmankhan22 September 2019
It's very (obviously) biased with a pro-Israel narrative. Did show some good revelations though.
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