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Batmobile lost a wheel, the Joker got away
CuriosityKilledShawn4 November 2013
Having never seen nor played any of the Lego movies or video games this was my first venture into their blocky incarnation of various franchises. I was fully expecting nothing but a feature-length cut-scene but was surprised at how cinematic it actually is.

Opening with Danny Elfman's brilliant Batman theme (no offense to Zimmer but Warner knows that fans prefer this version), we learn that Lex Luthor and Joker have teamed up and have gained the upper hand over Bats and Supes. If only Bats had the humility to ask the rest of the Justice League for help. Skipping back a couple of days, the story of their dire situation unfolds. It's not an original framing device, but it was better than I was expecting.

Director Jon Burton (no relation to Tim) uses many atmospheric locations that look wonderfully photo-realistic, while building as much of the world as possible with actual Lego bricks. Builders will get lots of ideas when watching this movie. Rob Westwood's score, while very entertaining, does get a little overbearing at time though. He should have let a couple of scenes speak for themselves, but it's still good enough to warrant a release on CD.

There is a fun sense of humor permeating each scene, meaning that if the vivid sets and cute action don't entertain you will still be smiling. It does suffer a little bit from the "smashing skyscrapers" cliché that is common in many comic book movies but it's not too much of a distraction.

Far better than I expected. I will certainly invest time in a sequel.
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Despite Supe's Ridicule…FUN!
thesar-214 June 2013
Warning: Spoilers
Actually, I've had enough of Batman these days. Every time I watch one of the animated movies, he's okay… until he or the storyline starts to downgrade the greatest hero of our fictional time: Superman. This "movie" is no different.

That said and disregarding the display of Batman being a dick again to Superman, LEGO Batman: The Movie - DC Super Heroes Unite is an absolute pleasure.

My roommate/landlord has played the game where the majority of these shots were side segments and he states some scenes were added to make it a full-fledged film…if you can call a 71 cartoon a "film." Since I have not played the game – whatever it's called, this entire video was brand new to me.

I loved almost every minute of this. Laughed hard, marveled a lot and actually enjoyed the journey of these characters lego'ized.

It was clever, fun and adventurous, despite the limitations of being just about Legos. And above all that, it was clever; just when I thought it had flaws, the movie sideswiped me and explained what I would normally criticize.

Basically, Lex Luthor and Joker team up so Lex can be President of the United States, but both Batman and hilarious Robin set out to expose his evil plots. Sometimes calling upon the likes of our lovable Justice League players.

Even if you're only mildly interested in either Batman, Legos or Animation, this is an absolute must see. Especially if you fall in that "mildly interested" category; it's only 71 minutes! That's not a lot of time invested.

You'll thank me. This was fun.
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Calling All Justice Leaguers! Super-Villain Alert!
xyzkozak16 January 2015
And, meanwhile - Back at the Batcave.... Batman kicks some serious butt (with a little help from all his super-friends, of course)....

Even though LEGO Batman's story of over-the-top, superhero crime-fighting pretty much went over the same, old ground, I still enjoyed this particular CG offering a helluva lot more than I did the likes of Christopher Nolan's live-action "Dark Knight" movie-series. I really did.

Besides LEGO Batman containing some often-humorous one-liners (nicely delivered by both Batman & Superman), I also got quite a delightful kick out of the LEGO-look of all the characters.

From having some very amusing facial expressions, to their squat stature and stubby legs, I'm actually looking forward to checking out other LEGO movies once they become available through my city's library system.

Of all the superhero characters featured in this picture's ultra-violent, fast-paced story, it was Flash, in his brief, but pivotal appearance, who I liked the most.
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Action, Adventure, Great acting and a Life Lesson - Sometimes You Need a Little Help
rannynm21 May 2013
At first I thought this movie would be kind of like "The Avengers." The movie turns out to be very different! All the Marvel superheroes and everything else are made out of Legos. It is more focused on Batman as a man and other heroes like Robin, Super Women, Super Man, the Green Lantern and many others.

This move has a mix of comedy which I've noticed is in every Lego movie. It has action, adventure, great actors and even a lifelong lesson - sometimes you can't do things all by yourself, you need help. There are some pretty cool structures and machines. All these structures are built out of Lego bricks so you can really build them yourself if you knew how!

The adventure begins when Bruce Wayne wins the "Man of the Year" award. If you don't know who Bruce Wayne is, he is Batman undercover. Then, the Joker commits a crime and Batman and Robin have to capture him once again. As they are trying to achieve their goal, Superman helps him. Batman gets annoyed with Superman but, at the end they work together and call in all the superheroes to defeat the Joker! If you want to know what happens at the end you must watch the movie.

What I love about this funny, action-packed film is how it shows the relationship between Robin and Batman as somewhat difficult. This isn't very good for a side-kick and a hero. At the end though, they become good friends. Also, it shows all the heroes' powers like Superman's strength and Batman's throwing skills. The best part for me is how everything is made out of Legos. And, as in most Lego movies, there are cool animations, good actions and great voice-over actors.

My favorite scene is when the bat cave gets destroyed. It's action packed and shows Joker's "funny" side with his strange humor and his pie bombs. Superman helps them. But, the Joker and his partner Lex, who is running for president and using Joker to win election, gets away. Would you like to know how he was able to defeat Superman's power? Get a copy of this wonderful film and find out!

I recommend this film for ages 3 and up. There's really no violence or harsh language in this movie. "Lego Batman the Movie" is extremely kid- friendly. I give this movie 5 out 5 stars. You can find it on DVD everywhere now.
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A Fun Movie with Nostalgia Warning: Spoilers
OK, perhaps folks take this movie too seriously? Or perhaps I am not a critic so I am not too serious? #1 I used to play with Lego toys so I like this movie. #2 the movie was actually good! It had a great plot. Sadly some of our adult live action movies need to take a lesson! The villains were devious as they should be! The Joker I loved because he is exactly the way he should be...CRAZY! All should beware of the Joker even if you think you are on the same team. You just never know with him. The comedy was unexpected but I loved it. I laughed a lot throughout the movie which I think was a nice touch that way a parent and the children can enjoy the movie together. I like how Batman had issues and an attitude problem. Superheroes are not perfect and should not be portrayed as such. They have issues they need to work out so they can...wait a be better heroes! My favorite was seeing Batman and Superman at the bus stop. Too funny! Seeing all the Justice League in the end was marvelous! I thoroughly enjoyed it for the fun movie it is and please just enjoy it and don't make it more then what it is just fun for the whole family.
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A pleasant surprise with neat extras for Lego and DC fans Warning: Spoilers
This is based on the video game Lego Batman 2 and the cynic in me was expecting the film to be *just* the FMV sequences from that game all edited together, maybe with the odd inter-title to explain actions that took place during the playable levels. I'm glad to say that I was wrong and that the original animators from the game created a series of visually entertaining sequences to tie the original FMV footage together, vastly increasing the runtime and creating a finished product that's exciting and surprising even if you've already played the game through and know the story.

The DVD also comes with a good selection of extras. There's a collection of very high-end fan-made Lego stop-motion animation shorts. There's a featurette about the process of stop-motion animating Lego that's very sweet in a 'Being Elmo' way at times but also the part of the package that's most evidently just pushing Lego products on the viewer. There's also a well-chosen set of episodes from Batman: The Brave and the Bold and Teen Titans that focus on the Justice League members featured in this film: "Triumvirate of Terror!" with Superman and Wonder Woman, "Scorn of the Star Sapphire!" with Green Lantern and Wonder Woman and "Overdrive" featuring Cyborg (no Flash or Martian Manhunter, though). I hadn't seen any of these episodes before and they're quite enjoyable, especially the Batman/Superman/Wonder Woman episode, the epilogue of which shows the trio of heroes still working together as a team well into their old age. Awww.
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A fun little superhero film
Before The Lego Movie (2014) completely shot the small building block toy into moviegoers' spotlights, the LEGO company had long since prior to that adapting their products for all kinds of popular franchises. Whether it is Star Wars, Indiana Jones, Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings or anything else that was well incredibly lucrative at the time, the LEGO company had something for it. As superheroes became more bankable during the rise of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, LEGO was able to make even more products. The same went for DC comic characters as well. The difference between the two comic book giants was that Warner Brothers Studios owned the rights of the main DC comic properties to be shown in movies; while Marvel wasn't included. This is validated with when viewing of The Lego Movie (2014) because Superman, Green Lantern, Batman, Wonder Woman and couple others had appearances during the film.

Yet before this, the DC characters did have a small movie of their own. Enter Jon Burton; a game designer and video game director. With permission he was given the chance to direct and co-write his first home video (which was this). The other writer involved with Burton was David A. Goodman, a TV writer who has sporadic work over multiple genres. With that, these two managed to make a decent little video that's largely enjoyable to sit through. After losing the "man of the year" award to Bruce Wayne (Troy Baker) and with election day being a day away, Lex Luthor (Clancy Brown) hatches a scheme that involves having The Joker (Christopher Corey Smith) persuading his non-believers. Once Luthor breaks The Joker out of Arkham Asylum, Batman & Robin (Charlie Schlatter) head out to find out what's going on. As an overall story it's fun fluff but it feels more like an extended TV episode more than an actual movie. Its running time is too short to really be considered a movie.

What's cool to see that was written into the screenplay was the inclusion of several other popular DC characters. Perhaps the whole payoff doesn't feel like all characters had equal screen time but it is fun to watch. The characters that get the most screen time are Luthor, Joker, Batman, Robin and Superman (Travis Willingham). As for other characters, fans will get to see villains and heroes. Whether it be Catwoman, Baine, Two-Face, The Riddler, Harley Quinn, Cyborg, The Flash, Martian Man-Hunter or Wonder Woman, one fanboy/girl will have their fill at some point. As for any film aficionado, they too will have fun picking out the various other voice-actors that have different roles like Rob Paulsen, Brian Bloom, Steve Blum, Cam Clarke and others. Plus, the voice actors chosen for the roles fit well. Perhaps the only character that comes off somewhat obnoxious is Robin who is portrayed a lot like Adam West's Robin from the mid 1960s. It's all in good nature and goofy fun but this batman-dependent Robin isn't as likable.

It is fun to see though when Batman and Superman interact. Everyone fan knows that they have polar opposite personalities and to see how they talk to each other is funny. The entire film was created via CGI for animation, thus the fluidity of character movement gives them the ability to flex further than actual LEGO characters. For the sake of the film, more articulation allows the characters to express more emotion but it is deceptive to kids who are just being introduced to LEGO. LEGO characters are much more rigid and this is why The Lego Movie (2014) is the best representation. LEGO movies should actually be made by stop motion animation. It is much more realistic and is more tangible by the naked eye when put on screen. The action is fun to watch throughout as well. There are lots of explosions and chases. However the best part for most people is when every known character is on screen. All that fan service.

The cinematography provided by Jeremy Pardon looked nice too. Since this is a LEGO film, the ability to be creative in choice is necessary. After all, everything in a LEGO film is a building block to something else. Being that this is his only cinematography credit, he deserves it. There's plenty of smooth moving shots that allow the viewer to get a feel for the setting where each scene takes place and that's with the lighting being dark too. It is questionable though to why a cinematographer would be needed for an all CGI film. What actually needed to be physically filmed again? Rob Westwood who has created music for films prior to this composed the film score. And although the music is memorable and has main themes, it is only because many of the tunes are borrowed from John Williams' music from Superman (1978) and Danny Elfman's from Batman (1989). Is it acceptable, no...but again it matches everything nicely and works with the characters. So it sort of nulls that it was even taken from to begin with.

Aside from a short running time for a mini Justice League film in LEGO form and the Robin character feeling too similar to the campy version from Adam West's Batman, it's fun fluff. The voice actors match their roles, the action is amusing, the music (although borrowed) is memorable and the CGI camera-work is creative.
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If this is the best Justice League movie we'll get, I'm cool with that.
Mr-Fusion1 April 2015
The box might say "LEGO Batman - The Movie", but it features . . . well, pretty much everyone in the DC stable. This is essentially World's Finest with Batman's rogues gallery and the JLA thrown in. Even so, it being LEGO puts a nice spin on such well-worn story material, and there are plenty of made-out-of-bricks gags. This may have been direct-to-video, but it's another win for WB; the voice cast is great, they use the Elfman and Williams scores (homage-y, not cheap) and the characters really come to life. I liked the friendly rivalry between Batman and Superman, and Batman's constant shaming of Robin.

I had a lot of fun with this and there's plenty of potential with LEGO properties. Where's the sequel? C'mon, while we're young, people! 7/10
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Another awesome Lego film!
pokemon_trainer_lucas21 June 2019
This was the first Lego film I ever watched, and I was very impressed! Considering I was watching it as a Lego fan and not a DC fan, I didn't completely understand all aspects of who the characters were, but I got the message easily enough, and the plot was easy to follow. The graphics were great, the cinematics were cool, and the script was humorous! I recommend it to all, as kids and adults alike will love this film.
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The Best Justice League film
T-ZER028 May 2019
This is a film adaption of the Lego Batman 2 video game that I enjoyed years back. I have to say, I love how the movie improves on the video game at least. I'm just going to mention a few of my favorite improvements:

1. Bruce Wayne actually giving his speech at the "Man of the year" awards.

2. Lex and Joker being equal threats. I hated how Superman was out for the count on the final battle of the video game and the others took down Lex without him.

3. Adding Catwoman. She is my favorite Batman character, and I'm glad they gave her more screen time.

This happens to be the best Justice League film so far, the reason being is that if you want origin stories for these characters, you just need to watch the animated shows that the characters were based on in the DCAU. They also happen to get the personalities of the villains correctly, which is something that the modern DC Extended Universe fails on miserably. Overall this is a great fun movie and possibly, the best Justice League film made.
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My Thoughts on this film
ncruz-7799629 January 2019
"Lego Batman: The Movie - Dc Superheroes Unite" is a fun kids film. It feels like if a kid was just playing with Legos. It's very fun to watch, and the parody is hilarious. And the portrayals of the chatacters are great, and the performances are surprisingly good. There's just a shocking amount of effort put into this direct to DVD cash in.

The plot follows Lex Luther and the Joker team up, creating a weapon that can destroy both Batman and Superman. The movie really does a great job of making fun of old superhero tropes. And the film is surprisingly funny for an obvious cash in on the Lego brand. It's not much, but it's a nice movie.

In conclusion, I think the film is just worth a watch. And it's one of my favorite films from DC.
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More Serious than Expected
tvsweeney-390521 July 2017
Having seen The Lego Movie, I expected this to be similar but found it to be a more serious rendition of the Batman tale, and probably nothing like the more recent Batman Lego Movie which I've yet to see. Beginning with the titles sequence in Legos copying the opening of the live-action Batman the Movie, and the use of the Batman and Superman themes from those films, the intent is immediately obvious that the story is going to proceed along those lines and not the more lighthearted and satirical tones of the latter.

There are some amusing moments, however, in the depiction of the characters. Unlike the adult Robin portrayed in the live-actor movies, Robin is here a youngster, impatient to join in the mayhem while Batman continually forces him into the background. He also sleeps with a teddy bear.

It's an enjoyable movie and the Lego constructs are interesting, and it definitely opens the way for the later, more ambition presentations.
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Eh, it tried
ericstevenson25 April 2017
Warning: Spoilers
Here I was thinking that the 2017 Lego Batman movie was the original, but this proved me wrong. I guess the other movie was a tough act to follow. Well, technically it came later, but it was in terms of the order I saw them. Being a huge fan of Lego, I think this may have been the first movie of any kind to prominently feature them. Then again, the Bionicle movies might count, being based on a line of Lego products. For whatever the reason, this movie was just okay. The animation is just nice and there's a lot of cool stuff going on. There is a huge complaint I have.

Despite the fact that the title is "Super Heroes Unite", the actual Justice League don't appear until literally the last seventh of the entire movie! And seeing as how the movie is only 70 minutes long, that's really annoying. It needed way more comedic moments. Well, it was probably never intended to be like that anyway. There is this rather humorous scene where it's revealed Batman and Superman have been impersonating each other and they swap body parts. So, is it just their heads that need to be intact? Whatever, it was funny. **1/2
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Fun for the whole family! 5/10
leonblackwood26 July 2014
Review: This movie isn't in the same league as the Lego Movie, which was proper funny, but there are some funny moments and the storyline was much better than some of the earlier Batman movies that came out. It was great to see all of the Justice League together, especially Superman who made me made laugh when he teamed up with Batman and the Joker and Lex Luther were great as the baddies. The director chose to use a really dumb Robin which added to the wit of the film but I was hoping that Batman was going to be as funny as he was in the Lego Movie. Anyway, if your a fan of the Lego Movie then this animated movie is definitely worth a watch and the extras on the DVD were a great bonus. Watchable!

Round-Up: The animation in this movie wasn't that great, which is probably due to the small budget compared to the Lego Movie, but the characters do move in true Lego form which was well put together. Personally, I think that the thing that has worked with this Lego franchise is the fact that it doesn't take itself seriously and most of the characters are quite funny in there own way. Batman cracked me up in the Lego Movie, which is why I ran out and added this movie to my rental list. In some ways, this is more of an traditional Batman movie were he's trying to save the world by taking on all of the baddies by himself, but he soon realises that he can't do it alone. 

I recommend this movie to people who are into there animated movies with some of the most popular comic heroes in the world. 5/10
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Irishchatter26 June 2016
Warning: Spoilers
Just like the Lego movie, it wasn't the best to be quite honest with you. Now, I don't know whats going to happen when the original Batman movie comes out next year but this, wasn't a great example to use the Lego format as an excuse to make it look better. I really didn't think this was really that good because, I felt the actors weren't getting enough lines or the story just dragged on. I honestly don't know which one is worse because both of them are bad as each other. Maybe if they made this short Lego movie more serious with less jokes, then definitely it would go onto the Hollywood Hall of Fame. I don't think this would fit that purpose!

I would avoid this, especially showing this to your kid, beware!
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Good luck hearing the dialogues..
DBLurker15 January 2017
Every single scene had muted audio, drowned out by a loud music score in the background.

Apart from that, the movie is just unfunny. Even the usual Lego gags are used only 2-3 times. Most of the movie just shows Batman as a jerk to Robin while being right at the same time. So not really sure what the point of the whole thing was.

While we're at it, why are the Legos moving fluidly anyway? Wasn't the whole point of "Lego" movies and games was to use Lego blocks as a joke? Characters don't move stiff-like, they move smooth. Just looks meh.

Terrible audio, terrible script.. not even good for kids.
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taylordude-0194518 July 2019
Does no one else realize that this is the exact same story as LEGO Batman 2.
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One Explosion Too Many
strong-122-47888531 March 2018
Let me tell ya - Had one more violent explosion taken place in this 70-minute, LEGO, Batman movie - Then - I think that my brain would have probably exploded, too (out of sheer exasperated boredom), right along with it.

I mean - Talk about explosion overload! - Like - Is this really what the screenwriters of this kiddies' film thought was all that the viewer wanted to see?

And, speaking about these LEGO superhero characters - For such pipsqueak, little toys - They certainly all had mighty big, over-inflated egos. (I guess that accounts for all of the explosions - They had to vent some of that egocentricity, somehow)

Anyway - IMO - Since LEGO Batman's story truly lacked any real substance - The best that I can say about this juvenile film is that it was just "OK", and that's all.
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Meh, looks old
snsh8 July 2017
This movie feels like a "draft version" compared to the other Lego Batman / Justice League movies made since 2013. Everything about it - the characters, the editing, the pacing, the story - make it look like it was made 30 years ago, even though the animation is modern. It doesn't grab your attention like Gotham Breakout, Bizarro, Brainiac, or Batman 2017.
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